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  • Two Shades

    by Joseph Siwik
  • Walking Further

    by Jeff Danielian
    From the Preface: There's nothing like inspiration. There's nothing like friends. There's nothing like walking further, when the present journey ends.
  • Stone Hotel

    by Raegan Butcher

    A series of poems dealing with the author's seven year prison sentence for armed robbery.The poetry is simple in its raw honesty and beautiful in its mature-yet-accesible language and intensely personal insights.

  • End Of The World Graffiti

    by Raegan Butcher

    End of the World Graffiti is Raegan Butcher's first published work and it features poems from years 1986 -1996. Sad and soulful with apocalyptic undertones, this look back into the early years is sure to become another cult classic in its highly anticipated third release. With haunting cover art by Joe Newton.

  • Longing For The Glare

    by Anita Williams
  • Endings: Poetry and Prose

    by William Poe

    A schoolboy’s fight against incessant bullying reaches a fatal climax. A man asks a child to help pull him from his desire for death. Despair becomes a man’s confidante through life. Endings: Poetry and Prose may not be a book of happy endings, but through award-winning author William Poe's sometimes dire writing, a new appreciation for life can be had. Dead ends, murderous deeds, and unfulfilled lives all combine in a unique collection of poems and stories acknowledging that ... more

  • Kristen's Diary

    by Kristen Rogers
    Step into a world of creative energy and emotional fulfillment with Kristen’s Diary. Rogers captures the very real, raw emotions and experiences that each of us may go through in our lifetimes through the stories about her own life told in each poem. Whether it be a poem about loss, love, friendships, sorrow, or motivation, Kristen’s Diary will make you laugh, cry, but most importantly, realize the humanity in all of us
  • Trees for All Seasons: A Book of Poetry

    by Anne M. Nichandros
    Trees for All Seasons is a book of poems about trees. The author uses various poetic styles, as well as colorful images, personification, and flights of fantasy to write about trees and their transformations throughout the seasons. In this book, you will read about tree swings and sweet figs, spring blossoms switching on like light bulbs and autumn leaves shaped like lemon drops and paper lanterns. You’ll read of blood-thirsty dinosaur trees hovering over a quiet street and yogi trees saluting t... more
  • Like a Box of Chocolates

    by Justin Bienvenue
    Take every notion, feeling, experience and expectation you have on poetry and throw it up in the air, just take everything you've ever known about it and toss it aside. Not because the boundaries of what makes it so are being broken and not because the simple fundamentals and poetic structure are being altered, no that's not it at all. Simply take a deep breath, relax and remember that nothing is off limits, nothing is too right or too wrong or completely outside the box(pun totally intended). S... more
  • A Soldier's Thoughts, Memories, and Prayers

    by John B. Carter

    Life—individuals from across the globe have referred to it in countless ways, expressing the vast expanse of life’s little indiscretions through different idioms. Yet, through the eyes of this old soldier, life has been—and still continues to be—a journey molded by past experiences and guided by ghosts, with gentle whispers of encouragement. In A Soldier’s Thoughts, Memories, and Prayers, readers have the chance to travel through the struggles of life as seen by ... more

  • Love Letters to a Paper City: Poems of History, Myth and Un-Forgetting

    by Melinda Thomas
    This collection of poems explores the relationship between humans and geography, that tender place where history, myth and the senses merge in a flash of understanding. In this book, Ms. Thomas creates a new world out of the existing one, a place populated by pantry moths, snakes, bats, mountains--and also snarky Chihuahuas, thieves, suicidal fish, and even Buddha. Whether we find ourselves in a bakery, church, factory of ally--alone or with others, these poems invite us to experience what is ... more
  • Moon Full of Moons: Poetry of Transformation

    by Kat Lehmann
    Moon Full of Moons paints a journey from happiness lost to happiness found. This beautiful collection of poems is sequenced with the Moon's phases, which provide a touchstone for personal transformation. The book as been described as self help expressed as poetry.
  • American Sports Legends: Your Turn to Score

    by D. A. Jennings
    The target audience for this book is the sports enthusiast, those wanting to read powerful stories that go beyond the podiums of glory, and those who like a challenge. Readers are challenged to identify each of the sixty-eight American athletes, their sport, and highlighted event through various poetic styles. The book covers twenty-three different sports between 1912 and the present.
  • Excavating the Sky

    by Konstantin Kulakov

    In his debut collection of poems, Excavating the Sky, Konstantin Kulakov labors to relate the inner spirituality of his Russian background to the fragmentation of a market-driven New World. Whether it is his failed Muslim-Christian relationship, his dance with natural science, or his struggle to expose continued US raciality, Kulakov seeks the contradictions in everything, "mixing words to bring-out sparks." What emerges is a spiritual language that resists t... more

  • Quiescence

    by Barbara L. Thomas
    Quiescence speaks to the reader with well-earned wisdom, traveling from Thomas's Montana nest through ghosts, skies, seas, and meadows. We become "old as time," yet young with the "happenstance" of those spiritual creatures apprehended only in memory, lyric, and dream.
  • Love, Life, and Politics: The Way of the World

    by Poetically Correct
    This book is a display of the ups and downs, and the roller coaster effects of love. The trials and tribulations, and obstacles of all of life's adventure. And the things politicians and the government don't want you to know. We all search for love, and hope to hold on for dear life, but sometimes that's not the case. Sometimes however it is the case and we can live happily ever after. Life can be hard on us, and sometimes we just need someone to lift us up and help us through hard times. There ... more