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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • My Love for You Is Like a Garden

    by Laura Smetana

    With bright, watercolor cut-paper collages, My Love for You Is Like a Garden celebrates the unconditional love between parent and child. Bold, colorful illustrations and vibrant garden scenes will inspire readers of all ages to explore the natural world—and maybe even plant their own garden. A glossary at the end provides the names of each plant and animal featured. A beautiful book to share with a child, loved one, or anyone who means the world to you!

  • The Switchgrass Crown

    by Amanda Innes

    Seventeen-year-old Lucas Rowland is spending the summer with his family at the exclusive Lake Avalon, and things are getting... weird. His wealthy peers welcome him and his younger sister Fay with seemingly open arms, and by the time Lucas discovers why, Fay is already fully enmeshed in both high—and questionable—society. But does she need saving? Or is it all a harmless game? Lucas must decide whether to play along or put a stop to it.

  • The Resemblance of All Things

    by Bernard J. Lurie
    Bernard J. Lurie (deceased) is the author of "The Resemblance of All Things." I, Fred Lurie, wrote the foreword. I am also Bernard's brother, and Administrator of his Estate. "Resemblance" is a poetic consideration of God and the nature of things. It considers the philosophical and religious problem of evil, and argues that the presence of evil is not inconsistent with God's existence. It also argues that each thing bears a resemblance to other things, and all things, in turn, bear a resemb... more

    by Christina Milliner

    After losing her mother, Clay thinks nothing good will ever happen to her again and her life is over. Her only friend, Mimi, and her father are both drug addicts. Clay is lost and hopeless. She decides to do one last thing—go to an HIV support group at a local church. There, she meets the Reverend and a group of people around her age who understand what it’s like to live with HIV. Each member of the group has their own struggles, but they are creative, make her feel like she belon... more

  • The Miseducation of Obi Ifeanyi

    by Chinedu Achebe

    Obi Ifeanyi's life is moving at a fast pace. He is now a husband and father. So while President Obama is contending with a tough reelection campaign, Obi Ifeanyi is dealing with the day to day pressures of married life and raising a son. When his former love interest, Sade Olufemi, comes back into his life and decides to run her political campaign with the help of his wife, Nkechi, Obi's problems are compounded because Sade is a secret Nkechi is better not knowing about. While he stru... more

  • I Go Barefoot

    by Koby Deane
    Going barefoot EVERYWHERE? How would THAT feel? Sounds like fun, but isn't it DANGEROUS? Join five friends in a beach town as they experience life without shoes in this delightful rhyming picture book that promotes strength, adaptability and enhanced development - through the sense of touch!
  • Karma Cats to the Rescue

    by Kathleen Kastner
    Julian and Oliver are the Karma Cats! The search the neighborhood looking for animals in need of help and discover Noah, an abandoned cat. Follow their adventures as they seek to help Noah find his forever home and place in the world.
  • Moraline

    by Cintia Alfonso Fior
    A young girl receives a special message from a sacred Lakota leader about her power to change the world … Twelve-year-old Moraline is about to run away from her problems—again. Since moving from New York to California, Moraline has been pushing against a hot dry wind whenever trouble happens. But a chance encounter with a Native American spirit and an old whispering sequoia tree in the woods of Portola Redwoods State Park puts Moraline on a challenging journey towards finding her inner streng... more
  • Sea Magic

    by Heidi McIntyre

    When a reluctant psychic tracks a ghost through the mists of time, the treasure she discovers is worth more than gold.

    Madeline knows everyone in the quaint seaside town of Penbrook, and everyone knows her. But this antique shop owner keeps one thing under her vintage hat—her ability to touch an object and connect with its history.

    After buying an old box at an estate sale filled with rare items, she started having vivid dreams about Maria, a young ... more

  • Dr. Reade

    by M.K. Prescott

    Follow an extraordinary yet bizarre journey through the many romantic entanglements of the titular character, Robert Reade. A southern gentleman with a penchant for adventure and romance, his love affairs take him from rural Texas to the bustling streets of Chicago and even overseas. Take a step back in time to the 1950s to the 1980s, as the novel delves into his greatest love affairs—or should we say—his tumultuous romances filled with secrets, lies, and ultimate betrayal. This s... more

  • Madonna

    by Gwyneth Lesley

    A spicy urban fantasy novel, Madonna is a modern-day Medusa retelling with Greek mythology and romance, perfect for fans of Alessa Thorn's Medusa, Madeline Miller's Circe, or Katee Roberts' Stone Heart.

    On an isolated island in the Pacific, removed from most of humanity, Madonna has finally come home to deal with the sordid family secret. Except now that she’s back, she’s having dreams o... more

  • Conformityville Review

    by Billy McCoy
    Conformityville is both a comic and dramatic story about growing up a brainiac in a working-class Black family and learning to navigate the hellish levels of intellectual and cultural blindness. The humiliation of his illiterate mother unleashes the most profound and extreme passion of humanity, and young Toussaint becomes obsessed with educating himself. The alienating neuroses, while being the catalyst for extraordinary creativity, is so bedeviling that Toussaint becomes a mysterious and labyr... more
  • Sherriff of Starr County

    by David A. Bowles
    When Texas becomes a newly-minted state, good men and women work hard toward progress and peace. Texas Ranger Will Smith travels to the borderlands of the Nueces Strip to become the first Sheriff of Starr County. He’ll do what he must to bring justice to the frontier, including wrangling outlaws, navigating political intrigues, fighting Indians, and keeping the tenuous peace between the Tejano and Anglo residents. He encounters influential statesmen and entrepreneurs of early Texas, assists the ... more
  • I Love You

    by Bunny Russell
    “We were so sad when it was time for you to go. You made us so happy” Follow the life of a family and their big fluffy dog. When it is time to say goodbye, the journey continues… I Love You is a helpful tool for parents to address their children’s concerns about the loss of a pet and opens up space to feel that loss together as a family.
  • Intersections

    by Andrew Spink
    Nobody lies to their Uber driver. The anonymity functions like a truth serum, putting everyone’s raw and unfiltered selves on full display. But it is in those moments of authenticity, when human lives are intersecting without the usual pretense, that you discover the heights of human potential. And you hear some powerful stories. A woman stopping a suicide on the other side of the world. A heart attack healing a fractured family. A husband celebrating with his wife, on his last night alive. I... more
  • Graphic Nature

    by Daniel Damiano

    From acclaimed Author and Playwright Daniel Damiano (The Woman in the Sun Hat, Day of the Dog) comes his gripping second novel. Set in 1913 France, Edmond de Capitoir is the Chief Executioner - content with a relatively solitary life, aided by his own introverted nature. However, his persona is tested by a developing attraction to a young patisserie clerk in Versailles - an attraction that becomes further challenged by his sudden notoriety. GRAPHIC NATURE is a unique charact... more