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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Anteater in the Woods

    by Peter Willment
    This Ol’ Anteater is very content in his small world. Until one day he is confronted by something strange! Something new! Something he has never seen before. Can Ol’ Anteater learn to change his ways? Or even make his world a better place? New author and illustrator Peter Willment has created The Anteater In The Woods as part of the ‘…AND OTHER VERY IMPORTANT TALES’ series. These include ‘Five Toes In A Jar’; ‘Rhythm In The Robot’; ‘Chameleon In A Cannon’ and ‘Monkey In A Bag’. These quirky tale... more
  • Louisa the Whale

    by Lynn Bedran
    Louisa is the only whale in the Mediterranean sea, and she feels very lonely. Her only friend is Jimmy the giraffe, who lives in a nearby zoo. Can Jimmy find a way to make Louisa’s life more pleasant? This book is an ode to life and to the importance of mental health. It aims to show children that feeling lonely, or bullied, is not forever and that there is always a solution to any problem. The important thing is to look beyond what we know, and accept the help of close friends. Finding yo... more
  • Up On The Roof

    by Julie Gillett
    The story of a family of seagulls: Pegasus the mother seagull, Nelson the father seagull and their three young chicks. How protective the parents are of their young, able to care and nourish them as they grow. The weeks before they are due to fly the nest, a disobedient chick doesn’t listen to his mother Pegasus and father Nelson. Much like human families, where mothers and fathers, parents, guardians play a crucial role in bringing a family up, lessons have to be learned and rules have to be fo... more
  • The Vicar of Abchurch

    by David Jessop
    At the end of his working life, a vicar in the City of London thinks of himself as a failure: no one now seems to treasure the beliefs and religious practices of his youth; the church hierarchy is seemingly obsessed only with modern marketing and business methods which he doesn’t appreciate; and any love between him and his wife has long since vanished. Lacking any personal ambition, he takes on a rundown church and conducts his ministry there in the only way he knows: with understanding, compas... more
  • Two'fer

    by Catherine Anne Terrick
    Noah and Kaleb are best friends growing up in hard times. They live on adjoining farms, and both families are suffering greatly. Kaleb's dad has died, leaving Kaleb to take on the role of the provider at just seventeen years of age; the weight of caring for his five siblings and his mom is staggering. Noah, at only fourteen, has witnessed the daily verbal and physical abuse of his mother at the hands of his drunken step-dad. They realize that life on the farm is not an option. They must go whe... more
  • Around the World with Moby

    by Muzna Kazim
    Around the World with Moby is about an awesome 8-year-old-boy with autism who suffers from travel anxiety. Moby is always scared to explore new things or go on a vacation. His parents were concerned that Moby is missing out on many new learning experiences as he likes to just stay at home and repeat the same schedule every single day. So, they decide to take him out on a short vacation to Minneapolis, Minnesota. A trip that includes a 3-hour flight, a hotel-stay and exploring the city of Minneap... more
  • Adira: Journey to Freedom (Adira: Journey to Freedom Book and Study)

    by Lynne Modranski
    When King Artaxerxes' cupbearer traveled to Jerusalem, it affected more people than you might have imagined. The Bible tells us Nehemiah's brother, Hanani, made the long journey with him, but what about his sister-in-law? And suppose he had a niece named Adira. Born in Susa, thirteen-year-old Adira doesn't consider herself a slave nor a resident of Jerusalem. She struggles with her family's faith and her parents calling the holy city home home. What will it take for Nehemiah's niece to unders... more
  • Never To Forget

    by Carlos Alvarado
    An adventurous and inspiring story of a courageous woman who struggles against social injustice: as a saboteur during the Costa Rican revolution, and later, as wife to an abusive husband. To protect her children, she immigrates to the US.
  • Going, Going, Gone!

    by Steve Hermanos

    The quest: write the most exciting baseball novel ever.

    Description: An earthquake decimates San Francisco’s baseball stadium. Two players and their manager are trapped. With water rising, the trio crawls through a gash in the wall. Naked and penniless, they climb through the muck onto shore. Downtown San Francisco is on fire. They can not find their stadium, or any new buildings, or the parking lot with their fancy cars. No one has a cell phone to call for help. André Vele... more

  • The Baby Quilt

    by Patricia Mistretta
    Alice is expecting a new addition to her family soon. Wanting to give the new baby a present to bring comfort and warmth to its life for many years to come, she designs and sews a beautiful quilt. After all, quilts are an integral part of the fabric of our daily lives. While anxiously awaiting the new arrival, carried away by the wind, the quilt flies off to see how it will be used in the future—and what type of adventures it will experience with the new baby.
  • The Christmas Rescue: Paw Prints and the Magic of Love

    by Marie Motwani
    The Christmas Rescue is about the rescue of a little family of cats, who endured months on the street and the love they bought for two women who did everything to care, feed, and shelter them. Helpers then had to let go for them to have better lives. Pets bring so much to children and people. They become family. The message is kindness, compassion, the warm feelings of Christmas, and miracles, especially now during these times.
  • Thunder

    by Janell Lerille
    This book is about the life of a cat- Thunder. It begins from the time he was a kitten and continues until he grows old. The story shows how Thunder was rescued and has a loving life with his adopted family. It portrays how he grew from a sad little kitten to a playful troublemaker, and expressed his love for his family in many ways. Thunder’s story is meant to be enjoyable and encourage children and their parents to adopt a pet who needs a loving home.
  • Byron

    by Robert M Tucker
    Upon graduating from Harvard University in the field of molecular biology, Byron MacKenzie recalls the adventuresome and traumatic events of her childhood in a Louisiana backwater town during the social and political turmoil of the ‘60’s that shaped her future and her quest for integrity and truth.
  • Topping the Willow

    by Lori Closter

    Brittany Warner, 15, "hates" her high-powered attorney mother—but never meant to cause the car crash that put her into a coma. Now the guilt-ridden teen is stranded for the summer on a Vermont horse farm run by loving believers including tenderhearted waitress Cassie, horse-trainer-turning pastor Luke, and recently reformed hottie Will, 17.  Spurning the grace they offer, Brittany turns for comfort instead to a troubled filly and a devastating drug dealer. Things go from ... more

  • Medicine Goes Corporate

    by Jack Spenser, M.D.
    This is a book about injustice. Two large corrupt companies motivated only by greed and power attempt to destroy the careers and lives of two emergency room doctors, a physician hospitalist, and finally a lone pathologist/physician. It’s also a gripping medical/legal thriller with conflict, duplicity, heartache, and legal brinksmanship. Medicine Goes Corporate is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the current condition of American healthcare.
  • Baku in Shanghai

    by Christin Booker-Mutero
    Baku lives with his family in Shanghai. One day while visiting the city Baku gets lost and loses sight of his family. He now has to find his way back home while having an adventure.