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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Boy Who Burped

    by Beth Lewis

    A burping boy. A family with quirks. Will their love for chocolate, candy, ice cream and soda burden them forever?

    Little Brother has a relentless burping plague. As he makes changes, inspired by his dog Peppy, Brother learns that his love of chocolate and lack of movement had caused the constant belching.

    Crazy food habits and inactivity also contribute to his family member’s other ailments—each has a device they can not live without. Little Brother encourages his fam... more

  • On the Waterfront

    by Mike McCoy

    At thirteen years old, Danny Novak faced challenges of self-acceptance, abuse, mortality, and death. It was the best summer of his life and the darkest days he ever lived.

    When Danny arrives at Camp Baker in June 1978, he is happy to be away. Away from his mom, his bratty little brother, their crappy house, and his sad life. Danny is the youngest boy hired to work as camp staff, but he’s confident he’ll fit in. He quickly learns that he doesn’t.

    Mark Colby, at si... more

  • The Chaos Agents

    by F. Fox North
    Told in four inter-connecting narratives from the mid 50s through the early aughts, The Chaos Agents explores the impact and implosion of Saffron, a mid-century musical phenom led by Baron Templeton & Edmund Hammond – whose breakup is the stuff of legends. From a small British town in the 50s, to young brothers struggling with the grit of NYC in the 70s, to two camp counselors falling in love to a backdrop of 90s rock, to a secluded cabin in the early aughts where the offspring of Edmund ... more
  • The Wisdom of Winter

    by Annie Seyler

    Tangled influences compel a young girl to hide her true nature until one weekend in her mid-20s when the truths she’s been suppressing call her to a crossroads she can’t avoid.

    Insulated from societal mores by her glamorous mother and humble father, six-year-old Beatrice—barefoot in ratty overalls—tunes into animals, senses the unspoken, and thrives. But when tragedy penetrates their rural Vermont bubble, Beatrice is thrust into a world that tells her she has no ... more

  • The Elephone Book

    by Scott Gibala-Broxholm
    Mouse calls her friend Elephant to see if he can play. But he doesn't feel at all well. He may have a cold or EVEN . . . the dreaded ZOO FLU! So Mouse calls their friend Giraffe to tell her about Elephant. Giraffe calls another friend who calls another. But something is wrong with the phones and it's hard to hear what is said. So what each of his friends hears about him just gets wackier and wackier . . . and maybe . . . just maybe, it isn't the ZOO FLU after all!
  • Udder Chaos: Amusing Adventures with Farm Animals

    by Elizabeth Nielsen
    Oh no! The goats escaped! Chaos arises on the farm but with a little bit of perseverance and optimism, this farmer does not let anything get in her way! Find out what these mischievous farm animals are up to! It's a rip-roarin', chorin' good time!
  • Guinevere Trilogy: Mom's Choice Award Winner

    by Cheryl Carpinello
    GUINEVERE: ON THE EVE OF LEGEND Princess Guinevere dreaded her upcoming thirteenth birthday. It signaled the beginning of her official role as the Lady of her father's castle. No more adventures i the forest with Cedwyn. No more explorations outside the castle walls. No more excitement. No more danger. No more fun. Cedwyn—her companion for as long as she remembered—viewed her circumstances differently. A Medieval coming-of-age story relevant today. GUINEVERE: AT THE DAWN OF LEGEND Ancient Stones... more
  • The Oracle

    by Elaine Gao
    The Helot slave and the Spartan Prince shouldn’t cross paths. Yet supernaturally, Lyra and Leonid’s fates happened to become interwoven. Lyra, the one true oracle in the temple, saw him bleeding to death in her visions. Refusing to accept this end, she tagged along on his treacherous journey to Athens. She had a simple undercover mission at the Temple of Delphi, to compete for a priestess position, but the Pythia in charge had other plans in mind— an inhumane set of trials designed for betrayals... more
  • The Renunciation

