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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get): Homeroom Super Hero Adventures At School

    by Antonio Journie
    A whimsical, creative kid, Chauncy, and his friend Gina attend Sagniaw Hills Elementary school. Chanuncy and Gina constantly have to whip up their own creations of super heroes with their special pens, and drawing tablets that come to life to protect them from their nemesis, and ultra creative, blustering,unruly sibling classmates; Derwer, and his two sisters Rayanne and Monica. The trio siblings conceive their own rebel villainous characters to topple anybody they come across. The battle for ev... more
  • A Dumpling's Gang Christmas

    by Antonio Journie
    Paul’s Christmas Eve shift at the Cozy Café seems pretty dull, until his last customer offers to tell him a story – from 1846! Hear the tale of little Christopher Dumpling as he tries to prepare the best Christmas party surprise for his hard-working family. But when mysterious happenings threaten the joy of everyone in town, it is up to Christopher and his siblings to track down the cause and stop it, before no one gets to enjoy Christmas at all!

    Orphaned on the streets of Manhattan, a cat named Chester begins a life-changing journey to a dark wetland forest on the coast of Maine. There he befriends an abandoned cat named Patches whose father had disappeared in the forest. An ancient neglected graveyard, sketches by a young artist revealing the secret of a lost father, a life-threatening blizzard, the arduous search for a missing friend, the struggles of a feral mother cat with her four kittens, and terrifying encounters under the halo o... more
  • In for the Rain

    by Raine Leggett
    My collection of stories bound into one book. Journey with me into the realm of fiction. We see a angel find love. We meet a Swordsmith mighty and powerful. Love falls from the air many times in this book. As you travel from page to page, relax and recharge on this story journey. A collection of 34 stories.
  • Making a Better World

    by Michael Lacoy
    Oscar Perilloux, a middle-age widower with a seven-year-old daughter, decides after some serious reservations to let his estranged elderly mother move in with him after she is kicked out of a retirement home for disciplinary reasons. Though Oscar's brother, a rich car-dealer magnate, wants nothing to do with their mother, he IS dating the woman Oscar secretly desires. What follows is a tale of familial reconciliation coupled with a romantic plotline reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice. Paralle... more
  • One Vote

    by J. Stewart Willis
    When the President-Elect dies three days after the election, Constitutional chaos ensues. The Democratic Party must establish a replacement who will hold the 272 Democratic Electors together. One is faithless and two more are bought off and vote Republican. The election is thrown into the house which becomes deadlocked. The sitting President says he is the only elected President and refuses to vacate the White House. The newly elected Vice President is sworn in and claims her right to serv... more
  • Friends In Low Places

    by Vince Wetzel

    How strong are the bonds of friendship?

    In his debut novel, Vince Wetzel explores the evolution of lifelong friendships and how they withstand the strains of human failures.Jim organized their annual guys trip to the lake. He picked the date. He booked the spot. He even chronicled every adventure over the past 20 years in a ragged notebook. Now, he is a box of ashes that his four closest friends will take up to the lake one last time. Over the course of their final weekend together, the... more

  • Lost Souls: A Servant of Death

    by Shane Martin
    Executed, widowed, and robbed of his entire crew of pirates, Captain Ander Frost makes a desperate attempt to recover what he’s lost: a deal with Death. Because those always go so well. Tasked to kill a usurper of the Roman emperorship, he must ally himself with the man that had him, his wife and crew murdered in the first place ‒ High King of the entire human population ‒ Rian Forge. Set in ancient Imperial Rome, where the likes of dwarves and elves live side by side with humans under Rom... more
  • Lily Fairchild

    by Don Gutteridge
    Lily Fairchild follows the life of a pioneer woman on the Canadian frontier over 77 years of her long life. She is witness to and a pawn of the great historical events of that period: the Underground Railroad, the clearing of the forest, the coming of the railroads, the discovery of oil, the two Riel Rebellions in the West and the flu pandemic of 1918. A story of love and survival.
  • Forest Flight

    by Tim Maddox
    Attacked on the road, a nobleman's daughter makes her way through the wilderness towards her father's castle. The landscape holds many obstacles and blessings that she could use, but at every step her pursuers might appear. In the end she will need to find a way to strike at her pursuers first. After her long flight, does she have the strength to make it home?
  • The Curious Panda

    by Samuel F.
    The story is about of a little panda that is a very curious and love the adventures, especially when discover things that nobody seen before. With this story will wake up that part of curiosity that all we have and look out the feeling of suprising when finds new things that never expected.
  • All Things That Deserve To Perish: A Novel of Wilhelmine Germany

    by Dana Mack
    The year is 1896, and Elisabeth ('Lisi') von Schwabacher, the gifted daughter of a Jewish banker, returns home to Berlin from piano study in Vienna. Though her thoughts are far from matrimony, she is pursued by two noblemen impressed as much by her stunning wealth as by her prodigious intellect and musical talent. Awakened to sudden improvements in the opportunities open to women, Lisi balks at her mother's expectation that she will contract a suitable bourgeois marriage, and settle down ... more
  • Elanora and the Salt Marsh Mystery

    by Kathleen Jae
    After a series of terrifying events, Elanora is transported to a strange neighborhood where the only way to get about is by water and the only food to eat is the grasses of the marsh. Her newfound guardians do their best to help her adapt, but the food is odd and unappetizing, and she feels isolated and alone. The colony of muskrats who live in the marsh refuse to accept the young chipmunk and ignore her each time they gather to eat at night. In her former home, Elanora spent her days exploring... more
  • QWERTY, The Forgotten Typewriter

    by Craig Feigh
    In this day and age, being "different" often means being ostracized from society. This not only happens to people, but to Typewriters as well! Let me introduce you to QWERTY, THE FORGOTTEN TYPEWRITER. QWERTY used to be the most popular typewriter at the television station until she was replaced by a computer. No longer did fingers dance across her keys. This made QWERTY sad as she was ridiculed and mocked for being different from the newer equipment. That is until a power outage knocked o... more
  • Stainless Steel I Beams Suppliers

    by Stainless Shapes
    Stainless Shapes is the top distributor of quality stainless steel and nickel alloys.
  • Dumpster Dogs

    by Ann Colberson Schiebert
    Exploring lessons in friendship, love, and courage, this fetching tale demonstrates the resilience of our most loved companions. Young readers will be instantly drawn into the plight of Riley and his friends as they do their best to stick together through thick and thin. After being abandoned by the families they loved, this motley crew of canines have sworn off any interaction with humans, that is until Riley befriends the adorable dogette Sophie and her human Emily. Torn between his friends... more