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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Humans In-Training

    by Brooke Van Sickle
    If your child's been asking for a puppy, bring them home a children's dog book instead! Humans In-Training by Brooke Van Sickle and Elizabeth Savanella is a laugh-out-loud, children's picture book about Kobe, a puppy who must train his humans if he's ever going to be living the dog's life.
  • Pirates Stuck at 'C' - An Alphabet Adventure

    by Brooke Van Sickle
    Pirates Stuck at ‘C’ by Brooke Van Sickle and Gabriela Dieppa is a picture book that helps kids learn their alphabet through a fun-action treasure hunt. Captain Scallywag has sailed his ship onto the shore of what he believes will be the perfect place for a treasure hunt. Except his crew isn’t having much luck - Darryl is caught in deep waters, Killian is tangled in kelp, and Ollie has an octopus on her head. Captain Scallywag is going to need your help if he’s ever going to find his treasure... more
  • This is My Castle

    by Brooke Van Sickle
    Fill yourself with Regan's imaginative spirit and make yourself a friend this fall with this children's book on sharing. Perfect for fans of Rulers of the Playground! This is MY Castle by Brooke Van Sickle and Gabriela Dieppa is a heartfelt, children's friendship book about Regan who finds the most amazing, perfect castle in the world but there's a problem -- it's already taken. Now she must decide: claim the castle herself or share it with an invader.
  • Secrets My Mothers Kept

    by Rebecca Tucker
    Austin Nobel is preparing for a summer trip to France, which includes obtaining a passport. However, when she receives her birth certificate in the mail with the wrong name on it, Austin uncovers that she was adopted, something her parents had kept secret from everyone. Austin pursues more information about her birth parents and their complicated history against the wishes of her family, while struggling with the impact this revelation has on her status within the Reform Jewish community. Is she... more
  • American Author

    by Judy Prescott Marshall
    A strong, loving and passionate wife discovers a handwritten note that has the power to either destroy her or make her stronger yet. Still Crazy is the story of one woman's journey through pain, betrayal, and forgiveness as she learns to hold onto her faith and, for the first time in her life trust in herself. Julie Holliday has always had a dream – to be the perfect wife. After she gives her heart to the love of her life, all she wants is for Dan to adore her the way she adores him. With onl... more

    by T. M. Crosby

    When a desperate young Russian woman attempts to seduce San Francisco Congressman George Li, he has no idea how his ingenuous response sets him on a controversial – and historic – path.

    It is Saturday, December 31, 2016 – just hours before the Obama White House’s midnight deadline booting a select group of Russians out of the United States on charges of interfering in the previous month’s presidential election. Although Congressman Li and his bodyguard thwa... more

  • EmPathy

    by Eric clayton
    Selfishness seems to be the rule rather than the exception these days. Bill is a well educated self made man who doesn't care about people that he considers beneath him. He like most others don't care unless they could take a walk in someone else's shoes. What if you could really know how that bum that's always asking you for change really feels? You would definitely change how you would look at him and how you viewed the world. Come along with me on this road to Empathy.
  • Black Boy Be You

    by Latoshia Martin
    Part of any child's development of a healthy self-esteem is loving what they see in the mirror. "Black Boy Be You !" is an inspirational book for African- American boys that encourages them to embrace all of their unique qualities and physical features . A day at the playground forced Isaiah to acknowledge that some of his physical attributes are different from his friends. Read how Isaiah was able to accept the parts of himself that were unlike others around him.
  • The Whatif Monster Chapter Book Series: A New Friend for Jonathan James

    by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
    Book one of and an 18-book early reader series for 5-8 year olds that help them navigate worries both big and small in their lives. Jonathan James wants to make friends with Sam, the coolest and bravest girl in class, but he is too scared that she won't like him. With the help of his furry green friend, the Whatif Monster, and a clever game that helps them concentrate on all the good and wonderful what ifs, we find out if Jonathan James is brave enough to overcome his fears and make a new fri... more
  • Tales of a Weirdo

    by Stefan Plesoianu
    As strange and quirky as childhood might have been, there was no way for Stef to guess how crippling his teenage years would turn out to be. Depressed, anxious and socially incapable, he realizes he has to break the old barriers and change his way. For this, he leaves everything behind to study abroad and start anew. Completely abandoning his comfort zone, Stef finds that there is more to life, making up for all the fun and experiences he missed out on. Growing in confidence, he meets Judith... more
  • Where Have We Come: A story of love, loss and family set in England

    by Saz Vora
    Reena and Nik want nothing more than to keep their son alive, but the doctors aren't so sure. Can their family and friends help them cope? A story of love, loss and family. When Reena and Nikesh discover that their child has had a severe brain haemorrhage at birth their family and friends rally around to help. The family matriarch, Sarladevi reminds Reena of the predictions of the Guru and Reena struggles to deal with her past. To cope with the fate of their child they both try to seek ways to... more
  • They Call Me Africa

    by Nadine A. Luke
    Amiri loves school and can't wait for the first day of third grade. However, when he arrives, he finds himself the target of racism and bullying at the hands of his classmates. The constant taunts about his dark brown skin and locked hair leave him feeling heartbroken and helpless. Amiri has a choice to make—allow the bullying to continue, or handle the situation in a different way. His decision surprises everyone in the class, including his teacher. Explore Amiri's journey as he discovers the... more
  • The Wild Chronicles

    by Tim Pompey
    After spending years fending for herself on a wide-open prairie, young Bridget Seegraw stumbles into a ghost town and discovers an unusual site: Last Chance Bookstore. In a bleak land harshly controlled by the Order and its soldiers, the Purveyors, Bridget falls under the gentle influence of the bookstore and must adapt to a different way of life - The Code - as taught to her by the store's manager and philosopher, Dakota Robishaw. With Dakota's help, Bridget begins to trust and be loyal to her ... more
  • Show and tell is CLOSED

    by Tanja Kobasic
    A horrid germ has taken over the world and seven-year-old Beau Badeaux is not happy. People are in ISOLATION. School is closed. Even worse, show and tell is closed. Greatly disappointed over not being able to show his GIANT glow-in-the-dark ball, Beau writes his personal feelings about having to isolate on the ball and then angrily kicks it down the steep hill that leads into the valley. Taking on a life of its own, Beau's GIANT ball takes over Flowertown, causing both chaos and joy, and eventua... more
  • Dreams of Otis

    by Tim Pompey
    Otis Barner lives a very quiet life in the small Tennessee town of Davis. Born into poverty and suffering from a harsh childhood, he is considered by most to be a man slow in mind who lives at the edge of society. But Otis is not slow. He's just different, and like any one else, he has dreams for his life. To be someone's hero. To build a secret castle. To dance to Bob Crow and the River. To fall in love. When he meets Audrey Reagan, his dreams start to crystallize. A woman for his house. A life... more
  • Millennial Dudcore

    by Mark Bulahao

    Millennial Dudcore is the comic coming-of-age story of Joe Moose, a freshman at Axenburg University. He is also a Feminist, writer, gamer, emo, creep, and a wannabe comedian who dabbles in offensive humor.

    His own words: “Hello, Fellow Feminists. I have been sent by my mother, a Feminist Matriarch, on a grand quest to find a magical, powerful artifact called The Diploma. Join me on my journey against The Patriarchy and we shall battle dragons, tritons, trolls, sexist uncles, and m... more