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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Hot Chips, Mad Fish & Other Tales

    by Susan Marasciulo
    "Hot Chips, Mad Fish & Other Tales contain five funny, easily decodable stories brought to life by adorable and humorous illustrations. These stories only include short vowel, single syllable words, the first concept taught in all Orton Gillingham programs. Orton Gillingham programs provide a scope and sequence for children with dyslexia, as well as all beginner readers. Pat and his friends will capture your heart with laugh-out-loud delight and you child will be so proud after being able to ... more
  • Divine Julius

    by Jacek Bocheński

    "Would you like to become a god? This is perfectly doable."
    So starts this fascinating glimpse into the minds of Julius Caesar and his opponents, written in the award-winning brisk style imitating Caesar's own. The book takes the format of a modern reader commenting on historical documents. Rather than follow chronological order of events, the book is divided into four parts, each dedicated to a different aspect of Caesar's political strategy: Cruelty, Ben... more

  • Bloomie Blooms

    by Isabel Kuri
    When Bloomie feels a little drop of inspiration, it is clear there is only one thing to do — follow it all the way!
  • Making Friends With Monsters

    by Sandra L Rostirolla
    Making Friends With Monsters is the story of twelve-year-old Sam and his desperate need to reconnect with his moody and distant teenage older brother, Ben. Describing Ben as having a Monster, Sam sets out to find out everything he can about these beasts. Along the way, the dysfunction within his own home and himself becomes agonizingly apparent. Because of an unlikely friendship with Cliff, a rough tough biker, Sam learns to befriend his own inner demon. Part of this process involves Sam's wi... more
  • Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

    by Lauren Martin
    An honest and thought-provoking answer to a child who questions the existence of Santa, this children's book is the perfect holiday gift to reconnect families to the magic of Santa and the true spirit of Christmas. In 1897, a little girl, named Virginia, wrote a letter to a newspaper to ask, "Is Santa Real?" The editor's famous response can now be enjoyed as a beautifully adapted and illustrated children's book. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus reminds kids, teens and adults that Sant... more
  • The Seed of Faith: A Christmas Miracle

    by Daniel Petronelli
    It’s Christmas Eve in the small foothill Village of Shiloh. A father retells the miraculous story that no one will ever forget. A group of young boys lost in a powerful storm fight to survive on that glorious night. The incredible chance encounter with a kind stranger may be their only hope.. This award-winning book chronicles the spiritual journey of these children. The lessons they learned, the gift received and the lives that were changed. This uplifting epic adventure will inspire... more
  • The Death and Resurrection of Baseball: Echoes From A Distant Past

    by William R. Douglas
    In the year 2166, a post-Second Civil War America is finally back on its feet. Among the countless personal and cultural casualties of the war, the sport of baseball has been dead for over a hundred years. 12-year-old Joe Scott lives in the northern Illinois city of McHenry and goes exploring in the woods one day in a no man's land that a hundred years earlier was the site of the bloodiest battle of the war. While there, he discovers a relic from the distant past, from before the war. It spa... more
  • Augland: An Augland Novel

    by Erin Carrougher
    No matter how hard she tries, Ashton cannot keep her head down. Not after Sheva is dragged off a train in front of her. Augland 54 is the Pacific Northwest’s most extravagant theme park. Those with Suits choose the body they want and live the life of their dreams…and those without Suits work for the Artificial Existence Center, or AEC. As long as the workers keep their heads down, Augland provides food and shelter from the post-war world outside its domed walls. When Ashton is sent to the ... more
  • J is for Jsutice

    by Nekima Levy Armstrong
    Inspired by a social justice organizer’s countless experiences at protest demonstrations, this activism book for kids is an empowering social justice story that teaches children the power of protest, community, and many voices coming together as one.
  • The Sword Swallower and a Chico Kid

    by Gary Robinson

    A fifteen-year-old youth escapes a toxic home and joins the circus. For five decades, the Sword Swallower (Duke Reynolds) embarks on a journey shared with the oddest characters in our society. He learned to swallow swords while traveling with the circus freaks across the United States. He later found himself in prison, where he received a degree in musical theory from Julliard. After a terrible accident ended his career while performing on live Television, the 40-year methamphetamine addict a... more

  • A Good Boy

    by Robert M Tucker

    A GOOD BOY is the fascinating and riveting story of a likeable, and often confused, young man’s quest to become “a worthy human being” that plunges the reader into the underside of social normalcy, American excess, sociopathic behaviors, greed, depravity, suspense, and the nature of friendship.


    With rising tension, John Birkhoff’s journey to acquire understanding and to be “morally straight,” is challenged at every turn by John’s bo... more

  • The Last Laird of Sapelo

    by T. M. Brown
    By the end of 1865, not long after General William T. Sherman’s famous march through Georgia, history records, but for a few exceptions, all the freed Geechee slaves and their families returned to their homes on Sapelo Island, one of Georgia’s storied barrier islands abandoned shortly after the war broke out. The Last Laird of Sapelo offers a historically accurate, dramatic story shedding light on the Spalding family’s near-forgotten legacy on the once prosperous island and why four-hundred free... more
  • Dive Bartender: Flowers in the Desert

    by T.K. O'Neill
    It’s 1977 and Frank Ford is running from his life and for his life. Following the suspicious suicide of his brother Ray and Frank’s own role in the death of twin sisters clearly culpable in Ray’s demise, he hits the road for the promised land, California–with a dog-eared paperback copy of Kerouac’s On the Road as his roadmap. True to its protagonist’s journey, Frank makes a stop in Denver to look up an old friend–in his case high school buddy and former Arizona Amateur Tennis Champion, Larry... more
  • Transcendence

    by William J Berenger
    Captured at Gallipoli on 25 April, 1915, Sergeant Berenger, an uncompromising professional soldier, escapes Turkish imprisonment. He enlists the assistance of three unlikely co-conspirators: Ali, a simple Arab boy forcibly drafted into the Ottoman army with his brother, Mohammad; and Avraham, a Jewish merchant, who determines his future is no longer with the Ottoman Empire. Pursued by the sadistic Tolga from the Turkish prison at Fort Kilitbahir, Berenger discovers the date of the Turkish count... more
  • Chasing Crows

    by Richard Jones
    Approaching the end of his long life George suffers a number of strokes. These bring on memories and make him reflect on an eventful and at times terrifying life that has spanned over 70 years of world events. Seen through his eyes and sometimes the eyes of those around him and close to him we stand as spectators as he and his beloved wife Rachel battle the curse of dementia and old age. The ever-present crows on the farm act as a backdrop and are eerie fellow watchers to this moving story of lo... more
  • The Lamb Of God

    by Philip Photiou
    England, the 1460s: the conflict known as the Wars of the Roses, pitting Lancastrian against Yorkist, is at its height. After his terrible experiences at the Battle of Towton and the siege of Bamburgh Castle, Philip Neville is tasked with finding and escorting the recently deposed Henry VI – a man so pious and kind-hearted that many call him ‘the lamb of God’ – to London. During the period of relative peace that follows, Philip, previously disappointed in love, is at last persuaded to take a wi... more