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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Trintarious - A Prodigal Son Story

    by JR Bray
    The parable of the prodigal son is familiar to most of us. In Luke 15 Jesus tells of the son that went to his father, asked for and received his inheritance then squandered the money on drunkenness and prostitutes. He then came to his senses and realizing his father’s servants were better off than he was went crawling back only to be embraced by his father who threw a party for him. The brother then became angry and the father had to explain it all to him. It is a great passage and has many teac... more
  • Secrets of Hollins Castle (Turtle Brothers Forever)

    by J.N. Christianson
    When Prince Garek is born in Hollins Castle that cold winter morning he should have been loved and cared for like any other newborn prince. The problem is his birth is against the law and his father, King Denzel, is forced to condemn little Garek to die. For over three years, the King is tormented by his guilt and struggles to keep the secret of Garek’s birth from his uncle, Lord Raymond, Duke of Hindersburg, who can use the information to capture the Kingdom of Hollins Shire and condemn the roy... more
  • What Is Wrong With Me?

    by Kristin Hammoud
    Anna's life is depicted from early childhood adverse experiences and how this leads to how Anna makes decisions around what she has normalized. She starts to learn about her mothers childhood and how patterns are repeating with her own decisions. She rejects a healthier partner and marries someone similar to her abusive father and has a baby. She discovers puzzling information about her deceased mother-in-law and tries to uncover the truth about her death, assuming her father-in-law is somehow ... more
  • Two Measly Spots!

    by Elaine Gast Fawcett and Sue Schwartzman
    In the misty mossy morning, deep in a redwood grove, Lulu ladybug has a nagging feeling that she doesn't have enough spots. Other ladybugs have many spots, but she only has two. Two measly spots! Try to keep up with Lulu on her search for more spots. Will she ever have enough? This picture book includes questions and activities for kids to gently consider what self-worth and "having enough" means to them.
  • Silly Gilly

    by Glenda Bibbins
    Jay is so excited to visit the City's Zoo with his dad, until his dad starts telling him crazy stories about an animal called a Silly Gilly. There's no such thing as a Silly Gilly! As they visit each animal at the zoo, Jay's dad keeps up his antics and annoys Jay more and more. Could the Silly Gilly be real after all? Join Jay and his dad on their zoo trip as they learn about all kinds of animals – both real and imaginative.
  • Shadows We Carry

    by Meryl Ain
    In this eagerly anticipated sequel to Meryl Ain’s award-winning post-Holocaust novel The Takeaway Men, we follow Bronka and JoJo Lubinski as they find themselves on the cusp of momentous change for women in the late 1960s. With the United States in the grip of political and social upheaval, the twins and a number of their peers, including a Catholic priest and the son of a Nazi, struggle with their family’s ancestry and how much influence it has on their lives. Meanwhile, both young women seek t... more
  • Hollyland

    by Patricia Leavy
    What happens when a seemingly ordinary woman with a passion for the arts falls in love with a Hollywood star known for his bachelor status and quick temper with the paparazzi? Something extraordinary. Dee Schwartz is a writer and arts researcher. Ryder Field is a famous actor descended from Hollywood royalty. On the night they meet outside a bar, their connection is palpable. Ryder’s mother—legendary actress Rebecca Field, half of Hollywood’s golden couple when she died—was kidnapped and murd... more
  • Islamic States of America: A Novel

    by Hassan Riaz

    A decade has passed since the U.S. lost the War on Terror, the Caliphate rules America, and U.S. insurgents are the terrorists...

    Jamal Stone is a man of the Caliphate. He is living an uneasy existence in the West State when he receives a video of his now ten-year-old son, Khalil, who has been missing since the age of three. Jamal is relieved to learn his son is alive, but distraught by the circumstance of the video—his son is being groomed by East State insurgents as an ... more

  • What Happened to Annabell?

    by A Monday Night Anthology

    What happened to Annabell?

    • She left poor instructions.
    • She outgrew her manufacturing specs.
    • She defrauded an international brewing company.
    • She burned down her house.
    • She sold her soul to vengeance.
    • She sent herself to the future.
    • She never existed in the first place.
    • She was too stubborn to die.

    Annabell should have died long ago—and often did—but there’s more than one way to be immortal.

    <... more

  • The Pickleman from Bickleton!

    by Peter B Lewis
    Here comes The Pickleman from Bickleton! with poems packed with veggies everyone loves. A sourpuss named Bruce, and his goofy goose named Zeus turn a boy’s pickle making loose. You’ll crack up and crunch ’em in bunches with Mr. Tickleman and the dancing pigs of Tiggity Rig—not to mention the Wiggleton Wrangler and One-Eyed Jack from Nyack in his kayak—all on the road to Laffland in the perpetual state of Joy. Enjoy this sweetly illustrated book with cool ’cumbers galore. It’s a jar full of wiggl... more
  • The Whom Of Benefit

    by Stanley Kov
    Wiebke always had a critical eye for the mainstream media, handmade pastries, and her mother’s despotic nonsense. Hoping to live a life of freedom, she moves to the German capital to kick start her career as a bakery assistant only to be confronted by a stranger in a chicken hat who claims she does not exist. As she attempts to persuade him otherwise, she uncovers deeper truths – about the mysterious stranger, life, the world, and herself.
  • Journey to Holbrin

    by Anton J.F.

    “On a Saturday morning, Hans Gastop felt what seemed to be a sign of the disease. The fear of being discovered invaded him. How long would he have before they caught him? Could he fool the authorities? Could he resist the illness alone? How should he act from that moment on? The doubts produced in him a hitherto unknown state of anguish, sensing his life would never be the same. A correct intuition, but still very distant from the overwhelming dimension of what he was about to live.”

    Ha... more

  • Ourman: Book 1

    by Gilgamesh Uth
    Ourman is the hero archetype turned on its head. It is the dissolution of a man lost among the crowds, compelled to fit in and to find his place in a world that has disappeared his life and love, family and friends, a collection of mysteries that is almost there but never quite. Ourman is the assembled personage trampling this experience, calling him to reimagine his purpose and inevitable influence on others. Ourman is the story of inspiration, the path of leadership, and its surprising consequ... more
  • You Are Clean!

    by Kelly Kainer Billington

    “You are CLEAN!” (published by Westbow Press) is another wonderful collection from the Nana and Me Series which conveys that cleanliness is next to Godliness and that God smiles on us when we live clean lives in our hearts, minds, and souls, as well as our homes and bodies.

  • You Are Honest!

    by Kelly Kainer Billington
    HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY! Telling the truth no matter who is looking is a wonderful policy to have in your life. This book reminds us of the importance of always telling the truth. And as we do, God smiles on us for living with honesty and integrity!
  • You Are Golden!

    by Kelly Kainer Billington

    "You are GOLDEN!" (published by WestBow Press) reflects the Golden Rule which simply says to treat others the way you want to be treated and opens the door for love and kindness towards one another.  In this book, Nana and the kids lead the way in setting the example by simply helping the elderly in the assisted living, the animals at the shelter, and the hungry at the soup kitchen.  Their actions kindly show love and support for both people and animals.  An... more