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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • You Screwed Up!

    by Alice Hlidkova
    An inspirational book of startup stories; interviews of small business owners who share lessons from running their own businesses. The small business book for entrepreneurs who are searching for relevant tips to avoid major mistakes in running a business. A startup book to guide you on the right path for success, illuminating the efforts of entrepreneurs who view failing with positivity, a necessary component in making it. Business startup owners give true accounts of facing challenges ... more
  • Pretty Girl Complex

    by Alice Hlidkova
    Katie Washington dreams of becoming a dancer in Miami and joins an international entertainment company. Katie has one daughter, via IFV, with her non-romantic partner, Luke, who helps her balance her career and motherhood, as she continues to soar her way to success in the business world. Katie manages a posse of women, who come from all walks of life, including one woman, named Amy, who can’t have a baby after contracting HIV. Katie learns about surrogacy from another dancer and offers to be... more
  • Good Night, Sweet Peas

    by Amy Landgraf
    Rollie Pollie Pea and his siblings are enjoying some fun in the garden when Grammy and Grampy Pea declare it’s time for bed. The five peas set about bathing, brushing, and climbing into their pod for a goodnight story. But putting five little peas to bed isn’t as easy as it sounds, and delaying tactics soon abound. Parents and children alike will laugh at the recognizable ways in which a little one tries to put off going to sleep, and the surprise ending will have them begging to read the book a... more
  • Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash

    by Paki Perkins
    Mahalo means “Thank you”. Or does it? When Hiwa and Keao meet their cousin visiting from California for the first time, they learn what he thinks “Mahalo” means and although not correct, it does make you think… Pupu gets an opportunity to teach her mo’opuna (grandchildren) the meaning of Mahalo as well as the kaona (deeper meaning) of one of Hawaii’s most precious words.
  • Pearly Everlasting

    by Claudia Ricci Author
    Pearly Everlasting tells the story of Salvia Fischetti, a painter tortured by guilt over her daughter’s death. Morgan Pochyrus is a biker poet consumed by guilt over secrets in his own past. The unlikely meeting of the pair — and their valiant attempts to save an infant facing a life-threatening illness — lead both characters toward healing in an unexpected way, in this gripping and beautifully written novel. “Claudia Ricci’s riveting and sometimes explosive novel Pearly Everlasting…is a no... more
  • You Really, Truly Do Belong!

    by Gina Casazza
    You Really Truly Do Belong! is a cute, fun, rhyming book that helps raise children’s self-esteem and let them know that they belong in the world. The book is narrated by our main character, an alien who arrives on Earth for the first time, excited to explore the planet, meet people and get involved with many different activities. But everywhere the alien goes, something doesn’t feel right. They don't feel like they belong. The alien feels like an outsider. Can our alien friend find a sense of be... more
  • Birds

    by christian spencer
    Nature as a work of art: birds in their habitat, spectacularly presented in their natural surroundings The award-winning Winged Prism photo series in a coffee table book for the first time For bird lovers and all those looking for an illustrated book that ventures beyond photojournalism and stylized studio shots The fascination birds evoke in us continues unabated. Australian artist and photographer Christian Spencer, living in the vicinity of the Brazilian rainforest since 2001, has surrende... more
  • The Hidden Script: Enter the Kingdom

    by Jemima Victor
    After their long journey to reach Ehre, all this team of four friends want to do is relax with a hot meal. Yet, their first night in Ehre turns for the worst when a commotion breaks out at orientation. Kiru is stuck with Sir Talks-A-Lot, Janeen finds herself lost in the woods, and Eibo suddenly decides to renounce his role as lead king, while Yahri is taking his sweet time traveling to Ehre. The four should be excited gearing up for their Induction Ceremony, the big kick-off and official s... more
  • Moraline

    by Cintia Alfonso Fior

    A young girl receives a special message from a sacred Lakota leader about her power to change the world
    Twelve-year-old Moraline is about to run away from her problems … again. Ever since her family moved from New York to San Diego, Moraline pushes against a hot dry wind whenever trouble happens. But a chance encounter with a mysterious Lakota spirit in the woods of Northern California puts Moraline on the path toward understanding her power to fight injustice.... more

  • I figli del re

    by Sara Piccinini
  • Barbie Principessa Rock

    by Sara Piccinini
  • Barbie - Squadra Speciale

    by Sara Piccinini
  • The Cherokee Bride

    by Stephen Enna
    The Cherokee Bride takes place in the year 1850. It is the story of a 17-year-old woman whose name is Maggie Carter. Maggie is an out-of-control kid who is half Cherokee Indian and halfwhite. She grew up in Fayetteville Arkansas and was the child of a single parent Cherokee Indian who was rarely around to give her guidance or support. Her mother died when she was 14 and from then on, she was on her own without support from anyone. In 1850 an article was posted in town that got her attention. ... more
  • Ruins, Book One, Corpses in Armor Complete in One Volume

    by G. D. Giles
    We Can’t All Be Heroes Libya 1942 A German officer conspires with a French-Algerian priest and a Jewish Resistance leader to return a young prisoner to her people on the Allied side of the line.
  • From the Soul of Blackwell's Quill Whisper

    by Johnathan Blackwell
    Witches, warlocks, priests, and wizards, from the cycle of creation unto birth, all have a special calling. A silent, mystical purpose predestines them to achieve an unknown feat. Fathar, a young orphan boy, is guided by an Elder Wizard on his magical journey to become the most powerful being in the universe. On this journey, Fathar is guarded by a fearsome dragon of unfathomable might, Whisper! To understand life—past, present, and future—step into this illusional experience, a small sliver of ... more
  • Essence of the Mind

    by Johnathan Phillip Blackwell
    Steven Drake Hunter began his career in neurology, thinking he could help people in the workings of their brain. But, even after years of monitoring comatose patients, Dr. Hunter was no closer to understanding what they were going through or where they were. Feeling dejected, he wondered: Was it possible to help these patients at all, let alone make them well again? When Dr. Hunter notices a mysterious man following him, he gets closer to an answer than anyone thought possible.