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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Unexpected Adventures of Remi: Pet life doesn't meet a canine's expectations. She teams up with a few pet friends from her n

    by Shweta Roy
    Pet life doesn't meet Remi's expectations. The little canine finds out that humans are more technology-obsessed with barely any time for their pets. She teams up with a few friends from the Creature-World and leads a movement called ‘The Petinists’ to conquer back human affection. Will she succeed or an unexpected twist will change her life completely?
  • The Bohemian Adventure - A Cosmic Deadhead Journey

    by F. T. Burke
    A tsunami of counter culture exuberance from a traveling caravan of deadheads following the psychedelic rock group The Grateful Dead, sweeps up a lone camper into their journey. The Bohemian joins the revelry with the community of new found friends as they travel to shows in a classic VW 60's era van. The magnetic and mysterious Cricket pulls the Bohemian into her humorous and offbeat world of adventures as he travels deep into his soul in the summer of 1993.
  • Carpet and Rug Installation in Aurora

    by albert Davis

    How to deal with Issues faced by Carpet and rug installations at Homes?

    Whether you are planning to move into a rental home or own house, the professional installation of carpet and rugs is essentially important to engage in healthy and secure living and lifestyle. Many people do not realize the importance of clean and professionally installed rugs and carpets at home which exhibit a positive aura around oneself.