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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Ourman: Book 1

    by Gilgamesh Uth
    Ourman is the hero archetype turned on its head. It is the dissolution of a man lost among the crowds, compelled to fit in and to find his place in a world that has disappeared his life and love, family and friends, a collection of mysteries that is almost there but never quite. Ourman is the assembled personage trampling this experience, calling him to reimagine his purpose and inevitable influence on others. Ourman is the story of inspiration, the path of leadership, and its surprising consequ... more
  • You Are Clean!

    by Kelly Kainer Billington

    “You are CLEAN!” (published by Westbow Press) is another wonderful collection from the Nana and Me Series which conveys that cleanliness is next to Godliness and that God smiles on us when we live clean lives in our hearts, minds, and souls, as well as our homes and bodies.

  • You Are Honest!

    by Kelly Kainer Billington
    HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY! Telling the truth no matter who is looking is a wonderful policy to have in your life. This book reminds us of the importance of always telling the truth. And as we do, God smiles on us for living with honesty and integrity!
  • You Are Golden!

    by Kelly Kainer Billington

    "You are GOLDEN!" (published by WestBow Press) reflects the Golden Rule which simply says to treat others the way you want to be treated and opens the door for love and kindness towards one another.  In this book, Nana and the kids lead the way in setting the example by simply helping the elderly in the assisted living, the animals at the shelter, and the hungry at the soup kitchen.  Their actions kindly show love and support for both people and animals.  An... more

  • God's Goodness in You and Me

    by Kelly Kainer Billington
    This God-inspired book focuses on helping parents present God’s Goodness to their children. It encourages habits that bring God to the forefront of daily living. It shares simple ways parents can teach their children to look for God’s goodness in all that we do. It conveys that we can see His Goodness through each one of our smiles, as well as in the sky during the day and night, and through the fruits of the spirit. It reminds us that we should be able to recognize when His enemy Satan is h... more
  • Charlotte's War

    by J. Lawrence Graham
    This epic novel follows one extraordinary American woman as she grieves and triumphs through the horrific realities of three wars that threaten the men she loves. Charlotte Shipwright is in the fight of her life to save her firstborn son from facing a truth she knows all too well—the dreadful impact of war. First, she watched her own brother suffer the destructive consequences of youthful bravado in WWII. Then, she waved goodbye to her husband, a decorated hero, who sailed into harm’s way a s... more
  • Shadow Dancer A Country Boy Goes To Vietnam

    by Cat Shannon
    A boy growing into manhood and becoming a dedicated proficient soldier whom accomplishes every mission that he is tasked with and survives through numerous life threatening situations.
  • Hungry Trails

    by Máire Malone
    Hungry Trails is a historical fiction story set in Attymass in Co. Mayo. The narrator is sixteen-year-old Julie Foley. It is 1847 and potato famine has impoverished Ireland. Corpses of men, women and children lie strewn across the ditches and fields, having dropped like flies from fever, exhaustion and starvation. Thanks to the generosity of the hedge schoolmaster and his wife, Julie and her family are given a lifesaving opportunity to emigrate to North America. But first they must survive ... more
  • Business School

    by GNA University
    The GNA Business School is one of the most adept faculties of our university. With the details of bright students and the expertise of the instructors, we have marked a commendable presence in Punjab.
  • CDC. The happy years with a very special Computer Phenomena

    by Hans Bodmer
    The histories of IT companies' developments, success, and groundings could fill books of several hundred pages. This book here concentrates on the relatively short, but exotic life cycle of the CDC. For a long time, this Minnesota founded and later became a worldwide leader. CDC was, for a long time only known to specialists. For normal people, it was just one of those IBM machines. CDC and IBM were bitter enemies. IBM survived. This booklet entitled: CDC contains historical, proven, and n... more
  • Christmas Fairy Tale

    by Mary Ella Padron

    Join Anna Victoria on a magical journey to the top of her Christmas tree to meet Santa Claus, who has a special gift for her. With the help of Christmas fairies and her beloved ornaments, she overcomes difficulties on her quest and discovers the inner magic that happens when you believe in yourself and others. With beautiful watercolor illustrations throughout, the entire family will be delighted by this heartwarming and inspirational fairy tale.

    • For ages 4 and up
    • Children&... more
  • The War on Sarah Morris

    by Kathleen Jones
    What happens when one day, without any warning whatsoever, your secure corporate job suddenly becomes precarious? And all of your professional duties get taken away, leaving you with nothing but repetitive, mind-numbing tasks? Sarah Morris, a 49-year-old editor at a Toronto book publisher, finds herself in this predicament in October 2010, when Quill Pen Press, the company she has faithfully served for twenty-one years, undergoes a reorganization in the aftermath of the 2008 Recession. Concerne... more
  • Sophia Swan Is Afraid of Water!

    by Madeleine Vieira
    Sophia has a BIG problem. She's AFRAID of water. What's even worse is she's a SWAN. Everyone knows all swans love water. Her good friend Ollie Owl has an idea. Sophia can overcome her fear of water by setting a goal. Taking several small steps toward that goal will help her achieve it. Wanting to play in the lake with her friends and swim like the other swans, Sophia agrees. As the steps become more difficult, Sophia has to gather more and more courage to accomplish each one. Can Sophia... more
  • Charlie Cub Is Afraid to Leave His Mother!

    by Madeleine Vieira
    Charlie has a BIG problem. He's AFRAID of leaving his mother. What's even worse is he's missing out on fun things because of it, like going to sleepovers. His good friend Ollie Owl has an idea. Charlie can overcome his fear of leaving his mother by setting a goal. Taking several small steps toward that goal will help him achieve it. Wanting to participate in sleepovers, Charlie agrees. As the steps become more difficult, Charlie has to gather more and more courage to accomplish each one. ... more
  • Priscilla Puppy Is Afraid of Everything!

    by Madeleine Vieira
    Priscilla has a BIG problem. She's AFRAID of everything. She worries about school work, making mistakes, and even worries about worrying. What's even worse is she's missing out on things she'd like to do, such as performing in front of an audience. Her good friend Ollie Owl has an idea. Priscilla can overcome one of her fears by setting a goal. Taking several small steps toward that goal will help her achieve it. Wanting to play her violin in the school talent show, Priscilla agrees. As t... more
  • Life As An Almost

    by Vered Hazanchuk
    At the back of a run-down abortion clinic, the lives of two women change forever. Told through alternating narratives, Life As An Almost follows the separate yet inevitably intertwined stories of abortion survivor, Evie Mission, and her biological mother, Charlotte Anderson. Evie Mission is a survivor. A fiery twenty-year-old woman who grew up in the foster care system, she is just trying to figure out what living a “normal” life even means. When Evie finds out her cerebral palsy dates back t... more