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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • After Lisa

    by Joe Pace
    When Andy Chester loses his thirtysomething wife Lisa to breast cancer, it doesn’t take long for his world to fall apart. His business teeters on the edge of financial ruin. His overbearing father-in-law is convinced Andy is unfit to raise his young son and daughter alone. Adrift in a world he struggles to navigate without his beloved Lisa, Andy begins a grief journey with no certain destination. Even as he spirals into despair, Andy’s eclectic network of support tries to help. Buddy Cormier,... more
  • Little Ships: A Novel

    by Sandra Scofield
    A mother dies suddenly of a toe infection. An addicted father falls apart. Two daughters, 12 and 13, are adrift. They move into the father's parents' home, and their two grandmothers vie for control of the girls' new lives. As the future opens (sometimes frighteningly) for the girls, the past impinges, too, and by summer, secrets are revealed, surprising choices are made, and a future opens wide.
  • Blackmailer's Delight

    by David Lawrence
    A misunderstanding ties the fates of three men together in this heartfelt, sensual, and uproarious romantic puzzle. Blackmailer’s Delight is a tale of lives tossed into the air, then reassembled in some rather unexpected ways. England 1795 London gentleman Daniel Thornton has just dumped his philandering lover Clarence. He moves to Grantham to care for his ailing uncle and nurse a broken heart. The move he hopes will be a fresh start – a place to discover himself and perhaps a new way of see... more
  • Vincent's Women

    by Donna Russo
    Donna Russo's 'Vincent's Women' is the untold story of Vincent's loves: how they shaped his life, his art, and his death. It writes against the ‘myths,’ exploring the possibility that none of them are true. It is the only novel to bring into question his sexuality, how he lost his ear, who he lost it for, and how he might have died, all through the eyes of a woman. We learn of Her; we learn all of it through Her.
  • Sicilian Seductions: a Mediterranean Love Affair (Happily Ever Now)

    by Sophia Elan

    Reeling from her second marriage with a narcissistic man, vulnerable, brave Sofia books a one-way ticket to Sicily, determinedly picking up the pieces of her broken heart and shattered life. Armed with her steely resolve, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, as her spiritual guide, and the enduring wisdom of Dr. Seuss, Sofia embarks on a soul journey to find happiness and inner peace as she absorbs the splendors of the Mediterranean. She finds a kindred spirit in the passionate, resilient Sicily, de... more

  • Unraveling the Tapestry of Mental Health: The Road to Abundance and Well-Being

    by Nagima Casseus
    Unraveling the Tapestry of Mental Health: The Road to Abundance and Well-being" is a powerful book that delves into mental health, personal growth, and environmental consciousness. It comprehensively covers a range of aspects of mental health; from anxiety, depression, and stress management, to self-esteem. I boldly challenge stigmas and dispels misconceptions while highlighting the crucial role of mental health in cultivating a prosperous life. The book also emphasizes the importance of sust... more
  • Guide to Understanding and Addressing Civil Liability Under the Truth in Lending Act (TILA)

    by Nagima Casseus
    Guide to Understanding and Addressing Civil Liability Under the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) & Debt Validation Letter: Civil Liability Under the FDCPA (15 USC 1692k)" is an insightful eBook that aims to empower readers with essential knowledge about navigating financial legalities. It offers a comprehensive exploration of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), providing clear guidance on civil liabilities, rights, and remedies available to consumers. T... more
  • Covered in Flour

    by Charles Presti
    In the heart of a quiet, predominantly white suburban neighborhood, "Covered in Flour" is a moving novel delving into the life of 8-year-old Carl during the turbulent late 1960s. Set against the backdrop of social upheaval, racial tensions, and the Vietnam War, the story serves as a bountiful feast of family, love, and life's unexpected twists. From the innocence of third grade to the complexities of family dynamics and societal change, each chapter explores themes of community, identity, and r... more
  • Betrayal and Courage

    by Greg Walden
    Our main character enlists in the United States Army and is sent to Vietnam as part of the Special Forces to investigate a secret facility discovered by a military unit and ends up being held by the Chinese after being betrayed and has to survive imprisonment and abandonment by the US Government and find a way to escape and return home to his wife.
  • Sacramento or Bust: Choose Your Misadventure

    by Henry Bouchot
    In this gripping gamebook, Eddie Fernandez, a former Marine turned political hopeful, is looking to exorcise his demons from his combat deployment to Afghanistan by running for political office. With his family life hanging in the balance, Eddie must navigate a treacherous campaign trail filled with ruthless political opponents and ethical dilemmas. As Eddie fights for redemption, the reader has to take the reins and make crucial decisions along his journey. If you enjoyed the suspenseful world ... more
  • Falling Through the Night

    by Gail Marlene Schwartz
    Audrey Meyerwitz wants to fall in love and have a family. But for this queer 30-something insomniac who’s struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder since childhood, it’s a goal that’s far from simple. When best friend Jessica, a recovering alcoholic, helps introvert Audrey with a profile on SheLovesHer, Audrey takes that scary first step toward her lifelong dream. Through online dating, immigrating to Canada, and having a baby with Down Syndrome, she struggles and grows. But when Audrey uneart... more
  • Hush

    by Kit Derrick
    Hush tells the stories of five individuals whose lives intertwine, and they search for the answers that they think will make them whole again. At least one tragedy is on the horizon, one which might make them re-evaluate everything that they think they know. It could happen to any of them.
  • The Queen of the Platform: A Novel of Women's Rights Activist Ernestine Rose

    by Susan Higginbotham

    The story of nineteenth-century feminist Ernestine Rose, the indomitable heroine whose fearless advocacy helped bring about the rights women enjoy today.

  • Hypatia: In Her Own Words

    by Lukman Clark
    The wiki-fable of Hypatia of Alexandria, the most legendary and alluring woman of Late Antiquity, is trumpery contrived to protect centuries old secrets. Meet the real Hypatia. A mixed race Egyptian who loses her family at age 11 in the aftermath of the Great Tsunami of 365 A.D. She must find her place in a world turned upside-down, undergoing changes in identity and discovering the meaning of love while overcoming a serial killer embedded in the Church hierarchy.
  • Amerikaland

    by Danny Goodman

    A searing debut novel of hope and survival following two athletes as they reckon with secrets from their pasts and the belief that good people will fight against prejudice and tyranny.

    In a reimagined present day, Sabine, a guarded, independent German tennis player, and Sandy, a Brooklyn-born Jewish baseball player, find themselves in New York City for World Day—a sporting event meant to celebrate international peace.

    For years, Sabine was regarded as a tenn... more

  • Under the Bandage

    by Lois Wickstrom
    What's happening under the bandage? Mom makes him wear a bandage when he skins his knee. She says "no peeking." What's going on under there? It's a war. His soldiers against the bad bacteria. After the bad bacteria are dead, it's time to rebuild. Now, the construction crews come in. It takes lots of work to grow new skin.