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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Cowgirl's Trail: Sometimes The Trail You Ride Takes You To Unexpected Places

    by Annette Ilowiecki
    Carla Johnson wanted to be a cowboy when she grew up. Every prayer she uttered included asking God for a cowpony of her very own. Of all the horse stories she read, the one about Sgt. Reckless , the mare who served with the Marines in the Korean War inspired her so much that now she had two "grow up goals" to achieve. her trail took her to both destinations.
  • Stargazer

    by Prue McDonell
    The story of Stargazer is a reflection of my own self-discovery through a life-time of experiences. I explore my own personal growth through a young flower sprite called Star, who begins her life hidden within the darkness and silence of the earth. The Spirit of Light summons Star who emerges into the Garden of Asha as a beautiful Stargazer Lily. Here she gains insight into herself through her encounters with the whimsical creatures that already live in the garden such as Faer the Butterfly who ... more
  • Through the Waters and the Wild

    by Greg Fields
    Author Greg Fields, whose anticipated debut novel Arc of the Comet was released in 2017, is back to continue Conor Finnegan’s story with even more ambitious writing in Through the Waters and the Wild [Koehler Books, January 15, 2021]. Over the course of several decades, this introspective tale follows Conor’s grandfather, Liam Finnegan, who flees his native land and abandons the passion and purpose of his inner nature. Fields takes readers to the farmlands of Ireland, the Irish Civil War, and th... more
  • The Shade Under the Mango Tree

    by Evy Journey

    After two heartbreaking losses, Luna wants adventure. Something and somewhere very different from the affluent, sheltered home in California and Hawaii where she grew up. And it must be an adventure in which she can make some difference.

    Lucien, a worldly, well-traveled young architect, finds a stranger’s journal at a café. He has qualms and pangs of guilt about reading it. But they don’t stop him. His decision to go on reading changes his life.

    Months later, t... more

  • In the Midst of the Storms; A Story of Trauma, Faith, and Hope

    by Jon Sadler
    In the Midst of the Storms is a faith filled love story of two people struggling with brain injuries. Their life experiences would lead them to work in similar ministries to bring hope to others, and to reinforce each other's spiritual faith. They endured the stress from brain injury and recovery, the stigmas that accompany the condition, along with the traumas from the past and present. It is a story that demonstrates the power of having faith in God during dire times.
  • Mandala Mandela

    by R.J. Myles

    A disturbing tale of murder in a small rural town in Eastern Oregon. Set in the summer of 1971 the first part of the book is an insight into the people and culture of the isolated town, and the conclusion they are eager to accept as to who was responsible for the murders. The second part of the book tells the story of what really happened, which is far more sinister and dark than the townspeople could have ever imagined.

  • The Lincoln Moon

    by Michael Price Nelson
    In this touching novel based on real events, Truman “Scrump” Armstrong recalls an idyllic boyhood in 1858 and his family’s courage in helping slaves escape to freedom along the Undergrond Railroad. Then Scrump’s older brother, Duff, is accused of murder, and suddenly everything is on the line. Their rescuer is none other than attorney Abraham Lincoln, who defends Duff in what would become one of his most celebrated cases. More than a courtroom drama, The Lincoln Moon is ultimately a story of fam... more
  • Susie Swish

    by Tim Haddock
    It is the story of two girls who join their high school boys basketball team when their girls team is cut. Susie is tall and talented, but doubts her abilities and strengths. Carla is short and feisty, never backs down from a fight and is full of confidence. Follow them on their journey through a basketball season that takes unexpected turns and presents unforeseen challenges.
  • Snake Tales

    by Jack Strange
    A snake's a snake, and sometimes people are snakes too. Who better to explore the reptilian underside of human nature than New Orleans native Jack Strange? In "Snake Tales," Strange does just that in fifteen stories crafted with compassion and understanding as well as irony, humor and suspense. Each tale is sure to entertain, enlighten and delight any reader and will keep you reading to the end.
  • The Blind Boxer

    by Jim Lester

    "Rocky meets the Shawshank Redemption"

    Set in the real American dystopia of the Great Depression, The Blind Boxer is the story of a prison inmate known as Harvard who is offered his freedom if he will participate in a mysterious boxing match. Harvard, who is a former professional fighter, suffering from failing eyesight, is joined by two other fighters, but when the Big Fight begins the inmates learn that the rules of prize fighting and fair play no longer count and survival i... more

  • Amber Road

    by Sherry Christie
    He’s angered the most powerful man in the world. Five thousand loyal soldiers guarding the Danube frontier despise his family name. A Germanic warlord across the river is waiting to kill him. And he must risk them all to find the only woman he’s ever loved. When ex-tribune Marcus Carinna is recruited by an imperial spymaster for a secret mission among the hostile German tribes, he jumps at the excuse to restore his honor while searching for his beloved Aurima. But as his troops advance in... more
  • Ephemera: a short collection of short stories

    by Gary Allen
    Eighteen little pieces that make one question the nature of reality... or of writing, which may not be the same thing.
  • Prophet Amidst Losses

    by Gary Allen
    This new collection of short stories is a theme & variations on the many kinds of losses that plague us. While there is a kind of remorseless inevitability about the topic, it is often served with humor. Gallows humor, perhaps, but humor nonetheless.
  • Future Tense : The Remembrance of Things Not Yet Past

    by Gary Allen
    What would it be like to suddenly have clear memories of things that don't happen 'til decades later? The regular crowd of hippies at an upstate New York bar, in 1968, find themselves in that very situation. Future Tense is a before-and-after story, in which it's never quite clear which is which. Confusion, wild speculation, enlightenment, and lust abound—so, just like the sixties.
  • Cenotaphs

    by Gary Allen
    At some point in our lives, we all dream of disappearing; escaping from lives that leave us feeling trapped. This novel's main character is a writer (and no, this is NOT autobiographical) who is desparate to get away from it all. He attempts to draw on his writing and research skills to find a way to get a new life—with unexpected results.
  • The Little Dragon

    by Sheri Fink
    The Little Dragon loves to dance in his magical meadow. When he discovers that he’s not alone, he experiences the overpowering emotions of fear, embarrassment, and anger for the first time. Through a series of heartwarming missteps, he learns the value of being open to sharing instead of isolating himself. This enchanting story helps kids recognize and express their big feelings in healthy ways, and teaches us all that dancing and life are better with friends.