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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Halfway Home

    by Christine Mari Inzer

    The summer before she turned sixteen, Christine Inzer traveled solo to Tokyo to get reacquainted with her birthplace. Through charming illustrations, photos, and musings, Christine takes us on a journey through modern Japan: she explores the fashion hub of Harajuku; she hunts down geisha in Kyoto; she eats the best sushi of her life in Tsukiji; and she meets many interesting characters along the way. Halfway Home is an engaging—and often hilarious—look at a fascinating country and... more

  • Farlaine the Goblin, Books 1-3: The Tinklands, The Saltlands, & The Racelands

    by Anonymous
    Farlaine the Goblin has spent years wandering the very many Oddlands of Wug in search of a forest to call his own. He only has 10 lands left.
  • UNeducation, Vol 1: A Residential School Graphic Novel

    by Jason Eaglespeaker
    The chilling chronicles of a family's government-sanctioned exploitation in the residential/boarding school system.
  • Fighter's of the Galaxy!

    by Rachel Nassetta
    A few friends getting together, collecting super powers, and saving the world, and coming together as a team. But not everything goes the way the people want it to go.
  • Utopiates

    by Kat Rocha
    In the near future… …science is able to distill human personalities into a drug-form. Called utopiates –a merging of the words utopia and opiate– these drugs allow users to swap personalities with the “mental imprints” of other people. Every user has their own reasons for seeking chemical escape, but all soon learn the cost of soul swapping is extremely high. Follow the interconnected lives of four individuals addicted to injecting “souls” in the sci-fi series, UTOPIATES Vol.1, now availab... more
  • World War Kaiju

    by Kat Rocha
    “What if Doctor Strangelove created Godzilla?” World War Kaiju is the story of an alternate history, one in which the atom bomb was never created and the ultimate weapon of mass destruction is the kaiju—fifty foot tall radioactive beasts spawned from the mysterious KAI-235 isotope. Follow the journey of one journalist as he teams up with a retired CIA operative to uncover the truth about the conspiracy behind the monsters… …who are the architects of the inevitable Kaiju War? …what is th... more
  • Inferno Los Angeles

    by Ron Bassilian
    A new traveler finds his gateway to Hell beneath the urban jungle of the “City of Angels”. Inferno Los Angeles revisits Dante’s journey, weaving new characters and contemporary scenarios with the timelessly familiar scenes Dante described. It is an adventure of pure imagination, fraught with obstacles, monsters, horrific visions and prophecies — all visualized in an epic graphic style.
  • Grim Reaper 3017

    by Colenso Evelyn
    After the fall of mankind, Death is tasked to collect fallen creatures who possess God like powers and abilities.
  • The Adventures of Wynn the Wiener Dog.

    by christopher stephens
    Join Wynn the Wiener dog on storybook adventures! Spark your child's imagination with 26 pages of color and fun!
  • Andy Biotic in Gone Viral

    by Wesley Blauvelt
    Bacterium thinks his latest creation, an evil Andy robot named Viral, will finally allow him to defeat the Andy Buddies. But when Andy's cousin Mandy finds the magic key and shuts Viral down we learn viruses are stopped by antibodies.
  • Snowman Amuck

    by Cindy Samul

    It's boy versus snowman told in detail-rich comic style. Humorous and a little bit scary. Fun winter reading for ages 6 and up. Ideal for reluctant readers. Full color, 48 pages.

  • Hell's Brew

    by Michael Liggett

    This is not your history... ...but it is your nightmare!

    Double-crossed and kicked in the dirt, Gabriel Garcia is out for revenge. He's looking for the man who killed his brother come Hell or high water...but there ain't no water in the desert!

  • Cat's Claw

    by Michael Liggett

    Rush! - Through a series of chance discoveries and unexpected altercations, Lynn Horne unknowingly takes the first steps down a chaotic path once travelled by her Grandmother, Linda Turner. When she first put on the Black Cat mask, this shy, mousy B-Movie actress turned into a crime-fighting thrillseeker on the prowl. She and the criminal element will quickly find out what happens when someone like her treats a dangerous city like her own personal playground!

    the Case of th... more

  • Electric 1937

    by Michael Liggett

    This is not your history; but these are your people...

    It's 1937 and the world has emerged from an era of chaos and hardship. It's a world that no longer runs on fossil fuels but electricity from Nikola Tesla's Wireless World Energy and Information Network. Watch Hank Lamont and his crew on "Big Jane" as they battle through hordes of fighter planes, radio-controlled drones and their own demons!

    Will they make it out of harm's way or will their luck run ou... more

  • Suee and the Shadow, Part 2

    by Bhive Comics

    Something terribly wrong is happening at Suee’s school and The Zero Detective Club is on the case! New friends Suee, Haeun and Hyunwoo must solve the mystery of the Zeroes before they fall victim to the Zero disease. The Zero Detective Club must make a plan, follow the clues and save the day. However, one member of the club has something she isn’t telling the others.

  • Suee and the Shadow, Part 1

    by Ginger Ly

    It’s Suee’s second day at her new school and already things are getting very strange… 
    Suee, who never did have many friends to begin with (by choice, she insists) suddenly has to contend with a most unexpected companion: her shadow, who talks too much and has a mind of its own. Suee’s troubles began when she passed out in the school exhibit room on her first day after hearing a strange voice speaking to her from the darkness.