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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Light In Cy

    by Mark Glover Masterson

    A little bird, searching for new friends, discovers the light inside.

  • By Violence Unavenged

    by Annette Young

    Australian violinist Phoebe Raye sees her dreams of romance and revenge dashed when Nazi Germany annexes Austria in 1938. Engaging first person account of Sydney and Vienna between the wars. Extras include book club discussion topics, recommended films, and further reading.

  • A Distant Prospect

    by Annette Young
    Sent unwillingly to school and thrust into a string quartet, crippled Irish cellist Lucy Straughan must choose between isolation and friendship in a foreign land. Gentle Della Sotheby is encouraging. But will hot-headed Pim Connolly and precocious Phoebe Raye accept the awkward, math-loving Lucy? What can Lucy offer? And how will she overcome her shyness and stage fright? Moreover, can each girl face her family's troubles? Meticulously crafted and true to life, A Distant Prospect is ... more
  • House of Shadows 9780648481805

    by Crystal Mary Lindsey
    Louisiana 1902, A Christian Mystery Romance Mariah Kingsford - is the darling Prima Donna of the International Opera scene at a young age of twenty-five. Returning to sing in New Orleans at the French Opera House she is exhausted and anxious to return to her haven, Fairways Plantation, North Carolina. Christian Mystery Romance Considerable changes had resulted over her ten-year absence. At her first sight of the house and land, she is stunned to see the state of chaos, lack of repair an... more
  • Sidereal Destiny: If Fate Unfolds Beforehand!

    by Vaishnavi Sanoj

    Life is full of surprises and uncertainties. Despite all the technological advancements, and specifically all the prediction systems like weather forecasting systems, stock market prediction systems, no science lab has ever produced a human-life-predicting-system. Therein comes astrology, tarot reading, and so on. Ancient they may seem to be, but the proliferation of fortune-telling websites and related Android applications are simply more than enough to prove their popularity.

    Side... more

  • HEAR What's HERE children's picture book (on homophones)

    by Mike Agrelius
    HEAR What's HERE is a children's picture book of homophones, great teaching aid for elementary students, those with English as a second language, and those with learning disabilities. Example: "Can you find a PAIR of PEARS? Do you SEE the SEA? Would you like to STARE at STAIRS? Or maybe BE a BEE?" Written by Mike Agrelius illustrated by Val Chadwick Bagley.
  • Just for Girlfriends!!

    by Angie Dent
    Just for Girlfriends highlights true strength and beauty of all Christian women! This book is full of short, uplifting and entertaining stories for women of all ages, walks of life, in all stages of life. Relatable poetic stories of single/married life, dating, single moms, mother/daughter relationships and dreams take you on refreshing journeys of faith. Strong, likeable characters bring stories to life and will move your heart, faith and surely bring a smile! Just for Girlfriends is a w... more
  • Permanent for Now

    by Jeffrey S. Markovitz
    Permanent for Now is a novel told in three timelines (Dresden, Germany between the world wars; a death camp during WWII; and contemporary America) that examines the binary of good and evil within the individual and the penchant of historical tragedy to determine which power triumphs. It is circumstance and not latent identity that can generate the goodness and evil we believe to be so innate. An old man, believed to be a Holocaust survivor, maintains an impassable guilt over his survival... more
  • Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs: A STEM Career Book for Kids (STEMpowering STEM Books for Children 1)

    by Donald Jacobsen
    Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs is an engaging and easy-to-read rhyming picture book that teaches children about various STEM / STEAM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). This book is packed with colorful illustrations by artist Graham Evans as well as creative descriptions that will pique the interest of children. Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs features awesome women in STEM / STEAM careers, which works both to encourage young girls to pursue those careers and... more
  • Let Me Out: a pop-out about coming out

    by Omid Razavi
    Sometimes we allow our fears and doubts to stand in the way of who we are meant to be. Let Me Out explores the coming out process through a unique pop-up experience. The story follows our main character as they battle their inner demons, only to finally come face-to-face with the celebration of accepting your true self.
  • Masters Dissertation Topics

    by Gavin Rampling
    I am a master student, and looking for a topic to be conducted as masters dissertation topics. I am interested in Human Resources management in the higher education.
  • The Art Collector of Le Marais

    by Ahmad Ardalan
    In the city of lights, Paris, the art capital of the world, how can one man stand above the rest? Ever since young Sebastian heard of his grandfather’s chance meeting with the great Victor Hugo in 1877, he had been interested in literature, paintings, and poetry. Wandering around various libraries and museums at an early age only stirred that curiosity into an immense passion within him, a deep love and desire for art. After realizing his dream of opening a gallery in the Le Marais district ... more
  • The Death (and Sometimes Life) of Barthalamew Buckett

    by M

    I give to you now the humble tome of Saint Barthalamew of Alagood, our treasured patron saint of orphans, unrequited love and spiced rum. I give to you all of the pretty as has been rendered famous by history's most drunken and mischievous poets. I give to you passion and virtue and romance as well, for, indeed, there is some of that to account for. But, here too you will find all of the ugly as has been removed, rewritten or unremembered, as has been put aside for the sake of a good rhym... more

  • The Target

    by Dean Arden
    The Target is set in the backdrop of the 2008 financial crisis and focuses on events involving Michael Dolan, a young attorney, and the chief compliance officer for Bender Capital Lending, accused of taking part in a mortgage lending scheme. It all begins with a lawsuit filed by New Jersey Attorney General, Richard Banks, that is soon joined by the New York and Connecticut attorney generals. Michael, his wife, Diana, and others are shocked by the claims while Wallace Bender, Gerald Bender and lo... more
  • Yasmin finds THE WAY

    by Crystal Mary Lindsey
    Fully covered from head to toe in the shapeless apparel of the Muslim faith Yasmin Dupont despises her life of forced endurance. Living with her father who is rarely at home and a stepmother who enjoys to torment her, she makes a desperate escape from this bondage. With careful planning and a change of name, Yasmin flees her misery under cover of darkness. Can her escape succeed? Or will she be HUNTED DOWN, kidnapped, and punished? After running away, she discovers a life of freedom, kindnes... more
  • The Mystery Healer of Smoky Mountain

    by Crystal Mary Lindsey
    Who is the MYSTERY Healer concealed in the Great Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee? Why must he need to keep his identity a secret? Marni Granger is a young woman who lives at the base of the mountain. As a child, falling against a hot cooking pot, she burns the side of her face. Being teased at school and later stared at as an adult, Marni remains living in isolation with her grandfather. Her one friend is a half wolf dog, rescued by her as a pup. Marni would like a life similar to other you... more