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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Disrupting Destiny

    by Jan Foster
    1536 – Hunted, hiding for a century, two outcast Fae soulmates have their dreams of freedom and eternal life ripped apart after a violent confrontation with a ruthless figure from Annabella's secret past. Racing against time itself forces Annabella to choose - confront or flee from her destiny. The shadowy realm she knew before haunts her and rebellion looms. To avert catastrophe, she must challenge history, as well as accept a solitary future. Once a mortal, homebody Joshua must desperately n... more
  • Ten Seconds In-Between

    by Doug Hoekstra

    Ten Seconds In-Between is a book of short stories, a collection about connection. There’s something elusive yet immediate about the characters in these tales - as a line “Performance Art,” goes, “You remember reading somewhere that psychologists say when people meet, they decide within 7 and 17 seconds whether or not they will like each other. You wonder about the 10 seconds in between.

    "Doug Hoekstra is either the Hank Williams of the printed page, or the R... more

  • Because the Sky is a Thousand Soft Hurts

    by Elizabeth Kirschner

    “We need more voices like Elizabeth Kirschner's, whose words connote the reality of trauma, illness, neurodivergence, and beauty through the juxtaposition of her own associative metaphors, similes, and images. A published poet and memoirist, she also proves adept at fiction. These are not conventional stories but quantum fictions.”

    —Kevin Richard Kaiser, editor-in-chief of Punt Volat and author of  An Ethics Beyond: Posthumanist Animal Encounters and Varia... more

  • The Dark Descent

    by Kimki Kita

    After the loss of her grandmother, Kokoro will face the biggest challenge of her life: psychosis. Based on true events, this autofiction will spiral you down the path of a mentally ill twenty-year-old in Southern Ontario, Canada, who has to fight for her sanity.

  • Incident on 95

    by Daniel Endicott
    A chance accident sends a life into a spin

    by Tom Schneider
    Thirty-eight years after the Salem witch trials came the Witches of the Mount. In 1730 Ben Franklin published a story about a witch trial in Mount Holly, in The Pennsylvania Gazette. But did he tell the complete story, or was it a coverup of more sinister and frightening events? Emmet, an aspiring reporter, takes his first assignment for Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette and travels to New Jersey to discover the truth about the impending trial. His investigation of what Franklin views as a... more
  • B08V858JZK

    by Tom Schneider
    THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN ORIGIN STORY America wasn't the only thing birthed in 1776. The year also gave rise to the brutal terror of the Headless Hessian. Elijah sets off from Philadelphia to the village of North Tarrytown. There, his path leads to a showdown with the murderous horseman on All Hallows Eve, and his deeds give birth to a legend.
  • The Clovis Dig

    by Teri Fink

    When a shocking discovery is found among ancient artifacts during an archaeological dig in an orchard, an investigation of a different kind begins. Orchardist Claire Courtney must decide who to trust as she desperately tries to salvage what’s left of her livelihood and her life.

    Amidst the beauty of the Wenatchee Valley at the feet of the Cascade Mountains, apple orchardist Claire Courtney struggles to make a living.

    When strange and ancient artifac... more

  • Black Wheels

    by Michael Halperin
    Inspired by a true story. Fifteen-year-old African-American Nat Fowler, raised on his family farm in predominately white Missouri in the late 1800s, runs away from home and joins the army when accused of murdering a white man. He ends up at Fort Missoula, Montana immersed for the first time in his life in all-black culture with the 25th Infantry. A white officer, Lt. James Moss, convinces the War Department to test the modern bicycle as a replacement for the horse. Nat, an avid bicycle rider... more
  • Windswept

    by Annabelle McCormack

    A British nurse in WWI Egypt races to deliver explosive intelligence that could change the course of the war in this novel of suspense, adventure, and love.

    May, 1917. Ginger Whitman left a life of wealth and privilege in England to train as a battlefield nurse and serve in the Great War. Working on the brutal frontlines in Palestine, she finds a wounded soldier hiding in her camp. The soldier claims to carry intelligence unmasking a secret plot against th... more

  • The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness

    by Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos


    How could the world be a better place if each of us used our unique talents to make others happy?

    Ben loves to draw. Drawing makes him happy, and he uses his drawing talent to also make others around him happy. One day, he has an idea: what if he started a Happiness Club? To become a member of the club, all a child has to do is use their own unique talent... more

  • The Shadow of E. Z.'s Fear

    by Tony L. Turnbow

    In 1809, when his widowed mother decides to move him and his younger brother to the new Mississippi Territory, E.Z. Perkins is thrown into a dangerous new world. Their new home lies somewhere along the bloodiest road in American history—the Natchez Trace. Filled with cutthroat bandits, angry Indian warriors, and monstrous creatures, the road has earned the name “The Devil’s Backbone.” Bandits target E. Z. from the moment he begins the journey as he discovers one of the... more

  • Chasing North Star

    by Heidi McCrary
    Germany, 1940. While struggling to survive at an orphanage, young Didi crosses paths with a rebellious, quirky girl who will either help her escape a life of abuse and uncertainty or lead her down an even darker path.
  • Cicada Bibada and the Healing Springs

    by C.J. Gillett

    Cicada Bibada is a bug with a very important job. Every day, he wakes up bright and early to sing the weather to his neighbors. He tells them what to expect and how to prepare for the day ahead. If the weather is bad, he even stays up all night making sure his weather reports are up-to-date. He is the hardest working weather bug anyone ever did see! That is, until he loses his voice…

    Cicada Bibada and the Healing Springs teaches young readers about the impor... more

  • technical advisor

    by steve smith

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    McAfee Activate | McAfee Activate | Webroot Login | | Norton Setup | Mywifiext... more

  • abu dhabi weekly magazine

    by adam john
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