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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sevyns Life: A Story About The First Black Billionaire Transgender Woman: Prologue to Chapter 7

    by MarthaK Sayz
    Sevyn Sleven, a billionaire transgender woman, has always been known for her sharp wit, intelligence, and unwavering commitment to her family. In this captivating memoir, Sevyn takes readers on a journey through her life, from her humble beginnings in Chicago to her current status as a talk show host and cultural icon in Dubai. The book begins with Sevyn's early years, growing up in a working-class family with 12 siblings. Despite the challenges of poverty and violence in their neighborhood, ... more
  • Where Do Animals Go for Vacation?

    by Steve Erickson
    What if animals took vacations too? And if they did, where would they go? Can you guess where a turtle would travel? Or what a kangaroo might do? Each animal would surely choose someplace perfect for them. Readers will find out … and also learn a surprising fact about each animal!
  • Colorful Discoveries

    by Lachandra M Robinson
    Embark on a colorful adventure with 'Colorful Discoveries, ' a heartwarming rhyming journey that introduces your little one to the wonders of the world. From sunrise to moonlit nights, this delightful book sparks curiosity and joy in every page.
  • Marriage and Hanging

    by Genevieve Morrissey

    On a cold January morning in 1832, a young New England mill girl, five months pregnant, is found hanged in a deserted woodyard.

    Initially ruled a suicide, letters found among the victim's effects lead to the suspicion that the father of her child—and likely murderer—is the young Reverend Josiah Woodley, a married man. Josiah is arrested and charged.

    Since the death of their infant daughter, when Rachel Woodley was disappointed to discover... more

  • Lucy Goes to The Gentle Barn

    by Tenny Minassian
    Lucy, a rescued poodle-mix, loves exploring the world with her mom! They go on another adventure, this time visiting an animal sanctuary called The Gentle Barn. All the animals are so big and Lucy is nervous. She learns about cows, horses, goats, sheep, and many more animals. Will Lucy face her fears and make new friends?
  • Eli Elephant Works Through Emotions

    by Shelby Stevens
    Eli the Elephant has a special day planned with Finley Flamingo until....ACHOO! She comes down with the flu! From initial excitement and joy to disappointment, anger, and sadness, Eli will need to work through his big feelings, with a little help, of course! In the end, he'll discover that some essential tools, a little gratitude, and a kind heart are the keys to shifting his mindset and making the best of a tough situation. This insightful, growth mindset children's book full of charming ... more
  • The Secret of One-Eyed Cogburn, The Dreaded Pirate Captain

    by Diane Merrill Wigginton
    Timmy, Jimmy, and Jade love to fill their summer days with fun. In this adventure, the three friends will find a treasure chest in the middle of their ship and meet the dreaded pirate captain, One-Eyed Cogburn, who has a very well-kept secret. But who does the chest truly belong to? Will the three adventurous youth be able to keep the treasure for themselves? Will One-Eyed Cogburn let them escape unharmed? Join Timmy and his friends in this fabulous quest full of mysteries, secrets, and laughter... more
  • I Hunt for Stars Alone

    by Ricardo Quintana-Vallejo
    After 9/11, a young Mexican boy relocates to an Indiana town with his mother and brother. Facing a society wary of foreigners, he navigates the complexities of identity, sexuality, and bullies, alongside his steadfast friends Ji-Hyeok and Emily Rossi. As he matures, his youthful voice takes the form of free verse, filled with boundless potential, while his older self reflects in sonnets, crafting the systematic structure of his memories. “Beautiful and moving. I mean, emotionally, but als... more
  • The Stained Envelope

    by Aurelie Lien
    The Stained Envelope is the inspiring story of Flekk, a little plain envelope, who gets sent on a mission to deliver a letter. His initial excitement for adventure is quickly replaced with fright, loneliness and disappointments. In other words, nothing goes the way he thought it would. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Along the way, Flekk meets one special friend who seems to know more than he does. At last, Flekk is delivered and finds out the purpose of his long and hard journey. The Stain... more
  • Verse of Life

    by Joel David Kilgore
    Life is poetic and poetry is life. Poetry can touch weary soul, inspire, teach, entertain, and heal emotional scars. The gift of poetry transcends understanding and takes the reader and writer to new worlds. Every poet has a unique brand and theme which identifies the poet’s style. Usually, a poet’s prose identifies what style of poetry the poet writes. God has blessed this author with a gift that bears no certain theme or style. Instead, poetry is universal and reaches the masses. Within th... more
  • Under the Bandage

    by Lois Wickstrom
    What's happening under the bandage? Mom makes him wear a bandage when he skins his knee. She says "no peeking." What's going on under there? It's a war. His soldiers against the bad bacteria. After the bad bacteria are dead, it's time to rebuild. Now, the construction crews come in. It takes lots of work to grow new skin.
  • Marshmallow Rabbit

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Mr. Bonbon was up bright and early, determined to catch Annabelle, the candy thief. He was up all night plotting to trick her and teach her a lesson. He thought: I know! I'll make the candy look easy to steal. He made a giant marshmallow rabbit. A modern version of Tar Baby.
  • Ginger's Fireworks Safety Tips

    by AimeeAnn Blythe

    3rd book in Ginger Series

    This educational and delightful story weaves together children's Fireworks Safety, fun, and friendship as Ginger and her pals charm the townspeople and join the July 4th town parade.

  • I Sing

    by Darlynn Linton
    "I Sing" encourages children to embrace their uniqueness and share their gifts with the world. Through the story of Jasmine, or Jazzy, who loves to sing and spread joy, readers are inspired to celebrate their own talents and individuality. This book is a heartwarming invitation for children to discover and express their innate gifts, reminding them that everyone is special and has something wonderful to contribute.
  • The Secret Gift

    by Joseph Tristan
    “The Secret Gift” is a story that exemplifies the positive virtues of life. A story of family, friends, faith, and love, and how life becomes complete when you bond all four together. “The Secret Gift” is the story of a gifted heart surgeon, Landon Rief. Landon retires after thirty-five years of treating people with heart conditions. Landon begins his retirement life by traveling abroad to initiate his bucket list. While traveling through Germany, a mysterious stranger visits him and he le... more
  • Phoot-Phoot!: A read-aloud, action story for toddlers

    by Eve Verne
    Introduce young ones to the digestive system, and the vital processes of elimination, with this cute character story. Designed for interaction, the small print has suggestions for actions you can have fun with together!