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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Girl in the Water

    by Joseph Howse
    The Girl in the Water is the story of a multiethnic group of young friends, coming of age in Estonia and Ukraine in the last days of the Soviet Union. Their lives are shaped by an Afghan war, the Chernobyl disaster, and the collapse and legacy of a suffocating society.
  • The Adventurous Kids: A Mission in the Magic Town

    by Arushi Bhattacharjee

    This is an adventure story written by a six-year-old author. A Magical book teleports the siblings into Magic Town. There they meet the twins and team up for a critical mission.


    EXCERPTS from the book
    "....The cars can be seen flying around and if the drivers go too fast, they shoot up like a rocket. 
    The houses do silly things like teleporting to warmer places in the winter, similar to a migrating bird. 
    Sometimes the houses can be seen dancin... more

  • The Wishing Tree: An Adventure in Imagination Land

    by Anushka Bhattacharjee

    The Wasp has escaped! It has been a thousand years since the great hero, Cordelia, captured the Wasp. With his superpowers, the Wasp can exercise mind control over any unmagical creature on this planet.

    EXCERPTS from the book
    "....On the ground, carnivorous animals have surrounded them; and birds of prey are circling the tower, ready to attack.
    All of their eyes are red, which is a sign that they are under the Wasp’s control.
    The Wasp is coming!"

  • My Magic Mirror: Adventure and Mystery in the Magical world of Fantasy

    by Anushka Bhattacharjee

    A "Readers' Favourite" Gold Award Winner!

    EXCERPTS from the book
    "....All I see is a golden ray of light. There is no landing spot visible in my line of sight.
    It feels like I am on a high-speed rollercoaster. I want to scream again, but I am paralyzed. Paralyzed, and, apparently, upside-down."

    Retelling of the Tale “The Three Little Pigs” with a unique spin at the end!

    My Magic Mirror is a children's fantasy a... more

  • White Beach

    by Keith Woodhouse
    Sex, madness, Poetry, Mental Homes, some fantasy and narrative development and autobiography.
  • An Enemy Like Me

    by Teri M Brown

    How does a man show his love – for country, for heritage, for family – during a war that sets the three at odds? What sets in motion the necessity to choose one over the other? How will this choice change everything and everyone he loves?

    Jacob Miller, a first-generation American, grew up in New Berlin, a small German immigrant town in Ohio where he endured the Great Depression, met his wife, and started a family. Though his early years were not easy, Jacob believes he is he... more

  • Turfmen and the Prodigal

    by John M. Cunningham Jr
    Bitter, backslidden Christian Gideon Deshler spirals toward destruction, his demise hastened by evil Elvira Sturgis with whom he falls in love. She and her father, president of Alabama’s Spring Hill Jockey Club, brutalize their slaves. Two of Sturgis’s slaves, the jockey Ned and his girlfriend Becky, must escape to Canada so they can fulfill their dreams. But how? Alabama is far away from Canada, and it also doesn’t have an Underground Railroad. Meanwhile, a mystery surrounds the death of a c... more
  • Adeline Visits the Library

    by Meredith Johnson
    Meet Adeline, a spunky, daring, and always caring little girl who knows the library is the key to exploring worlds she’s always wanted to see. Her love of books is contagious, the librarians know her by name, and when she sits with her huge pile of books to read, she knows her day will never be the same. But when a boy from school comes into the library with a sad look, and says he won’t read a book, Adeline wants to know why and really wants to help him try. Through her love of stories,... more
  • Naked Butt Busts Out!

    by Jane Smith

    Laugh-Out-Loud Children’s Book About Being True to Yourself

    Cheeky bunny Naked Butt just wants to be himself, but when being yourself literally means baring it all, Naked Butt finds everyone wants him to cover up his tail again. Especially his momma! So Naked Butt tries his best to keep his true self tucked under shirts and shorts. But when Naked Butt’s clothes start feeling itchier and scratchier and tighter and tighter, he can’t keep himself covered ... more

  • Meatpacking

    by Michael Heslin

    Before the High Line there was a train that ran through their lives...

    Salome and her mother Max live in a Manhattan loft surrounded by Abstract-Expressionist murals and views of the West Side Highway. It is a neighborhood of meatpacking plants and nightclubs and the echoes of ocean liners. 
    MEATPACKING is a downtown world where few children grow, where the streetlights are broken and the pay phones don't work. Over the years Salome creates a garden of her own on the railroad viadu... more


    by Gabe Oliver
    Follow Gene through this psychological coming of age novel on his journey to discover the meaning of it all, while maneuvering through the unexpected trials of life. From the hardship of a broken home, through the mental struggles of a religious sect. The unexpected twists and turns in this book will command the attention of its readers. The highs and lows of this inspiring story will make it hard to put down. Discover the significance of the LITTLE TOY CAR.
  • Making a Living

    by Paul Montag
    Rick Armon, a former sales rep, answers a call from a potential employer only to brush him off in a panic over a lost piece of Billie Jo Spears memorabilia. The search for this pin spurs his reflection of how quickly his life has changed. His career more than paid the bills, but it was eroding who he was. Longer hours and weekend sales events had Rick sneaking his leisure into the workday. Until his largest account is on the line and Rick is on a plane to St. Louis to save his job. The trip is ... more
  • Nightfall in the Garden of Deep Time

    by Tracy Higley

    What if you stumbled into a timeless party, in a secret garden only YOU could see? Kelsey Willoughby doesn’t have time to pursue her writing dreams. Imagination doesn’t pay the bills, and she’s busy saving Gran’s legacy—the Chestnut Street Book Emporium—from online competition, hotel developers, and the sneaking suspicion that nobody reads anymore. Not to mention all those voices telling her she doesn’t have talent. But then the vacant lot of weeds ne... more

  • Believe In Yourself

    by Joyful Stories For Kids
    Believe In Yourself is a story of a sea turtle who struggles to overcome obstacles to reach the ocean from its sandy nest. This story models the skills children can use to overcome obstacles in their own lives. Children use the turtle's affirming example, "I believe in myself", to develop a strong belief in their own abilities. Through “Believe In Yourself” a child learns: That using confidence-building words, i.e. "I believe in myself” can help when a situation calls for courage. That t... more
  • Tales of Political Infidels Trump’s Lickspittles and Lackeys

    by Rainer Link
    Let pundits and historians argue over the facts of the Trump presidency. This novel confronts the absurd reality of that era with whimsy, street theater, poetry, and a band of merry characters eager to expose the rampant fraudulence. With the help of his friend the Whistler (undercover as a chef in the White House), the novel’s narrator concocts audacious accounts that mock Trump and his lackeys. Trump becomes a medieval quack when he touts useless cures for the coronavirus; he seeks to buy a... more