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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Crazy About Kurt

    by Will Link
    Crazy About Kurt takes place over one night in the dirtbag suburbs of Long Island, and follows four friends who struggle with sex, identity and the inevitability of adulthood, all against the backdrop of Kurt Cobain’s suicide. In the vein of American Graffiti or Dazed and Confused, it is a meditation on a generation at a very specific time and place. It is steeped in pop culture, told with humor, emotion and nostalgia. This isn’t just a story for those 90’s kids who grew up on Tori Amos, Jurassi... more
  • Attack at Shark Bay

    by Denis W. Shuker
    ATTACK AT SHARK BAY : Featuring THE RIWAKA GANG © – FOUR COUNTRY KIDS INTO EXTREME ADVENTURES A high-octane, rip-roaring adventure story for kids, eight years and up — When their favorite teacher suddenly goes missing and the police haven’t found him — The Riwaka Gang, four country kids who love adventure, decide to get involved. Jackson, Jessica, Rangi and Sam will need every skill plus a ton of courage. Dangerous situations and extreme challenges confront them. But will they find Mr Chapma... more
  • Absence of Manners

    by Jeannie Morgan
    Set in early 18 th century in colonial Australia, Absence of Manners traces the journey of two people, an innocent young woman and the convict she helps escape from certain execution. Her guilt about this, leads her to a life as a governess to outback families. Meanwhile the convict continues his escape through the help of local and then American Whaling Crews. Returning to England he is able to establish his innocence and resume his privileged life. He , however, feels beholden to those who ri... more
  • The Clearing

    by Jeannie Morgan
  • Trillium

    by Margaret Lindsay Holton
    Spanning a period of 250 years, three very distinct families arrive, settle and strive in the burgeoning wine-making district of Niagara. Expect the good, bad and ugly. Hashtag: #landlustloot
  • The Totally Ninja Raccoon Joke Book

    by Kevin Coolidge
    What's black and white and read all over? Why, The Totally Ninja Raccoon Joke Book, of course! Kids love jokes! They'll love this goofy joke book filled with hundreds of funny jokes and illustrations. Kids will be laughing and sharing these jokes with everyone. Great for early and reluctant readers. Be warned! These jokes are totally ninja and totally silly. The Totally Ninja Raccoons is a series of early chapter readers specifically for reluctant readers. The target audience is second throug... more
  • Just Pru

    by Anne Pfeffer

    Shy, reclusive Pru Anderson doesn't go out or talk to people much. But when her apartment burns down and neighbor Ellen takes her in, she soon finds--for the first time ever--friends, a job, and the attention of actor Blake, who wants her as his muse, and neighbor Adam, who wants to know her better.

    WINNER 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the category of General Fiction 

    FINALIST 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the categories of Ebook Fiction ... more

  • Imperial Passions - The Porta Aurea

    by Eileen Stephenson
    At the center of Byzantine society, fifteen-year-old orphaned Anna Dalassena lives with her grandparents among the most powerful men and women in Constantinople until the cutthroat imperial politics of the Great Palace sends the family into exile in a distant corner of the empire. Her bleak situation finally turns promising after meeting the handsome young soldier, John Comnenus, and his brother Isaac, before they are finally permitted to return to Constantinople. The vicious power struggles,... more
  • Letting Go

    by Kimberly Wenzler
    When her seemingly perfect life is suddenly ripped out from under her, Lucy Buchanan watches as her family struggles to pick up the pieces.
  • The Fabric of Us

    by Kimberly Wenzler
    Empty-nesters are confronted with a life-changing decision that brings long-held secrets to the surface and rocks a solid, loving marriage to its core. "Once again, a beautifully crafted story with characters you come to love in a heartfelt love story. I couldn’t put it down." - Amazon reviewer
  • Have You Heard about Mouse and Berg?

    by CJ Atkinson
    Mouse, a baby elephant is desperate to be as beautiful as the other animals in the forest. So, when all of the other animals are asleep, he steals a Zebra coat. When Mouse realises he has put the Zebra's in great danger he tries to return the stripes to their rightful owner, but the plan goes horribly wrong. Mouse tries to disguise himself, but he ends up in the greasy jaws of a mighty crocodile. Can a mother's love save Mouse, and will Mouse finally learn to love and accept himself?
  • Uk Taxes

    by Nicky Mose
  • The Fabric of Us

    by Kimberly Wenzler
    Empty-nesters are confronted with a life-changing decision that brings long- held secrets to the surface and rocks a solid, loving marriage to its core.. “Once again, a beautifully crafted story with characters you come to love in a heartfelt love story. I couldn’t put it down.” - Amazon reviewer
  • Wayan and the Turtle King (English Version, Soft Cover)

    by Yvette Bezuidenhout
    Wayan comes from a family of fishermen. His village has always relied on the ocean for food. One day, things start changing. Will Wayan find a way to save the village? Wayan and The Turtle King focuses on environmental education. Complete with activities, the book teaches children to think about how their choices impact the environment.
  • Above An Abyss: Two Novellas

    by Ryan Masters
    Above an Abyss contains contrasting tales of suspense: Trampoline Games. It’s the summer of 1986 and all is not well among the sharply defined suburbs of Salt Lake City. A 12-year-old boy arrives in a land of “mountains, Mormons, crickets” to find baffling prejudice, but also intoxicating freedom, lust, moments of heaven and, in the end, a terrible violence. The Moth Orchid. When a hereditary form of early onset dementia begins to ravage a woman’s mind, she embarks on a desperate quest int... more
  • The New Normal

    by K.N. Crighton
    New Orleans journalist Maggie McBride is fired from her job one hot summer afternoon for no apparent reason except being over 50. As she struggles with her anger and tries to figure out her next move, a devastating hurricane threatens the city. In its aftermath, both she and her longtime housekeeper and friend Eloise Jackson must deal with unexpected tragedies and a world they never anticipated in their worst nightmares. The New Normal deals with issues of racial discrimination, loss, betrayal, ... more