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  • The Long Time

    by Donald Berger
    The book is a collection of lyric poems written over the last 20 years.

    AMERICAN NOCTURNE, Elisabeth Stevens' sixth book of poetry, is unfettered, wide-ranging. Unlike her fifth collection, SIRENS' SONGS, which was selected by Kirkus Reviews as one of the hundred best indie book books of 2011 and focused intensely on romantic and sexual liaisons, AMERICAN NOCTURNE explored a world-wide geography and more, ranging expanski

    All shades of emotion carry this book. Whether it is religion, sex, terrrorism- everything glinted with a subtle impression. I wrote this book while listening to the fajr, while passing through the lanes of brothels, when people get traumatized after a terror attack, while sitting alone before a tall monastic hill and listening to the silence only- I do solemnize silence that breeds thoughts and dreams that brought out my GOLDEN SHADOWS.
  • Poems, Thoughts and More

    by Maritza Martinez Mejia
    A bilingual book of poems in English/Spanish and author's voyage anecdotes. Un libro bilingüe de poemas en Inglés/Español y anécdotas de viajes del autor.
  • Poemly Speaking: Poetry

    by F.C. Blake
    Collection of poems reflecting on a life journey checkered with bewilderment, loss, stumbling, survival, triumphs, victory, growth, wonderment, and other peaks and valleys of experience.
  • Seven Last Words

    by Terry Minchow-Proffitt
    Christ’s final words from the cross—the seven sayings from the Gospels—have a compelling resonance. They have been pondered anew throughout the millennia by Christians and non-Christians alike the world over. Forged within the crucible of suffering, they have the capacity to awaken, to transform our way of beholding God and one another. In Seven Last Words, poet and pastor Terry Minchow-Proffitt gives us seven poems based on these sayings, along with an in-depth interview with Mud Season Review.... more
  • Chicken Soup for Betty Boop: A Book of Funky Poems

    by Tom Clements
    A fast-paced book of funky poems with quirky rhymes, syncopated rhythms and gorgeous illustrations that resonate with the book's pop culture themes.
  • Beautiful Scars: Elegiac Beat Poems

    by Edward Vidaurre

    Beautiful Scars: Elegiac Beat Poems is collection of Beat poems, with an introduction by Beat scholar Dr. Robert Earl Johnson Jr.: An emotional pulling back of the curtain, an explosion of longing, loss, love and—always—hope. In his third collection of poetry, Edward Vidaurre, a razor-sharp voice in Hispanic American poetry, tears through layers of mourning, of uncoupling and separation with the indomitable spirit of a man in pieces yet ultimately and unrepentantly in love and det... more

  • Upon Entering the Kingdom

    by Nicole Mangum
    There is a path that leads to the heart of God. It is called "True Worship". I was caught in the hour of worship by the one who sought the spirit and truth worshipper. I was taken away caught up in a love affair with the creator. There were no spectators to perform for. There was no choir, no instruments playing, Just a sound from heaven that I began to bring forth out of my spirit. God turned his face to me. He has remained here ever since. Out of this place I am able to bring forth so much bea... more
  • Tales From The Otherground

    by Joseph Nicks
    This is a collection of poems by the author spanning the years 1984-2014.
  • Cursed By Culture-Cluttered Mind

    by Ray Khan
    Cursed by Culture is based on the idea that man is shaped by external influences, education, culture, nationality, roles, environment etc. These influences ultimately shape his demise. The idea developed as the author and illustrator went beyond their study of Bruce Lee’s notes found in Tao of Jeet Kune Do. Cursed by Culture is a unique mind body approach to perception. The ideas presented in the book are built on a three step approach to mind body awareness:
  • Love Hard Live Free:Conversations with She

    by Shaunteka LaTrese Curry
    Love Hard Live Free: Conversations with She is a collection of poems inspired by life, love and spirituality. The author uses her thoughts to inspire, heal and strengthen souls that seek refuge from environments that are tainted with bias. A true poetry story, a wonderful journey of life illustrated thru words with a passion for a better humanity. Each poem is a continuous building of relationships, engaging the reader with topics of love, politics, justice and a survival of the soul. This work ... more
  • Poetic Pause: Because Truth Is Liberating

    by S. Denice Newton
    Truth may be hard to take at times, but the liberation that can result from it can be life-changing. This short book of poetry presents a view of the world that motivates readers to pursue change.
  • Poems de Terre: A Small Collection

    by David Menefee
    In France, potatoes are called "pommes de terre", literally translated as apples of the earth. Poems de Terre is a short collection of poems which celebrate nature, love and mystical spirituality. All of these poems arise from life experience, revealing the hidden treasures uncovered by David Menefee and Rachel Anderson. Climbing Vine Your words Put forth a climbing vine That wraps my spine With joy. - D. Menefee This collection is divided into two sections. The first section... more
  • 1000 Twitter Haiku

    by Matt McHugh
    One-thousand daily, news-inspired haiku from author Matt McHugh, as posted on his Twitter feed from 2009 into 2012.
  • Salt Runs in My Blood

    by Susan Schmidt
    As sailboat captain, rower, flyfisher, gardener, and Quaker naturalist, SUSAN SCHMIDT writes poems about moving from dark into light as she plays in boats and walks long trails. She remembers bright parrots, big trout, gales at sea, glaciers, peach pie, old loves, Celtic ancestry, Civil War battlefields, and learning to navigate. Salt Runs in My Blood relates the poet’s personal journey—mostly by boat: her inner flights and actual escape; as she loves her family and natural neighbors. Observing ... more