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  • 1535583207

    by Jim Reardon
    A fascinating insight into the understanding of passion and love over the major epochs of life.
  • Poetic Visions From My Soul

    by Eldridge W. Searles
    My book is based on various poems written by me. The poems are written with heartfelt and deep emotion.
  • Land's End

    by Jay Ruvolo
    Poetry. Land's End is not only the end of land at the edge of the sea, but the brink of everything we stand on. It is a precipice, an opening of the abyss; it is everything primordial in living, thinking, remembering. Land's End is a first book of poems by Jay Ruvolo.
  • Warcries

    by Nicole Goodwin
    Warcries is a poetry collection based on the author's experiences in combat theater and her homecoming.
  • Rebellious Mindset

    by Lovejoy Muunganirwa
  • No More Secrets

    by matthew james kausch
    Remember forever? Lusting for the answers to all the unwritten questions of this world? Take a stroll with the damned to find the last dragon as she weeps chained down in the sunken garden. Grasp for the straws of hope. Remember forever? Attrition? War? Drugs? Sin? Redemption? Has religion just become a fashion symbol? This dark journey scratches at divine hope.
  • Strangers Like You

    by Mark Mansfield

    Strangers Like You (Van der Decken, 83 pages excl. frontmatter, acknowledgments and bio) is Mark Mansfield’s first poetry collection. Most of the poems in Strangers Like You were previously published and range stylistically from work in received forms to free verse. The book is divided into four, untitled sections -- running through each, the commonplace of what has faded from our lives but lingers on in one form of absence or another -- the shadowline haunting&... more

  • Situational Madness

    by Walter Schenck
    A collection of political poetry in favor of Donald Trump elected as President and protest poetry against the imbalances of the writing world.
  • Facts of Life: Reflections on Ignorance and Intelligence

    by Rehana Shamsi

    Facts of Life: Reflections on Ignorance and Intelligence is the result of Rehana Shamsi’s observations, experiences, and relationship to her former society. Many of the poems bring to the forefront the emotional and psychological trauma caused by men’s traditional dominance over women in majority of South Asian households. Women’s constant struggle to overcome suppression is a major theme covered in this collection of poetry.

    In addition, Shamsi showcases her ... more

  • The Red Petticoat

    by Joan Slowey
    This collection of poetry tells the story of a life from childhood, The Red Petticoat and The Small Dark Man to parenthood, In a Yellow Dress and My Girl, to thoughts of death, Bones and Mortality, and, of course, everything in between. The sea is a feature in many of the poems reflecting the life and experience of the poet. There are sets of three haikus here and there to give a change of pace.
  • Divine Wisdom: Diwani Hikmet

    by Jonathan Trapman
    First ever translation in English of 10th century Sufi founder and mystic poet Hoja Ahmed Yassawi's Diwani Hikmet - Divine Wisdom. Translated from the original Chagatai and featuring his 149 known remaining verses plus the Munajat
  • God is the Dance: And The Dance Is the Way to Freedom

    by Nina Crinis

    An inspirational, creative, coloured book of beautiful, down to earth, heart-felt poetry and prose; Expressed in a way to tell a story of human emotion through a traumatic event of the author"s son Brendan gone missing. The author"s personal relationship with the Creator of the universe holds her hand, through a spiritual connection of healing and uplifting, inspiring verse; Which carries her above this storm of life and sets her free of grief and heals her broken heart; That makes ... more

  • Confessions: Brainstormin' from Midnite 'Til Dawn

    by C Liegh McInnis
    Confessions: Brainstormin' from Midnight 'til Dawn is C. Liegh McInnis' second collection of poetry and his most personal. The attention to imagery is still there, but in this collection McInnis seeks to create images that evoke a catharsis in the reader. Though these poems address emotional and psychological pain and development, McInnis' metaphysics seem to take a backseat to his concern with tangible life; yet, by the end of the collection the reader realizes that McInnis' exploration of t... more
  • Matters of Reality: Body, Mind & Soul

    by C Liegh McInnis
    Matters of Reality: Body, Mind, and Soul is the first collection of poetry by C. Liegh McInnis and shows his balance of all things physical and metaphysical. The core or essence of this work is McInnis' imagery as it is his goal to paint pictures that cause us to see what we often miss. These poems address politics, love, self-discovery, and religion all with the notion that physical pain is a reflection of metaphysical pain and that healing the world means to heal our insides.
  • Da Black Book of Linguistic Liberation

    by C Liegh McInnis
    Da Black Book of Linguistic Liberation is McInnis' fourth collection of poetry. In this collection, McInnis uses his poetry to teach and celebrate African American history, culture, and beauty. Accordingly, he also challenges blacks and whites who continue to create policy or behavior that he sees as detrimental to African Americans. Yet, with all his socio-political fire, McInnis' poems are still driven by his wit and imagery, allowing him to paint pictures that are bold, vivid, and beautifu... more
  • Searchin’ for Psychedelica

    by C Liegh McInnis
    Searchin' for Psychedelica is a seamless blend of physical and metaphysical issues. McInnis paints pictures that baptize our faded black and white reality in a rainbow of magic realism, making it known that he is searching for more than the trinkets of physical gratification, showing that activities such as sex are merely humanity’s misguided attempt to gain inner peace. This collection contains two of McInnis' most noted poems. "Mississippi Like" pays homage to the rich and complex culture o... more