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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Anthony: A Day of Toys

    by R.L Clark
    Anthony: A Day of Toys is a fun story about a boy named Anthony who loves his toys so much that he has a hard time parting with them. Toys are his life until one day Anthony learns that there's a time and place for his toys, and sometimes even in the most unexpected places he can enjoy a day of toys. You and your child will enjoy Anthony: A Day of Toys, a tale that shows children that there's a time and place to play and learn. Children may not always get what they want, but sometimes during ... more
  • The Samaritan's Patient

    by Chevron Ross
    Seventeen-year-old Paige Abernathy awakens from a severe beating to find that everyone seems to hate her. She has only flashes of memory until a grieving parent attacks her in her hospital room. After recovering, Paige blames herself for a wave of teenage suicides. She embarks on a journey of penance that includes life in a homeless shelter, a job with a kindly businessman, and an 800-mile trek across Texas to atone for a disaster borne of good intentions. The Samaritan's Patient is a thought-pr... more
  • Super Short Stories

    by Mark C. Wallfisch
    100 stories that are super short. None is more than 300 words. You can read one in a flash. Some are funny. Some are poignant. All are short.
  • Finding JOY In the Midst of Grief: Continuing in God's Loving Grip Through Loss of a Loved One

    by Kay Thomson

    Finding JOY takes its readers along twists and turns as the author walks through the tunnel of grief while dealing with the loss of her husband of 44 years. It is not easy to accept life when God takes something cherished from your grasp. As you read through the pages and the pathway traveled, you will find that God does not punish us; rather, He opens our hands and hearts to receive what He has for those of us who remain until our own journey comes to an end. You will learn that the will of ... more

  • Running As Fast As I Can

    by John Graham
    RUNNING AS FAST AS I CAN is an emotionally intense story of a boy who proves against all odds that he may be shaped by his abusive past, but he’s not condemned to repeat it. Growing up in the mill slums surrounding Pittsburgh, all that 16-year-old Daniel Robinson ever wanted was a family who loved him. Instead, he was ignored by a mother who hid in her room praying to an unseen God, and a drunk for a father who used everyone as a punching bag. After yet another beating, he runs to the only m... more
  • The Termination of Alek Krasinski

    by James McMillan
    When terminated from his job of thirty years, Alek Krasinski cannot accept the change in his life and becomes embittered and enraged. Increasingly irrational in the way he regards his situation, he begins exhibiting bizarre behavior and ultimately comes to see himself as fighting for justice against the forces of evil, leading to a dramatic and unexpected climax.
  • Hunnie Bunny's Garden

    by Deborah Carter Martin
    Hunnie Bunny’s Garden is an enchanting picture book that offers both a charming story and important life lessons. Through the endearing character of Hunnie Bunny, it’s a delightful blend of entertainment and education which promotes discussions about nature, gardening, sustainability, and healthy eating.
  • One Perfect Now

    by andora henson
    One Perfect Now is the story of Sandy Weston’s journey through incredible love and unbearable loss. She embarks on a journey she never wanted to take and along her journey she finds the identity she thought she lost, the strength she hadn’t realized she had, and the courage to walk into the future she always wanted.
  • Lost Seeds: The Beginning

    by Teresa Mosley Sebastian
    Lost Seeds is the story of two brothers, Dublin and Timothy Brisco, born into poverty at the turn of the twentieth century to formerly enslaved parents. From birth, they witness firsthand the atrocities their parents had to endure and themselves experience the continued struggles of being Black in the South. Encounters with physical abuse, mental illness, and racism define the brothers’ lives, and despite their best efforts to survive, the seeds of slavery’s wickedness inevitably spawn and lead ... more
  • Deedee and Bird

    by MonnieBiloney
    Deedee dances to the beat of her own drum and with Bird by her side the two learn valuable lessons about friendship and honesty. The story begins by introducing us to our main character, Deedee, whose headstrong personality is brought to the spotlight as she stubbornly persists in convincing her parents to get her a pet. When her parents finally make her wish come true, we meet Deedee’s new best friend and sidekick, Bird. The two friends find themselves in a tough spot when Deedee loses her ... more

    A Tv Miniseries written in Gorgeous colorful Books.
  • The Peculiar Affliction of Thomas Wade Duncan: A Dark Tale

    by Kip Koelsch
    Thomas Wade Duncan lost a leg. A casualty of the bloody Civil War Battle of Antietam, he wants nothing more than to drift into the comfortably numb embrace of his chosen medicine—forgetting his life before the war and the one he’d planned with his fiancée for the aftermath. Instead, the former schoolteacher, stumbles through the world--fading in and out of consciousness and finding himself marooned on a stark, grey New England island at the onset of winter. Detoxing under the care of Mi... more
  • Decadence Kills

    by Michael P. Charlton

    “Michael P. Charlton is so gritty that he could eat Charles Bukowski for breakfast.”

    “Michael P. Charlton has a skill for writing rich dialogue, likeable characters, and memorable conflicts, the relationships enriched by violence and tenderness.”

    “Charlton smacks of originality. His prose is shoc... more

  • Duzy House of Mourning

    by Ka Hancock
    THE DUZY HOUSE OF MOURNING is the compelling story of a young woman who survived an unthinkable accident the night she was born, an accident that claimed the life of her father, and forever altered her mother who sustained a traumatic brain injury. The book opens 22 years later. January Duzinski has been raised by her Polish paternal grandparents and works as an embalmer in their mortuary. She’s a bit of an introvert, completely comfortable with the dead, completely brilliant (like her mother w... more
  • SKINVENTUREZ: The Sunscreaming Summer

    by Dr. Tamara Lazic Strugar
    Hooray! School’s out for summer and Mia and Luka’s dad takes them and a few friends on vacation for some sun and fun. But after some spooky happenings, the kids start to wonder if their pale dad is actually a g-g-ghost! On top of that, Luka forgoes sun protection on a cloudy day and learns a painful lesson. The kids need help and they know just where to find it. Leading NYC-based expert dermatologist Dr. Tamara Lazic Strugar brings a rollicking graphic novel adventure sprinkled with tips on s... more
  • Colonial Stone

    by Colonial Stone
    With an illustrious legacy spanning over two decades, Colonial Stone has emerged as the trusted cornerstone of natural stone masonry for discerning homeowners in the Twin Cities. Our unwavering commitment to excellence encompasses every facet of our service, where quality craftsmanship and reliable solutions intertwine seamlessly. Specializing in the intricate artistry of constructing captivating retaining walls, enchanting walkways, majestic steps, and awe-inspiring patios, we transcend the bou... more