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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Hammond

    by Jonathan LaPoma
    A group of troubled but charismatic boys in a tough Buffalo, NY neighborhood play basketball at a local park and dream of winning a state high school championship. Driven by raw talent and killer instinct, they dominate the court, but everywhere else, they feel like losers. HAMMOND is told through the eyes of James Lombardi, a precocious but mentally ill boy who believes winning a championship will ease his “Evil Thoughts” and save his family, long haunted by generations of substance abuse, u... more
  • Tales from a Strange Southern Lady

    by Jan Fink

    A Collection of Ten Short Stories set in the Deep South.

  • Aria's Crown

    by Bettinita Harris
    Aria has long been excited for Grandparents’ Day, thinking about it constantly throughout the school year. But now that it is a day away, she is feeling down. Her classmates laughed at her when she told stories about how she calls her grandmother Queen. They joked about her not wearing a crown. Now that she thinks about it, Aria never has seen her grandmother wear a crown. What Aria doesn’t realize is her grandmother is preparing her for a valuable life lesson: Every girl ha... more
  • Short Stories of the Yester Years

    by Marie Mera aka Gigi mera
    It's a collection of seven short stories.
  • Happy as Larry: A New York Story of Cults, Crushes and Quaaludes

    by Kaethe Cherney
    After her beloved father suddenly dies, teenage Saskia gets a crash course in growing up, in the gritty glamour of 1970s New York. Her downwardly mobile family move from Gramercy Park to the seedy Upper West Side. Her mother becomes increasingly nihilistic and embarks on a sexual walkabout, which costs her the trust of Saskia's two older siblings, who consequently run away to join the Sullivanians, a predatory psychosexual cult. Ex-communicated by her siblings, Saskia becomes her mom's mom. High... more
  • Sacred Hearts

    by Harriet A. Dickey
    Safe and back home in Chicago, Hannah Jordan is thrilled about the new house her parents have bought which will allow her and her older sister to have their own room separate from their six-year-old brother. But she is not happy that she will be the only Negro student in her sixth grade Sacred Hearts classroom. She had enough of the pursuit of civil rights the summer before. And if this isn't bad enough, she has two bullies to deal with: a seventh grader and a full-grown nun. There's also a ... more
  • "In Her Presence: A Husband's Dirty Secret"

    by Nancy Weaver
    The surreal, gripping saga of a young, desperate, rich, Negro mother and her children, and her courageous teenage daughter in the south in the 1950s is inspired by real life events.
  • I Can Be Kind

    by Heather Lester
    "Changing the world isn't easy, but it's easy to start with you." In I Can Be Kind, Alice learns she can make this BIG world a BETTER world through small acts of kindness and helping others.
  • Everyday Imagination - The Green Scarf

    by Heather Lester
    A superhero. An actor. A jungle explorer. A pirate. What would you imagine if you had a green scarf? A little boy discovers that he can have a lot of fun with his imagination and an everyday object.
  • The Civil War at Home

    by Dustin McKissen
    In the suburbs of middle America, two men engage in a growing feud. Their passionate disagreement, though superficially focused on politics, is fed by assumptions about class, economics, immigration, race, and the legacy of a horrific sexual crime. Ultimately the feud leads to tragedy for both families, and an unlikely bond between two women. The story of one liberal family and one conservative family is also the story of the polarization dividing the nation, and how stereotypes and anger can bl... more
  • Second Thoughts: Second Chances

    by DC Moses
    Having met at Ithaca University as graduate students, the millennial year of 2000 soon approaching, Sydney Steinberg and Corinna Kipnis consider each other their exclusive significant other. While after graduation, Corinna takes up a position as reference librarian in her hometown library of Thompsonville, Syd hastens to finish his graduate degree in engineering. But after some irrepressible soul-searching, he decides on a radical change of course--he will, instead, attempt that more challenging... more
  • The Marital Scandal

    by Jonita Mullins
    One young couple finds the courage to follow their own hearts and defy an angry town in order to wed. But with her silence young governess Cornelia Tuttle rejects the charming Cherokee from Arkansas Territory named Edmund Webber. She was a proper New England pastor’s daughter who couldn’t risk the scandal that marrying an Indian would bring her family. He was a man of faith caught between two cultures who could not bring himself to ask her again. This dramatic novel, based in history, set... more
  • Novel - "Watchers", The Second Book of the Genesis Chronicles

    by Michael E. Register
    With the release of her first book, Jessica finds her world continuing to shift. Now the enemy, no longer curious regarding her assignment, is hellbent on stopping her. Tensions rise and hopes are shattered as she and Belle work toward the release of the second novel, whose scroll has arrived on earth in the care of a messenger, crippled in battle. The scroll contains the second part of the message, some would say it is the most vital part. The story of the Watchers, the fallen angels and their... more
  • Novel - "Beginnings", The First Book of the Genesis Chronicles

    by Michael E. Register

    Set in Maryland and the Mountains of Colorado, Jessica’s world is about to expand beyond what she could have ever imagined. As a University Archeology teacher her life has taken on a dull rhythm, something almost welcome since her husband’s death 18 months prior. Now, with the introduction of a mysterious stranger her reality is about to shatter as her eyes are opened and she can see the true realities that surround us all, realities we are usually blind to. Tasked with interpreti... more

  • Growing Up Jazzy

    by Sonja McGiboney
    A soft cover children's book about a dog's first year. The story starts with puppy Jazzy and ends on her first birthday. She has explored, played, learned, moved and found friends along the way. The book goes through all twelve months starting in March and shows seasons as well.
  • 'Evan and the Bottom Rockets'

    by Chris Mercer
    Evan has a secret: something is causing his bottom to blow big-time. Will Doctor Bottom and Evan’s hapless father Willy find out why, or perhaps his fearsome but vain Head Teacher Mrs. Gertrude Booby and her obsequious deputy Paddy Pantsdown? If your child laughs at bodily functions and silly names, they will love Evan and the Bottom Rockets!