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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Isa Book 1: Isa's Very First Book

    by Linda Gruenberg
    The Isa Book 1 is a child's very first learn-to-read book. The vocabulary is first-book simple, illustrated with whimsical watercolor to help the child work out the story and read it themselves. In this book, Isa "likes" a thing, and it likes her too. Isa likes some surprising things, as you'll find out.
  • Robotastic!

    by Sari Karplus
    It starts with a big birthday wish... Alf closes his eyes and wishes for a best friend. Not wanting to wait around for the magic to happen, he takes matters into his own hands. Alf sets out to build his own best buddy: a robot.
  • Kool to Be Kind

    by Carolina Cutruzzola
    Charlie, the friendliest boy in school and President of the #Kool2BeKind Club, is eager to become a friend to Pat, the new kid in class. However, he soon realizes that this is not an easy task. Regardless of how many times Charlie tries to win him over with kindness and cookies, Pat continues to bully him. Just as Charlie is ready to give up on the idea of being Pat’s friend, he is surprised to discover why Pat was being a bully in the first place. By understanding Pat’s point of view, Charl... more

    by Allen Wittenborn

    It's 1980 and the Middle East is engulfed in chaos and war as generals, ayatollahs and mujahideen fight for money, power, and God. Turkey's coup finds two seasoned operatives, Kemal Yilmaz and Shirin Demirel, forced to cooperate to survive. They're complete strangers but in the world of spy craft they know about each other. Although political opposites, their common denominator is Nadiye, Kemal's fiancee and Shirin's estranged sister who has disappeared. But there's no... more

  • Brandon Goes to Hong Kong - Xiānggǎng (香港)

    by Eugenia Chu
    While on a trip to Hong Kong, Brandon thinks he sees a great red dragon – but is it real or imaginary? Join Brandon as he tours the city and learns about dragons in this multicultural, multigenerational chapter book which includes some Mandarin Chinese (Simplified) with Pinyin pronunciation throughout, adding educational elements of the Chinese language and culture. Is Brandon the only one who sees the dragon? Can legendary or mythical creatures ever be real? What do you believe?
  • Dream Wishes Prayers For Children

    by Marcia Miles
    Let your child read a prayer from Dream Wishes Prayers For Children, each morning and each night to grow, build strength, and instill confidence that will help young children throughout their lives.
  • Beneath the Tracks

    by Jimmy Stalikas
    It was a cold day in December. But unknown to many, the chaos were boiling beneath the tracks. This day was like any other day, people commuting from the city, from places as far as Albany and New Jersey and Washington DC, but mostly from the five boroughs where most businesses were getting ready for another day, cursing the MTA for them getting to work late and flipping on the news as they get home. Hey, if they were late for work cause of track work, well, that's a part of living in the city. ... more
  • Daisy

    by Libby Sternberg

    DAISY by Libby Sternberg

    A retelling of The Great Gatsby from Daisy Buchanan's point of view.

    No empty-headed fool, Daisy Buchanan tells her side of the story of that tumultuous summer in the 1920s when she encountered her first love, Jay Gatsby, again. Unlike her cousin Nick's recounting, her version tells readers what was in the letter that Jay sent to her on the eve of her wedding to Tom Buchanan that almost had her calling off the ceremony, and who was re... more

  • The Shakespeare Conspiracy: A Novel about the Greatest Literary Deception of All Time

    by Ted Bacino

    •He was gay...about to tried for treason...had hired a bumbling actor from Stratford to front for his writings…and was a fugitive, trying to evade a clever Inspector -- and the Black Plague. •It was obviously time for Christopher Marlowe to fake his own murder. •It's a novel about the literary deception of all time.

  • Guide Book On Fiji Kava

    by Mack Ag
    Guides to Drink fijian Kava
  • ILGM Grow Bible

    by Robert Bergman
    The Marijuana Grow Bible
  • The Island: A Story of Youth

    by Natch Greyes
    When Victor Fugo boarded the ship to the Island, the world was at peace. By the time he disembarks, the idea that the third world war was the last war has been shattered. Emerging from the jungle, Victor finds himself embroiled in a regional conflict set within a larger conflagration. Leading the conflagration is self-styled populist politician John Wei. Fanning the flames of rebellion, John asserts that he's just trying to do what's right for his people and cast off the yolk of the Internat... more
  • The Maltese Attack

    by Jay Perin
    ONE MISTAKE IS ALL IT TAKES TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY. It’s 1973. Oil wars, terrorist attacks, Watergate... Senator Temple has his hands full, maneuvering political turmoil at home and the powder keg that is the Middle East. His error allowed a criminal businessman to take over the world’s energy sector. Powerful oil dynasties—the Kingsleys, the Sheppards, and the Barronses—could help Temple fix things, but greed and old grudges thwart the alliance. Three families, their fates interl... more
  • Brilliant Bob is Brave

    by Kenneth T Jolivet

    Bob used to be afraid, but now he wants to learn to fight the fears that are holding him back. Bob vows to be brave. Join Brilliant Bob as he learns to master his fear of the dark, the dentist, certain foods, and other kids so that he can live a full and happy life.

    The Brilliant Bob series contains seven beautifully written and illustrated children’s books that were created specifically to support and encourage young boys. These fun books use the adventures of Brilliant Bob and h... more

  • How to Sit Quietly: Stories

    by Alissa DeLaFuente

    Current flap copy draft (unpublished manuscript):

    Gritty, dark, and strange, How To Sit Quietly are tales of becoming. Meet Lola and Juan, two souls seeking love after great loss and isolation. Meet Fig and Drew, both in the midst of separate ruptures in their own stories.

    In this linked collection, mothers and fathers realize they do not know their children. Children in the blush of adolescence encounter the hurt of the world. Each must find their own ways and means to mend soul ... more

  • Reach for the Stars

    by Michael Albanese
    “How do we reach our dreams when they seem so far away?” “You reach your dreams by reaching for the stars. Every day, trust God, work hard and be patient.” Inspired by a real-life bedtime routine between a father and his daughters, this sincere tale chronicles a man and his family as they grow together through the generations. With vivid pictures and a heartfelt story, "Reach for the Stars" is sure to capture the attention and hearts of young and old alike. Meet Edward and his daughter Eliza... more