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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • ESTRANGED (The Lindsay Simpson Story): A Parent's Struggle Against Alienation

    by Robin McChild
    Due to the cruel and unmerited actions of a malevolent narcissistic ex-partner and a very costly, biased and archaic UK legal system, broken-hearted Lindsay Olivia Simpson is a discarded, estranged and bereaved mother. Unjustifiably forced out of the lives of the children she gave birth to, whom she loves unconditionally, Lindsay has been left sorrowfully mourning them for more than five years. With no other options and her time quickly running out, the frantic Lindsay reaches out to her own ... more
  • The Awakening of La Muse

    by S. R. Strickland
    A 16-year-old American slave is forced to travel from a Virginia plantation to Paris with her owners. The new cultural environment chips away at her emotional and physical shackles. She runs. Acclimates into the city. But quickly learns a French bounty hunter is in pursuit. She battles for her liberty. Resilient, courageous—her journey to emancipation is nothing less than heroic. They took her freedom; she took it back!
  • Seeking Forgiveness

    by Lea Rachel
    The narrative memoir Seeking Forgiveness tells the story of interracial adoption in the United States today, from the perspective of a white mother who adopts a Black son, and finds she has no idea what the hell she is doing. Rachel, the adoptive mother of Miles, receives a call from the police in the middle of the night informing her that her son has been arrested. She rushes to the police station to help Miles, consumed with worry that she has failed to protect her son from events beyond hi... more
  • I Asked the Moon

    by Paul A. Rayes
    “Hey. Étienne,” he said from the top of the school parking lot, behind me. It’s the last day of junior year when Thad, the quiet, popular guy, approaches Étienne to offer him a ride home. Étienne is immediately suspicious—this has to be a joke, right? But nobody is around, and Thad seems genuinely interested to hang out. All Étienne has ever wanted is to have a guy friend, and here’s his chance to start something new. What would you do? Étienne and Thad have been acquaintances since elemen... more
  • Brody the Lion Meets the Doc: Teaching Children about Autism, Emotions, Acceptance, and Self-Regulation

    by Kristin Wegner
    Brody the Lion Meets the Doc is the 4th book in the Brody the Lion Children’s Book Series that provides practical tools and strategies for helping children facing big emotions. Brody, a fictional autistic lion cub, is feeling anxious about an upcoming doctor’s appointment. Using the positive strategies from the first three books, Brody practices with his friends and family until he is feeling confident. At the doctor's office Brody faces unexpected challenges, that when he succeeds, will leave l... more
  • Choosing Yellowstone

    by Carol Anne Douglas
    In Choosing Yellowstone, Professor Elaine Flaherty’s opportunity to teach journaling in Yellowstone National Park conflicts with her plan to volunteer with her partner at a Syrian refugee camp. Elaine and Pam must come to a decision that serves their personal needs yet honors their relationship of fifteen years. Elaine chooses Yellowstone while Pam flies to the Middle East. Through emails, they eloquently share details of their summer apart—and worry that something could go wrong. Something doe... more
  • Nothing You Can't Do

    by Lindsay J.L. Angus

    A fun and beautiful picture book for children everywhere about big dreams and endless possibilities.

    When an accident left author Lindsay J.L. Angus’ toddler son with a significant scar on his arm, the doctor eased her with, “You know, there’s nothing you can’t do with a scar.” Those important words were ones she wanted to share with children everywhere. In her new picture book, Nothing You Can’t Do, Angus pairs a heartfelt text with her own... more

  • Joint Venture

    by Carol Rhees
    Helen has worked hard for her success only to find herself back in her small New England home town after her husband ditches her for a younger model. A messy night out only brings further humiliation to the prim-and-proper real estate agent when she face-plants on the sidewalk… just to be rescued by her old nemesis, Alice. Alice, a recent widow, has always considered Helen to be her complete opposite. Yet much to her surprise, as the township divides bitterly over whether to allow the sale of ... more
  • Mickey Collins

    by Kevin Forde
    A life of Petty crime, dysfunctional family behaviour and State involvement in same, as seen through the eyes of a petty criminal growing up in modern Ireland.
  • My Cat Thinks He’s a Puppy

    by Patricia Allieri
    A warm and beautifully illustrated picture book that will have your child in fits of giggles My cat thinks he’s a puppy, How strange is that! He does cute puppy things, But he’s a big tabby cat! Cats are known for being independent, particular and maybe a little bit snooty. But this cat isn’t like other cats. In fact, he’s much more like a puppy. Puppy-Cat loves to go for a walk, dig about in the dirt and even loves to splash about in the water! In fact, if it wasn’t for this one little... more
  • The Journey ( No Matter How Far You Run, Your Demons Always Follow)

    by Mark T. Rasmussen
    “The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu Raiden, an emotionally troubled 40-something guy at a major turning point, undertakes an epic road trip adventure across North America, all with the aim of escaping the single most transformative event of his life – imminent fatherhood. While he does his best to find himself, the impactful events he experiences along the way will reveal more about Raiden and his nature than the strange assortment of characters he meets on h... more
  • The Pink Ghost

    by Isla Wynter
    Ella is the smallest and youngest of all ghosts. When she tries to prove that she’s all grown up, something goes terribly wrong! Suddenly, she’s a pink ghost surrounded by only white ghosts. When they laugh at her for being different, Ella needs to come up with a plan. Can she regain her confidence and find a way for everyone to be different? An adorable picture book about fitting in, standing up to bullies and finding your own way. A great bedtime story not just for Halloween, from the au... more
  • A Camp Without FIre

    by Ignacio Ramirez Bautista
    A Camp Without Fire Young Adult’s Perspective of Life during the Great Recession in California Marlene and Derek barely talked in high school. But now, seven years after graduating, they come into contact again thanks to the internet. He is an architecture student. She is stuck behind a desk. Both recently have broken up with their own first love and are desperate for meaning and perspective in life as they battle through their first challenges in adulthood. With the Great Recession... more
  • Suffer!: A Hollywood Novel

    by A.C. Sloan
    Theodosia and her bestie Sam are former high school outcasts who find escapism in a popular TV show called Suffer about a victims' rights advocate named Marcia Suffer. When the TV network that owns Suffer announces a contest - the chance to meet the show's star, actress Roxy DeVine — Theo and Sam pull out all the stops to win. These days, Theo needs a win — any win — because lately life has been dealing her nothing but suffering. After all, the girl's got a lot on her plate: attending coll... more
  • Calvary: The Judas Triangle

    by James Boudon
    Lightning Lord: A mysterious thief appears at a museum robbery garbed like a medieval druid. This “monk” exhibits a Zeus-like ability to summon thunderbolts from the heavens. Shortly thereafter, a beautiful woman approaches Calvary. This alluring stranger says that she’s traveled back in time to aid in capturing the “lightning burglar.” Julia Percy and her team are soon caught up in a web of betrayal and deceit, where nothing is as it seems, and few people are who they claim to be. Lifestone:... more
  • Covenant Spring

    by Christopher Watson

    Danny Ivy is a New Jersey car salesman, a suburban kid raised by an alcoholic mother and a loving but meek father, bullied and beaten until numb to surface pain. But a deeper ache grows, a despairing search for a reason to endure a world that seems arbitrary and cruel. Danny feels himself pushed nearer the breaking point, and dreads what crossing that line may cost.

    Enter Mordecai Bass, an itinerant salesman wreathed in mystery thick as his Southern drawl. He’s spent years running... more