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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Avaiyo, Vol. 02

    by Jeremy Fetter
    Volume 02 continues with the story of Sekken and Iyo that began in Volume 01. As they respond to an entreaty, issued by the Village of Pegil, they must find and rescue the villagers while an army of neyens stand in their way.
  • Avaiyo, Vol. 01

    by Jeremy Fetter

    Set in the fantasy world of Xiltria, the story centers around the guild Emerald Moon as they work with the Nation of Brosha in the fight against the Dark Legion, an underground organization that emerged after the fall of the Tamiran Empire.


    This is a world where everyone can practice and study Xaology (magic). From the youngest child to the eldest grandparent, it's part of their everyday lifestyle and something everyone is capable of. Having been enslaved for most of th... more

  • The Caramel Dragon and the Knights of Candy Kingdom

    by Amr Abu-Hmaidan
    Join us in our trip to a magical dreamy world filled with wonder «The Candy Kingdom». And get to know the Caramel Dragon, King Lollipop and the Knights of Candy Land. The goal of this story is to explain in a simple way to kids the value of delayed gratification; as scientific studies showed that understanding this value is one of the critical factors to academic achievement in school and success later in life.
  • Miseryland

    by Keiler Roberts

    Miseryland is a collection of Keiler Roberts’ ongoing autobiographical comics series Powdered Milk. Throughout the book, short stories and vignettes build into one narrative.  The first scene shows Roberts’ three-year-old daughter Xia watching her shrink the window cellophane with a hairdryer. “It’s getting fancier and fancier,” she observes. Throughout the book Xia is a major character: challenging Roberts (“You want to say dammit?”), entertaining her (“There’s a l... more

  • The Gifted: Books 1 & 2

    by Damian A .Wassel
    In a world void of color, a lone wolf hunts for food. Drawn to an industrial plant at the fringe of a city, the wolf encounters humans for the first time. Wounded by their violent reaction, the wolf flees, seeking shelter. What he finds, however, proves far more powerful: the gift of consciousness. Guided by a quiet voice, the wolf embarks on a journey. Soon, he discovers others like him. Others who are gifted. This is the story of their struggle to bring color back to the world.
  • Silly Animal Stories for Kids

    by Denis Hayes
    Do creatures really behave like this? Of course they do. Spike the Spider is a resourceful business man with a bothersome family. Ozzie Ostrich has an identity crisis. If he`s a bird why can`t he fly and sing? Ellie the adorable baby elephant is vain and Sebastion Seagull is afraid. See how they survive along with many other characters. The stories continue with Silly Fishy Stories for Kids and Silly Ghost Stories for Kids. Meet Stella Starfish who`s stagestruck and Ollie Octopus who can`t co... more
  • They Call Me...Unemployable

    by Mark Burkenbine
    This one is various unconnected memes, photos and illustrations. Some funny, some propaganda of how I see life. Should be a quick read. 200 plus pictures. Thanks for your time
  • Russian Optimism: Dark Nursery Rhymes to Cheer You Right Up

    by Ben Rosenfeld
    Russian Optimism is an illustrated coffee table book containing thirty of Russia’s most horrifically hysterical nursery rhymes, in English.
  • Super Power ABC's

    by Fred Herring
    In Super Power ABC's you will learn the alphabet while meeting members of the GO Team! and learning about their amazing super powers. Exciting characters and dynamic art make this a fun book for both parents and kids. Super Power ABC's is a great way to introduce the world of superheroes to young children while giving them a fun learning experience.
  • Of Fleas and Fleadom, A Tale of Two Vermin

    by Lewis Goldstein
    Finnegan T., a shy, quiet Flea, lived on a cat in a monastery...until they tried to poison him. Follow Finnegan's adventures as he searches for sanctuary in the dangerous world of MAN. Two 'vermin,' one small, one big. Who is the true villain? A Graphic Epic, told in rhyme and fully illustrated by Arianna Grinager
  • Fallout- The Descendants of Vaults 42, 43 & 55

    by Regis Alliosn Jr.
    Based on themes created by the popular video game Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas. Fallout- The Descendants of Vaults 42, 43, & 55 is set 199.5 years after the great nuclear war of 2077. A family is thrust out of their safe, secure habitat into a unforgiving land recast in it's own deadly image. This graphic novel is a tale of lust, family, revenge, murder, love, friendship, vengeance, cannibalism and WAR.
  • Hamilton Troll Coloring & Activity Book

    by Kathleen J. Shields
    In celebration of a successful start to a wonderfully educational children's book series we have created the 100+ page coloring and activity book to go along with the series. Makes a perfect add-to gift for any occasion. Inside you will find: - Coloring Pages - Games & Mazes - Word Searches - Find the Differences - Connect the Dots - Hidden Message - How to Draw... - Color By Numbers - Educational Content - Did You Know F... more
  • Patriot-1

    by Kevin Powers
    Delta Force Operator Ken Baker is the lone survivor of an attack in Afghanistan. Upon escaping captivity, he finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that results in a team from the CIA’s Special Activities Division seeking his help to unravel the mystery of “Operation Quisling.” Lies, deception and betrayals leave Baker wondering what he fights for and who he can really trust. As the war in Afghanistan has all but ended, the conspiracy soon reveals a new and bigger threat, one that prompts Ba... more
  • Killer On The Roof

    by D. Bradford Gambles
    Killer On The Roof is about Bobby McMillan, a young boy living a pleasant, average life with his Father and his best friend Ravi in the quiet town of Claris Hills. But when an unexpected visitor arrives and takes up residence on the roof, Bobby has to fight against all odds to keep his family together. Killer On The Roof is the first graphic novel by independent comics creator D. Bradford Gambles.

    by Joshua O'Neill
    Winsor McCay was perhaps the greatest cartoonist of all time, and the Sunday newspaper strip Little Nemo in Slumberland was his greatest creation. In Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, many of the world's finest cartoonists will pay tribute to the master and his masterpiece, following their own voices down paths lit by McCay. Over 100 of the world's greatest cartoonists and illustrators -- including Bill Sienkiewicz, J.H. Williams III, Paul Pope, Michael Allred, David Mack, Stephen Bissette, Cr... more
  • Ninja Mouse: Haiku

    by JC Thomas

    The shadows are his comrades.
    He wants nothing. He needs nothing.
    He is free.

    He is Ninja Mouse.

    A collection of haiku poetry with themes of martial arts philosophy and nature. Japanese translations included.