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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Mr. Naughty Nine Legs

    by Benjamin Thomas Stanley
    “Hi, I’m Mr Naughty Nine Legs. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a spider with nine legs. Yes, you read it right, nine legs! I get into all sorts of trouble. I’m a very naughty spider. I see you have my book in your hand. Why not open it up and take a look? Read about my adventure if you dare. I meet my biggest fear, maybe it will give you a scare.”
  • Escape from the Shades

    by Anthony Edwards
    Brother and sister, Tom and Bobby, are orphans growing up rough, with their dog Tag, in the Victorian East End of London. Helped by Dr Barnardo, they have begun to make progress when Bobby is attacked in the notorious Rookeries. Tom comes to the rescue but finds himself arrested, in a cell, and then before the Beak. His trial is at the Old Bailey where he is not allowed to speak in his defence. Then Tag comes to his rescue!
  • The Wonderful World of You

    by Alan Portmann
    Have you ever reminisced about learning life’s simple lessons through the innocence of a child’s eyes? Would you like to teach your child valuable lessons in empathy, kindness and grace? The Wonderful World of You takes you on a delightfully humorous and whimsical journey of discovery learning about love, honesty, integrity, sharing and more from a child’s perspective. Written in a Dr. Seuss rhyme scheme, these short stories are designed to build character values and improve vocabulary developme... more
  • The Girl Who Tried to Change History

    by Melissa Kaplan
    The Girl Who Tried to Change History is a story featuring a time-traveling heroine who gets more than she bargained for when she agrees to participate in a complex experiment to alter the history of the twentieth century. Vivienne Riley is a stressed-out graduate student about to earn her doctorate in European history, with a focus on the Second World War, when she is approached by a mysterious man to join what she refers to as the “Experiment”—an effort by the world’s top scientists to erase... more
  • The Skye in June

    by June Ahern
    The MacDonalds emigrate from Scotland after a family tragedy but cannot escape the youngest child's strange insights that threaten to expose her mother's secret past in the Scottish Highlands. The youngest child's fate is sealed the day she is born when her mother defies her husband by not giving their new daughter a saint's name as is their tradition. This doesn't keep the father's dominance over his four daughters from creating often hilarious tactics to divert his wrath as they come of age du... more
  • Puppy Pals and Puppy Tales

    by Johnette DeRose
    Puppy Pals and Puppy Tales is the second book in the Letters From Liza series. Liza is a chocolate Labrador Retreiver and she loves to describe the adventures she has with the two children in the family, Sam and Bea. Each chapter is written in letter format and describes common events in children's lives, like losing a tooth or learning to ride a bike. Children enjoy seeing their own stories come to life through the words of the playful family pet.
  • The Black Alabaster Box

    by Franes Schoonmaker
    It had been quiet along the Santa Fe Trail for more than a year when the Stokes Company set out for California, the Willis family among them. A reluctant traveler, young Grace Willis longs for her fortunate, safe, and comfortable life at home. Just as she is learning to negotiate life in a wagon-train, Grace is kidnapped by fellow travellers and taken into Oklahoma Territory. She must decide if she will cave in to despair or muster the courage to run away and search for her parents. Grace finds ... more
  • Once Upon a Cloud

    by Salene Hill
    Once Upon a Cloud is a collection of poetry. Each line brings a colorful and creative thought for everyday living, comical satire, and giving back to our beautiful world. The book will make you laugh, cry, and wish that you were in the event. I wrote the collection to remember my father, sister, grandmother, and aunt. Many people will inspire your life over a period of time.
  • The Unusual Penguin

    by Madeleine MacRae
    When you are different, it's not always easy to unlock your destiny This story captures the pain of being misjudged, the sorrow that can arise out of being atypical, and the transcendent joy that can be found when you discover who you truly are and learn to value yourself accordingly.
  • Desert Friends

    by Linda Harkey
    Animal friends in the Arizona Sonoran Desert are found in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Rodney, a Roadrunner and his best friend Quincy, a Gambel’s quail spend days racing each other through dry creek beds called arroyos. One day Rodney and Quincy meet two hunting dogs—Gator and his three-legged buddy Tripod. Danger surrounds the four friends as a thunderstorm sends tremendous amounts of muddy water down the arroyo. The force of water swept Tripod away. Who will come to his rescu... more
  • The Love That Haunts Us

    by Laurie Berkshire
    Most of us have a love from our past that haunts us. First love, unrequited love, forbidden love, star-crossed love, lost love, old love. Chronicling how the lives of two generations of three early twentieth-century Chicago families become intertwined, characters captivate and as the story unfolds, The Love That Haunts makes certain that the reader will not forget. Emilia Brauer, pregnant at sixteen and sent away from the only home she has ever known leaves behind her beloved Liam, give... more
  • 13 by 11: short stories of life in diverse places and spaces

    by Jay Allchin
    An anthology spanning genres and places: 13 short stories by 11 award-winning and up-and-coming authors “A uniformly powerful collection where each piece shines.” – D. Donovan, senior reviewer Midwest Book Review In part ONE, we encounter life both within and outside of the earthly realm. Stories by Vincent Czyz and Derek McFadden ask us to consider the ties that bind and define us in our earthly existence, with tragic, yet hopeful, tales of loss and love. In part TWO, we visit characte... more
  • Zynab: The Inspirational Journey of an Afghan Girl Guided by Rumi's Wisdom

    by Farid mostamand
    This powerful, inspiring book tells the story of an ambitious Afghan girl who seeks to fulfill her promise to her mother, fight for the right to education, and empower girls. Zynab lives in a small village in Afghanistan where education is deemed unnecessary for girls and even frowned upon. But Zaynab's family and life are very different from those of other girls in her village. Her father is a teacher who began teaching her Rumi's poetry when she was only five. One poem, in particular, inspire... more
  • Kamaka, Kahuna at the Crossroads of Ancient Hawaii

    by J. E. Cherry
    From the first page of J. E. Cherry’s novel, the reader is enfolded in the fascinating history and unspoiled beauty of ancient Hawaii. This forms the backdrop of a compelling work—which feels more real than fiction. Here is a story truly worthy of its extraordinary main character, the Kahuna Kamaka. As we follow his development from young apprentice canoe builder to masterful healer, teacher and spiritual adept, the rich sights and sounds of his island home of Kauai fill our senses. The pre... more
  • Teeth & Crumpets: A Florilegium

    by Joel Shoemaker
    "...brimming with punchlines..." - Kirkus Reviews Florilegium: "a collection of literary extracts; an anthology." There are twenty-eight teeth in the adult human mouth, absent wisdom teeth. In this collection, there are twenty-eight stories. Similarly, absent any wisdom. All, at least vaguely, toothy.
  • The Sunshine Rock: A Story About Empathy

    by Tahiya Cooper
    The Sunshine Rock: A Story About Empathy tells the story of Alexis, who has just moved to Maryland with her mom and brother while her dad is away in the army. The book begins the night before Alexis’ first day at her new school, when her brother gives her a Sunshine Rock to use whenever she needs support. The rock is quickly put to the test as Alexis navigates her first day full of nerves. After an embarrassing moment leaves Alexis feeling sad, a lesson from the school counselor brings forth a p... more