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  • Out Loud: A collection of spoken word poetry

    by Kenisha Whitley
    I didn't write this book. I lived it. I breathed it. And more importantly, I said it all out loud. This book is a collection of poems and prose, a memoir, and a diary of sorts about the growing complexities of life seen through the eyes of a young woman. Each piece brings consciousness to our shared experiences while celebrating our differences. It is meant to embrace and unite. This collection is not made to be read silently but said aloud. If there's a poet in you, you will enjoy "Out Lou... more
  • Sandbox

    by Michael Lane

    Sandbox offers loose sand sprinkled onto eclectic wet wanderings at play in the mind of a humble poet. I am not a professor of literature. / I am not a teacher of creative writing. / As a wordsmith, I find myself limited / to express what I can in hopes of art. (1-4) “Plain INsights” begins your word dining pleasure of savory and sweet sand pies in the Sandbox.

  • Love, [REDACTED]

    by Tara Van Kleef

    "Love, [Redacted]" is a collection of intimate poetry pieces orchestrated on the painful passage of heartbreak, and the strength and healing that comes with recovery.  

  • Be Still the Dawn

    by Diann Farnsley

    Welcome to a journey to walk with steps of faith. My hope is to open your senses to inspiration and imagination and for you to discover and experience what may be hidden facets of your life.

    Be Still the Dawn invites readers to pause and relax and to view life through eyes of grace and humbleness. Through over 300 poetic devotions, you are invited to be still and hear God’s calling. Be still and know that Jesus is with you in your hurting and happy place. That place is all one in ... more

  • The Keys of Death and Hades

    by D. J. LeMarr
    The story of Lucifer's fall from heaven is well known. His wicked nature is legendary, surviving for many years, yet as all conflicts go there are two sides. These opposing sides each with their own reasons and justifications. Knowing only part of the story is worthless. The Keys of Death and Hades is the first book in the Epic of Lucifer. It is the story as it happened through the Wyrm's eyes. What could be so precious that Lucifer would dare defy the will of God, supreme creator of all, fail a... more
  • Into the Fire

    by Sean Kennedy
    The poems have diverse styles of rhyme and blank verse. I've experienced several crises in my time on the planet; some of which have a humorous touch, but others feature the grim or regretful side. Readers may interpret them as they wish. The complexities of cricket are laid bare, and I was never any good at the game. But I was a world record holder as part of the crowd of more than ninety thousand at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1961 when Australia played the West Indies. Finally, ther... more
  • Loners and Mothers

    by Allen Lee Ireland

    Loners and Mothers explores the complicated psychology of loners within a variety of contexts, their obsession with family, and their many means of escape from what they perceive as a dark and frightening world.

  • Living with Reason

    by Kelcie D. Brunson
    Life is constantly changing and over time it brings about a change in each of us. Living With Reason epitomizes this evolution of the spirit which occurs simply by living and going through experiences, both good and bad. Although the good tend to be more in demand, it is the tough situations that highlight our true character and develops us with each encounter. As we grow and try to figure this thing out, we learn to accept that we are going to make mistakes on this journey and that is okay. Wit... more
  • Sonnets Walking the Great Divide

    by Cecil Welles
    This book represents a sample of the author?s thought clarification. Somber, crazy, joyful, or eclectic in subjects, the sonnet format provides a steady bedrock of expression. Some subjects are deep, some barely scratch the surface, some try to resolve a conundrum, and some are a passing whim. All start with a single word or phrase with no end state in mind until the poem is done.
  • Chameleon Omnibus Unum 2012-2016 Selected Poems and Stories

    by Charles Joseph
    CHAMELEON (Omnibus Unum 2012-2016) is a dazzling four-year collage of Charles Joseph’s thought provoking poems and stories, assembled at the close of 2016. In this sharp, entertaining volume, you will find sixty-six collected and uncollected reasons why his following has continued to grow day-by-day, reader-by-reader, since the release of his first chapbook War Paint in 2012. Filled with a hodgepodge of themes from loss to everyday observations and everything in between, Chameleon drags you into... more
  • Haiku Bouillabaisse--ISBN978-1-365-94132-0

    by Elaine Parker Adams
    Haiku Bouillabaisse is a collection of 72 haiku poems, nine in each of eight sections. The poems cover Youth and Old Age, Good Times and Bad Times, Garden and Yard, and Crisis-September 11 and Crisis-Hurricane Katrina. Some of the poems present classical themes of nature, others address social issues. The author's hometown, New Orleans, is prominent. A photograph introduces each section, and notes accompany each poem. The notes discuss how the poems evolved. The poems should be digested ca... more
  • Psalms

    by Dave Morrison

    Memoir. Mosaic. Miniatures. Meditations. Morsels. Beads on a string. Love notes to the Muse. Poems. Not-poems. Songs of praise. Psalms.

    "Compelling and wise as the mystical musings of Rumi, these psalms sing it loud and yet whisper secrets in your ear. You can take these beguiling poems to heart.”

    ~Kristen Lindquist author of Tourists in the Known World

    “Morrison's Psalms are distillations on his peren... more

  • Time Capsule

    by Ideas With Ink

    Time Capsule is a poetic journey about various aspects of life, written by Ideas with Ink. Separated into different categories, such as Existence, Odes, Dreams, Questions, Answers, Love and more, the visualization created by each poem is incredible, reaching into the innermost portion of your soul. TimeCapsule is eloquent, heart-warming and emotional, and recommend it to readers who ponder on the depth and meaning of one's existence.

  • Clubland

    by Dave Morrison
    Clubland is a collection of poems about rock bars, written in form and verse. “Morrison’s rock star past haunts much of his writing, but his eye for detail and his razor-sharp sense of humor elevate his words into something much more than that — something visceral and anchored in the real world, whether it’s in the past or the present.” (Emily Burnham, Bangor Daily News) “Morrison can be trusted to not waste your time; every poem is worth the read. He never missteps in his wistful yet fr... more
  • Shake Hands With Your Heart

    by Dave Morrison
    Dave Morrison’s poems are full of surprises; tenderness when you least expect it, dark humor you don’t see coming, earnestness colliding with smartassery, and onion-like layers of meaning. Hailed as 'A hearty weed in the garden of American poetry' Dave Morrison's poems have been published in literary magazines and anthologies, and featured on Writer’s Almanac and Take Heart. After years of playing guitar in rock & roll bars in Boston and NYC, Dave currently resides in coastal Maine. Shake Hands ... more