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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Poetic Injustice

    by Jonathan Sure
    A true story with names and details altered, Poetic Injustice is a tale of romance between a therapist and his patient resulting in profound insights that challenge almost all objectives of modern day therapy. Jonathan Sure a seasoned therapist intuitively aware of projected feelings in transference and counter-transference, is nonetheless lured into an intimate relationship with his patient, Kulai and finds himself drowning in an abyss of confusion, submission, and obsession. Feeling he is on t... more
  • E is for Elephant: An Animal Alphabet from A to Z

    by Kjersten Faseler
    E is for Elephant is an alphabet book for children, highlighting animals from A to Z. Each page is full of vibrant illustrations, alliterations, and fun rhymes that educate children about animals in their unique environments while they learn the ABCs. Join the animals on their journey as they explore the alphabet!
  • American Stories for the Grandchildren

    by William James Barry
    8 SHORT STORIES for YOUNG ADULTS 1 Did MartyGrogan Lie? The story of a town where their veracity is sacrosanct 2 The Summer Kid - A youngster wants desperately to play baseball but can't - not until an old man shows up. 3 The Days of Cap Guns and Craker Jacks - A boy who believes he is a hero -- becomes one. 4 Far Away Places - a haunting old song that impacts a boy's life 5 Oswego Snow - a Youngster who goes to the General Store for a neighbor gets caught in a blizzard. 6 The Chenango Ri... more
  • A Dozen Amiable Anecdotal Apologues, or Whatever - They're just 12 really good stories!

    by William James Barry
    1 The Summer Wind - Young girl moves to Brooklyn and meets a strange old Italian Man 2 The Old Red Pick-up Truck - a truck rots away as its owner serves 20 years. Then one day everything changes. 3 America's Last Day - a young couple lives a peaceful and pristine life in Kentucky until they turn on the evening news 4 The days of Burning Leaves and Dear John Letters - WOW! 5 Who Knew Lucas - The figment of a kid's imagination 6 One Crazy Story - How we met Crazy Guggenheim 7 You Don't Kno... more
  • Savory Stories - Best Read with a Glass of Wine

    by William James Barry
    14 Great Short Stories 1 The Long, Long Wait - Innocent family man sent to prison. 2 Escaping Lorenzon - A tyrant in Italy terrorizes his family 3 'tis Patsy's Irish Pub - Bar owner helps a parentless lad 4 The Last Campaign - A newcomer saves a town election 5 They call him Belena - a fat kid faces down the mob guys 6 Quaker Hollow Golf Club - most unlikely steps forward 7 Top Cat Sings the Blues - the story of a former jazz star 8 The Minardi's of Brooklyn - Italian family after WWII... more
  • The Girl From the Attic

    by Marie Prins
    Maddy Rose lives in two worlds. A hundred years apart. In the same strange house built as an octagon. When a mysterious black cat leads her into its unknown attic, she meets Clare and his very sick sister Eva. together Maddy and Clare jump into a money-making scheme in his uncle's dangerous factory to buy a cure for Eva. And then Maddy is pulled back into her own time to confront the premature birth of her own sister. Will Maddy be able to deal with the hardships of two lives? Will she skills sh... more
  • Through the Golden Portal

    by William James Barry
    A youngster from a very accomplished home loses his parents and is forced to live with a distant aunt. By taking him in, the aunt's life is flipped upside down. She raises him in a rural village in the Hudson Valley, away from the pressures of NYC. The boy dedicates himself to being a major success in life. At his high school graduation ceremony, he gives a speech about the road to success where he mentioned passing through the Golden Portal. The speech follows him to college at Syracuse Univers... more
  • Boston's Own BIG JOE FLYNN

    by William James Barry
    A young baseball phenom from the Dorchester section of Boston burst on the scene in the summer of 1946. Every team in the majors is vying to draft him. He signs with Tom Yawkey and the Red Sox and New England sports fans were euphoric. Big Joe is sent to their minor league team in Louisville to play and breaks every hitting and home run record. While there, he meets and falls in love with a beautiful nurse, who just returned from the war. A summer-long romance transpires. Joe is called up to pla... more
  • Someday for Sarah the love life of a WWII Spy

