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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Space Between Dark and Light

    by Jan Krause Greene

    In this speculative fiction, two seemingly unrelated stories unfold until a surprising revelation connects them. In contemporary times, Joe Geist, on a camping trip with his brother Jared, wakes up disoriented and frightened. When he can't find Jared, he begins a desperate search. At the same time, W.H. Davies, an eccentric man who chooses to live in Touro Park, sits in an old stone tower basking in the glow of certainty. He is certain that he knows and sees things that others can neither... more

  • Barry Needs A Hug

    by Sean Fournier
    Barry is a cactus whose world turns upside down when he realizes he’s never had a hug. Will his friends be there for him or will they burst his bubble? Barry learns about friendship, self-acceptance, and the importance of being unique. Join this determined cactus on his quest to embrace the impossible.
  • Faith on the Mall

    by Ann Beltran
    Step back in time to this full-blooded, deep-spirited American saga Before the Civil War, three siblings raised at the Lockhouse on the National Mall must rebound from tragedy. As the characters transform, so does the Mall with the arrival of the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian - and then the Union Army. This 15-year family saga of emerging feminist, businessman, and naturalist immerses you in the real lives of Senators and prostitutes, gay and straight national figures, explorers and C... more
  • Have You Ever Seen?

    by Jacqueline and Ron Zarro

    "Have You Ever Seen?" strives to bring joy and giggles as readers follow Max the Mole as he wanders about the land running into animals, vegetables, bugs, fish, and ice cream. His journey involves many unlikely scenarios, including a flower taking a shower, a goat in a boat that doesn't float, and a fly that is an international spy. This book is sure to bring a smile to children's faces.

  • The Incompleteness Theorem

    by Mark McDowell
    Jack Callany, is a recent widower who is seeking to understand, and then rebuild, himself. Jack's wife, Diane, passes away unexpectedly only days before the worldwide COVID-19 lockdowns. Jack and his teen son and daughter are forced to cope with their grief in isolation, but Jack's good nature and playful pranks help the family endure these shocks. As Jack's son returns to college and his daughter prepares to leave for college, Jack is forced to examine himself and decide who he will be in the n... more
  • Just Norman: Revised Edition 2022

    by SweetSpire Literature Management
    A compact book of 14 stories about a duck who lives on a farm. He is no ordinary duck, he can think and talk, he has good friends and when they are in danger he proves to be a good friend too.
  • Two Watches

    by Rob Slattery
    A chance discovery Will made while cleaning out his father’s apartment following his death, opened up a whole new part of James’s life that Will had not known, filled with adventure and new relationships. From Lithuania in 1991, and the backdrop of ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Vilnius, we travel with Will all the way to the present day through his own family’s history as he learns more about his father and in turn, more about their own relationship.
  • Life After

    by Genalea Barker

    In this coming-of-age novel, a college-bound young woman must grapple with a difficult home life, an absent mother, and a life-altering tragedy which leaves her feeling like half of herself. New York Times bestselling author Amber Smith calls it, "A gorgeously-written story of hope." 

  • Babbitt Redux

    by Jeffrey Seretan
    It is 2007, and the country is on the cusp of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Unaware of the pending crash, George F. Babbitt, great grandson and namesake of Sinclair Lewis’ original character, moves into lavish offices, expands his commercial real estate business and makes a bold investment in order to “play with the big boys.” But, beneath the veneer of his ambition, Babbitt is deeply discontented with the daily grind of his life and retreats to nocturnal dreams of adventure an... more
  • The Many Adventures of Donnie Malone

    by Paul Doutrich
    The Many Adventures of Donnie Malone takes readers into the events that helped shape the American twentieth century. They begin when sixteen-year-old Donnie gets caught up in the patriotic swirl of World War I. Enlisting in the U.S. Army, he becomes a pilot during the deadly days at the end of the fighting. The stakes in Donnie's life are just as high after the war. He wrestles with wealthy investors and powerful politicians who have designs on his air delivery business. He is hired to drive ... more
  • Words for Sale

    by Jacintha A. Mondesir

    Jamerson is a little boy who wants to make friends, but he just finds sharing his thoughts so hard! So he turns to what he knows best...mixing and baking to relieve his stress. Soon, he finds his thoughts pouring into the treat he makes. But how will his neighbors react to his yummy thought-filled treat?

    The perfect story for children who may not be able to verbally express themselves, Words for Sale encourages children to find creative outlets that will allow them to cope with adversit... more

  • Hell is For Mailmen: A Novella

    by Chris Griffy

    "I don't know which I found more surprising about the afterlife; that it has a mailman, or that I was it."
    A man wakes up in a barren '50s-styled subdivision to discover he is, by all evidence, its mailman. As he delivers letters to empty houses he wonders what this is; why this job?
    Until he finds something at 320 Sycamore that changes everything.

  • Dark Tales from Dreamdale #1. Nightmares Are Everywhere Here!

    by Jeremy Robertson
    When a scary nightmare creature escapes its underworld prison, a brave boy, Arden Wonder, must slay the quirky dream monster Count Comatose before the villain has an opportunity to feed on the dreams and nightmares of young souls that will allow Count Comatose to unleash a nightmarish apocalypse that will corrupt reality. Every dreaming child will turn into fantasy creatures and be the monster's slaves in its lair--forever.
  • The Book of Growth

    This is a story about a young girl named Laila who unfortunately faces the unexpected tragedy of losing someone she cared for deeply. A few days after her loss, Laila is given a magical book that transports her into the story. During Laila’s adventures, she comes across many kinds of people who help guide her through her struggles and help her grow as an individual. But not all the people Laila meets are looking out for her best interest. What Laila doesn’t know is that someone has been watching... more
  • Archie Finds His Voice

    by Pam Dworetz-Sofarelli
    As Archie leaves his mother and his tree for the first time, he is scared. He misses his mother. He is self-conscious of how his “chee-chee-chee” song makes him stand out and the challenges that may create. On his journey from his home in the bright tree, Archie meets four friends. Each friend brings their own unique trait; creating a cohesive group built on what they come to realize is each other’s strength. The friends learn the importance of authenticity and inclusion. And they gain the co... more
  • Computer Love: A Digital Anthology

    by Ricardo Pierre-Louis
    A god overlooks the world he created with restless dissatisfaction, and contemplates ending his misery. A young painter sees a dazzling woman from across the coffee shop and quickly falls in love, but her past brings him unspeakable shame. A gambling addict hides his debts to save his marriage, until a shady executive demands her money back or she'll squeal. Computer Love is a collection of stories about people who have experienced a profound sense of loss and seek to deeply root their sense of ... more