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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • To Kill A Witch: Holy Warriors Book 1

    by Christopher Patterson
    Charged with serving God as a Holy Warrior...blessing or curse? Three warriors hear the Lord's call, a calling to fight evil and the Devil's subdue all the monsters people believe aren't real. Evil poisons the land. Thaddeus can smell its very presence. He has been fighting the forces of evil for so long, it is like a second nature to him. Now, he--along with his companions, Asaf and Gunnar--has been called to England, in the midst of post-Norman conquest turmoil. Something... more
  • Talent Show Tricks

    by Stew Knight
    It’s already nearly impossible to escape from being chained to a chair. But what about when it’s in front of the entire school? Finn has practiced his magic trick for the school talent show for three months. But after some embarrassing events, Finn decides to withdraw his name from the lineup. And the teasing and taunting by Felix, one of Finn’s classmates, has only made him feel worse. But on the day of the talent show, Felix wants Finn’s help. Felix tells Finn he’s sick and can’t perform h... more
  • With You Forever

    by M. L. Bull
    A tragic accident . . . A severe brain injury . . . A wife's test of temptation . . . Thirty-three-year-old Eva Lucas has the perfect home, a good husband, and a loveable little boy, but her marriage quickly changes when her husband gets into a terrible car accident and suffers a severe brain injury. Now her hardworking, self-reliant husband is a disabled, touchy handicap who doesn't remember her and cannot move his limbs. Stress and resentment build upon Eva's shoulders as she helps take car... more
  • A Question of Time

    by Steven Lazaroff
    What if one man could change history? History professor Johnathan Lambert is on a business trip in the French countryside when his train enters a small tunnel containing a strange phenomenon – emerging from the other side without him and leaving him stranded in 17th century France. Agent Nadeau, a veteran of the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police is tasked with the investigation of the missing passenger. But there's only one problem with the investigation. Johnathan Lambert doesn'... more
  • Kintsugi

    Two women, each shattered into a thousand pieces in their own ways entangled by fate, made a suicide pact. But when one failed to turn up, the other one embarks on an unexpected journey.
  • Out of the Desert

    by Betsy Ashton
    When Todd Mathieson, the oldest of four children who grew up on the Mojave Desert, closes in on his 50th birthday, he wonders what happened to the little boy who wanted to be a spaceman. And a famous writer. The desert anchors the book, eventually bringing Todd home to evaluate his life. He wonders what happened to his childhood persona, Toad the Dreamer. Can he unlock secrets of his youth to push him forward to the next stages of his life? Will he decide that his professional achievements are e... more
  • In Sight of the Mountain

    by Jamie McGillen

    In the devastating aftermath of the 1889 Great Seattle Fire, 19-year-old Anna Gallagher faces considerable pressure to marry well and soon. But she has no intention of giving up her freedom to keep house. She wants to be the first woman to summit Mount Rainier.

    Anna's grandfather couldn't disapprove more. And after he discovers that she's befriended a Duwamish woman in the forest, he threatens to disown her completely. 

    Still, her resolve to summit doesn... more

  • The Jim Henson movie club

    by Thomas H. Cayne
    Four boys dream of the impossible: producing a movie all by themselves featuring self-made puppets. But then life itself brutally interferes, and changes theirs paths forever. A story about friendship, creation, puppets and people, the Jim Henson movie club will touch the very heart of the American dream, and take you by surprise.
  • The Cat Who Wanted to Be a Reindeer

    by Michele E. Gwynn
    Can an ordinary house cat become a reindeer? For one fluffy feline, dreams may indeed come true! Unhappy with being just a common house cat, Sam embarks upon a journey all alone to find Santa and his reindeer. His greatest wish? Why, to be a reindeer, of course, and fly around the world on Christmas Eve! But Sam soon discovers that wishes granted are only a dream come true when they are shared with family and friends, and when we accept and love who we are...
  • What Are Mommies Made Of?

    by Christa Fletcher
    Every mommy is different and special. "What Are Mommies Made Of?" celebrates the diversity of mothers in a colorful, illustrated children's book for moms and kids of any age. With a clever twist on a classic nursery rhyme, this empowering children's book is the perfect gift for expectant mothers, mommy friends, baby showers, and Mother's Day.
  • How to Solve error QuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook.

    by khalid ansari
    QuickBooks is a broadly utilized bookkeeping Software which has smoothen the intricate bookkeeping and money related assignments of generally small and medium business associations. QuickBooks gives many propelled includes by which entrepreneurs can streamline the business exercises in a streamlined and effective way. You can design your email specialist organization in QuickBooks which further smoothens your correspondences. Since it is a lot of codes where mistakes can happen, you may require ... more
  • Tatterdemalion

    by Robert Crawford
    In the fog-slicked back alleys of 1888 Whitechapel, an unprecedented evil abides. Scotland Yard, Parliament and even the Crown are jittery: Since the Trafalgar Sq occupation and brutal crackdown the year before, confidence in the police has never been lower or the threat of revolution higher as the first City Council elections approach: Opportunism breeds like rats for anarchists and newspapermen recklessly exploiting the murders for their own political and financial ends. Desperate for a soluti... more
  • Westward Lies the Sun

    by Robert H. Kono

    Greg Sonoda, a Japanese American attorney, embarks on a quest to determine what influence God has in his life. In the back of his mind is the question, first and foremost, of whether God exists at all. God is such an elusive concept to a humanist, who, from his earliest years, was made to question God’s very existence—he suffered in a concentration camp for the duration of WWII—and he doubts his efforts will ever come to fruition.

    In Westward Lies the Sun, Greg&r... more

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    by theresa joy
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  • Collateral Damage

    by Alice K. Boatwright

    How many years does it take for a war to end? Marking the 50th anniversary of the divisive Vietnam era, this NEW EDITION of the award-winning Collateral Damage brings together stories from the perspectives of those who fought, those who resisted, and the family and friends caught in the crossfire between them.

    The new edition, published in August 2019, includes an updated introduction reflecting on the 50th anniversary of the war and questions for discussion that can be used by schools,... more

  • A MisreadBible Christmas (The MisreadBible Book 2)

    by J. R. Eldridge
    The Nativity During the reign of King Herod of Judaea, an unwed teenage virgin called Mary is impregnated with a magical baby by the Holy Spirit. She and her fiancé Joseph travel to Bethlehem for a preposterous census, and Mary has to give birth in a stable. Meanwhile, a group of stargazing magi, who have traipsed hundreds of miles after a star, inadvertently inform the king of Judaea of the Messiah’s birth. Herod’s Christmas Carol King Herod, the infamous baby massacring tyrant of the nati... more