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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • I Saved the World and I'm Only in 4th Grade! Backpack of Doom (Book 2)

    by Hiroshi Sosa-Nakata
    Book 2 Warning: This book contains an epic adventure that places three fourth graders in extreme danger. Hiro, Bryan, and Zahra are officially Senshi Warriors hiding in plain sight as fourth graders. It's up to them and their friends to save the world using their wits, creativity, and an alien-enhanced backpack. But why is Bryan acting so strangely, and why are pickles so important to the human race? Our heroes may not have all the answers, but they do have each other.
  • I Saved the World and I'm Only in 4th Grade! Earth's Greatest Pickle (Book 1)

    by Hiroshi Sosa-Nakata
    This book contains an epic adventure that places three fourth-graders in extreme danger. Hiro, Bryan, and Zahra are best friends who happen to save the world. But what did they discover on the nature trail and why are pickles so important to the future of the human race? Throughout this series you’ll read about epic stories related to friendship, teamwork, empathy, diversity, and self confidence. What more could any kid ask for?
  • Bad Dream

    by Julie Kolb
    Now that Julie's arm has healed from her tree root jumping attempt, she is re-illustrating this picture book about a little boy's bad dream. His Grumpa helps him discover being brave, and that everything is not what it seems.
  • Snowball

    by Julie Kolb
    Aimee heads to her grandparents during summer break, to find they have a new puppy, Snowball. Snowball keeps getting out of the fence. Aimee sets out to help her grandparents find out how that little puppy keeps escaping. Focusing on compassion, curiosity and problem solving, Aimee seeks help from supportive adults to find the answer.
  • The Tortoise and the Fair

    by J.R. LaMar
    Come WOLF and come SLOTH, come SNAIL and BEAR, Come TURTLE and TORTOISE, come RABBIT and HARE, Come creature with glamour, come creature with flair, Shout LOUDLY and PROUDLY Hooray, for the fair!
  • enduring times

    by betty godfrey
    Story of a beautiful life that is shattered when their first born son dies. Life drastically changes as the man she loves rips their life apart.It's a story that keeps you wondering how she had the courage to live it and hold their family together. Jennifer's emotional journey and trust in God will make you wonder, could you Endure what she went through???
  • Reckoner

    by Douglas Rappaport

    Miles Rockefeller is a troubled young man-raised in multiple foster homes-with no patience for the folly of other people, surviving from one moment to the next by numbing himself to oblivion. But when he meets another broken in-patient named Sawyer, his life is permanently altered by a senseless crime that shatters not just their own lives, and their unknowing victim, but everyone else in their path.

  • The Silence Of The Sea: Part Three Of The Cypress Branches Trilogy

    by William E. Thomas
    Harry Williamson, still devastated by the breakup of his relationship, retires from his life at sea. Mary Sullivan, trying desperately to escape her past, starts a new life of learning. Leslie Carrington, angry and lost, returns home harbouring a terrible secret. The Silence Of The Sea is the long-awaited conclusion of the acclaimed Cypress Branches trilogy, a heart-breaking and thought-provoking tale of 20th century morals and values.
  • App Development Canada

    by julia johnson
    I’m KrunalVyas, IT consultant at iQlance Solutions Pvt. Ltd, is one of the leading Website and Mobile Apps Development Company Based in Toronto & Australia, I have helped more than 200+ clients to bring idea in to reality. I have attended many tech conferences as a company representative and frequently blogs about the search engine updates, technology roll-outs, sales & marketing tactics, etc. for more details visit our website : and Email us on :
  • It Never Was You

    by William E. Thomas
    Harry Williamson is an ex-merchant seaman, a successful businessman and a loving family man. When he disappears from a ferry in the middle of the Irish Sea, his grieving family are left with more questions than answers. Who on earth is Mary Robinson? Why did Harry leave her a small fortune in his will? Had he been unfaithful to his beloved late wife, Lesley? As they delve into his past, they discover he’s been harbouring a secret which threatens to tear apart the very fabric of their fam... more
  • Pegasus Falling: Cypress Branches trilogy

    by William E. Thomas
    British Parachute Regiment Captain Sammy Parker and his platoon have fought bravely, but it was always a losing battle...the bridge they were sent to capture was unwinnable. After he and his men are forced into cattle trucks and transported across Germany on a three day journey without food or water, Sammy lashes out at an SS officer with brutal and devastating consequences... Instead of spending the rest of his war as a POW, Sammy is sent to a concentration camp. Spared an immediate de... more
  • Snowflake: A Climate Thriller

    by Arthur Jeon

    A scholarship student at a private high school decides he must kill the president as an act of environmental protection. 

    ★ EDITOR'S CHOICE, Booklife ★ NOTABLE BOOK, Blue Ink Review ★

    18-year-old Ben Wallace didn’t set out to become an environmental activist, let alone a presidential assassin. But after a mind-altering experience and two near tragedies, Ben discovers some facts about earth’s rapid global warming... more

  • Frugal Fred

    by Rachel McCann
    Cover Blurb: This is the story of a man named Fred who lives his life being frugal. He enjoys reading books, walks in parks and being environmental. With any money Fred saves up he plants more flowers and trees. So his grandchildren will have a world to inherit full of birds and bees.
  • General Jack and the Battle of the Five Kingdoms

    by David Bush

    The times were hopelessly dark. In a green land before time, all animals of the world laboured under the repressive rule of King Roar the lion and the fierce Felines. Miaow, the timid and inconsequential chief of the cats befriends a ten-year-old mysterious explorer, Jack. These two unlikely heroes engage in the impossible struggle for liberty of the repressed animals and self-determination. The conflict reaches its apogee with an epic but disastrous battle. Although the two protagonists were... more

  • Marks Big Adventure Into the Virtual Zone

    As Mark enjoys another day of being out of school for Spring Break a Coronavirus Pandemic is unleashed into the world further extending his no school days even more. While at home something strange happens that traps Mark into an unparallel universe known as the Virtual Zone. On this journey Mark encounters different animals of a prehistoric era and must find his way back home before being trapped in this dimension forever. Follow Mark on his journey of self-discovery, bravery, and adventure i... more
  • The Careless Kitty

    by Seth Clay

    "The Careless Kitty" is a cute story about Rascal, a stray kitten found in a construction site by a family.Beth, his owner, loves to spoil him. Rascal loves his comfy cushion and won't get up except for a juicy and yummy treat. What the kitty doesn't know is that Crumbles, the mouse, is chewing on everything around the house. Since he doesn't want to see his owner sad and upset, the cat is urged to do something to catch the mouse and restore peace. The chase le... more