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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Colonial Countess Trilogy

    by Robin Bell
    When, at the urging of her dying mother, eighteen-year-old farm worker Mary Evans sails for England in 1886 she has no idea that she has inherited her grandmother’s heraldic title of Countess. Unused to the way of the British aristocracy, and much to the consternation of her peers, she adjusts in her own way to deal with the authority, privileges and wealth that have been bestowed upon her.
  • Never

    by Joel F Johnson
    Never is a coming-of-age story in the segregated South. Now in his seventies, "Little" Nickerson confronts a childhood he has kept “encased in glass." He narrates a boy’s journey from his suburban home to the textile mills, where workers haggle over the price of a slice of watermelon; to a Black church, where the congregation drums the floor in a thunderous response to a call for equal rights; to a shotgun shack, a book-lined study, and a hidden spring; to a burned-out barn, where men shoot rats... more
  • Hop Lola Hop: A Yummy Market Day Adventure

    by Kathy Urban
    Lola, the little toy bunny, joins her best friend, Ella, on a day out to explore the local market. All is well until - once again - Lola Hop! Hop! Hops … just a little too far. All because she wants to help Ella find a special ingredient for their picnic. Does Lola discover what she is looking for? And will the friends be reunited in the end? Hop away with Lola and Ella in another magical adventure, full of heart, hope and yummy food!
  • The Chronicles of the Virago: Book III the Triumviratus

    by Michael Bialys
    Makenna Gold is the Virago. At barely thirteen-years-old, she has been entrusted by the forces of good to protect her twin siblings Emi and Noah from the evil forces that seek to destroy them. The infant twins are destined to lead our world into its next age of Hope and Enlightenment: if and only if they survive. In this follow up to the series, the stakes have just gotten higher. Makenna's dad's soul has been captured and is being taken to the lowest level of Hell. Makenna must stay on Earth to... more
  • Cat Speaks

    by Emma Saz
    This uplifting story is based on true events with a message of love and hope. Sweet, heartwarming, and with a touch of mystery, it leads readers through Marcus' life with his lovely family until the moment he gets lost. The reader will get familiar with the cat's observations and experiences as he describes his life in his home with his beautiful family, a life mostly full of happy moments, but danger lurks. A charming and moving story can delight both young and old cat lovers. more
  • Tracy Tractor and the Little People

    by Collins Trafton Robertson
    Tracy Tractor and his hardworking cousins love helping Farmer Bean with his many chores until, one day, the Farmer falls ill and is unable to harvest his crops. Tracy comes to the rescue of Bean Acres Farm by teaming up with the enchanted Little People that live in the forest, who can only be seen by children (and Tracy).
  • Friends of the President

    by mervyn curran
  • The Soldier and the Orphan: Separated by Church and War

    by Alastair Henry
    In twentieth-century England, many working-class people were victims of values and circumstances not of their own making. They were people to whom things were done, not for. Billy and Tommy Jones and their mother, Mary, were such people. The boys were born out of wedlock at a time when such a thing was regarded as a disgrace -the sins of the father being visited on the sons. Neither boy knows they have a brother – it is to be a dark family secret between the Catholic church and Mary, the boy’s ... more
  • The Monster Amongst Us

    by Lisa Guerrero
    When you're little you're surrounded by people that you're supposed to trust and feel safe with. The people God gave you are supposed to protect and nourish you, they're supposed to encourage positive growth, teach you right from wrong. So where along the lines, does an urge so sinister come into the mix? How are you taught to handle dealing with these types of situations, that most people don't have to face in their lifetime? How can anyone then stand by, defending these acts created against an... more
  • The Café of Night and Morning

    by Carson Morton
    Against the colorful backdrop of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition of 1897, a sheltered young woman forms an unlikely alliance with her prominent family's maid whose brother has been accused of murder. To prove his innocence, they descend down a rabbit hole of betrayal, corruption and murder, leading them inevitably to the Exposition's most bizarre and macabre attraction, The Cafe of Night and Morning.
  • Corbin Speaks Bee

    by Emma Pesis
    Corbin speaks Bee . . . well, kind of. He gets very quiet and notices distinctive secrets no one's patient enough to see. So when his teacher says they're going to a local field to observe bees, Corbin can't wait! Until his classmates all complain and grumble to "squash the bugs". How can he convince them that bees are anything but boring insects that sting?
  • A Present for Kainani: A Christmas Novella

    by Bill Thesken
    The day after Christmas is usually a day of rest for Santa and all the Elves at the North Pole. Santa Claus the 10th, forty something now and still heirless, worries about the future with no sign yet of a Santa Claus the 11th to carry on the family business. But when a present for a young Hawaiian girl is found inexplicably un-delivered, Santa and Mrs. Claus need to fly incognito to Hawaii to get the job done. Mrs. Claus is not unhappy with this turn of events. While she orders room service and... more
  • For I Am Fearless

    by Cat Webling
    Sometimes the only way to progress in life is to be fearless. From a small town actress and author who has never been afraid to take chances and get messy comes an anthology of personal poetry and fantastic short stories that dive into the things we fear. This anthology covers life, love, loss, and everything in between, in our world and the worlds we create. This exclusive anthology includes: - Poems from Between Spaces, Ghost, The Fading of the Day, and The Symmetry of Falling Leaves... more
  • You Screwed Up!

    by Alice Hlidkova
    An inspirational book of startup stories; interviews of small business owners who share lessons from running their own businesses. The small business book for entrepreneurs who are searching for relevant tips to avoid major mistakes in running a business. A startup book to guide you on the right path for success, illuminating the efforts of entrepreneurs who view failing with positivity, a necessary component in making it. Business startup owners give true accounts of facing challenges ... more
  • Pretty Girl Complex

    by Alice Hlidkova
    Katie Washington dreams of becoming a dancer in Miami and joins an international entertainment company. Katie has one daughter, via IFV, with her non-romantic partner, Luke, who helps her balance her career and motherhood, as she continues to soar her way to success in the business world. Katie manages a posse of women, who come from all walks of life, including one woman, named Amy, who can’t have a baby after contracting HIV. Katie learns about surrogacy from another dancer and offers to be... more
  • Good Night, Sweet Peas

    by Amy Landgraf
    Rollie Pollie Pea and his siblings are enjoying some fun in the garden when Grammy and Grampy Pea declare it’s time for bed. The five peas set about bathing, brushing, and climbing into their pod for a goodnight story. But putting five little peas to bed isn’t as easy as it sounds, and delaying tactics soon abound. Parents and children alike will laugh at the recognizable ways in which a little one tries to put off going to sleep, and the surprise ending will have them begging to read the book a... more