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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Hugh: A Hero without a Novel

    by David Lawrence
    This romp through 18th century England is like nothing told in the era of Tom Jones – a sparkling, humorous, and poetical coming-of-age 242 years in the making. From an old family trunk comes a manuscript which never saw the light of day. Its pages tell of the life, times, and blackmail of a young queer aristocrat stepping into 1768 Society… A time of wig powder and heeled slippers. Duels and social climbers, when the most popular member of the government is declared an outlaw. Hugh Entwi... more
  • River and the Missing Yellow Wellie Mystery

    by Emily Dreeling
    When Bertie, Lexie, and Miley wake to find their best pal Teddy has vanished overnight, the three quickly realize this is a problem way too big for the pint-sized boots to handle by themselves. With a little help from their favorite human, River, and the flakiest detective in town, Walter Wellie, they embark upon a desperate mission to solve the mystery of his disappearance. But will they ever be reunited as a foursome? Or will they end up with one more member of the gang than they bargain... more
  • Beyond The Headlights

    by allan davis
    SYNOPSIS: BEYOND THE HEADLIGHTS Seven-year-old learning-disabled Aiyana, who lives with her mother, Mona, in the northern Ontario Broken Deer Double Wide Trailer Park, spends her time playing Chopin on the church piano. The why and the how of “Chopin" she can’t explain, other than to say she feels like two people, him and her Realizing Aiyana is a musical savant with the gift of acausal parallelism, Broken Deer parish priest, Father Clark, contacts Dr. Jerry McCoy at the Faculty of Music,... more
  • Hope for the Worst

    by Kate Brandt
    Ellie is twenty-four years old, stuck in a dead-end job, and questioning the meaning of life when she meets the much older Calvin. It’s as if her deepest wish has been granted. Star of the Buddhist teaching circuit in New York’s Greenwich Village, his wisdom is exactly what she’s been seeking. When she becomes the center of his attention, it’s almost pure bliss… until it becomes clear that Calvin expects sex as part of the bargain. At first reluctant, Ellie gradually falls ever more deeply in... more
  • Montraville, Episodes in an Early Appalachian Life

    by Ron Griswold
    While this book is not a history, neither is it a complete fiction. There are lots of facts which, tied together with the fiction, tell the story of the goodness and accomplishments, as well as the shortcomings and frailties, in other words the humanity, of the founder of Weaverville, North Carolina. But in a larger sense the facts and the fiction paint a picture of the period from the latter part of the 18th century through the late 19th century in Western North Carolina. And, by extension, the... more
  • The Journal

    by Tiffany Joans
    Cadence Anderson promises to fulfill her mother’s last wish by leaving her husband, Dan, and moving back into her childhood home with her eight-year-old daughter, Madelyn. After returning to her hometown in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, Cadence develops two bonds that shape her future: a friendship with Will, a Vietnam Vet, who is discovering his purpose in life after his wife is killed in a tragic accident, and Michael, a drifter who comes into her life unexpectedly looking for a place to call hom... more
  • Aurumia

    by Robert Millon
    Three travelers discover a modern lost civilization in the Amazon. Will they make it out alive to tell about it? In the vein of Gulliver's Travels, Aurumia is a social satire. It satirizes modern capitalism with its corporate greed, social and economic inequities, political corruption, and dysfunctional health care system.
  • Fillip Woke Up on Christmas Eve/979-8-9853616-2-9

    by Tarja Nevala

    Fillip, an optimistic fly, woke up in Nana's Christmas tree thinking the Christmas feast was a picnic made for him. He startled Nana with his sleepy flight, and sat on her favorite cake! Nana came up with a fun solution. 

  • Because of Mercy

    by PD Dawn
    Set in New Zealand in the early twentieth century against the backdrop of a small rural town and WW1, this is a story of hope, faith and love, and a merciful God whose ways are not ours.

    by Bill Owens
    In Bill Owens’ novel THE DELCO YEARS a disillusioned evangelical Christian unwittingly sets loose a lethal virus after colluding with post-Soviet scientists from the dark web. The virus quickly spreads, and due to the Saccharomyces yeast strain, only craft beer drinkers are left to piece together some semblance of civilization.
  • Knightess (Eleanor's Tale Book 1)

    by J.A. Stein
    “He must not find me,” she whispered to herself. Her thoughts moved through a hundred terrifying memories and the work she had done to hide. The struggles she had been through. The humiliation. “Ah, really now? And how much is not finding you worth?” Sir Alec Earnblaec has discovered Ella’s secret. She isn’t a commoner as she so pretends. Her name isn’t even Ella. She is Lady Eleanor de Levan, wife of the disreputable Sir Lezay, and he wants her back. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately ... more
  • Decanted

    by Linda Sheehan
    From author Linda Sheehan, who's part of a Napa winemaking family, comes a story of grapes, wine, first crushes, and juicy redemption. Dreading the desk job that awaits her after high school, eighteen-year-old Vivian Goodyear takes off for pre-World War II Paris, where she supports herself as an artist's model. Flash forward to modern day Manhattan where, inspired by Vivian's courage, her grand-niece Samantha leaves her pressure cooker career to work the grape harvest in France. There, betw... more
  • Hometown Heroines: True Stories of Bravery, Daring, and Adventure

    by Betty Bolte
    When faced with a challenge—whether fearsome or creative—these 19th-century American girls rose to it and are remembered today throughout our country.
  • Reina Explores the Zoo: Let's Marvel at the beautiful Creation!

    by Sheila C. Duperrier
    Join Reina in her exciting adventure at the zoo. Stir your curiosities. Answer questions. Learn, explore and marvel at the beautiful and wonderful creations around us. Fun zoo animal picture book featuring different types of awesome creatures: farm and sea animals, insects and birds, and much more. Interactive questions to keep the little ones interested. Search the accompanying workbook for more fun: Reina explores the Zoo – Coloring Book
  • Reina Visits the Butterfly Garden: Learn about nature, insects and butterflies in a fun way!

    by Sheila C. Duperrier
    Join Reina on this journey and discover the importance of insects especially butterflies, and her process of learning about her favorite ones! This charming children’s book is designed to make your child become a butterfly expert! Let’s start learning along with Reina and having fun!
  • Heaven & Earth

    by Joshua Senter
    Ruth Christianson is at an unfathomable crossroads in her life. Her husband, the esteemed Pastor Sam Christianson, has just been outed for having an affair with a male prostitute, and they have been exiled from the megachurch they built together in Charleston, South Carolina. With their three children in tow Ruth and Sam attempt to escape the condemnation that follows the very public scandal by disappearing to the small, Missouri farm where Sam grew up. Once there, Ruth must decide whether to ma... more