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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Distance Between Us: A Novel (HomePort Chronicles Book 2)

    by A. C. Burch

    The suspicious death of an elderly widow on the grounds of the HomePort Estate sends shock waves through the seaside resort of Provincetown.

    Wrongly accused of the murder, beloved female impersonator Helena Handbasket forsakes her oceanside mansion and goes undercover to track down those responsible. Aided by her chosen family, she uses her comic genius and extraordinary talent for impersonation to navigate a maze of deception and greed that includes a museum break-in, ... more

  • Bruce on the Loose; The Tiny Dog in Outerspace

    by Peter Gallant
    Bruce may be tiny in stature, but his personality and imagination are very big.  With help from the Big Dog and his trusty companion ‘Roo he’s off to save the world.  Come along as Bruce sails through the universe and ends up somewhere familiar where he uses his magical floof to save Earth!
  • 979-8986586250

    by Megan Deliberto
    Everyone wants to feel like they have a place in the world, but how do you find the right place? Anthony, an energetic bearded dragon, has everything he needs - a heat lamp, crickets to eat, and a rock to lay his head on. There is just one problem: he is all alone. Determined to find a new home, Anthony sets out to find somewhere safe where he can also make a friend. What could possibly go wrong when a curious little lizard finds himself face-to-face with lions, monkeys, and a giant polar ... more
  • A Boring Bedtime Story: Caution, may cause drowsiness

    by Dara Murphy
    Meet Frank. He has a plain and simple life. His daily routines might seem boring, but keep an eye on the illustrations — there are wacky surprises in each one! If Frank paid more attention, maybe he'd notice the interesting things around him: the odd passerby, the sunset, the tree on fire, the tornado...
  • Teak Lord

    by Ron Emmons
    A tale of piety, greed, debauchery and equanimity in a remote Asian kingdom It’s 1875 and Chiang Mai, capital of Lanna, is a cultural crossroads of Buddhist monks and Christian missionaries, of spirit doctors and opium smokers, of seductive dancers and Western adventurers. A sharp rise in teak prices sets off a mad rush for logging concessions, and the forests of Lanna resound to the thwack of axes and the trumpeting of elephants as the mighty trees are felled. Enter Doctor Marion Chee... more
  • The Good Time Girls

    by K.T. Blakemore

    A novel of wild women, the bonds of friendship, a harrowing road trip, and help found in the least likely places.

    In 1905 Kansas, ex-dancehall girl and outlaw Ruby Calhoun has settled into a (mostly) quiet and (mostly) lawful life. But out of the blue her past comes hustling into town when her ex-friend and ex-dancehall partner, Pip, shows up with a grim message and dangerous mission: Cullen Wilder, an old enemy with a long memory, wants them dead and the only way to su... more


    by Panayotis Cacoyannis


    Feeling strangely elated after a phone call arranged by his gay non-identical twin brother George (author of sensationally semi-fictional biographies of dead celebrities) in which he has agreed to spend an hour naked in bed with a stranger, 33-year-old Jay (assistant librarian, allegedly straight) embarks on a short, sharp journey of belated self-discovery. In the midst of a hot London summer's explosive encounters, dramatic revelations and unfolding chaotic events, old broth... more

  • No One's Viking

    by Megan Formanek
    Raised on tales of glory, bound to question it all 882. Aldeigjuborg, Gardarike. Astrid has worked hard to become the well-respected textile merchant known as Signe. She wants to expand her business, support her daughter, and take full advantage of her new life. Her husband is long overdue from his trade mission and, with no word from him; Astrid turns to the gods for answers. As mysterious gifts begin appearing at her door, she questions if these are signs to guide her or a threat more sini... more
  • Goodnight Mr. Knight

    by allan davis
  • Goodnight Mr.Knight

    by allan davis
    After living in many different foster homes, Owen and Martha are suddenly moved to Toronto, where Sister Charlotte comes to take care of them. When Sister Charlotte limps through the front door, they shouldn’t have been surprised. But they are. Her face is lined, her skin is grey, and her is hair dead and stringy. She’s not wearing a nun’s white head-cover; her plain blue dress with black socks and flat black shoes is the nun uniform for the Sisters of Sorrows. The first thing she says, b... more
  • Crunchy, Not Sweet

    by Amy Ward
    Little Tree Dude is on a taste-testing trek through the rainforest. He’s trying new foods but nothing satisfies until... "zipping and flipping a dark spot zooms by..." What is it? Something crunchy, not sweet and the perfect frog treat!

    by Amy Ward
    When Bun Bun discovers she can’t read, Henley reluctantly puts his reading aside and sets out to help the spunky little bunny. With a stack of word cards, a hide and seek game, and a special little book, will Bun Bun finally learn to read? I CAN’T READ! is a book within a book that will have the youngest of readers laughing at Bun Bun’s silliness while learning to read right alongside her.
  • A Numbers Game

    by Rapp Fenstermacher
    Young Blockführer Gottschalk, ambitious, ambiguous, has set his mind on achieving what his crooked-legged father never could: to become a distinguished officer in the SS. One December evening, an unsigned letter reaches him in his barracks. He is summoned to the camp commander’s eerie hill-top mansion to partake in a high-risk card game with some SS big shots. The game could mean a boost for Gottschalk’s career, but whoever loses the game must face the consequences. As the game reaches its clima... more
  • Summer Love Autumn Goodbye

    by Morgan M Rylie
    She is a good girl. He is a bad boy. Marissa and Chad are completely wrong for each other, but neither of them can fight their attraction. Summer is Marissa’s favorite time of the year, when she gets to travel two-hundred miles from home to camp with her grandparents or stay with her aunt. During one of those summers with her aunt, she met Chad. Not only does Chad meet the definitely of a bad boy, but her cousin’s best friend is definitely too old for her. Level-headed Marissa doesn’t care,... more
  • Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

    by Kyle "Trigger" Coroneos
    A propulsive story that is just as much an adventure as it is a self-help guide, Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board is much more than child’s play. It’s the key to unlocking the mysteries and meaning of life. When a professional thief chooses to reverse his ethical alignment and starts using his skills for altruistic purposes, it leads him to unlocking hidden wisdom that dramatically elevates his physical capabilities and awareness of man’s place in the Universe, while concurrently leading ... more
  • Heart of the Castle: A Ghost Story

    by R. Fulleman
    Katie didn’t expect the most haunted castle in Europe to hold the answers to an incredible family secret. During a summer studying abroad in Transylvania, she finds herself at the gates of Bran Castle, the one time prison of medieval ruler, Vlad “The Impaler.” More recently, in life, Bran Castle was home to the King and Queen of Romania. In death, the castle was home to just the queen’s heart. Now, along with 15-year-old Katie’s friends Cam, John, and new roommate Ruth, she uncovers a century... more