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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Mortal Link

    by Guillermo Arbe
    After losing his daughter in a senseless act of violence, a bereaved father’s quest for revenge turns into something unexpected when he fosters a relationship with that murderer’s own daughter. What is the link between the two girls? The revenge the bereaved father is seeking may depend on it.
  • Return to Lerici

    by Rachel Dacus
    Elinor Greene has been through a divorce, a stalled career, an explosion that nearly killed her. But after all that, life in her cottage in Italy has brought her gifts: a garden where she plants vegetables for the wonderful Tonio’s culinary delights. Seizing her second chance at love, they plan for a small wedding, but family drama decides to descend on them instead. Elinor’s once-estranged sister, Saffron, is coming with her family to support their mother, Betsy, who is arriving to look for ... more
  • Acts of Faith/Auto de Fe

    by jeffrey gorsky
    Historical novel about the Inquisition and expulsion of the Jews from Spain, told from the alternating point of view of Juan, a Christian of Jewish origin who joins the Inquisition, and Isaac, a Jewish physician.
  • The Second Convention: America, 2036

    by Douglas E Congdon
    Is Thomas Jefferson right? Does the tree of liberty need to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants? Tom Powell is going to find out. He is the local leader of the Revolutionary Party, and he gives a speech on July 4th that causes a brawl. Now he is being arrested for inciting a riot. His work and marriage are at risk. But he can’t quit the Party. There’s too much at stake. Climate change and the political divisions in America in 2036 have brought the country ... more
  • 9798985051636

    by inderpreet kaur
    To deliver this message, to quest my thirst for Eternal Truth, like a serpent I shed mortal skins to experience nothingness, the concept of ‘shunya’/zero in Sanskrit, to see what is the Obvious …
  • The Powell Expeditions

    by Tim Piper
    When seventeen-year-old Jubilee Walker loses his mother in 1867, he has no idea that during the next two years he will be riding a wagon train across the plains, befriending a Pawnee scout, climbing mountains, and riding the raging rapids of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. When Jubil initially asks to join a scientific expedition led by Major John Wesley Powell, a family friend, Powell refuses, but Jubil’s persistence and resourcefulness eventually win him a place on Powell’s cre... more
  • Inland

    by Kate Risse
    Inland plunges readers into a world that is besieged by rising water. In this rapidly deteriorating environment, Juliet and Martin struggle to reunite with loved ones as they face a cascade of relentless challenges. Surrounded by nature's fury, Juliet's son, Billy, loses himself in a hazy mix of reality and dreams, tormented by the gnawing uncertainty of his family's fate. Nearby, trapped in their collapsing house, Martin's daughters, Lana and Agnes, harbor a harrowing secret. With each turn of ... more
  • White Knight

    by Mara Rotundo
    Eris Clemens meets Daniel Graf. They seem to embody each other’s ideal: fit, driven. Eris, a glamorous writer, lives in Belmont. Young Daniel is an MIT scientist, proud of his physique; playing shy. Romance blossoms, sparks fly. One problem though: they’re both taken. Second problem: it’s 2020 and lockdown strikes. They have to go home. What ensues is a push and pull of jealousy and desire. He’s weighing the new buds of love against his comfort wife, a stay-at-home Disney adult; she’s ... more
  • Down Clark Street

    by michael panno
    Illinois, winter, 1958. Eleven-year-old Michael Carmello lives with his parents and five siblings in a small house in Hardscrabble, Illinois. His father ekes out a living driving a cab, while his mother works part time at the local hospital. Michael wants to tryout for Little League in the spring, and dreams of someday being a Major League ball player. But dreams don't find a lot of support in Hardscrabble; that is, not until Michael meets Cornelius (Neely) Brown, a former pitcher with the Negr... more
  • Short Happy Stories

    by Evan Pellervo

    "Short Happy Stories" is comprised of fifty compact stories that hopefully function as a respite from troubling times.  Inspired by Tolstoy, Salinger, and Lydia Davis, these stories try to make the most of the present.  This is an eclectic collection with an overarching theme: gratitude.  Since most of the stories can be read in a few minutes, they are good for a day's in-between moments.

  • Influencerz: Secret Influencerz Academy

    by Juan Boyd

    This is an introduction into the Influencerz universe where real life influencers, not to be confused with social media influencers, manipulate the lives of the chosen elite who shape the future of the world. The elite are chosen to help their society progress and power the economy.

  • Secrets at No.7

    by Jemma Hatt
  • The Search & Find World of SHADOWBOXES, Rediscover the ABCs

    by Laura Seeley
    Each letter of the alphabet is presented with a colorful intricately illustrated shadowbox filled with items, animals and hidden words. The opposting page presents a playful informative verse and the names of things to find somewhere in the shadowbox art. The book is hosted by a character named Shadow, who travels through the alphabet with the reader, and who asks you to find something of his, which is also somewhere in the shadowbox.
  • Seldom Heard Quotes

    by C Howard Diaz
    I originally came up with the idea for this short coffee table book of quotes back in 1993. I filed the quotes and commented on each one myself or added another person's writing for a few. Most comments are mine. I made copies and sent a shorter version to people I knew who would appreciate it. I have cited almost all the quotes, and anything I say in the comments is my opinion, whether it is cited or not. If you disagree with anything I say, you take the time to find your argument, I already sa... more
  • Magenta

    by Sheri Fink
    Magenta is a little kitten lost in the woods until she discovers a mysterious cottage filled with magic and wonders. Most magical of all is Iridessa, the young sorceress who accidentally enchants Magenta with wings and the ability to talk. There’s only one problem… Iridessa’s white raven, Obsidian, doesn’t like cats and isn’t happy about this strange new companion. Discover what matters most in this charming fairytale about Magenta’s magical mishaps that lead to finally finding the purr-fect pla... more
  • A Place of Safety-New World For Old

    by Kyle Michel Sullivan
    Continued from Volume One -- Derry. Seriously injured thanks to being caught in a horrific bombing, Brendan has collapsed into an Akinetic Catatonia, where he is only vaguely aware of what's going on around him. When he returns to reality, he finds that six months have passed. And while his body has healed, his mind is now torn by sudden flashes of memories of that day, mingled with confusing arguments between his mother and PIRA over what to do about him. There were some who wanted to let hi... more