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  • Cancer Poems

    by Dave Morrison
    When poet Dave Morrison was diagnosed with tonsillar cancer he reacted the only way he knew how; by writing poems. "In these honest and courageous poems, Morrison shares his turbulent journey through the landscape of cancer, its painful paths and nearly unclimbable hills, its tremendous skies with bright stars of gratitude. These poems encompass a geography of emotion, from self-deprecation and moments of despair, to humor, love, and resilience. Morrison describes the beginning of illness, the l... more
  • Twisted Mist

    by Aaron Ozee

    The cursed winds of the fiery mists flowing about the innocent graces of the forcefully broken. Painfully protruding the poetically damned souls still wandering the world in search of sinister practice.

  • Beloved Supremacy

    by Aaron Ozee

    Romantic justice and poetic pride formulate the inevitable truths of limitless passion and genuine endearment.

  • Ironic Perfection: Poetic Works of Aaron Ozee

    by Aaron Ozee

    American Author and poet Aaron Ozee has brought you multiple works of poetic beauty, but never until now has each one of his published titles been combined together into a single collection. The world will at last know poetry at its finest.

  • Pelican Peace

    by L.E. Tuttle
    Each poem is a beach or ocean theme, emotion put to rhythm and rhyme. Each poem is paired with a color photograph. This blending brings the reader into the world of the sea for a relaxing meditative experience.
  • Molten Sunset

    by Aaron Ozee

    Dip down past the dirt of the Earth and venture further into the agonizing and sorrowful truth of the domains of Hell.

  • Horrific Paradise

    by Aaron Ozee

    An eternal transition unto a perfect plane where ambiance reigns across the skylines while idyllic gifts are bestowed.

  • Southern Style

    by Aaron Ozee

    Get a taste of the adventures of the south. Poems drafted while living there as a child and as an adult. Get ready for Southern Style!

  • Scribed Asylum

    by Aaron Ozee

    Proceed in the exact footsteps of a true hospitalized individual through recorded accounts. Experience the unimaginable terror and horrific tale of the Scribed Asylum.

  • Peacefully Poetic

    by Aaron Ozee

    Poetic beauty. Mixed with the everlasting time of ageless nature. A place where life can just be. A domain where it is.....Peacefully Poetic.

  • Celestial Inferno: Poems of Another Realm

    by Aaron Ozee

    Enter a world where Heaven and Hell are combined with love and greed into works of art.

  • Euphoric Drift

    by Ashley Parker Owens
    Euphoric Drift is a collection of poetic stories describing UFO sightings.
  • Sailboat Living

    A poet lived aboard a 27ft Sailboat for four years in Seattle. This chapbook of poetry and pictures seeks to share that experience with readers. Reminiscent of Thoreau’s WALDEN, this collection sails through Sound and vision with themes of nature as a healing force, simplicity as a salve to the ails of modern life, and a deep connection to place as mooring buoy to anchor our self and communal knowledge. Part love letter to a sailboat and part adventure journal about the possibilities arou... more
  • Hawk Star by the Sea

    by Kathleen Quinn
    Travel along with a rapping mynah bird named Sky, meeting magical and enchanting characters in his journey of curiosity and self -discovery. Share in his struggle to be accepted and live up to others expectations in this sequel story to Cupcakes By The Sea.
  • Falling Into Flowers

    by Lynne Barnes

    "Falling into Flowers invokes a powerful sense of history sculpted with tender, goose-bump evoking details, depicting the South in the 1950s and '60s and the Haight-Ashbury commune scene after the Summer of Love. This book is a journey from marshes of grief into flats full of idealistic hippies in the City of St. Francis in the '70s and '80s… and twenty-five years beyond. Along the way, the author witnesses some of the events that helped shape this era of Th... more