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  • Don't Break the Rope!: A Parable about Collaboration, Communication, and Teamwork in the Workplace

    by Erick Lauber
    Are you new to an organization and want to learn the "soft skills" needed to succeed? Are you concerned that your style doesn't fit with the teammates you've been assigned? Does your workplace drive you crazy? In "Don't Break the Rope!" psychologist and leadership trainer Dr. Erick Lauber uses the story of two frogs new to a business called GoodPondInc to explain several basic principles of organizational communication, collaboration, and teamwork. In these pages you’ll discover: • How to iden... more
  • When Parenting Backfires: Twelve Thinking Errors that Undermine Parents Effectiveness (Thinking Your Way to a Better Life) (Volu

    by Dr.David Simonsen Ph.D.
    Let’s be honest. Parenting is hard. From the moment children take their first breaths, parents are faced with decisions and choices that no manual could ever fully explain. And the way you parent is constantly changing: babies need protection, toddlers need direction, and teens need influence. We as parents are simply expected to do it and do it well. From two therapists who have a combined 25 years of experience working with families comes a new kind of parenting book. This book doesn’t focus o... more
  • How to be a Smart SOB Like Me

    by Larry Landgraf
    There are now over seven billion people on this planet. A large percentage of these people are too dumb or too stupid to take care of themselves. We are depleting our natural resources at an alarming rate, polluting our water which we need to survive and destroying our planet. Serious changes need to be made. People need to smarten up. This book will lead you in the right direction. If you are not happy, or just stuck in a rut, this book will help you get on track for a happier life.
  • A Gentleman with a C.S.L: A young gentlemen's guide to dating & relationships

    by Pontius Joseph
    A Gentleman with a C.S.L is the mind-blowing book that may help the young gentleman in his dating and relationship endeavors in his life. The book helps gentlemen grasp the knowledge of dating, and having a good relationship with his lady. Anybody can have a lady, but will it be the right lady for you? This book is for the men who are struggling in dating and need assistance in their love life. The book will explain many ways on how you can date a lady and already have a game plan to making the ... more
  • The Babymuhva's Guide To Living H.E.R. Most Fulfilled Life

    by Lovely V. Edwards
    The Babymuhva’s Guide To Living H.E.R. Most Fulfilled Life is a workbook designed specifically for “single” mothers on their journey towards living a life full of clarity, peace, joy and knowledge of self. Using principles from the H.E.R. Empowerment Method for women, this workbook will guide you on the path to obtaining the opportunities, resources and mindset needed to live your most fulfilled life. The worksheets, reflection opportunities and good ol’ real talk used in this workbook act as gu... more
  • Getting Your Magic Back

    by jules gissler

    Getting Your Magic Back, is a kick-ass gift book about pushing forward through life’s transitions. Jules’ original artwork and heartfelt words will inspire the reader to rise above any challenge they are facing and get their magic back.

  • ADHD: Who's Losing Whose Mind?

    by Jennifer Metzger
    In this revealing and instructive memoir, Metzger brings readers into her home to get an inside look at how she's raising three boys-one with ADHD-and how she's tweaked her style to adapt to their different personalities while surviving horrific tantrums.
  • My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do?

    by Wendy Van de Poll

    My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do?  gives readers tools to support their pet grief and guide them on how to stay present through the muck of care taking a terminally ill dog.

    My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do? is an emotional emergency first-aid kit that will support readers with pet loss grief and pet hospice decisions. It is a handbook and journal packed with useful information. My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do? will support people as a close friend to accompany them on the journey of pet l... more

  • 9781483445731

    by Jennifer Metzger
  • 9781483445731

    by Jennifer Metzger
  • Aches, Pains, and Love

    by Kira Lynne

    Are you living with chronic pain or illness, or both? Have you given up on having an intimate, romantic relationship? Twenty years ago, a doctor told Kira Lynne that she would never be able to have an intimate relationship due to her chronic health conditions. Having proven that doctor wrong, Kira set out to write a book for people living with chronic pain and illness who believe the door has closed on their prospects for love and relationships. Living with chronic pain and illness can feel o... more


    by Rhonda Nass
    SCRATCHINGS OF A MADWOMAN will introduce readers to what initially appears to be two disparate topics--discovering spiritual intimacy and creatively communicating through drawing. Through brief personal stories and colored pencil drawings, Nass communicates the deeper meanings of specific words associated with faith, then invites readers to define these same words through their customized stories. For those wishing to add visuals to their stories, the author leads readers step-by-step through th... more
  • The Way of The Fairy Godmother

    by Jennifer Morse
    2015 Writers Digest 1st Place Self Published eBook-Inspirational Blending the wisdom of an old fairy tale with the tools of Positive Psychology. I am a seeker of serenity, searching for the pathways of enduring happiness. Decades of exploring and synthesizing avenues to wisdom led me to my favorite fairytale, the tale of Cinderella. This time I didn’t interpret the fairytale from Cinderella’s viewpoint. Instead I apprenticed to the Fairy Godmother.
  • The Ten Domains of Effective Goal Setting

    by David J. Waldron

    Achieve your dreams in the essential areas of life! In The Ten Domains of Effective Goal Setting, author David J. Waldron shares a powerful, yet practical foundation of goal setting that speaks to lifelong achievement in the areas of our personal and professional lives that matter most. Waldron offers a workable template providing the reader with a simple, holistic, and attainable objective toward a happier and more rewarding life at home, in school, at play, and in the workplace.... more

  • Soulinks: Pursuing Multi-Generational Significance

    by Joan O. Wright
    At its core, life is all about relationships. We all know the benefits of close and loving relationships between grandparents and their young grandchildren. What we often overlook, however, is the incredible richness and significance of these relationships for adult grandchildren and grandparents. And further, these relationships are not, and should not, be limited to those with only biological ties. These mentoring relationships can function just as well outside typical family boundaries. This ... more
  • The Way of Two Bridges

    by Peter J. Judge
    The Way of Two Bridges is a book that defines the life style choices that provide positive and/or negative life force energy. It clearly describes how incredibly unique each of us are. The book uses a bridge metaphor to explain the steps we can take, of our own free will, to find a deeply meaningful Christian Faith. The science of physics is used to help understand our life force energy being real and passing on to a nearby dimension as witnessed by near death experiences. Life without faith can... more