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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Liberation: Seeking the Meaning of Life

    by Shogo Onoe

    Unearth the true story of one man’s search for the meaning of life.

    Disillusioned by life and feeling like a stranger in his own homeland of Japan, Shogo Onoe embarks on a profound spiritual journey to illuminate the meaning of life and find a radical new mode of understanding. Travelling across the Pacific to the vibrant country of Mexico, Shogo’s soul-searching brings him into contact with a rich, warm culture that pushes him to discover himself in a faraway land.

    To... more

  • A Summer of the Forest Folk

    by Tom Pinch
    A Polish best-seller classic, continuously in print since 1920, filmed and radio-produced, now for the first time in English. Three friends spend every summer in a remote cottage in Pinsk Marshes (Byelarus), the largest surviving stand of virgin forest in Europe. This summer, a teenage boy joins them. The book follows his adventures as he learns about life in the forest. The author was a noted Lesbian and the book describes her and her two lovers (in the novel they are portrayed as men)... more
  • Out of the Lion's Maw

    by Tom Pinch
    Polish classic best-seller, in print since 1946, now for the first time in English. 570 B.C. Carthage, Sicily, Crete, Egypt. An elderly Zoroastrian priest and his teenage apprentice rush across the Mediterranean in an attempt to forestall the break out of a war. They are pursued by secret agents, assassins, and, eventually, the whole state apparatus of Pharaonic Egypt. Book culminates in the Battle of the Thestis Well (as described in Herodotus).
  • Wild Fennel

    by Bruce Mitchell

    The First World War is over and the Thorntons celebrate Armistice on the streets of Sydney, but their vision of an era of peace and prosperity is about to be shattered.

    Against a backdrop of the Spanish Flu, the Roaring Twenties, organised crime and the Great Depression, the Thorntons do what they’ve always done—they knuckle down and get on with life. But will that be enough? Will they survive the challenges before them or be cast upon the jagged rocks of life, like so ... more

  • The Ninth Passage

    by Dale O. Cloninger
    Dean Collins after a prolonged absence returns home for his 45 high school reunion. Memories long relegated to the deep recesses of his mind tells his new wife the story of Alec Driver, a WWII vet, who after attaining two degrees in music accepts the position of choir teacher at a small town high school on Florida's west coast. Alec quickly begins a romantic relationship with a student (Tracy Ashbury) in his choir. Only his skill in developing musical excellence in his choir and the entreatie... more
  • The Discontent of Mary Wenger by Robert Tucker

    by Robert M Tucker

    Emotionally torn between the conflicting historical social forces of feminism and the traditional roles of women in post-World War II society, Mary Wenger struggles with a deep sense of despair. Spanning the continent during the decades of the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s to the turn of the century, her compulsive lifelong odyssey in search of an acceptable house in which to realize her personal and economic goals throws her out of balance with her family. A master wordsmith tells... more

  • DNA, or The Book of Brad

    by Monica Bauer
    Rose Pettigrew is a striking and accomplished young Black lawyer in the middle of a hot love affair with Paula Bernstein, one of the most successful heart surgeons in Los Angeles She has one thing missing in her life; she needs to find her family. When her adoptive mother slides into the final stages of Alzheimer’s, she finally feels free to search for her birth parents. Her hands shake as she opens the email from “DNA and Me” that gives her a chance to find them. Her DNA results show one very c... more
  • I'm The Same

    by James Ungurait

    I’m The Same follows Kodak as he never expected to live in Oregon, but after receiving a writing fellowship after college, he jumped at the chance to escape from the South. Part of him was running from the pain of his past and the hate-filled people that taunted him. The story begins as he looks out into the Pacific thinking and debating if he made the right move. Later he discovers a local bookshop along with its owner Olivia who asks him if he is attending the gala later that night.... more

  • Voices Whisper

    by Linda Lee Graham

    When the orphaned Liam Brock first set foot in Philadelphia, he was brimming with aspirations. Now, seven years later, he faces a startling sensation of loss as his constant companions, David and Elisabeth, start a family of their own and begin a life apart.

    Aimless for the first time in his life, Liam forgoes opportunities to pursue his passion for law and continues dallying with a variety of Philadelphia's young women, including the insatiable and soulless Victoria Billings, ... more

  • Children of Terra: The Kids Don't Stand a Chance

    by Matty MacLeod
    Slark and friends set off on a journey through the world of Terra to save Princess Elmira and her magical artifact from an evil organization.

    by Dr. Reema Naim
    The Adventures of the Sensokids is designed to encourage children to explore the power of their senses. Each book features a special sensory education section, designed to help parents and educators understand sensory challenges in a fun and exciting way! Letters On My Lunchbox, Book 3 in The Adventures of the Sensokids Series is a story about Sofia. Sofia has trouble writing her name and needs to explore her sense of Visual Perception. With the help of the Sensokids she is able to do just... more
  • Still, the Sky

    by Tom Pearson

    Still, the Sky is a speculative mythology rendered through poetry and art that combines the tales of Icarus and the Minotaur and creates for them a shared coming-of-age through a correspondence of written fragments, artifacts, ecofacts, and ephemera. The resulting narrative becomes a labyrinth of fragmented memories, confessions, and tributes—and these mix throughout as fever dreams and meditations on innocence and experience, flight and failure, love and loss.

  • Curb Children

    by Carlos & Javier Avitia-Velazquez

    “Once a punk, always a punk; Expect nothing, cherish everything.” Los Angeles native David Leandro "Leo" Rial-Alvarez takes these mantras to heart. But what do they really mean to an eighteen-year-old Latino Millennial dealing with the suicide of his close friend Aqua, a trainhopper girl, at his going-away party on the morning of his flight to college in New York City? Especially when he left behind Astair, his childhood love, and all his other California friends in the ... more

  • Daughter of the Boricua

    by Olivia Castillo
    Daughter of the Boricua continues the saga of the award winning book, Song of the Boricua, and follows the story of Puerto Rico, told through the lives of three generations of women. Liani; a Taino torn between her loyalty to her people, and her love for a Spanish officer. Isabella; direct descendent of Aztec princess Isabella Moctezuma, cursed as her grandmother was. Josephine; daughter of Isabella, afraid to love, but finding herself caught between love or career. Are they cursed? ... more
  • Myself to blame?

    The collection is a crude satire on blatant and sexist traditions, bourgeois morality, an ideology of patriarchy and gendered social discrimination; deemed to answer why Apathy gets its hands in paving the way for the development of existentialism agony that leads to a person to suicide?
  • Landscape of a Marriage

    by Gail Ward Olmsted
    New York, 1858: Mary, a young widow with three children, agrees to marry her brother-in-law Frederick Law Olmsted, who is acting on his late brother’s deathbed plea to "not let Mary suffer”. But she craves more than a marriage of convenience and sets out to win her husband’s love. Beginning with Central Park in New York City, Mary joins Fred on his quest to create a 'beating green heart' in the center of every urban space. Over the next 40 years, Fred is inspired to create dozens of city parks... more