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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Gurty the Goose Leads the Flock

    by Berlando Drake

    Gurty is a fun-loving and fearless goose! He believes he can do just about anything-as long as he's got his lucky socks. Even geese have dreams, and Gurty's got a big one. When he is finally chosen to lead his flock, he desperately wants to do a good job. So what does Gurty do? He sneaks away to practice by himself, where he faces many challenges that will test his skills.  He almost loses hope but he never gives up!  With a little help from his frie... more

  • The Epic of Glenda Mesh

    by Christopher Fryer
    Glenda Mesh is a badass junior in high school who rules the modern-day city of Babylon like a monster because her parents are rich and she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Who dares to stop her when she’s also the best track and field star in the country? No one, that’s who. Until one day a red-headed orphan girl named Enkidu comes into town with a sad backstory and a grudge against tyrants like Glenda. When Glenda faces the reality that she’s become the villain in her own story, and se... more
  • The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Enter the Shadow

    by Angel Giacomo
    Jackson MacKenzie’s life is about to change. After retiring a second time, the Marine Corps general takes his wife on an ocean adventure as a homecoming to renew their marriage vows. But he never expected what would happen next. He finds himself hip-deep in international intrigue. Who is after him? The Russian GRU, the FSB, maybe even someone closer to home. Will he be able to save his family, his friends, and himself? Or will the villains defeat him in the end? And he joins the fallen at Arling... more
  • The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Broken Valor

    by Angel Giacomo
    Duty. Honor. Country. The motto by which Major Harry Russell lived as a United States Army Special Forces officer. How does he move forward when his entire life has been turned on its head? Everything Harry worked toward all his life is gone. Gone like his foot in a nighttime mortar attack. Gone like his career since the Army kicked him out as worthless dead weight. Gone like his friends, missing on a secret mission. All he has now is himself. And as a Vietnam veteran, that may not be enough.
  • The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Duty, Honor, and Courage

    by Angel Giacomo
    Danger lurks in the shadows, danger that threatens not only Colonel Jackson MacKenzie and his friends but the American way of life. MacKenzie’s honor and his freedom were stolen from him once. Now a disgraced soldier, he must risk his life and his freedom in a fight to save his friends, his country, and himself. Or will the real traitor destroy everything Jackson holds dear?
  • The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Peace at a Cost

    by Angel Giacomo
    War – What happens to the soldiers who fight them? Do they just go home and ride off into the sunset? Do they return to their families and a normal life? Or do they have an internal war? Trying to come to terms with what happened to them and their buddies in a war that no one wanted. Scars made not only outside but inside. Called baby killer, murderer and so many others vile names. Ignored and sometimes abused by the very system they gave their oath and sometimes their lives to protect. Lt. Colo... more
  • The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Brothers In Arms

    by Angel Giacomo
    Duty – Service – Love of country – Honor – Dreams – Family. Those words mean everything to young Michael “Mikey” Roberts. From a small Kansas town, Mikey wants to find his path in life. To accomplish that he joins the United States Army. During his first tour of duty in Vietnam, he found his path…medicine. He became a Special Forces medic. However, in war that path can fork many times. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. Mikey finds more horror than he expected and learns more abo... more
  • The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Forged in Fire and Blood

    by Angel Giacomo
    USMC Camp Pendleton, 1951. Jackson Joseph MacKenzie, a seventeen-year-old with a calling, enlists in the US Army. He finds himself hip-deep in the muddy trenches, machine gun nests, human wave attacks, and artillery barrages in the Korean War. Does he have the resiliency to keep moving toward his dream after watching his friends die? Is he a leader or a follower? Will he fold under pressure? Or rise to the top? Questions he must answer before reaching for that coveted prize, an appointment to We... more
  • The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: In the Eye of the Storm

    by Angel Giacomo
    War - It changes everyone and everything it touches. But especially the men who live in the trenches. Who fight the battles. Lt. Colonel Jackson Joseph MacKenzie is one of those men. He grew up in the shadow of a legendary Marine. Part of a family tradition to serve, he joined the United States Army. His first war - Korea -taught him death the hard way, both personal and professional. His second - Vietnam - never-ending pain. And betrayal by those above him. Those he trusted. His superiors. Give... more
  • Danger Peak

    by Michael Thomas Perone

    What's on top of Danger Peak? That's what 13-year-old Robert Kin and his two best friends, wisecracking and loyal Chris and sweet but put-upon Rinnie, want to find out in their small suburban town of the late 1980s. The three teens are members of the motorbike-racing club the Wild Boars, and with the inadvertent help of their eccentric technology teacher, Dr. Howard (who prefers to be called “Doctor,” not “Mister,” thank you very much), they build Robert a bett... more

  • Me: A Salsa Dancer

    by Michael Hickman

    The story is about Roscoe born into a family-Grandparents and parents-who loves to dance salsa. Roscoe would love to follow the fun, family tradition. However, dancing makes him nervous. Roscoe's family has plans to dance during their vacation. They offer him advice on dancing. He remains inhibited. One day his friend Sara sees him doing something that looks like dancing. She shares the good news that he can learn how to dance at the library. The library is having a special event with a reput... more

  • Just Off Elysian Fields

    by Woodlief Thomas
    Antoine, a thirty-something New Orleanian, needs to find meaning. He’s out of prison and trying to carve out a life, but he remains crippled by guilt and drink. This all changes when he learns his aged best friend Pharoah, a semi-homeless street performer, is dying. Pharoah’s last wish is for Antoine to find his estranged nineteen-year-old daughter Maybelle, with whom Pharoah has not spoken for fourteen years. Maybelle, a dreamer from New Orleans’ tough Sixth Ward, fled the city a month and a ha... more
  • "#ScaryWhiteFemales"

    by R. Scott Cornwell
    In the Dark Ages of identity politics, America is divided into too many victim classes to count; but there is a common enemy--The Toxic White Male. In this hilarious satire, a disillusioned Federal bureaucrat, and staunch libertarian, is lured to Progress, Oregon, "North America's Progressive Vacation Destination", by his woke wife for a little re-education. An alien land awaits.
  • Squire, A Mascot's Tale

    by John M. Cunningham, Jr
    At the outbreak of the Civil War, and against his wife Rachel's pleadings, Captain Jesse Webb takes his beloved dog Squire to war as his regiment's mascot. By 1863, they're posted in Port Hudson, Louisiana. Here Jesse encounters his old rival for Rachel's hand, Colonel Hampton Lafayette Marsden, who'd killed Jesse's brother in a duel a few years earlier. Here, too, Squire kills a fighting bulldog in self-defense. The bulldog's owner, Aaron Blevin, conspires with Marsden against Squire and Jesse.... more

    by Michael Heslin

    Before the High Line Park there was a train that ran through their lives…

    Salome and her mother Max live in a Manhattan loft surrounded by Abstract Expressionist murals and views of the West Side Highway. It is a neighborhood of meatpacking plants and nightclubs and the echoes of ocean liners. Salome never learned to roller skate on cobblestones, but her playground is Mr. Zwerling’s hardware store and her best friend is a man who cannot speak.

    MEATPACKING is a do... more

  • The Last Single Woman In New York City

    by Lorraine Duffy Merkl
    A jilted executive at her most vulnerable falls prey to an anti-marriage guru.