    by William James Barry
    The story opens in the fall of 1940 at Vassar College for Women. A very intelligent senior named Sarah is coerced into a blind date. Her date turns out to be a West Point cadet, She was an only child of German ancestral descent who always longed for a bigger family and used the term "someday' as her fulcrum. She spent her summers growing up in Germany and spoke the Germanic language fluently. After their graduation, he became a US Army Air Force pilot and she joined US Intelligence working for t... more
  • From Caracas to the Corps

    by William James Barry
    Before WWII, a young undefeated pugilist, on his way home from winning his tenth fight saves a former Miss Venezuela from being raped by a government official. He is forced to flee his country and makes a treacherous trip to Brooklyn to be with a cousin. The girl follows and they fall in love in old New York. He changes his name and success in the ring follows him. Venezuela sends agents to NY to kill him. US Immigration searches with the intent to deport him. The New York mafia wants to control... more
  • NED PICKERING - The Exploits, Romances and Adventures of a 17th Century Entrepreneur

    by George Pickering
    George Pickering shares the story of Edward Pickering, aka Ned Pickering. A relative of diarist Samuel Pepys, Ned Pickering’s life was one of a soldier, adventurer, lothario, businessman and entrepreneur. Written in the form of a journal that merges historical fact with delicious elaboration, Ned Pickering delights from the outset From the English royal court to the battlefields of the English Civil War, from the genteel estates of Dorset to the scaffold of Charles I, from the chateau... more
  • River and the Amazing Yellow Wellie Adventure

    by Emily Dreeling
    Bertie, Lexie, Miley, and Teddy, are four child-sized, animal-themed (a bee, ladybird, mouse, and tiger, respectively) pairs of yellow wellington boots, who embark upon a journey to the mystical Galoshes Mountain to ask its three resident elders two very important questions. First, they want to know how they can best thrive in the big wide world, and second, how they can be the bestest friends they can be to their little owner, River, whom they hold in the highest regard. Although the adventur... more
  • From G to PG to R to X

    by Stephen C. Bird
    Sunnie and Brother mourn Mother; an apparition visits Sunny. Mother appears in Sunnie's disturbing dreams. In one dream, Sunnie meets Momma Leg, a vicious dominatrix … Comedy writers Pamm Demmyck and Remmy Dessyvyr then appear. Pamm is the boss; Remmy fights back. Remmy has principles; Pamm just wants to write jokes … Amourrica Profunda descends into political chaos caused by endemic polarization. The nation is in peril; Amourrica Profunda becomes “Mourrzicka” … Pamm and Remmy find success ... more
  • The Lost Diary of Cécile Dubonnet: Forgetting the Yesterdays of World War II

    by A.P. Harper
    IN 1999 PARIS, Hénri Durant, a jilted photographer, was remodeling his apartment and discovered a diary under the floorboard which had been there since 1938 when Cécile Dubonnet celebrated her twentieth birthday. Cécile, a naïve, romantic young woman, had fallen in love with a German diplomat in pre-war France, which, as Germany invades Poland and France enters the war, challenges the bond between her friends and details her struggles in her diary.
  • Just Janey's Way

    by Mandy Woolf
    Janey wants EVERYTHING her way and she won’t take no for an answer. Her friends do their best to fit in with her demands until they decide that enough is ENOUGH! Is Janey a STUBBORN BULLY? Or is it that Janey just needs time to understand the true meaning of FRIENDSHIP? This is the second book in the Janey series which demonstrates the importance of kindness, friendship, and teamwork.
  • Captain Hornigold and the Pirate Republic

    by Martin A. Frey
    Benjamin Hornigold, an out of work sailor, leaves Port Royal, Jamaica, after the Queen Anne's War (1713), and sails to Nassau on New Providence Island in the Bahamas, where he purchases a.sailing canoes and become a pirate. The next year he acquires a sloop and crew and becomes the leader of the non-Jacobite faction that frequents Nassau Harbor as their safe haven. He sails in consort with Blackbeard (Edward Thache), Major Stede Bonnet, Black Sam Bellamy and his partner Paulsgrave Williams, and ... more