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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Title: Storybook

    by J A Alvara
    Everyone has at least one dream they want to come true, but how they come true often scares the dreamer. And when life suddenly changes from a fulfilled dream, what can a child do but cry? When the stories they've read are untrue and the heroes they've loved are hated more than the monsters that roam. The old world continues to decay, but adventures shouldn't end because of fear. Caught in a new world, a new era of living, and after years spent in forced solitude, Aliya Remva has some catching u... more
  • How I Made a Friend

    by Daniel Georges

    Will is perfectly happy in his own creative world. When a new kid enters his life uninvited, his bubble is about to burst. But wait... Doesn’t friendship come when you least expect it?

    This hilarious book teaches kids how to make meaningful friendships with a genuinely funny story and adorable oddball characters kids will love. Let’s make awesome friends!

    What makes MY CRAZY STORIES series quite special is that it focuses on kids' ch... more

  • The Strickland File

    by Jeffrey H. Baer
    Gary Strickland is astonished to lose his job before proposing to his childhood sweetheart Angela and braces for a lengthy search through the maze of New York City companies. Three days later Alex Schneider, a successful trade paper’s CFO, hires the recent college graduate to collect unpaid amounts from advertisers. But no sooner is Gary wedged among stingy clients, selfish coworkers, and his frazzled manager, than he and Angela learn they’ll become parents before husband and wife. Three month... more
  • A Song Apart

    by Jeffrey H Baer
    A rising young pop star and her unlikeliest fan meet and fall in love while discovering an unforgiving society frowns on their life decisions.
  • Towers: A Rapunzel Retelling

    by Chelli Larsen
    A Rapunzel Retelling, Towers explores the fairy tale that you thought you knew, only from a much different perspective. The first part of the story is told by Romy, a young disabled girl that has to hide the magic she has inside of her. The second part of the story is told by Rapunzel when Romy turns up missing. There is adventure, romance, and friendship.
  • Coming Home

    by DL Larson
  • Ticking: The Hawking Sequence

    by Craig Vann
    Continues the time travel adventures of Skypilot and Zachary, after their initial trip to London in 1766. Sky's Aunt Beatrice has a mind-numbing mission in mind; to go to Jesus' time, find him and record him. She tells them that her colleague Alim will accompany them, after he teaches them Aramaic, the language of the time. The three chrononauts are ready, inside the K2 booth, when Hawking the cat steps on Bea's computer keyboard, sending the three to the wrong space and time. A rescue missio... more
  • Ticking: A Tale of Two Time Travellers

    by Craig Vann
    Skypilot Sewell loves the past, so when his brilliant inventress Aunt Beatrice provides him with the opportunity to time travel, Sky is immediately on board. His best friend Zac will take a little more convincing… So begins the young men’s journey through time, space, and 18th CenturyEngland—where, separated from each other immediately, they meet a host of fascinating characters. Among them are people of fancy and fact, including the charming and roguish highwayman Jacques DuTemps, the beaut... more
  • The Knife-Edge Path

    by Patrick T Leahy
    Marooned by destitution in war-torn Berlin a beguiling woman, once a secret agent for the Axis in Cairo, comes out of retirement to spy on a man with whom she falls in love for the very reasons why she has been called upon to betray him.
  • Red, White & Blues: Book Two

    by L.V. Sage
    Picking up just two years later, Red, White & Blues: Book Two continues to celebrate lasting friendships through diverse characters both old and new. As the seventies come to a close, friends, families and lovers face new challenges in the aftermath of the Vietnam War and social changes of the 1960s. In San Francisco, Louise Booth and Maura Weston manage Moonstone Books and their personal lives as the AIDS crisis develops around them. Down in Monterey, the Souls of Liberty MC deals with external... more
  • Red, White & Blues: Book One

    by L.V. Sage
    Diverse characters & events intertwine to make up the fabric that is Red, White & Blues: Book One. America & the Vietnam War, free love & drug use, and the brotherhood of an outlaw motorcycle club all lead to everlasting bonds. Mike & Lucas Blackhorse, Ojibwa brothers from Wisconsin, take radically different paths only to end up together. Morgan Stewart & John Clark step from the fields of Vietnam into the Souls of Liberty Motorcycle Club where their need for a brotherhood lifestyle is met. S... more
  • Flight of the Wren

    by Winter Fox
    The year is 1002 AD. A young shaman's apprentice from a remote village in Lapland begins an impossible quest to recover her kidnapped tribe. Her journey puts her on a collision course with the end of the Viking Age. Weaving history with magic, battles, intrigue and romance, Flight of the Wren is a big book, in heart, scope, and ambition. Pulling together threads from the wide tapestry of Scandinavian history, we discover what happened to the dominance of the Vikings and how a tiny woman from ... more
  • Grace Coffin and the Ghostwriter

    by Winter Fox
    With her band on hiatus, Grace goes to work for an upscale catering company and gets way too close a look at the secretive celebrity culture on Mount Desert Island, Maine. Meanwhile, Cormac is strapped for cash. He though the bills would taper off after death, but, hey, die and learn... His new venture, 'Spirited Ghostwriting' nets him a new customer and the story is dynamite. Starlet Isabelle Cake is writing her memoirs, which will ignite a powder keg of Hollywood secrets, but the actress is... more
  • Grace Coffin and the Undertakers

    by Winter Fox
    Grace and her friends start as Goth Rock band, and their music attracts unwanted attention from the Christian right as well as the Undead left. Meanwhile, the revenant Cormac journeys to Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor to reclaim his late wife's remains and finds much more than he bargained for. He must endure a grueling gauntlet of trials before returning home in time to help his young friends survive the Maine Monster Mash, a Halloween battle of Goth Rock bands. In this second Grace Coff... more