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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Resistors

    by Lisa Kastner
    "Wilson’s (The Kidnapped, 2018, etc.) new volume of historical fiction weaves together 24 short stories to create a remarkable, multihued portrait of America." "Memorable characters and unique historical details illuminate slavery’s complex legacy." -- Kirkus Reviews The Resistors is a parallel sequel to 2018’s The Kidnapped. It focuses on blacks, whites, and Native Americans resisting pre-Civil War oppression while attempting to establish dignified identities. It is also in the voice of Sa... more
  • Christine, Released

    by Lisa Kastner
    This engaging, heart wrenching story of a young woman lost in a society that's not built for her family nor her life, Christine's story will keep you at the edge of your seat and leave you with feelings of hope, relief, and awe.
  • Open My Eyes

    by Lisa Kastner
    Eddie is a broken soul, plagued by grief and unresolved trauma regarding his father’s death and the subsequent effect this has on the relationship he develops with his mother, a controlling and unwell woman in her own right. All of this plays a role in the blooming relationship with the naïve Elizabeth and the relationship's eventual downfall. It is this relationship, with all the passion and excitement of first love, that takes center stage in Eddie’s jumbled memories. As Eddie’s withdrawal... more
  • Dark Corners

    by Lisa Kastner
    “It’s pleasing to see such a diverse array characters be so presented in such a normal way. Each individual is not presented as a token, but rather just another human being who has some real life issues that are often rendered invisible.” -- Wagatwe Wanjuki, feminist writer and activist “The stories in this collection, written before and during the 2016 election, function as a kind of lodestar. They are not explicitly political, but politics hover unmistakeably in and through all of them. The... more
  • Habitan-The Parallel Place

    by Cheryl Skory Suma
    Habitan grew out of the author's bedtime stories for her children, and draws on her multicultural background that includes one-quarter Canadian Cree Aboriginal/Inuit mix. Her grandmother's spirit and grace were inspirational to the creation of this story, and the use of Cree as the basis for the magical language of Habitan. The scenery and animals behind in the story were drawn from the naturally varied and beautiful landscape of Canada. Habitan is a YA fantasy novel, and follows three preteens... more
  • Milly and the Tale from Across the Street

    by Martha Klopp
    Milly is an imaginative 10 year old girl. She is excited when a new girl, Cora, moves into the beautiful, old, and mysterious house across the street. They become fast friends and they discover a secret room. In that room, there is a dramatic journal and magical potion recipes. They waste no time trying out “Canine Communication” and have a ball with Milly’s dog, Angus. It’s not all fun and games when they come across journal entries and old letters hinting at an evil son who is plotting aga... more
  • Saint Agnes’ Garden

    by Diana Lynn Klueh
    Jodie Sealy is an outsider at Saint Agnes School, a privileged southern girl in a rough part of town. She learns what life is like in an underprivileged community. She also discovers she is not cut out to be a nun, but is a unique flower in God’s garden.

    by James L. Graham
    People tended to pity Kathleen (Beth) Elizabeth Curtis. Most people assumed the thirteen-year-old was a frightened little girl, who could barely function without help. Some even suggested she be locked up in a home because she was totally blind. However, her parents raised her to be as independent as possible. Being blind was no excuse for her not to stretch her limits and do what others considered impossible for her to do. Beth awakens aboard the starship taking her from Earth back to her ... more
  • You Can't Invite a Fish to a Dance Party

    by Jessica Williams
    The pets all agreed, they couldn't invite Fish to the Dance Party. It was too dangerous for him, and besides, he wouldn't have any fun. But Fish has other plans. A delightful story about a group of well-meaning pets who's lack of understanding leads them to exclude a friend from their plans. You Can't Invite a Fish to a Dance Party shows that everyone can be part of the fun, no matter their circumstances

    by Nell Eva Newton
  • Wounded Angels

    by Chuck Miceli

    Available January 14, 2020. Maureen Bower remembers the day her father walked out of her life forever. She struggles with her fear of abandonment until she falls in love with Frank Russo. Together, they overcome family prejudices, separation, war, and loss. Their life becomes rich and full until the unthinkable happens and Maureen’s fear of abandonment rises to the surface and consumes her. Friends, family and ministers are helpless to lift her from her depression. Enter Doris Cant... more

  • The Peninsula

    by Alan Thompson
  • The School of Illusions

    by Karl Toepfer
    In 1969-1970, the unnamed narrator, a film student at UCLA, begins a homosexual affair with another student of film, Victor, a Jewish political activist engaged in the organization of demonstrations against the Vietnam War. They plunge into eerie, complex erotic pleasures. But the narrator continues his sexual relationship with a Jewish girl, Rachel, a philosophy student, and harbors amorous feeling toward another young woman, Laurie, a chemistry student. Victor, too, pursues an erotic relations... more
  • Our Land: everyday stories can change an election

    by JJ Gaitán

    During an important election year in Europe, Ferosa, a successful American company, and a European government investigate the death of Manu Moretti, an employee who worked for Ferosa’s European branch.

    Documents left by the victim expose the company´s bad management and financial secrets but also links his death to the growing far-right movement.

    As the election year develops, an anti-immigrant sentiment that has been slowly stewing in the population is taken advantage... more

  • The Hand of Fate

    by Alvira Michaels
    If you like reading contemporary fiction with a supernatural theme, add a splash of romance, some social issues and a pinch of humour, then this is the book for you! Minimum reading age: 18 and over. She was still coming to terms with being adopted, then all of a sudden she was thrust into the limelight by a celebrity and had to deal with the resulting fallout. Determined to live her life her way, on her terms, Alexandra Gray, who hails from London, finds love across the pond and settles in S... more
  • Song of Sugar Sands

    by Debra Coleman Jeter

    A deeply committed young man falls in love with the beautiful but troubled Acadia, who knows herself too selfish, too sinful, and too skeptical in her faith to marry a preacher.


    Acadia Powers nearly lost her faith at an early age due to what she saw as the hypocrisy of her parents’ generation. In college—where the novel begins—she meets and falls in love with Peter O’Neil, who is fervent in his faith and wants to share the good news with th... more