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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Welshman's Wife

    by Jacqline Irwin
    The Welshman’s Wife tells the story of three generations of Welsh-Americans and the love they find and lose as they battle with their own inner demons. Lizzie, the beautiful daughter of a prominent salt maker in Charleston, West Virginia who falls in love with Layton Williams, survives the tragedy of the Civil War only to battle with her own inner demons. Her daughter Sarah, willful and beautiful but always haunted by grief and disappointment in those who love her. Charlie, her oldest son. Passi... more
  • Ever Glade

    by Brandi Megan Granett
    Eleven-year-old Willow wants to be a scientist like her father. She enjoys discovering and recording what she sees, from the trees to the mushrooms to the plants and animals in her forest home in Pennsylvania. But after a mysterious encounter with the owner of the Odds and Ends Shop in the tiny town where her family shops, she discovers she has a new gift—the ability to see into others’ past lives. From glimpses of an old shipwreck to a lovely tea party, Willow is fascinated by her new gift, ... more
  • Juvenal's Lament: A Political Fable

    by Alan Thompson
    Tommy Sawyer, the man one critic hailed as “Holden Caulfield with a political science degree,” is back. Elected to serve out the term of a dead Congressman, Tommy is chosen to oversee the impeachment of the Chief Justice of the United States. Along the way, he encounters the entrenched greed and corruption in Washington that’s now undermining life in the rest of the country. Murder, terrorism and unrestrained “politics” are the order of the day, and the United States teeters on civil war. On... more
  • Measure of Danger

    by Adam Coplan
    Pirates attack a yacht in the dangerous Malacca Straight, wounding and killing several people before disappearing with the ship and six women from amongst the guests and crew. Amanda Whitman’s sister Stephanie was among the women taken and no matter where she turns, no one seems willing or able to help. Gabe Collins is a former Navy SEAL who lives on one of the largest super yachts in the world with a quirky band of former soldiers and friends. They have all left the military and since gained wi... more
  • Ernie the Eraser

    by Ashlyn Parker
    Ernie the Eraser has no friends. The pencils think he rubs in their mistakes, when he really works hard to rub them away! His quest for friendship takes a toll after he's bounced off the desk by his angry student. But this turns into one mistake he'll never erase.
  • Fieldcraft: Four Stories on the Edge Between the Present and the Future

    by Kellan Sparver

    A spy searches for meaning and survival.

    A gay couple and their community confront an external threat.

    Two men wait for the shuttle off-planet.

    A young boy loses a friend in a small town whose residents are slowly being replaced by robots.

    These are four stories on the edge between the present and the future.

  • Yara's Tawari Tree (Yara's Rainforest)

    Yara lives with her Mama in the lush Amazon jungle. She wants to rescue her beloved but increasingly besieged rainforest home. When Yara falls gravely ill, the forest returns the love and saves Yara's life. "A story with a good ecological message and vibrant paintings..." - Kirkus Reviews Written in rhyme and featuring gorgeous watercolor illustrations by Joanna Pasek, this is the first volume in a new series showing children how all living things on our beautiful planet depend on one anot... more
  • Dreams of Cherry Blossoms

    by Walter Miller
    A riveting saga unfolding at the end of World War 2, Dreams of Cherry Blossoms is the improbable love story of American Navy officer Richard Jackson and Japanese college professor Emiko Murakami. He experiences the horror of war on a destroyer and sees firsthand the wasteland of Japan as a member of Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s occupation staff. Emiko lives in fear that her beloved hometown, the former Imperial capital of Kyoto will be destroyed by B-29 firebombing raids. \tWith the beauty, cultur... more
  • Boobie's Scary Halloween

    by Kam Draper
    Join Boobie and her sisters in, Boobie’s Scary Halloween. This is the first story in our children's book series, which will not only be fun for kids but enjoyable for adults to read as well. A collaboration of colorful illustrations and descriptive writing will set the scene for the audience to ride along. Come see if Boobie is brave enough to face her Halloween fears!
  • The Baseball

    by James Flerlage
    Landon Myers is a retired pediatric oncologist who spends his days diagnosing the ills of his young grandchildren's stuffed animals while scheming up new ways to spend time with the older ones. When his thirteen-year-old granddaughter Lucy discovers an old Major League Baseball while cleaning his cellar, he faces the difficult task of exposing a family secret that has lain dormant for the past forty years. Over a long lunch with Lucy, Landon reveals that he was previously married, divorced, a... more
  • To Be Human

    by Mary Kay Holmes

    "I hugged him, it was all I could do. There was a piece of glass between us, a shield I couldn't break no matter how tightly I squeezed. He resisted me, and I was scared.”
    Isabel exists in the grey area between her deepest, darkest, most intimate dreams and the reality that constantly disappoints her. She thrives, she fails, she self-medicates to escape the pain. Then all at once she realizes what is missing and it consumes her being. The hunt for the man she left behind m... more

  • Howdy Joey!

    by Charlene Pulsonetti
    Joey is a puppy who dreams of becoming a sheriff in his old west town. With the guidance of a friend, he learns empathy, responsibility and the importance of community service. Howdy Joey! is an exciting, full color 32 page adventure book that young readers - and adults - will love!
  • The Mystical Ark: A Vessel of Blessings (1)

    by Eileen Patra
    Elena Rowan is an accomplished artist and photographer who enjoys spending her free time assisting her best friend and archaeologist, Zak Erdmann on summer field studies. It is a great way to spend the summer. But their most recent adventure has led them into grave danger as they stumble upon one of the most sought-after artifacts of all time, The Ark of the Covenant. But it is not the Ark that is startling, it is the unexpected contents. Inside this sacred tabernacle, they do not find stone ta... more
  • Hermit Girl

    by E. M. Collyer
    Synopsis "Hermit Girl" “Just because I’m shy, just because I’d rather die and be buried in a shallow, unmarked grave than talk to new people, that doesn’t mean I’m easy, or desperate, or even the slightest bit interested in you. Just because my stupid face turns red when you look at me that doesn’t mean I’m not quietly putting a curse on you and your entire future line of inbred offspring. I’m just a raging extrovert stuck in an introvert’s body.” The terminally shy but highly sarc... more
  • Albert's Cookie

    by Kelly Airhart
    Albert baked a cookie. Albert's cookie is a quirky cookie. Albert's cookie can fly! Find out what happens when Albert decides to play with his food, and takes it on a high flying adventure to outer space.
  • Good Will: Shakespeare's Novel Life

    by Art Wiggins

    How did a simple glover’s son with a Stratford grammar school education become the world’s greatest playwright? It wasn’t easy. This book blends personal challenges with documented facts for an entertaining story.

    Easy to read, accessible, and lively, this book provides a wide range of readers a unique opportunity to enjoy his works by visiting the root of his genius. Play-goers, students, book club members or anyone with curiosity about Shakespeare may enjoy this... more