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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Nicky's Fire

    by Richard Trotta Sr.
    Twelve year old Nicky and his father, Steve, were never close. For Career Day at school, Nicky asked Steve if he could go with him to work and day and write what his father does. After much coaxing from his mother, Steve relented. Nicky went to Ladder 52 to see what a day in the life of a NY firefighter was all about. Nicky got more than he bargained for. After going to The Rock, Ladder 52 gets called to a working fire and Nicky see the controlled chaos on the fire ground. Ste... more
  • Everything But the Truth: A Novel of Pat Conroy's Grandmother

    by Steve Peek
    In those days, women couldn’t vote, drink in public, or speak their minds outside of their homes. Most women anyway, but one thing for sure, Margaret Rose Nolan, wasn’t most women. Born into north Appalachian's piedmont, she knew what she wanted, and it wasn’t to live in the backwoods of Alabama surrounded by poverty and ignorance. She didn't care what women were supposed to do, or what others thought of her, she followed a single-minded purpose to create opportunities. If getting what she wan... more
  • The Queen's Dog

    by N.L. Holmes
    In the Syrian kingdom of Ugarit, a eunuch slave mistakenly believes his mistress the queen loves him, so when asked to spy on her under threat of punishment, he finds a way to avoid it. When she shows she cares nothing for him, he justifies reporting her disloyal activities but can’t escape agonies of conscience. As her sentence of divorce turns into execution, he decides he must avenge her and expurgate his own guilt.
  • The Singer and Her Song

    by N.L. Holmes
    Uqnitum is a singer from a famous musical lineage in the kingdom of Mitanni. When the fall of their city to the Assyrians costs her the life of her husband and her youngest child, she and her pregnant, widowed daughter flee to the court of Ugarit. Haunted by guilt over her part in her husband’s death, Uqnitum’s increasingly unhinged personality becomes dangerous to the peace of her remaining family. Only by succumbing to her weakness does she learn the real nature of strength.
  • The Lightning Horse

    by N.L. Holmes
    When a young Hittite charioteer discovers that the chariot accident that killed his father and maimed his grandfather was sabotage aimed at the king, he sets out to find the killer. Facing the loss of everyone he holds dear, he learns that good and evil are often not what they seem, and he must struggle to adjust to a new truth about himself.
  • The Stories We Choose Not To Tell

    by Kelly Fumiko Weiss
    Angela is at a crossroads. New life and new death, discovering she is pregnant just as her beloved Obachan, Aiko, passes away. Paralyzed by the gravity of these two events happening at the same time, Angela floats through Aiko’s wake like a ghost. Unexpectedly, Angela’s Auntie Pamela gifts her a box filled with family heirlooms, including tape recordings of her Obachan describing her time in the Japanese incarceration camps, and journals dating back to the 1970s written by her mother, Judith... more
  • Phoenix American Financial Services

    by Phoenix American
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    by CF Winn

    What are you hiding? MOORE THAN MEETS THE EYE is the second installment in the COFFEE BREAK SERIES by CF Winn. It tells the story of one day in the life of two strangers who are thrown together at a photo shoot.

    On a sunny beach in California, Joanna Moore, model of the moment, poses for the camera as if her life is every bit as beautiful as she is, but she struggles to be seen as a regular human being beneath her gorgeous exterior. For Joanna, making good decisions is a challenge, and ... more

  • In the Canyons of Shadow and Light (Revised)

    by Emily Donoho
    The end of October in 2004 heralds the start of a cold winter for Alex Boswell, a veteran NYPD homicide detective, world weary and cynical, but dedicated to the job. He is investigating an armed robbery in Harlem and the death of an assistant district attorney on the Upper West Side when he starts experiencing mystifying flashbacks and panic attacks. He’s baffled but doesn’t want to think about it too much; not in the NYPD where toughness is prized and admitting to mental health problems could r... more
  • Rue

    by Amy Q Barker
    When Rue Cavendish meets a handsome stranger in the San Francisco bar where she works as a lounge singer, she must choose between her perfectly ordered life and a chance at love. Josh Quinn is everything Rue is not – tall, outgoing, popular, talkative. Oh, and he can see. Rue, blind since birth, decides to let her walls down with Josh, diving into the relationship with her whole heart. Will her fierce independence and steadfast resilience survive? Kevin Warren is trying to save his marriage.... more
  • About a Boy

    by Nkem DenChukwu

    This is a story about an 11-year old boy who was bullied and alienated by his peers for one reason. One day, he met his new neighbor who brought sunshine back into his life. But, how they met was an interesting one. This is also a story how one person can make a difference, and not judging a book by its cover.

  • Free COVID testing

    by Julie Thompson
    Based on a true-life incident: An aunt and niece and free COVID testing...
  • Anne and Louis Forever Bound

    by Rozsa Gaston
    Anne and Louis Forever Bound is the fourth and final book of the Anne of Brittany Series. The story covers the final years of Anne of Brittany's marriage to Louis XII, King of France, from 1508-1514.
  • 9781734597837

    by Vince Guerra
    Ginger Cooper, one of the best Apache pilots in the Army, engages in nonstop missions during the Surge of 2008. Her squadron, Pegasus, owns the skies over Iraq, supporting troops on the ground across the war-ravaged nation. Porter Dawkins, a Navy SEAL, leads his counter-terrorism unit as they partner with the Army’s elite Delta Force operators to target insurgent leadership in high-risk missions at a moment’s notice. As the insurgency adapts, Ginger and Porter need to overcome unit casual... more
  • 978-1732571990

    by Vince Guerra
    Four years after a heroic rescue mission in Afghanistan, former Pararescueman Aiden McCoy continues to fight for the lives of veterans – this time at home, as they struggle with the physical and psychological effects of war. Meanwhile in Iraq, Aiden’s lifelong friend Jake Lyons impresses everyone with his combat rescue skills. As Jake’s reputation grows, so does his exposure to the daily horrors of a chaotic war. Aiden must help his friend confront the challenges of trauma, and get him back i... more
  • 978-1732571914

    by Vince Guerra
    The Golden Hour: The hour immediately following traumatic injury in which medical treatment to prevent irreversible internal damage and optimize the chance of survival is most effective. SEAL team Polaris is on a reconnaissance mission high in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan when they’re led into an ambush. The A-10 fighter providing close-air support is shot down and Air Force pararescue jumpers, dispatched to extract the downed pilot, also suffer heavy fire. As the clock ticks ... more