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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Wings Over Germany

    by Eric Forsyth
    RAF Squadron Leader Allan Chadwick is back in Eric Forsyth’s third novel, Wings Over Germany. At the start of WWII, Chadwick struggles with technical and bureaucratic problems to get the four-engine heavy bomber, the Lancaster, into production. Then he commands an Auxiliary Spitfire squadron during the Battle of Britain, leading pilots straight from Flying School to fight against the combat-hardened Luftwaffe. As Britain moves into an offensive bombing campaign Chadwick is involved in the develo... more
  • You Come from Love

    by Adam Motz

    You Come from Love is written as a parent's personal answer to the inevitable questions that his twin daughters—born through IVF/surrogacy—will have about their origin.

    The book delivers an important and universal message to children of all ages and backgrounds. “Love” is so many things: our roots, our ancestors, our spirituality, and our family. Each of these elements combined is what makes our kids a precious and unique gift.

    Heartfelt a... more

  • The Pup in the Moon

    by Alexis Thomas
    Follow the thrilling adventures of Bodhi Mc-Ray, an intrepid Boston Terrier puppy living on the moon. In this book he shares his self-care routines, teaches the importance of taking time to relax, and making sure you have as much fun as possible doing the things you love and enjoy. This story is a cute little family staple, and can be shared amongst children and parents of all ages. It will bring many smiles and open imaginations! The pup on the moon is unforgettable!
  • The Marriage Box

    by Corie Adjmi
    Forced to return to her parent’s roots in the Orthodox Syrian Jewish community in Brooklyn, Casey Cohen faces two opposing worlds as she explores the unfamiliar culture and finds love.
  • Give My Regards to Nowhere: A Director's Tale

    by Richard Engling
    Chicago director Dwayne Finnegan has a long shot at the big time and only two obstacles: himself and everyone he knows. Dwayne's got an idea of how to direct Shakespeare's least-favorite play that could set him on the road to Broadway. We're talking Bob Fosse choreography, Jimi Hendrix guitars, and the hottest cast in the city of Chicago. But when the show's producer cuts out with the cash, Dwayne decides to produce the show himself, putting his marriage and his meager finances at risk. What ... more
  • New Leaves In Winter

    by C. Gary Johnston
    Dan Pierce and Joan Schneider are key management employees of Starlingers Gourmet Food Markets until suddently they both find their careers in jeopardy, each for different reasons. As Dan and Joan deal with the apprehension and anguish with what they are sure is facing them, they are unaware of their real status as pawns in the behind-the-scenes maneuvering of a situation much larger than either of their jobs.
  • Toxic Tales!

    by Hassan Diop
    2 friends meet up during their summer break. At friend's house, friend and father are "detoxifying" the home. He is invited to join them. He learns about toxic products in our homes that can be replaced. They throw it all away and learn a valuable lesson when the garbage man refuses to take the toxic products away due to them being hazardous waste.
  • The Golden Hour

    by Fayla Ott
    An Epic Saga of Two Families Living on Opposite Sides of Slavery in Pre-civil War South It’s 1852 in the Delta of Mississippi, and the choice to sell one slave sets in motion a series of tragic events for two families on a cotton plantation. What if the nightmare you feared your entire life became a reality in one day? Without notice, Thomas is snatched from all he knows and placed in an unjust world of cruelty. Back at Arledge Hall plantation, his parents, Joe and Lucy, grieve his absence, bu... more
  • Nurse Florence®, How Do We Feel Hot and Cold Things?

    by Michael Dow
    Condi gets overheated at school and leaves the playground to see Nurse Florence. Nurse Florence gives her some fluids and they start to discuss how the body feels hot and cold things. Nurse Florence uses images from the internet to discuss the topic. Condi leaves the office feeling informed and wants to share the info with her friends.
  • Yelling at the Stars

    by Michael Hertzog
    A family reels from the effects of WWII nuclear fallout, but this is far from the Japan of 1945. It's 2006 in Washington State, and the war just took another life. In this new release of WWII home-front historical fiction, a 12-year-old boy named Asher seems to make his dad furious no matter what he does. In hopes of getting his dad back to normal, whatever that is, he looks for a way to fix it all. But he soon finds that he’s bitten off more than he can chew, when he discovers clues suggesti... more
  • Reinventing Ruthie

    by Kate Lloyd
    When Ruth Ann Templeton’s husband, Drew, leaves her for another woman Ruthie is devastated. She seeks solace at their beach cabin in Puget Sound where she meets Victor, a neurologist who has marital problems of his own. Their relationship blossoms just as Ruthie’s husband moves home asking for forgiveness. But can Ruthie trust and forgive him or any man?
  • Cache

    by Rachel Ragsdale
  • Grandma's Magic

    by Rachel Ragsdale
  • Dad Digs for Dinos

    by Rachel Ragsdale
  • Asphalt & Water

    by Ted Bernal Guevara
    California. 1955. AMARA SIP is sanguine, determined, and skillful on the road. For a living, he drives an ambulance in the Cholame Hills area. One day he receives a dispatch to aid in a car crash. At first glimpse, Amara is taken by the sleekness of the Porsche 550 out in the tundra. He is unaware of the driver lodged in the car, fighting his last breaths. The EMT puts forth his best effort to save the dying James Dean.