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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Unheard Voices ISBN 978-93-88125-29-1

    by Dr Dipanita Gargava
  • How Does Nexito Tablets Work-MEDZSITE

    by james farnadise

    If you are looking for medication to treat anxiety and panic attacks, then you should look into Nexito. How much time does it take for Nexito to work? What are the instructions for use Nexito? How does Nexito treat mental disorders? What is Nexito? Nexito is a prescription-strength antidepressant medicine that has been shown to be effective in treating depression and anxiety. It is available as an over-the-counter supplement or a medication that must be taken... more

  • Jesus' Silent Years Volume 3: Journey

    by Vance Shepperson
    This work of imagination is about one of history’s most controversial heroes, Jesus of Nazareth. The hero’s journey always takes you down.  Like Jesus, you too will begin as very ordinary, proceed to way below the common person’s life, and then rise at the end to an extraordinary life.  Journey gives new meaning to silence in Jesus’ Silent Years.  Jesus is shamed into silence by prison, starvation, privation, poverty, and sexual abuse.  Young people, marginalized people, “muddy” people of color... more
  • Ninjans 5: The Whiskey War

    by Dave Kwan

    Greedy Traders devised a plan to sell illegal Whiskey to Plains Indians. A rebel brave called Storm Cloud, uses the Whiskey to influence and control his rogue warriors. The wild young Chief sends his large War Party to attack homesteads, farms, and ranches, - to steal, kill, and destroy! Years before, the Indian Tribes signed a Peace Treaty with the Government. Storm Cloud wants to break the Peace and start a... more

  • A Penny in My Pocket

    by C.M. Harris
    You don't need to have a lot to help those who don't have much, and little Stevie learns just that. "A Penny In My Pocket, is a clever look at money, financing, and making hard decisions on what is more important to purchase." A trip to the grocery store teaches little Stevie that not only do we not always get to buy everything we want but that money can be used in many ways, even to help others! When Stevie sees someone in need, what will he choose to do? A Penny in my Pocket is a beautifull... more

    by Carolyn Angiolillo & Ronald Joseph Kule

    "Angie Carpello’s stoop-life upbringing in the Italian section of 1950s-60s-70s Williamsburg Brooklyn leaves her with more questions than answers about her survival chances until a Chinese ex-pat working as a hitman for the Mob develops an emotional connection with her. Their paths crossing amid a life-threatening set of circumstances lead him to save her and find redemption for his failures of the past." 

  • October Thirty-One

    by María Felicia Kelley
    October Thirty-One: 10/31 is the second installment of the illustrated children’s book series, Celebrate the HoliDates®, honoring American holidays and celebrations. Its sub-genre is elementary education and social science, customs, and traditions. This series is recommended for pre-kindergarten "Pre-K" through sixth-grade students. Ways to celebrate Halloween are the focus, geared to preschoolers and young elementary readers. It’s an activity-filled escapade through calendar knowledge. Adv... more
  • The Flowers of Spring

    by Aaron J Clarke
    In this finely drawn novella, Clarke portrays the free-spirited Sonia sacrificing her scruples and, more importantly, her first love, the handsome gardener, to the callous millionaire, John. Like the flowers that grow his garden, John’s obsessive love for Sonia is tainted with corruption and as a result, a malevolent presence affects the garden to the present day. Unable to resist her fate, Sonia marries John, a man whom she does not love, because he can provide for her and her unborn child. Dec... more
  • Gareth Gets a Job

    by C.M. Harris
    Gareth is an active pup who is ready to find the perfect job for him! Come along as Gareth quirkily discovers the many different types of jobs dogs can have, meets new friends, and learns about his own strength of not giving up. This inclusive story follows Gareth as he leaves his home and spends an adventurous day at the training facility to discover what is necessary to become a police dog, a medical alert dog, a guard dog, a service dog, and more. Gareth amusingly learns that he's not the ... more
  • Mr. K's Decision

    by Alexis Eyondi
    “But should someone call me now to announce her death, I wouldn’t even blink, let alone attend her funeral.” If a mother’s love knows no bounds, how has Mr. K come to forsake the woman who gave him life? Maybe a secret locked behind tight lips finally escaped. Stunned by his decision, the evening guests of Tiffany Estate turned into eager listeners of a story that should have been straightforward. Yet, as his narration of damaged family ties reveals a seemingly never-ending path of shame, op... more
  • Tourist

    by Timothy Strong
    Tourist tells the story tells of the accidental death of a man’s best friend and his subsequent descent into a deep depression. He struggles to recover as the frenzy of the 1980 Olympic Games consumes his hometown of Lake Placid. The iconic hockey game between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. serves as a metaphor for the building tension and ultimate release in the novel’s emotional and fast-paced plot.
  • Delmar the Dinky

    by Patricia Danna
    Delmar the Dinky is a small trolley at the 1904 World's Fair. Despite his size, Delmar can do what the big trains can't do. Will Delmar be able to save the day for the fairgoers?
  • Epiphany of Life

    by Aaron J Clarke
    Adam Carlson takes for his research topic an unfinished novel by Noelene Richards, a friend of Virginia Woolf. Trying to finish this extraordinary masterpiece, Adam begins to obsess about the book and its author, an obsession compounded by drugs. This clever debut novel by Aaron J Clarke, a book within a book, plays on perceptions of reality and identity and the possibilities of redemption.
  • The Cross of Lorraine

    by Jay A. Cornils

    by Kathleen Novak
    STEEL is the story of a gun that hung on the wall and the son who fell in love and the miner who left to be a cop in Chicago. It is also the story of the son's younger brother, who outlived everyone in his family to tell what happened, how they adored the first-born Tony and how Tony fell away into a state of mind they did not foresee. The world of immigrant life and anguishing young love interweaves with the stories that haunt an aging man, the events that changed them all, and the ways the ear... more
  • Dance Me a Revolution

    by Marsha Mildon
    Set in the lofty mountain ranges of Peru, my novel follows Inca descendent Rosa Amaru as she struggles to reconcile her intense love for her country with the reality of its politics, while guiding Canadian videographer Kelly Davis and American soldier Tony Comeau through the wild beauty of her colonized homeland. On their fraught journey, the three explore what it means to be human in a world of shifting morals and identities, and dance their way together into a new future.