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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Exploration

    by David Tory
    Exploration: The Stanfield Chronicles by David Tory is a tale of high seas adventure as chronicled by Issac Stanfield, a young British sailor aboard a merchantman bound for the contentious New England Colonies. Through resilience, initiative, and luck, Isaac finds himself a participant and observer in the perilous explorations preceding the Mayflower’s arrival in New England in 1620. Charming and undaunted, he charts a course from shipmate to spy to confidant of key strategists during tumultuous... more
  • Pillowhumper

    by Jason Hyde
    Crazy Tinder dates. Kinky sex accidents. Depression and STD’s. These are things Jordan deals with after his pornography and alcohol addictions ruin his marriage. At first thrilled to be single again, he soon finds himself lost in a pitiful life of drinking, masturbating, serial dating, and exploring his bisexuality in a desperate attempt for happiness. With him is his best friend Kiana; a queer, fowl-mouthed photographer struggling with depression and her body image. Together, they navigate thro... more
  • Pale Dude

    by Wally Wood
    Pale Dude is a novel of race relations and changing attitudes during the 1960s, told from the perspective of a young white couple, fresh from the Midwest, who move into a low-income New York City housing project in Harlem. This timely and unusual novel features vivid characters challenged by personal and political upheavals that force them to reassess who they are and what they think about the world. Matthew Simmons is a 27-year-old undergraduate philosophy student at Columbia University. The... more
  • Perchance Freedom

    by Michael Thomas Brimbau

    Perchance Freedom is a murder mystery set in New England and the civil war South in 1861. Emily White is a fledgling journalist whose instinct is to investigate her stories before reporting them. Her editor at the Daily Whaler in New Bedford introduces Emily to the Underground Railroad and enlists her on secret mission of inquiry and danger. The unexpected pragmatism of subjugation opens her eyes wide. And as she defies the brutality and injustice of plantation life, and the reality of her un... more

  • Careless Love

    by Steve Zettler
    Grace has gone to Hawaii to escape Southern California; with suicide very much on her mind. It’s 1979. Her philandering husband, Nick, a successful film director, has walked out on her and is carrying on yet another illicit affair. On Grace’s first night at Honolulu’s lush Pickering Club she meets Lee, a man who also has a need for escape. They recognize this bond immediately, along with an emotional and physical attraction that cannot be ignored. Enter Ray Slack, brutal and sadistic substance a... more
  • Spook-tacular Halloween Poems

    by Tami Colby

    Inside this book cover is an array of Spook-tacular Halloween poems with some amazing Halloween pictures. This book can be enjoyed by adults or children and can be enjoyed all year round. You get to decide if it will be a quick read or if you will want to create a Spook-tacular fun-filled evening for the entire family..

  • Grandma's Invisible Children

    by Tami Colby

    Grandma has lived alone in her house for many years now. Although she lived alone, she never considered herself lonely. She would fill up her days baking cookies and reading her favorite mystery novels. But what Grandma didn’t know was this life of living alone, the life she had become accustomed to, was about to come to a screeching halt. You see, Grandma received a visitor on a windy, stormy night. An unlikely visitor who was about to turn her life upside down?

  • Annie Jones And the Animal Sanctuary

    by Tami Colby

    Annie Jones couldn't wait to leave behind the small-sleepy town of Murphy, Texas. She needed to spread her wings; and that she did. After graduating high school, Annie attends New York University where she earns a degree in journalism and becomes a reporter at one of New York's largest newspapers. Her life was finally going all according to plan... or was it? A phone call from home suddenly forces Annie to re-examine her life and make decisions she never dreamed she would have to make... more

  • Who Am I?

    by Tami Colby

    Who Am I? It's not just a book; it's an activity book with fairies and pixies to spark a young child's imagination. This book can be a keepsake for your child from a toddler and on up. It has rhyming riddles, with pages full of brilliant pictures, a perfect book for a toddler. The riddles are short, making it an ideal book for your beginner reader, and wait, if that isn't enough to get your attention, the riddles make it a fun activity book for your older child to match the ri... more

  • Alice's Adventures under Water

    by Lenny de Rooy

    A threequel to "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland", written in Lewis Carroll's familiar style, but packed with new puns, parodies, and poetry - as well as 42 illustrations in John Tenniel's style! This time, Alice explores an under-water world.

  • The Valley of the Dogs Dark Stories

    by James Musgrave
    Hollywood and Broadway are icons of the American Dream. But what happens to those who feed off that dream? Just as drug cartels have many underlings, who must get paid along the journey to the addicts, so do the characters who need to be nourished by the luminaries who make up this star-studded world above us. James Musgrave’s collection of eleven stories, in many ways, addresses the theme of “star power,” but in a way that satirizes the stereotypical “Hollywood endings” in very unique and liter... more
  • Married, Living in Italy: Stories

    by Misty Urban
    What unites the unlikely protagonists in these very different short stories is their search for refuge. Whether their escape is imagined or tantalizingly out of reach, these characters are crushingly believable and endearingly real in their defenses, their damage, their humor, and their sheer will as they turn suffering into salvation. Full of disappearing children and surfacing secrets, fragile triumphs and imminent loss, these eloquent tales laced with hilarity and grief illuminate shared h... more
  • A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein

    by Kids Lit Book Cafe
    Do you believe in magic, that of kindness and love? One year, Christmas and Eid fell on the same day. On that day, two girls, Eva and Aya, met. Find out how their magical friendship and acts of kindness spread the spirit of giving. This story inspires children to think of others and to give generously regardless of social backgrounds and beliefs
  • Mouse's Houses

    by Andrea Witt
    Mouse is a mouse who thinks her house is too small. She sets out to find the perfect house. Will mouse find her perfect house? Join Mouse as she learns a valuable lesson--The difference between a house and a home.
  • Summer of Haint Blue: From Cajun to Creole

    Summer of Haint Blue is a compelling and engrossing coming-of-age novel set in the politically charge climate in the 1960s. The story follows a poor Cajun boy's attempts to understand and deal with the evils of racism while growing up on a small farm in Louisiana. The novel explores the journey of the boy as he navigates the challenging issues of racial conflicts, loss of innocents, and interracial relationships in the deep South during those turbulent times in America.
  • Walk Lightly

    by Kim Hanzo
    Follow this friendly jaguar as he strolls through the South American rainforest and learns the importance of caring for the Earth with his cuddly critter neighbors. For all of us, this planet is the only one we have. Walk Lightly is the second book in the “World of Difference” children’s book series that seeks to foster positive character development in and conversation with kids. While the series is written for young children, the messages and beautiful illustrations will resonate with peopl... more