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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • 97988520627

    by Renee Hodges
    Liz and Jim Caragin, the first interracial couple to marry in their county, are used to whispers and stares. As their family grew to include 15 kids of different ethnicities and different abilities, they taught patience by example, answering rude remarks and ignorance with kindness. Now, a television developer has convinced them to film a pilot for a reality series. The cameras bring out the best and worst in the family. Victoria, a twenty-year-old budding social influencer, struggles with h... more
  • Jack & Walter in New House Nerves

    by Paulette Hallam and Charlotte Moerman

    Jack and Walter, his special spud-shaped buddy, help Jack navigate through life’s difficult situations. We all need someone to talk to and Walter certainly helps steer Jack to making the right choices. With Walter's support, Jack is able to cope and understand some of life’s trickiest situations. Things like moving house, new school, bereavement, big news that’s so scary and so much more. Grown ups can know that Walter is actually Jack’s inner voice, helping h... more

  • Grimmer Revisionist Fairy Tales, Fables, and Nursery Rhymes

    by Marissa Carter
    Remember when you were a kid, listening to bedtime stories full of classic fairy tales, fables, or nursery rhymes? Maybe you've even read those same stories to your kids. But what if you took those familiar tales, tossed out the rulebook, and filled them with modern twists, witty jokes, and a bit of cheeky irreverence? Welcome to the world of Grimmer Revisionist Fairy Tales, Fables, and Nursery Rhymes—where nothing is sacred, everything is funny, and adults get to enjoy the ride. This first c... more
  • Losing My Religion

    by Jide Familoni
    Born into a polygamous family in a small Nigerian village, Femi Fatoyinbo lived the Yoruba tribe’s religion and culture amid the political upheaval preceding the Nigerian civil war. When Femi moved to Canada, and then America, he experienced a world of culture, relationship and expectations that clashed with his traditional ways. "Losing my Religion" is the gripping story of Femi’s quest to maintain his identity—and survive a dramatic twist of events that brings his quest to a surprising conclus... more
  • My Name is Nkechukwuọma

    by Gloria
    A Nigerian Canadian and an avid reader, Gloria set out to write a book that explores identity in intersecting spheres. Her debut YA novel follows Nkechi questioning the weight of a name. On this journey, she discovers that her worth is not determined by her actions, but by the fact that she is beautifully and wonderfully created. *AI used to generate one image in book cover only. All other elements of this book was completed by humans.
  • The Evolution of Nora O'Brien Pacheco

    by Kevin O'Flaherty
    A young girl from the Basque Country in Spain tries to find herself among constant changes in her life. It's a coming of age story. It deals with the following topics. -Evolving friendships between adolescents. -Family challenges with children. -Travel and different cultures. -Learning languages. -Intrigue.
  • Short Stories from Faraway Places

    by Kevin O'Flaherty
    It's a collection of four stories about people at the crossroads of life. The road they take will lead them to positive or negative consequences. It`s a story of self-determination and human struggle. 1. The Garden of the Republic 2. Zabalburu Urkia 3. The Bells of Gloucester 4. Celtic Verde
  • Cuentos Cortos de Sitios Lejanos

    by Kevin O'Flaherty
    Una colección de cuatro relatos que tratan de personas en el cruce de caminos entre la lucha humana y la autodeterminación. Las decisiones que tomen los llevarán a su destino. 1. El Jardín de la República 2. Zabalburu Urkia 3. Las Campanas de Gloucester 4. Celtic Verde
  • La Evolución de Nora O'Brien Pacheco

    by Kevin O'Flaherty
    Una chica de Bilbao (País Vasco, España) no se siente segura de sí misma mientras atraviesa una de las etapas más difíciles de la vida, la adolescencia. La narración se centra en el crecimiento personal de la protagonista. Los temas del libro: Las relaciones de los jóvenes con sus amigos, superar los retos de casa con hijos, El aprendizaje de idiomas, conocer la historia de Gales, Argentina, Perú y la ciudad de Bilbao y ¿por qué las personas emigran?
  • From Darkness to Sunrise: One Man's Natural Epiphany

    by Theodore G Obenchain

    Martin Holmes grew up in rural Appalachia at a time when youngsters generally adhered to the strong religious and musical influences of the area. His passion for the guitar was a given, but religion was different. With his many misgivings surrounding supernatural religion, Martin began rebelling against rigid parental expectations. "Why should I have to listen to church authorities preaching about the supernatural? They know little more about it than I."

    Touring with country r... more

  • The Adventures of Bunny and Fawn

    by Michael S. Lingo
    Bunny and Fawn live in the forest. An old log is home and exploring the forest, enjoying the warmth of the sun, and relaxing by a cold pond are their favorite activities. But one day, a tragedy sends them on their greatest adventure, one that forces them to make the biggest decision of their lives. Is home a place - or a feeling?
  • Cam Creates a Hero

    by Dagmara Sitek
    Cam Creates a Hero by Dagmara Sitek, illustrated by Lau Frank, is a heartwarming tale about Cam, a young boy in a foster home who is moved by a news report about a girl abused by her stepmom. Driven by empathy, Cam, along with his siblings Inaya and Loris, creates a hero robot named Giorgio to protect innocent children. Despite initial setbacks, the siblings' creativity and perseverance shine through. This inspiring story emphasizes essential values such as empathy, compassion, and resilience... more
  • Popsicles in Space: Where bedtime dreams become out-of-this-world adventures!

    by Marlo Neuhaus-Franks
    Join Landon as he is guided by his colorful pajamas and boundless imagination in his dream adventures where he finds out who loves popsicles as much as he does. From exploring the wonders of space to battling dragons as a brave knight, Landon's dreams know no bounds. But when laundry day leaves him with plain pajamas, Landon discovers the power of his own creativity as he crafts his own adventure. With each new night comes a new adventure, and Landon learns that no matter where his dreams ... more
  • The Last Quest

    by Dr. Bill Senyard
    Being in business can feel like running the gauntlet. Few executives, owners, or entrepreneurs leave unscathed. Sometimes we wonder if all the sacrifices are worth it. This is particularly true when you truly get smacked in the mouth and staying down on the turf looks pretty good. In those moments, the typical religious bromides and bumper stickers can be insulting and impotent. Harvey is a successful entrepreneur and CEO who hoped to hang up his spurs years ago, but the timing was never ... more
  • Funny Birthday Cards

    by henry louris provides a plethora of customizable Funny Birthday Cards options, allowing users to personalize their messages and designs to suit the recipient's preferences perfectly. With just a few clicks, users can browse through a wide selection of templates, add photos, include personalized messages, and even choose animations or music to accompany their digital card.

  • Once Upon a Time in Baltimore

    by Sally DiPaula
    As children in 1918 Baltimore, Annie, an Irish-American girl, and Vince, the son of Sicilian immigrants, both lose loved ones—Annie’s father and sister to the Spanish flu and Vince‘s brother to an auto accident. The tragedies change how each of them face the world and—after they meet and wed—how they relate to each other. Together and sometimes apart, they overcome discrimination, illness, a family rift, a son going off to war, and marital strains caused by Vince’s ambitions and marital infideli... more