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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa

    by J. T. Allen
    Miss Daisy Tannenbaum, almost thirteen, and homeschooling in Paris with her Aunt Millicent, takes a break from the City of Light and her dreaded math homework, and heads to a rambling chateau in the Loire Valley to help her Aunt Mill’s friend, former-spy Felix, catalog his art collection. But when Daisy receives a copy of the Mona Lisa as a thank you, strange things start to happen. This Mona is not just any copy, it’s one of two perfect forgeries created to fool the Nazis during their hunt for ... more
  • The Trail Back Out

    by Jadi Campbell

    The Trail Back Out was American Book Fest 2020 Best Book Award Finalist, 2021 IAN Book of the Year Award Finalist, 2021 Top Shelf Award Runner Up, and won a Red Ribbon from the 2021 Wishing Shelf Award. The title story The Trail Back Out was longlisted for the 2021 Screen Craft Cinematic Short Story Award. This collection is Jadi Campbell's fourth book and her first finished work in four years. She completed many of these stories during the coronavirus lockdown. From tales of Edd... more

  • Closet of Dreams

    by Tara Mesalik MacMahon
    A true story about a pretend world. Meet a nine-year-old boy named Child who has big dreams—so big, he’s actually got a Closet of Dreams in his home! But Child’s fears are really big too, and his path is lined with curve balls, especially those spun by class bully, Eddie. Follow along with Child’s adventures as he discovers the secret powers of his Closet of Dreams and of his incredible animal friends from Kids Park—Ele the elephant, Sister Sue the hippo, and Clarence the bear—all under the g... more
  • Tales of the Tinkertoy

    by JJ Semple

    Today, this book could not be published. Nevertheless, despite its “lavish use of freewheeling, multiethnic caricature,” it has been. That it stands up to a steady stream of accusations and invective that rule the Internet will depend on readers who value truth and logic because it most certainly does not pass muster according to the precepts of Presentism, defined by Webster as an attitude toward the past dominated by present-day attitudes and experiences, meani... more

  • The Man Who Screams at Nightfall: and other stories

    by Rush Leaming
    Thailand. The Congo. Greece. Spain. America… Four continents and forty-plus years in the making. The Man Who Screams at Nightfall is a landmark collection of short stories depicting a young man on a classic voyage of self-discovery, wandering our planet in search of some purpose in life. From childhood to parenthood and everything in between—these tales are raw and unflinching; at other times, poignant and moving. Get ready for a literary journey unlike any you’ve experienced bef... more
  • Scoochie & Skiddles: Scoochie's Adoption Story

    by Tom Tracy
    Scoochie's Adoption Story is a multiple award-winning book - winner of a Firebird Book Award, Purple Dragonfly award, and a Readers' Favorite award. Scoochie was adopted by her two daddies through an open adoption. In Scoochie's Adoption Story, Scoochie takes you on the journey of her and her daddies’ adoption experience. She tells of the many distinct processes related to adoption such as the "match" process between her birth mom and daddies, the hospital and post-hospital experience, and th... more
  • The Decisions We Make

    by Tara Marlow


    Sam Taylor is stuck. Her house is falling apart, the bills are piling up, and her daughter is hiding something from her. This is not the life she imagined, living on the idyllic east coast of Tasmania.   

    Brooke Choi-Scott has her life planned out. Her own medical practice, a house in an affluent Sydney suburb, and best friends she can count on to tell her the truth, no matter what. So why does she feel so empty?  ... more

  • Camino Wandering

    by Tara Marlow

    On the journey of a lifetime, can one woman complete a spiritual trek to find herself and rebuild?

    Saint Jean Pied de Port, France. Aubrey aches to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. So, at her son’s urging, she swallows her anxiety to walk the Camino de Santiago. But at the start of the 500-mile route across Spain, the fifty-year-old already feels the full weight of the pilgrimage, anticipating it will only end in failure.

    Desperate to face... more

  • Billy Be Kind: Making A New Friend

    by Kim Adams
    Lucy-Lou is a shy little girl that has a hard time making new friends. Will Lucy -Lou overcome her fear? How will Billy Be Kind help her? Making a new friend when you’re shy isn’t always easy. It often requires putting in a little effort. Billy Be Kind the kind little mouse is there to help and encourage his new little friend.
  • Billy Be Kind: The Kind Little Mouse- Honesty

    by Kim Adams
    Billy Be Kind: The Kind Little Mouse - Honesty, is the story of two young boys faced with a dilemma of whether or not to tell the truth and the kind little mouse that encourages them to make the right choice. Ages 2-5 This wonderful, rhyming story is part of the Billy Be Kind Children's Series.
  • Wonders in the Waves: A Novel Inspired By Love That Does Not Die

    by Jennifer Collins
    Resilience has brought Larissa Whitcomb a long way toward surviving recent losses of those closest to her. “I’m emotionally bankrupt,” she admits in the aftermath of her tragedies. Yet, gradually, she yearns for more than survival. It is time to reframe her grief and expend her energy in new directions. Encouraged by family and friends, a trail of letters and old postcards lead her to a picturesque beach house on Hutchinson Island, Florida. Larissa’s walks beside the ocean and river, full of won... more
  • Moby Plays the Flute

    by Tabletop Publishing
    Moby Plays the Flute is a heartwarming story of a young girl who learns the importance of perseverance and hard work after her father, a U.S. Marine, must leave home for a year. His last parting gift, a simple flute, becomes the tool that will ultimately show Moby what hard work is and how it can pay off BIG time. This is more than just a children’s picture book. This story is relatable to kids of all ages as they learn, grow, and find the things in life that they are passionate about. Passi... more
  • American Nomads

    by N.L. McLaughlin
    Beth always dreamed of being popular. Of living a life filled with fun, travel, and adventure. A life without rules or expectations. A life worthy of sharing online. These hopes and aspirations were nothing more than distant dreams until a chance encounter with a young drifter. Beautiful, outgoing, and brimming with confidence, River is everything Beth wishes she could be. She introduces Beth to her tight-knit family of misfits and vagabonds; Zac, the strong, watchful protector; Cash, a chari... more
  • Tiel's Saga - Scottish Lore, Norse Roots

    by Thom Simmons
    Tiel's Saga pieces together fragmented stories about the mysterious Viking prince, the son of a Norwegian king, for whom Loch Pooltiel is named on the Isle of Skye. Through meticulous research of family dynasties, ancient manuscripts, historical narratives, folktale variants, interviews, and correspondence, the author has written the most complete tale to date of the mysterious Tiel Hakonsson., As a bonus, four additional pieces of folklore, similarly treated, are included.
  • Brixton Nights

    by Amy Tollyfield

    Brixton Nights by Amy Tollyfield: official book blurb

    Brixton Nights is the third book and first novella by acclaimed, twice-published poet, Amy Tollyfield. Brixton Nights charts the life of a young lesbian woman named Christina who once lived in Brixton and now lives in Hull. The book follows her tempestuous journey through young adulthood and into early adult life, including many losses and heartaches along the way. Working-class, femal... more

  • Balloon Dog

    by Daniel Paisner
    The story of a brazen art heist gone wrong, alongside a life of suburban angst and ennui gone sideways, "Balloon Dog" centers on the theft of an industrial-sized Jeff Koons sculpture. The guy who's out to blow the whistle on that theft is a Long Island writer who's been questioning his Jewish faith and the road ahead. A darkly funny caper about legacy and belonging, "Balloon Dog" asks readers what it means to matter, and what it takes to get caught up in the same currents that move the rest of... more