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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Cogrill's Mill: An Energetic Witty Ride Through Life and Love in the Countryside

    by Jack Lindsey
    George Cogrill is troubled. He has been made to give half of his inheritance, which includes his beloved Water Mill, to Vicky Gloam, a gorgeous female photographer. He finds himself becoming increasingly attracted to her but there are dark forces at work determined to wrench the mill from his grasp and threaten his very existence. This is a humorous tale of treachery and intrigue, featuring romance and murder. Beautiful women, scheming villains, a dog that inherits a fortune and a cat that does... more
  • The Birth Mother

    by Seymour Ubell

    A young Chinese girl is "sold" to a wealthy family to raise money for her sick brother. The young girl, while in the care of her newly "adopted" family is brutalized by a visiting colleague of the patriarch of this family. The result is the birth of twin girls. The twin babies are immediately placed for adoption. An American couple adopts the girls, who grow up in Manhattan. Back in China, the "birth mother" blossoms into an intelligent young woman... more

  • Jungle Dream: Includes activities and Coloring sheets. (1)

    by Nickoli Bhola
    Follow Zachary through his Jungle Dream, where he encounters creatures of his own imagination.
  • A Night in October: Tales from the hurricane coast - a novel

    by Robert J. Illo
    This is a story of survival – a story of the costs and comforts of living on our hurricane coasts. This story of one family’s encounter with a storm named Sandy tells of weaknesses and strengths known to all of us, within a setting of beauty and terror – along the Atlantic coast. In this place, where the soul is fed as stoutly as the body on the ocean’s riches, and to which people have been drawn for millennia, two worlds collide – one solid and one fluid – one in which people can dwell and ... more
  • Beyond The Utmost Bound

    by Joseph Smith
    On the night of high school graduation, what is the smartest kid in class who doesn’t fit in suppose to do? Simple. Ditch his plans for college, break up with the one person he loves, say goodbye to his small country town, and jump into a 70s van with nothing more than some clothes, books, a box of 8 tracks and travel halfway around the world on an epic quest in search of himself. With the help of an eighty-year-old American Indian Zen philosopher, an ex-marine cowboy, a reverend river... more
  • Mr. B's Great Adventures

    by Michael C. Brown (Mr. B)
    The Mr. B's Great Adventures series, by debut author Michael C. Brown (Mr. B), is the perfect way to introduce reading into your home! His stories, quickly engage readers by using simple language and amazing characters brought to life by distinguished Arizona artist, Nancy Troupe. Look up in the sky! See the helicopter! Toddlers and parents quickly discover the irresistible appeal of Troupe's wacky characters. In Head in the Arizona Clouds, they see--and come to know Mr. B--through delightful... more
  • Wild Heart of the Seas: Give No Quarter

    by Jem Richards
    Join Crystal and the rest of the crew in the second book of the Wild Heart of the Seas series! Crystal sends Captain Stevenson and the Saving Grace to patrol Eastern Africa and Indonesia while she guides the Avenging Angel around the Caribbean and Western Africa. Get ready to discover where their travels take them and the adventures they have! Crystal finally discovers her true feelings for Commodore Sullivan, but she isn’t sure where it will lead her!
  • Wild Heart of the Seas: Birth of the Avenging Angel

    by Jem Richards
    Crystal Boudier is the oldest Governor’s daughter of Port Royal, Jamaica. All her life she has had a stifling life filled with lessons and responsibilities. But one day, pirates raid her city to pillage and plunder. Crystal and a handful of her friends manage to assist people to a ship in the harbor and sail to safety. Upon their return, Crystal finds her parents dead and her sister was taken hostage by the fearsome pirates. Crystal takes up the mission to fight pirates and assist the cities peo... more
  • Fire Sweeping: The California Ballot Killings Book II

    by H. M. Wilhelmborn
    2039. California. Dust storms and illnesses are on the rise, and fire sweeps across land still holding vegetation. Janet Whitaker Virdis, a mother of four, who believes herself devoted and good, struggles to deal with the consequences of her infidelity, which led her to the bed of a high-ranking man from a powerful and dangerous political party. Janet wants two things: She wants to maintain the illusion of a happy marriage to her devoted and considerate husband. She also wants the married ma... more
  • Poisoned Rose

    by Jem Richards
    Nikkita is a peasant that lives deep in the country. Both her parents were killed when she was only 16 by outlaws, now she is on her own. A traumatic event left her with a child to care for, and she fights to survive during rough times doing anything she can to forge a life for her and her child. Nikkita does not trust men since her traumatic experience, she has found ways to protect herself and keep at a distance, but when she finds a man dying in the woods she knows she must help him.
  • The Adventures of Charlie CHipmunk

    by Michael Rubel
    This is a children’s novel that chronicles the struggles of a very young and immature chipmunk that is separated from his family during a violent storm. He must suddenly find his way in a world far different than the protected one he enjoyed with his family. Food and shelter are priorities, and as he grows, a home of his own is part of the overarching theme; to find a mate and create a family of his own. The reader will understand the importance of making good friends and decisions in life, wh... more
  • Harper's Shiloh

    by Sean Kevin Gabhann
    James Harper leads the men of Company B at the Battle of Shiloh.
  • Endless Incarnation Sorrows

    by Lucia Mann
    Do your past lives influence your present? Can past lives resurface in the present day and influence our daily propensities and practices? Three surgeries resulted in three resuscitations for Lucia Mann. After the last one, she began to perceive and recognize a succession of intimate memories packed with people and places from long ago. The vivid flashbacks took on a life of their own, arriving and departing on an otherworldly schedule. Although paralyzed with fear from echoes and visions of ... more
  • My Lovely - A Historical Mystery Romance Novel

    by LeAnn L. Morgan
    Leaving behind a small, picturesque village, Poppy Townsend closes the doors of her dress shop and takes a riverboat south on the Mississippi to find out why her estranged maternal grandfather, on his deathbed, has requested her presence. Finding her grandfather’s home filled with boarders who seem to care for him, Poppy gets to know each one while searching for answers to the scandalous rumor told about her father…and the sudden disappearance and death of her mother from a visit two ... more
  • Anne Aletha

    by Camille N. Wright

    In 1918, against the backdrop of WW1, the re-emerging Ku Klux Klan, and the Spanish Influenza, a young unconventional schoolteacher inherits her uncle’s farm in Ray’s Mill, Georgia. She plunges herself and those she loves into the violence of the Klan when she takes a stand against racial injustice. The story is based on true events, including the brutal lynching of Mary Turner, and her unborn baby, whose only crime was speaking out against her husband’s lynching. Anne ... more

  • August Raven - The Tale of a Girl Pirate

    by LeAnn L. Morgan
    Fifteen-year old Morganna runs away from an abusive home to search for her blood father, a man she’s never met. Fearful she’ll be recognized by locals, she disguises herself as a boy. Hitching a ride from a fisherman, Morganna crosses the Bristol Channel to Goldcliff, Wales, where she hopes to find her father. She is astounded when the fisherman divulges her father is a famous Welsh privateer, the fearsome Captain Henry Blackwell. Morganna, now August Raven, finds the captain, quite by accid... more