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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Toomuch and Toolittle FOOD

    by Jo Schofield
    A little sister and a not so little brother are unhappy but things begin to change when they ask Gran to help make dinner. Toomuch and Toolittle discover that cooking is fun! Too busy to notice, their dog Zog meets a clever little mouse that lives undiscovered in the house and they become friends. Dinner is delicious and the whole family is happy!
  • Spill the Scarlet Rain: A Civil War Novel

    by J. M. Saunders

    Set against the panorama of Gettysburg in the Civil War, J. M. Saunders’s sweeping historical epic is the tale of three young people’s inner and outer conflicts as they confront the mortal divisions in the nation and themselves. Coming of age during cataclysmic national events, seductive scapegrace Simeon, enchanting but vulnerable Genevieve, and pious but lonely Gabriel come to grips with complicity in personal and national error. They confront the sacrifices needed for redemptio... more

  • Blue Eyes

    by Cryssy Dee
    Even with a spiritless father, DeShawn Williams is secure within her family unit and has made good choices for her future. She's determined and focused on being a strong independent Black woman, just as she's been taught by her mother, and with her best friend by her side, she knows that she can accomplish all her goals. But what happens when DeShawn crosses paths with a handsome yet misguided charmer that promises her something that she never knew she wanted? Will she risk all her hard work ... more
  • Lincoln's Doctor's Dog

    by James O. Long
    Lincoln’s Doctor’s Dog is a fanciful romp through history with Honest Abe, his knowing four-legged sidekick Cooper and a colorful cast of characters who run the gamut from Abner Doubleday to Ulysses S. Grant. A comic tour de farce by James Long, a veteran newspaperman with a keen sense of satire, an ear for brisk dialogue and an eye for shady politicians – and not just from yesteryear, if you catch his drift.
  • Mindfulness at the Park

    by Teresa Anne Power
    Lovable; curious Little Mouse is back to help kids use yoga and mindfulness to solve problems and manage emotions in "Mindfulness at the Park"; the second book in the "Little Mouse Adventures" series from Teresa Power; the international bestselling author of "The ABCs of Yoga for Kids" series and Kids' Yoga Day creator! Little Mouse and his family live in a cozy burrow nestled in Tammy McDoodle's backyard. Tammy and her mother love to practice yoga and mindfulness together; and Little Mouse love... more
  • Temple Dancer

    by Amy Weintraub

    TEMPLE DANCER is a spiritual enigma that, like a double helix, entwines the lives of two women from disparate times and cultures. Through a lively and spirited life of the flesh and spirit, Wendy and Saraswati explore the divine connection—the portal that opens through spiritual practice, through the making of art, the making of love, and most of all, through love itself. In 1997, Wendy Rabin is going through a divorce and travels to India on a spiritual pilgrimage. On a crowded train, ... more

  • Island Boy

    by Mark Bulahao
    Island Boy is the story of Paco, an odd naïve boy afflicted with bruxism. Alienated from his cold mother, alcoholic stepfather, and an indifferent town, he sought home elsewhere. After recalling an anecdote of a sanctuary that adopted outcasts, he musters the courage to escape a familiar life and embarks on a journey to find the only place he was sure could offer him true home. As he navigates a world growing beyond him, he is forced to negotiate with an assortment of characters, from the poor t... more
  • Nicholas' First Nativity

    by Agnes Kay-E
    Nicholas' wish is for his father to attend his birthday. A failed plan and Danny, his frenemy, adds salt to injury. There's only one way to upstage this frenemy: the school play must be the best event of the year.
  • Captured Within

    by Kemka Ezinwo
    Matthew's escape results in the loss of his memory and his face. He is adopted by a Priest. A Priest who is haunted by his past. Matthew's mother is a widow who had just lost her only child, is taunted by her friend's husband. As part of her road to self-rediscovery, she goes back home. William Bernard knows nothing of his past but he is determined to live life to the fullest. He falls in love with Annette who unwittingly breaks his heart. This heartbreak guides his decision to join the prie... more
  • Not So Risky Roo (A Home Safety Guide)

    by Robert A. Sutton
    Risky Roo the Kangaroo is always getting hurt, but a day with his friend Hayden may help turn it all around. Putting on his safety gear and magical badge, Hayden teaches Risky how to avoid some scary situations. Will you take the Safety Pledge with Risky Roo? Not So Risky Roo is a full color illustrated children's book written by a safety professional who is also a parent. Using simple terms geared for young readers, this book tackles the top ten hazards around your home that too often lead t... more
  • The Time Before Christmas

    by Ted Thompson
    A Parody of the Night Before Christmas. (Vanity Published) A sharecropper tells his wife that he is going to decorate the farm for Christmas this year himself. He goes at it, has a few goof-ups but finally gets the job done just in time. Even though its southern Mississippi, there are sometimes SNOW. things turn out to be the finest Christmas the family ever has.
  • The Beasts of Success

    by Jasun Ether

    In this dog-eat-dog world, three friends find themselves getting nowhere in their careers despite their education and work skills. They decide to make their own rules to the game of life and play dirty to get ahead. Each of them concoct schemes to sabotage colleagues and clear the path for their swift advancement.

    Through a journey of deception and personal discovery, they find that life at the top isn’t what they imagined it would be. All the while, they’re not aware that t... more

  • The Final Weekend: A Stoned Tale

    by Neal Cassidy

    In the last days before the real world, six college friends prepare to take a bow in epic fashion.

    After Sunday there’s just Harry, the future business owner; Justin, the medical intern; Trent, the hapless wanderer; and Clarence, soon to don the badge and blues. But now they have years of memories to honor, all packed into one weekend. Will they grow into their new adult roles? Will they go out in style with the girls? Will the four of them even survive the sheer level of debauche... more

  • We Burn Too Bright

    by Elle Pallmore

    An exposed secret. A knife. And an argument that changed everything...

    Seventeen-year-old Wella Scotland doesn't remember much from the night her best friend disappeared, but a full moon glinting off the knife in his hand is the one thing she can't forget. The argument started when she found out Finn planned to move away; her next memory is running from him. Everything in between is a deep, black hole.

    Almost a year later, Finn is nowhere to be f... more

  • Joseph Shorey of Maine: On the Kennebec

    by William Michael Wochna
    Young Joe Shorey of Maine wants to get away from farm work and from a pesky neighbor, Susannah, and her incessant talk of marriage, so he takes a job in a lumber camp for the winter.