    by Alex McGlothlin
    Michael Winston is on the verge of losing everything. He’s lost his girlfriend. His job is hanging by a thread. His future, it seems, hinges on flying thousands of miles to the wilds of Costa Rica to track down a championship surfer who, for unknown reasons at the height of his career, became a recluse three years ago. Though Michael’s searching for a story, what he finds in Costa Rica is of far greater significance than a mere ripping good yarn . .
  • RIDE the WILD WIND - Book II - Sheriff Robert Gallegos - The Witch's Grave

    by Josephine Ashton
    Ride the Wild Wind, Book II - Sheriff Robert Gallegos - the Witch's Grave, is a sequel to Book I - Sheriff Robert Gallegos - Friends and Enemies. However, it's a stand-alone book, like the first, mystery, murder, love, loss, life, new friends, new enemies, in this fictional southwestern rural town and county, circa 1965, who live in, or pass through, or threaten this home-town in southwestern New Mexico. Like Brigadoon, Aragón Valley is there, it's inhabitants revolve around the hub who is t... more
  • RIDE the WILD WIND - Book I - Sheriff Robert Gallegos - Friends and Enemies

    by Josephine Ashton
    RIDE the WILD WIND - Book II - Sheriff Robert Gallegos - Friends and Enemies Sheriff Robert Gallegos, tall, handsome, quiet, friendly, Native American/Hispanic, an ex WWII Marine is determined that the encroaching Juarez, Mexico drug cartel that will stop at nothing to take over his Southwestern New Mexico, Aragón Valley - will not, on his watch, succeed. But as intimidation, rape and murder stalk the rural community, the reality of the threat, this summer of 1965, grows ominously closer. Galle... more
  • LITTLE BRAVEBIRD and the Grandparents' Gifts

    by Josephine Ashton
    Little Bravebird and the Grandparent's Gifts is fiction, and, like the classics, for both children, youth and grown-ups. Its is historical fiction in that there are parallel stories: one that of Little Bravebird's Navaho and French - American grandparents, WWII and the Navaho Code-Talkers and life after that; the other, a coming of age story of their orphaned grandson, Little Bravebird, age 5, who, through struggling with learning, and in particular, reading has an awesome memory and is, in the ... more
  • The Road to Kedarnath: Everyone is entitled to improbable gifts of grace

    by Immanual Joseph
    Arjuna travels to the sacred Kedarnath mountain in the Himalayas to kill himself. Once a successful software engineer in the United States, he has spent the past three years in the streets of India as a beggar, mendicant, madman, thief, and murderer. The universe sends Arjuna a lifeline in the form of a humble but enlightened tea-seller, who convinces Arjuna to spend the winter with him in a cave atop the mountain. What follows is a journey of inner healing and spiritual metamorphosis, and Arjun... more
  • "Grandpa's lonely, isn't he?"

    by Joseph Howard Cooper
    During the height of the COVID contagion, a youngster is worried about his Grandpa, who lives alone. Out of concern, they stay apart. In toned black-and-white illustrations, we see their realities, in their respective homes. In color illustrations, we see how they engaged prior to COVID, and how they imagine being together again. At core, the story is about missing those we care about - about being missed, about being cared about.
  • The Great Squirrel Burglar

    by J. Lawrence Graham

    In The Great Squirrel Burglar, authors Mary Ellen Graham Wehrli and J. Lawrence Graham present us with an engaging story and charming illustrations for children, parents, and grandparents that teach the importance of multigenerational relationships and the worthy (and delightful!) lessons we learn from family. Alongside the “squirrely” characters of Grandpa Earl—aka the legendary Great Squirrel Burglar—and his “grandkit” Jack Boy, children and thei... more

  • Becoming a Hero

    by Cyndi "Go Go" Merritt
    Sometimes kids can be mean to each other, often without even realizing it. Fortunately, kids can also be kind at heart and accepting without realizing it. Their everyday acts of kindness can make a huge difference, and the impact can be life changing for both the giver and the receiver. Follow Daniel and his friends as they discover the difference they make every day.