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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • 978-1-58985-015-6

    by Cynthia Kern OBrien

    Marky the Magnificent Fairy is written with the intent of eliciting back and forth discussions with children at home or in the classroom.

    I had many conversations with both children and adults while creating this book. I am grateful that they were kind enough to share with me their personal stories of bullying, fear, anxiety, insecurities, and handicaps both visible and invisible. The stories were wide-ranging – however the lasting after effect was the same. But they also shared t... more

  • Bunny Hunt

    by Lucy Simon
    In a classic tale of mistaken identity, Lucy Simon takes readers on a hunt for the Easter Bunny. Along the way, readers will delight in each animal's cute and sneaky disguise.
  • The Arrows of Mercy

    by Jill MacLean
    The year is 1348. Haunted by the blood on his hands, an archer named Edmund returns home from the French wars to a life of serfdom. His brutal elder brother does not want a hero on his doorstep. The priest denounces his mercy killings. The woman he loves yearns for a wider world; the ambitious wise-woman challenges him in ways he deplores; and an abused servant-girl is a thorn to his flesh. Yet, as the days pass, Edmund is impelled to fight for the impossible: love and redemption. Then plague ar... more
  • Something We Never Imagined

    by Andrea Comparato

    WON 10 AWARDS in 10 MONTHS!

    Although self-published with Westbow, Andrea Comparato, Literary Agent, offered Douglas representation after reading this book. 

    Introducing Douglas J. Wemple, whose writing style mirrors Nicholas Sparks, with Christian tones of Mitch Albom.

    This story is Serendipity meets Do You Believe?

    A bitter young man with an ey... more

  • The Viking Gael

    by J.T.T. Ryder

    Asgeir joins with Ulf's crew of Vikings and intends to get his revenge, but he strikes an unlikely friendship with the old Viking.

  • I've Never Danced

    by B.A. McRae
    It's been a year since high school ended, and hardly any change has been invited into her quiet life. 19 years of the same sidewalks, crowded beaches, and one boundary-blind best friend. After the graduation caps flew, Lucy had every intention of flying away, but those plans were torn-up dreams the moment her person was ripped from reality. Lucy never left. She clung onto Virginia Beach, not willing to let go. But after a random encounter with a complete and quirky stranger, Lucy's life is f... more
  • The Legend of the Worry Doll

    by TeriLee Greeff
    The Legend of the Worry Doll is based on a Guatemalan tale that has been passed down through generations. The story is about a Maya goddess that presented tiny dolls wrapped in colorful threads and fabric to help people address their stress and anxiety. People were instructed to share their fears and secrets with the dolls and then place them under their pillows when they slept. The legend maintains that by doing this the dolls will take on those burdens during the night, allowing the person to... more
  • The Unbirthday Party (Alice & Friends in Wonderland Book 1)

    by Charity Tober
    Nine-year-old Alice lives in Wonderland, a magical place filled with infinite possibilities and the unexpected. After one of the Cheshire Cat’s pranks goes too far and sends the Queen of Hearts into one of her famous temper tantrums, Alice and her two best friends, Harper, the niece of a wacky hat maker, and Jack, the Prince of Hearts, decide to throw the queen an unbirthday party to cheer her up. But things quickly go wrong—from missing tarts and wonky mishaps to magical problems of all size... more
  • A Gilded Drowning Pool

    by Cecelia Tichi
    As a girl in the West, Valentine Mackle dodged quicksand along the rivers of the mining camps, but as Mrs. Roderick W. DeVere of New York’s Fifth Avenue, Val is sucked into Society’s own quicksand in spring, 1899, when a weekend at a country estate in the Hudson Valley turns deadly. Val’s “soul sister” drowns on family property, and the host’s best “practical jokes” double as death traps. A Gilded Drowning Pool snarls Val and husband Roddy in a bogus adult health camp, a brothel, a town-and-... more
  • The Dance of the White Deer

    by Rebecca Nieminen
    Nineteen-year-old Aaron Harper is instantly smitten the first time he meets sixteen-year-old Limery Clark. Captivated by her beauty and drawn to her sensitivity, Aaron dreams of winning her affections. But Aaron, who comes from a fine, upstanding family, doesn’t comprehend the shameful weight of Limery’s hardscrabble upbringing or the terrible urgency of her present situation. She has become the object of her stepfather’s sexual desires. When Limery finds herself drowning in a web of desperation... more
  • Theresa et al.

    by Jean Hackel
    As the story begins, two families face a pregnancy that draws them into a bitter standoff. 
The couple expecting a baby are newlyweds. A young wife lives with her family on a farm in the American Midwest while her Alabama-born husband is deployed to Afghanistan. After finding out something is wrong with their baby—-at first she’s not sure what—-the wife considers having an abortion. But her mother and others intervene. Ultimately, a child is born against his mother’s will.
  • Like Glass

    by Sylvia Wilde

    As she struggles to move beyond a childhood of religious trauma and chronic abandonment, Trey isn't sure about people. Everywhere she looks, love has failed her. It must not exist. This book artfully unravels the secrets of her past, immersing a reader in the echoes of heartbreak as she attempts to love again and again, proving that while hope may falter, the human spirit sometimes finds a way. But it might not look like what we expect.

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    by stev smit
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  • Gabriel: Angel in Training

    by Meredith Baldwin
    Ever wonder what it would be like to choose heaven? This story proves that death doesn’t stop life. Close-knit Mexican American Christian family, the Esperanzas, are rocked by the death of their middle son, eighteen-year-old Gabriel. Angel Gabriel is introduced to three angels and given a short tour of heaven-lite before returning to earth to see that three months have passed. Gifted with an angelic aura light power, a kind of energy that can shoot down negativity and build up the positive, he h... more
  • Demitasse Fiction: One-Minute Reads for Busy People

    by Roberta Beach Jacobson
    An eclectic collection of contemporary micro stories.