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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Bilkhu and Other Short Stories

    by Karen Divya Shekar
    A collection of Short Stories that looks at the inevitability of pain.
  • tEXt me

    by Kit Derrick
    It is the year 2000, and 32 year-old Tiffany accidentally bumps into her first true love (Martin Peters), an ex from her time at Warwick University. They swap numbers, and start flirting by text on those new-fangled mobile phones. Tiffany’s devoted husband, Nick, knows there are problems with their marriage and starts seeing a relationship counsellor on his own, to work out what he might do to fix things. He also confides in his work-friend Darren, who has had similar marital problems. Tiffa... more
  • Squeak!

    by Robin L Gordon

    "Squeak" is a story about a bird who does not like his voice.  Through coaxing and encouragement, he realizes that his voice is perfect and meant to communicate with another living creature.  Like a fingerprint, the reader will consider that each person has a unique voice and that each voice is valuable, and important to the harmony of life.

  • Poppy's Buzzing Brain

    by Simmonne Dyson-Holland
    WHERE is Poppy? WHY is his brain buzzing? Poppy's grandsons, Matthew and Richard, have found a way to keep him in their lives. However, Poppy is busy trying to get a new job. What will Poppy choose to do? Join Matthew and Richard on their journey to be with their Poppy again, even when it seems there is no hope. There is always hope
  • The Face of God

    by Brian Ray Brewer

    “A thoughtful, engaging meditation on the intersection of artistic and spiritual integrity.”              -- Kirkus Reviews

    “The Face of God is certainly a masterpiece…The story lingers on in the reader’s mind long after the reading is done. Fans of contemporary drama will find (it) a wonderful read!” -- Lily Amanda, Pacific Book Review

    “This metaphor for how people change through their work and relation... more

  • Stand a Little Out of My Sun

    by Angelyn Christy Voss
    STAND A LITTLE OUT OF MY SUN is a multicultural novel exploring the timeless issues of love, coming of age, the power of forgiveness, and the ties that bind families together. It’s the story of Sophie and her family. Sophie’s mother, Christina, joins the Army during WWII and marries Tom Peters, a brilliant, non-Greek soldier without “The Permission” from her parents. Hell breaks loose as Tom’s dispassionate ways collide with the family’s effusive temperaments. Twelve-year-old Sophie is the... more
  • Spending Quality Time in Egypt With Egypt Tour Packages

    by kitana kari

    Spending Quality Time in Egypt With Egypt Tour Packages

    Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the World. Its magnificent ancient monuments and tourist attractions attract thousands of tourists each year. Egypt tours provide a wonderful opportunity to see the country and its fascinating history. Egypt is a country which is located in the Middle Eastern region of the World. Egypt is governed by a constitutional monarchy. The constitution was approved ... more

  • Omicron Six

    by Endy Wright

    "Cooper stretched his arm over on top of Coupe to quiet him and hold him down. He then reached into Coupe's mind and urged him to sleep, told him to sleep, that he was safe and could sleep the night through without worrying about those . . . things that came to him. Coupe's thrashing began to subside. He did not scream at all. He returned to a peaceful sleep."

    Cooper Callister cannot speak. Coupe Daschelete is the victim of horrible abuse. No one would expect them to p... more

  • For the Soul (A Collection of Short Stories)

    by Barbara Daniels Dena
    Memories and fiction fill this collection of short stories with humor, heartwarming compassion, and spine-tingling fright from the author's own experiences and imagination that she can barely control. Quilts, children, and dogs have always played a large part in the author's life. Therefore it is not surprising to find stories of warm quilts wrapped around her tales and tails. A trait the reader finds in Barbara's writing is that much like life, nothing within the covers of this book will be ... more
  • Siggy Loves Sausages: a Terrific Tale with Tantalising Tasty Treats and Sweet Rewards

    by Brian Frederick
    Can Siggy Keep His Word? Will this sweet little sausage dog be able to resist his favourite tasty temptations, stay true to his pledge, and save a Big Birthday Surprise? Join Siggy, as he learns about the happiness that comes from keeping promises, during his romp through a fast and fabulous adventure that takes him into the deep dark woods, where magic sometimes happens...
  • Master, can you use me

    by Nate Whitfield
    A powerful story of faith, love, and overcoming religious dogma. Deeply religious and in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, Alex King’s entire world is shaken when he discovers his childhood best friend is secretly gay. And as Alex shakes off the weight of religious closed-mindedness and begins to accept his friend’s sexuality, he makes a startling realization of his own. Refusing to accept himself and keeping his sexuality hidden from his friends and family, Alex finds comfort in t... more
  • Chipper Makes Merry

    by Kimber Fox Morgan

    Tip toe, tip toe, crackle, crunch! 

    Chipper the Fox sneaks through the forest to spread cheer to his weary friends. Will his merry making be a success? Or will a smelly fish disaster and a log pile tumble ruin his plans? 

  • sushimitha

    by sushi mitha
    such as curing new diseases, or inventing new, more efficient technology. ProxyBunker It is also believed that nanobots could be injected or otherwise inserted inside the human body, and replace certain parts, keeping humans healthy for an incredibly long amount of time, or combating organ failure to a degree.

    by Edisun Consulting
    As the title suggests, this is a diary of an adorable dog and his super cool adventures. This story, written from a dog’s perspective, is about the happy life of Lucky – how he beats Cupcake – the snobbiest dog in the world, how he cooks food, and how he loves and cares for everyone. If you’re a dog lover, this is for you. If you’re not, you’ll turn into one by the time you finish this book! Links Amazon: more
  • Uly Quits His Job

    by Travis Williams
    Uly’s job maintaining utility poles takes him to Savannah. His attempts to maintain a long-distance relationship aren’t working, and suddenly, neither is Uly. Jobless, on foot, phone dying, and a few dollars from penniless, he buys a bus ticket. That’s when things go from bad to strange in this contemporary, Southern odyssey.
  • Trapped in Glass

    by Pam Records
    Set in Prohibition-era Chicago, two Polish sisters, Halina and Patcja, are tangled in bootlegger feuds and their own Old Country roots. Patcja runs The Corner, selling whiskey and escape. Halina patches up the broken results using Old Country cures--with a mix of stolen hospital medicine and imported poppy tonic. When a detective with mysterious motives begins delving into buried secrets, the stakes become higher. Whiskey wars escalate, and Patcja's 10-year-old son is injured in a street fight. ... more