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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Tatterdemalion

    by Robert Crawford
    In the fog-slicked back alleys of 1888 Whitechapel, an unprecedented evil abides. Scotland Yard, Parliament and even the Crown are jittery: Since the Trafalgar Sq occupation and brutal crackdown the year before, confidence in the police has never been lower or the threat of revolution higher as the first City Council elections approach: Opportunism breeds like rats for anarchists and newspapermen recklessly exploiting the murders for their own political and financial ends. Desperate for a soluti... more
  • Westward Lies the Sun

    by Robert H. Kono

    Greg Sonoda, a Japanese American attorney, embarks on a quest to determine what influence God has in his life. In the back of his mind is the question, first and foremost, of whether God exists at all. God is such an elusive concept to a humanist, who, from his earliest years, was made to question God’s very existence—he suffered in a concentration camp for the duration of WWII—and he doubts his efforts will ever come to fruition.

    In Westward Lies the Sun, Greg&r... more

  • sofa cleaning services ernakulam

    by theresa joy
    To keep up physical and psychological wellness and wellness, neatness is the main arrangement. The neatness is the basic and significant piece of sound living. There are a great deal of troubles to look after neatness. We know the normal cleaning techniques . There are number of cleaning items are accessible in market. Anyway , we can't finish our cleaning task with flawlessness. The aptitude find out about the surface, cleaning strategies and items. They utilize the correct techniques at ideal ... more
  • Collateral Damage

    by Alice K. Boatwright

    How many years does it take for a war to end? Marking the 50th anniversary of the divisive Vietnam era, this NEW EDITION of the award-winning Collateral Damage brings together stories from the perspectives of those who fought, those who resisted, and the family and friends caught in the crossfire between them.

    The new edition, published in August 2019, includes an updated introduction reflecting on the 50th anniversary of the war and questions for discussion that can be used by schools,... more

  • A MisreadBible Christmas (The MisreadBible Book 2)

    by J. R. Eldridge
    The Nativity During the reign of King Herod of Judaea, an unwed teenage virgin called Mary is impregnated with a magical baby by the Holy Spirit. She and her fiancé Joseph travel to Bethlehem for a preposterous census, and Mary has to give birth in a stable. Meanwhile, a group of stargazing magi, who have traipsed hundreds of miles after a star, inadvertently inform the king of Judaea of the Messiah’s birth. Herod’s Christmas Carol King Herod, the infamous baby massacring tyrant of the nati... more
  • 3 Sue Lee Mysteries

    by D.M. Sorlie
    Three books covering the post-war timeline: Lost Buddha is directly after World War two Sue Lee along with Island Art Inquiries are searching for a seventh-century tapestry intertwined with ruthless Nazi's running from prosecution. Concealment continues with the mystery of escaping war criminals who are involved in the murder of a young art dealer but ends with a timeless love story. Klondike Journal is a murder mystery taking place in two separate timelines involving two exceptional women... more
  • A Time Of Deception

    by D.M. Sorlie
    San Francisco, 1941, The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor and a young code breaker, Lieutenant Sue Lee Ono suddenly finds herself in the rapidly progressing timeline of war. Her world is caught up in prejudice, deception, espionage, and murder after finding a cryptic message involving her beloved deceased uncle.
  • Deceptions Of War

    by D.M. Sorlie
    Captain Sue Lee Ono, a code breaker for army intelligence is moving deeper into the world of espionage. Her language skills take her to Nazi occupied Paris, her assignment is to find and help liberate a Jewish scientist. She needs to accomplish her mission before the Gestapo with the help of the Vichy French, round up all the Jewish residents in Paris, and ship them to Auschwitz to the gas chambers.
  • Counter Deception

    by D.M. Sorlie
    Sue Lee finds herself trapped in a deadly situation in Cuba, at a strategic airbase. Her right hand was covering the wound to staunch the bleeding as she watched for his next move.
  • Deceptive Message

    by D.M. Sorlie
    The merger of the final clues to find the missing Kazaritachi sword is fascinating. Inside was a sheath with shell inlays, beautifully crafted, and very old. Sue Lee and Jimmy said at the same time, "The Kazaritachi sheath?" And looked at each other. " Sue Lee spoke first. "Why are they separated, where is the sword?"
  • Lost Buddha

    by D.M. Sorlie
    Lost Buddha's; a post-war Sue Lee Mystery series. It involves the recovery of artwork looted during the war, taking you deep into the world of Nazi's hiding from criminal war crimes.
  • Concealment

    by D.M. Sorlie
    Alex is on an assignment following the trail of war criminals, and is unaware of the anguish his friend Clara is going through. She has requested the help of "Island Art Inquiries." Sue Lee and Doctor Jane arrived at her home in Clovelly to learn more about a book from the past. They promised Clara they will find the writer while in Paris on business. However, what they thought would be a simple buying trip finds them at the beginning of a ratline. A series of underground routes, helping Naz... more
  • Klondike Journal

    by D.M. Sorlie
    Klondike Journal is a murder mystery taking place in two separate timelines involving two exceptional women ahead of their time.  Marie Adele, a wayward New York socialite, finds prosperity during the Klondike gold rush after being bestowed with a treasure that brings murder into the present.  Sue Lee is uncovering the pieces of Klondike Marie's past to find the treasure before the psychotic killer kills again.  
  • Radical Politics of Indian Love

    by Rachita Ramya
    Radical Politics of Indian Love is a collection of short stories that are set in an Indian political landscape and are based on religious, social and societal issues grappling the lives of people in India.
  • A Family Romance

    by Steven Key Meyers
    A Family Romance sweeps through more than 40 years serving up tasty—and profoundly true—takes on American life. This three-part family saga begins with Nat Handler’s discovery, as a Washington journalist, of President Kennedy’s womanizing, and his determination to report on it despite risks to his marriage and job, then revisits Nat’s courtship of Vivian Garrett during World War II in Colorado, when she’s already seeing a sexy car thief, and finally follows both during a typical day at the pe... more
  • 10: 1-6884-0089-3

    by Kenneth Brenneman PhD
    Young boy realizes his blended is different then his friends traditional families. He begins to wonder if being part of a blended family is as good as other families. He ultimately learns that there is no difference although unconventional families may afford added-unique experiences.