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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Journey to Waswillbeland

    by Frederick Baus
    For those experiencing life challenges, this book explores the journey from the joy and happiness that was to the joy and happiness that will be.

    by MaryJo P. Glover, Debbi Kent, and Joan Suwalsky
    Does Horangi, the Korean tiger and proud protector of the village, dare take an afternoon off? He lets his friend Kkachi, the magpie, talk him into it, but he just can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. Could there be bad guys around? If there are, Horangi will bite them...‘cause that’s what tigers do! Horangi and Kkachi are the stars in this engaging story that takes 4 - 8-year-old children, their parents, and their teachers along on a fun-filled escapade in the Korean countryside... more
  • TITUBA The Intentional Witch of Salem

    by Dave Tamanini
    Ever vigilant Puritan ministers preach that Satan is sending witches among the true believers. But they are wrong. enslaved Tituba is behind the invasion. When Tituba's son is sold off by Rev. Samuel Parris, her anguish nearly crushes her. Then her son dies while attempting an escape. She isn't anguished anymore. She angry.
  • Penelope: Be Kind to Animals

    by E. Hughes
    When Penelope and Mommy and Daddy go for a trip to the shore, Penelope decides she wants a bring a pet fish back home with her, only Mom and Dad doesn't think she's ready for a pet just yet. They stress that taking care of a pet requires patience and kindness. Worse, her two best friends now have pets of their own and aren't exactly following the rules. Will Penelope and her friends learn the value of taking care of a pet and how to treat animals with love and kindness?
  • Phone Charging Tables

    by Event Tech Rentals
    Explore our Phone Charging Tables that amalgamates functional furniture and technology. The phone charging tables are capable of charging up to 5 cell phones or mobile devices at ones.
  • Matamoros

    by James Kahn
    Matamoros is a rousing Civil War adventure romance set on the Rio Grande in 1863. By 1862 the Union had blockaded all Confederate ports. Just across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas, Matamoros – a foreign port – was the only harbor where the South could ship its cotton to Europe, and smuggle in arms for the rebellion. So it became a haven for Yankee and Rebel spies, gunrunners and cotton smugglers, runaway slaves, Mexican guerreros, Texas Rangers and rogues of every stripe. But Matam... more
  • Presidential Spirits

    by Dan Coonan
  • Unflappable: A Novel

    by Suzie Gilbert
    Twenty-five-year-old Luna Burke is on the run . . . with a full-grown Bald Eagle. Licensed to take care of injured and orphaned wildlife, she is determined to smuggle the bird from her husband’s private zoo in Florida to an eagle sanctuary in Canada. Hot on her trail is her furious soon-to-be-ex-husband, his bodyguards, the police, state conservation officials, and an expert tracker from the federal Fish & Wildlife Service. Aiding and abetting her is a smitten young tech guy, a lethal Navy S... more
  • Adventurous Olivia's Alphabet Quest

    by Florenza Lee
    Ms. Blom, Olivia’s teacher, has given her a homework assignment to complete an alphabet list, for free passes to the zoo. Olivia has two words that begin with each letter, but needs your assistance finding the third! When you see or hear a word that starts with the letter of the alphabet she is searching, SHOUT IT OUT! With your help, Olivia will be able to enjoy an afternoon with her family at the zoo!
  • Coming Home to Hudson

    by Kimberly Rae
  • Woman of a Far Castle

    by Don Dussault
  • Devout Species

    by WJ Sulder
    An excavation, ancient island folklore, and a discovery Chloe would never forget... After the excitement of her first trip to Indonesia while studying abroad in college, Chloe and her friends later return to the Island of Flores. They journey to a volcanic cave in hopes to find ancient hominid skeletal remains. But who will make it back home alive? The Big Bang, our Earth, the dinosaurs, the evolution of man – discover in this book the current scientific evidence supporting the origin on ho... more
  • Clara's Way

    by Roberta Carr
    The year is 1904. Nurse Clara Tyler happily spends her days tending patients in rural Ohio. Her brother, who is working in Panama on the great canal, informs the family he must return home due to illness. Too sick to travel alone, he begs Clara to come and get him. Anxious about going but determined to save her brother, Clara makes her way to the Canal Zone. She is quickly drawn into a web of heartbreak, controversy, and friendship that keeps her there. When her father demands she return... more
  • Circus Planetaria

    by Robert Tyler
    Information is money. Information is power. Information is the fundamental currency. A dark faction of the Global Information Bureau (GIB) keeps climate information very close. It profits from the secrets. But Global Awareness in Action (GAIA) is good at getting at that information anyway. The GIB uses its formidable resources—from Assassin to Zeitgeist—to protect a powerful cabal of profiteers who aim to maximally benefit from the collapse of the global environment. But GIB also carries a de... more
  • Ramblin’ Red

    by Michael Easterling
    It’s tough being the new kid in school, especially when you’re the smallest and the smartest. The combination of all three is like a sign on your back saying, “Kick me!” to every passing bully. No wonder Milton Mickelsen escapes into the stories he writes about Ramblin’ Red. Ramblin’ Red is a hard-riding, straight-shooting cowboy straight out of an old Western movie. Tall, strong, resourceful and confident, Ramblin’ Red is everything Milton yearns to be. But when the school van crashes in a remo... more
  • Radha's Revenge & Other Stories

    by Gopal Ramanan
    A collection of a dozen short stories ranging from the poignant to the humorous, with a mystery thrown in as well, that introduce the reader to a host of unforgettable characters and situations. Each story has its own twists and turns, and the stories will touch the heart and fill the mind.