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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Christlike or Christless: For Christians Only

    by Sylvia Bruce
    In Christlike or Christless, Sylvia Bruce shares her personal journey of faith and discusses ways Christians can "do and think like Christ." Bruce shares insights into the ways readers can walk a closer path to Jesus and make better choices to offer God honor, glory, and praise. Christlike or Christless asks us to consider our habits and really ask whether we act for God or for ourselves.
  • WAR Baby: A Ruach Elohim Parable

    by Dr. Georgette V. Prime-Godwin
    When you lose everything that's important to you; when seemingly hell is all around you. how do you reconcile with God? This action-filled and thought-provoking modern-day parable will have you captivated from the start and when you think you have it all figured out, the plot changes yet again. An excellent read!
  • In Turn

    by H.G. Royster
    Lentil begins her Australian hospital internship with the socially elite intern, Isaac. She suffers from imposter syndrome and is shocked by how different being a doctor is from her original idealised perception. After Isaac faces institutional bullying, Lentil fails to notice his mental decline before his death by suicide. Her faith in the system is lost by the lack of impact suicide appears to have. Lentil faces her own experience of sexism and diminishment. She notices herself become desensit... more
  • The Girls in Cabin Number Three

    by Bublish, Inc.

    In book two of the Guest Book Trilogy, eighty-one-year-old Annie Parker recounts taking on, against the wishes of her new love Noah, an out-of-town design project that leads her down a path that is more than she bargained for.

    Back in Lake Arrowhead, California, a long-awaited mystery is buried in Cabin Number Three. Annie meets Carrie Davis who wants to update her childhood home on the lake and feels a tie to Annie’s cabins.

    Apparently, Carrie’s parents stayed here du... more

  • "Hammy Hammerhead's (almost) Big Adventure!"

    by Mike Crowder
    'Hammy Hammerhead's (almost) Big Adventure!' is a day-in-the-life type of story, where a particular situation has conflict and resolution. Mike Crowder's artwork largely contributes to the attractiveness of this storybook. Every page is occupied by fully-colored backdrops that give a three-dimensional feel to the large aquarium setting. Similarly, every fish character is well-drawn and colored which helps to bring out their distinct characteristics and personalities. Cereals are eaten, rooms are... more
  • Friends of the President

    by mervyn curran
    Author; Mervyn Curran. Title; Friends of the President. Fiction. Page count; 95381. Setting; Europe, Middle East, U.S. Genre; Political/ action thriller. A typically busy day at JFK airport. A vigilant tourist witnesses a covert exchange between two men and alerts a police officer to the danger. Multiple arrests are made, a serious threat is neutralised, and authorities think they’ve stopped another terrorist attack. But, during questioning of the suspects, a bizarre story eme... more
  • The Moonlit Path

    by Peter P Goodman
    This novel is the 1914 journal of Katherine Willard, a 32-year-old artist then living in Oakland, California. Although the year eventually takes a turn she does not foresee, plunging her into new challenges, she is also a spirited and thoughtful guide through 1914 as it was. While she is dealing with a host of personal issues, including sexual molestation and the death of someone close to her, we also get a clear picture of the 1914 version of issues we still face, including the situation of w... more
  • Alice

    by Stevie B
    Young adult fiction with cross-generational appeal employing a mash-up of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking-Glass and M. N. Shyamalan’s, The Sixth Sense. It plays to the mind of the inner child of every adult who’s grappled with the un-realness of reality. Alice, a Croatian immigrant working in the food and beverage industry just turned twenty-six, discovered she’s pregnant and is someone who fell down that rabbit hole of debt during the COVID-19 pandemic when bars and restaur... more
  • What Do You Call Your Grandfather?

    by Joan Ruddiman, EdD
    Young John thinks about special grandfather names. Why do he and all the cousins call their grandfather PopPop? How did he get that special name? As Daddy tells John about PopPop's name, they consider other interesting names they have heard grandfathers called. Young readers and their reading partners are encouraged to join John in finding many wonderful grandfather names from - everywhere! And most especially, young readers and their families are encouraged to discover how their grandfather got... more
  • What Do You Call Your Grandmother?

    by Joan Ruddiman, EdD
    Young John is surprised and delighted when he learns the story behind his Noanie's special grandmother name, which inspires him to think about what other grandmothers are called. As John and his daddy consider many beautiful grandmother names from other cultures and regions, as well as sweet and unique family names, young readers and their reading partners are encouraged to join in with finding and sharing their own special grandmother name. *Families can personalize their copy with a photogr... more
  • Exits

    by Stephen C. Pollock

    Exits is a poetry chapbook that captures the prevailing zeitgeist in a world ravaged by contagion, famine and war.  The nineteen poems cohere by virtue of a unifying theme.  Each relates to one or more aspects of mortality — disease and decline, death and remembrance — and each is accompanied by a piece of artwork selected by the author.

    Despite the ostensibly somber theme, all of the poems feature vivid imagery and abundant wordplay. The collection also f... more

  • Captain Hornigold and the Pirate Republic

    by Martin Frey

    "Captain Hornigold and the Pirate Republic" carefully follows Benjamin Hornigold from the time he leaves Port Royal,Jamaica, in 1713 and sails to Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas, to begin his career as a pirate, until he accepts King George's offer for a pardon in 1718 and becomes a pirate hunter. During this period, Hornigold becomes the leader of the non-Jacobite pirates and sails in consort with Bloackbeard (Edward Thache), Black Sam Bellamy and his partner Paulsgrave ... more

  • My Imperfect Mommy

    by Marissa Stridiron, MD
    My Imperfect Mommy tells a warm-hearted tale about a little boy who wants his mother to be perfect. Through his journey, he is able to discover and appreciate that his mother has imperfections. As psychiatrists, we wanted to create a children’s story to address the concept of being perfect. A concept we feel many people, including ourselves, struggle with often. It has been both amazing and educational for both of us to view ourselves through the lens of our own children who see us as “perfec... more
  • Middle School Mari V: Stop That, It's Weird

    by Marievil Rodriguez-Keever

    A story set in the 1990's of a young girl trying to figure out her place in her family, her new school, and the world. In the 90's middle schools had not developed yet, most places still had junior highs. As a Military brat Mari must move every three years. She is the middle child of a Puerto Rican family moving from Hawaii to New York. Her new school and age are leading her into adolescence, crushes, conflicts with family and friends, as well as confusion. Feeling out of place a... more

  • Find the Moon

    by Beth Fehlbaum
    Kylie Briscoe’s mama is not just an addict; she’s also a dealer, and anytime she owes her uplines money, she offers them a “square deal”—she trafficked Kylie for sex—and she’s been doing so since Kylie was in middle school. Mama promised her she wouldn't have to do it anymore, but Mama doesn't have a great track record in the promise-keeping department. If she’s lucky enough to be by a window when it happens, Kylie searches for the moon—it soothes her so—but she has no idea why. When the devil ... more
  • Lyrics for the Loved Ones

    by Anne Goodwin
    How do we live with our secrets? How do we right past wrongs? After half a century confined in a psychiatric hospital, Matty has moved to a care home on the Cumbrian coast. Next year, she’ll be a hundred, and she intends to celebrate in style. Irene, a care assistant, aims to surprise her with a visit from the child she gave up for adoption eight decades before. When lockdown shuts the care-home doors, their plans go awry. Yet, while Irene battles grief and loneliness, Matty thrives. Until th... more