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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Finding Imogene

    by Teri Case
    Frances Jerome has been tormented by the disappearance of her childhood best friend, Imogene, for decades. Despite her best efforts, Frances hasn’t built honest or intimate relationships with anyone since, including her son and daughter, and she’ll never forgive her father for the role he played in Imogene’s disappearance. Worst of all, she blames herself for turning her back on her best friend when she needed her most. After 43 years of remission, Frances’s cancer returns with a vengeance, and ... more
  • Ginger Searches for the Perfect Valentine

    by AimeeAnn Blythe
    Take off on a woodland adventure with Ginger, the deer with the orange collar. In this charming children's story, Ginger learns that friendship is the greatest gift of all, not just on Valentine's Day, but every day. Delight your little ones with this sweet story of love and companionship.
  • Unicorns Really Love Cupcakes

    by Graham Folkema
    Unicorns are magical creatures, pure, beautiful, and extremely hard to find. That is until now! This aptly named story has the missing ingredient to help you snag a glimpse. The only thing is, you need to pay close attention to the directions! Once you know, you will never look at unicorns the same way! ...or at least, that's the way we see it :) Just remember, it's obvious...Unicorns Really Love Cupcakes!
  • Logan Ramsey

    by Vickie and Kevin Amsler
    The story begins with an injured chipmunk found by a park ranger who aids the creature into health. When the chipmunk, now named Logan, is returned to his home in the park, his life changes when he secretly jumps into a car of a visiting family.
  • Smoky Visits a National Park

    by Vickie and Kevin Amsler
    "Smoky Visits a National Park" is a rhyming children's book about a small black bear cub that is certainly worth a look. He spends time exploring the bountiful forests and hills where he meets new friends like a marmot named Mills. If your child enjoys reading like these authors sure do, they should tag along with Smoky whose heart is so true.
  • Lily's Song

    by katrina Johnson
    Princess Lily adores her talented sisters but wishes she had a talent too. Feeling worthless and lacking in confidence, she is shocked when trolls attack the castle and her sisters can't defeat them. Will Princess Lily find a way to step up and save her family?
  • How to Grow a Marshmallow Tree (Amelia & Paco)

    by Stefanie Gamarra
    Join Amelia and her best friend, Paco the polar bear, on a tooth-aching adventure in a world where cotton candy clouds and ice cream slides are just the beginning. When they are almost running out of their favorite treat, marshmallows, Amelia's wild imagination leads the friends to an idea: a marshmallow tree! But can you really grow a tree from a marshmallow? With a dash of school knowledge, a sprinkle of sugar, and some really bad dentist jokes, Amelia and Paco are determined to find out.... more
  • The Red Door and Other Stories

    by K.E. Karl
    The stories in The Red Door are quirky, humorous, and eclectic. Many of them are short—less than 1,500 words—in various genres: gripping thrillers, mangled fairy tales, ghastly ghost stories, a horrible horror story, scintillating SciFi, and dark RomComs. K. E. Karl, the author of Our Man in Mbabane, writes light, entertaining tales, and short thrillers with a wry sense of humor. Enjoy!
  • Twisted Love

    by Robert Bigaouette
    “Twisted Love” is a work of fiction that tells the story of a deadly love triangle resulting from unconquerable obsession. Let's explore the dark recesses of human desire through plot and characterization. Tommy Landis is a young man of Italian and Irish descent who lives in Brooklyn, New York and works at a messenger center in Manhattan. He is an attractive man who seems to hide behind Woody Allen – like glasses and a shield of insecurity. As the story begins, he lives a lonely life, socializi... more
  • A Quest for Survival

    by Robert Perrin
    In the midst of everyday challenges in life… There should be no more place for hate. Life is hard as it is, and challenges seem to come at every person nonstop. With a lot going on outside the house, inside each home should be everybody’s refuge. The family, though not perfect, should always be the source of strength, support, and love. But what if the chaos of the outside world is so strong that it destroys the family and the home? This is what happens in the book A Quest for Survival.... more
  • The Nihilist's Pocket Survival Guide to Modern Society

    by Tungyn Cheque
    The perfect antidote for Boomer, Millennial, and GenXYZ angst! This handbook is a must read for anyone trying to figure out and negotiate the landscape of work, home, family relationships, debt, dating and all that modern life offers. How best to tackle these challenges? The nihilist offers readers his well-honed suggestions. This survival guide is a satirical masterpiece, offering a much-needed intoxicating cocktail of humorous light-hearted criticism of the times we live in.
  • The Quelling

    by C. L. Lauder
    When you’re Stained, patches of skin glisten like liquid starlight, and sooner or later, his creatures find you. When Kyjta accidentally brands herself with an alien fluid while plotting revenge, she knows her fate is sealed. As one of the Stained, her markings glisten star-bright, and the creatures sent by the Rhemans to scavenge for bodies will have no trouble finding her. One night, while sheltering during a raid, Kyjta forms an unexpected pact with a Rheman rebel to protect a y... more
  • The Spirit In My Shoes.

    by John Michael Cummings
    Featuring twenty-three stories, John Michael Cummings’s debut story collection brims with the vitality and complexity of our shared humanity. In tales that conjure comparisons to John Updike, Raymond Carver, and William Gay, Cummings tells the truth about loneliness, relationships, and the common struggles we all face with prose both precise and vibrant. Cummings’s voice, assured yet questioning, will stay with you long after you’ve finished The Spirit In My Shoes.
  • Tears of Love, Smiles of Indifference: Soulful poetry to smile at life's struggles with (JB POETRY)

    by John Bowie
    ‘In the style of styles of Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, Charles Bukowski and Rupi Kaur, John Bowie's third poetry collection is a celebration of love, life and inescapable death.’ Soulful poetry to smile at life's struggles with. INTRODUCTION Life’s no more black and white than we are one thing or the other. The boxes we’re put in by our upbringing, schooling and society aren’t us. Despite what we’re told we should feel and be. We can often get so sad we smile, and so happy we cry purely at th... more

    by Jorge Bosch
    After a tragic teenage trauma, a young man fights to respect himself and embarks on a journey of self-discovery, facing his family to get the answers he has been searching for for the last 12 years. John, a good-looking, and athletic 14-year-old from an affluent family in the suburbs of Los Angeles, is a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of his uncle. Family interests will prevail above all else. The mother decides to keep the incident secret to avoid scandal and the bad reputation of the f... more
  • Maeve in the Morning

    by Amanda Gale
    He's been a thorn in her side since they were teenagers. But is her nemesis in fact her greatest supporter of all? It all started senior year in high school. Maeve Sheering was closing in on valedictorian and running a meaningful campaign for class president. But her efforts were thwarted by Kyle Langahan, the bright but cocky son of scientists intent on taking down a local chemical company that was poisoning the town's water. It didn’t help that a chance encounter with him triggered events t... more