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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Cherokee Bride

    by Stephen Enna
    The Cherokee Bride takes place in the year 1850. It is the story of a 17-year-old woman whose name is Maggie Carter. Maggie is an out-of-control kid who is half Cherokee Indian and halfwhite. She grew up in Fayetteville Arkansas and was the child of a single parent Cherokee Indian who was rarely around to give her guidance or support. Her mother died when she was 14 and from then on, she was on her own without support from anyone. In 1850 an article was posted in town that got her attention. ... more
  • Ruins, Book One, Corpses in Armor Complete in One Volume

    by G. D. Giles
    We Can’t All Be Heroes Libya 1942 A German officer conspires with a French-Algerian priest and a Jewish Resistance leader to return a young prisoner to her people on the Allied side of the line.
  • From the Soul of Blackwell's Quill Whisper

    by Johnathan Blackwell
    Witches, warlocks, priests, and wizards, from the cycle of creation unto birth, all have a special calling. A silent, mystical purpose predestines them to achieve an unknown feat. Fathar, a young orphan boy, is guided by an Elder Wizard on his magical journey to become the most powerful being in the universe. On this journey, Fathar is guarded by a fearsome dragon of unfathomable might, Whisper! To understand life—past, present, and future—step into this illusional experience, a small sliver of ... more
  • Essence of the Mind

    by Johnathan Phillip Blackwell
    Steven Drake Hunter began his career in neurology, thinking he could help people in the workings of their brain. But, even after years of monitoring comatose patients, Dr. Hunter was no closer to understanding what they were going through or where they were. Feeling dejected, he wondered: Was it possible to help these patients at all, let alone make them well again? When Dr. Hunter notices a mysterious man following him, he gets closer to an answer than anyone thought possible.
  • Our Man in Mbabane

    by K. E. Karl
    In 1977, an idealistic young American, Frank George, travels to Swaziland and gets a job at the government’s statistical office. On weekdays, he is a typical expat in Mbabane, enjoying a comfortable lifestyle of hikes in the beautiful countryside and raucous parties with friends. But on weekends, he is a covert agent for the African National Congress, delivering weapons into South Africa for the ANC’s fight against apartheid. His encounters with the apartheid regime and its supporters continuall... more
  • Love, Lizzie

    by John Zaiss
    It’s 1952 . . a time when many choices for women were limited, if theirs to make at all. Emma is a young housewife living a seemingly perfect life with her husband Frank during the post-World War II economic boom. Yet beneath that idyllic veneer is a sobering reality: Emma, stricken with rheumatic fever as a teenager, faces pressure from her husband to start a family even though bearing a child may very well kill her. When Frank escalates his demands, Emma refuses. Fast-forward fifty yea... more
  • The Mother Gene

    by Lynne Bryant
    Dr. Miriam Stewart works tirelessly to help Appalachian women gain control over their bodies—to make a deliberate decision whether to be a mother. Bone-weary, but with a nagging fear of the obsolescence of retirement, Miriam is sandwiched between two frustratingly independent women; neither will listen to her advice. Her aging mother, Lillian, a locally beloved, retired mountain midwife, refuses to leave her farmhouse nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Olivia, her thirty-year-old daughter... more
  • 9780997642551

    by Shelley Simmons-Bloom
  • 9780997642544

    by Shelley Simmons-Bloom
  • Hello, My Name is Bunny! New York City

    by Shelley Simmons-Bloom
  • Alligator Lake

    by Lynne Bryant
    For the past decade, Colorado has been Avery's home--the place where she found refuge as a pregnant teenager, full of anger and shame, and the place where she chose to practice nursing and raise her mixed-race daughter, Celi. Now an invitation to her brother's wedding offers her the chance to return to Greendale and seek the long-delayed reconciliation with her family that she wants for Celi's sake. But will introducing Celi to the independent-minded grandmother whom Avery adores bring solace or... more
  • Catfish Alley

    by Lynne Bryant
    Roxanne Reeves defines her life by the committees she heads and the social status she cultivates. But she is keeping secrets that make her an outsider in her own town, always in search of acceptance. And when she is given a job none of the other white women want-researching the town's African-American history for a tour of local sites-she feels she can't say no. Elderly Grace Clark, a retired black schoolteacher, reluctantly agrees to become Roxanne's guide. Grace takes Roxanne to Catfish All... more
  • The Hideaway Equinox

    by Terri Lorah

    As the Summer ends and Fall takes over Hideaway Lake, Tiffany Quinn returns to her family cottage, a place of solace and rest. She's there to make one of the most important decisions of her life when she meets a troubled young woman that needs a helping hand. Can she make a difference in someone else's life when hers is such a wreck?

    The moment she turns 18, Autumn Monroe leaves a terrible situation at the foster home where she lived. Alone and homeless, she finds a spark o... more