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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Nativity of Bloodshed

    by Moshe Levin

    The book contain three stories of: Amico, Italian friar, born in Gallipoli, southern Italy who visited the holy land and the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem at the end of the 16th century, Giles, a British surveyor, who served as an officer in the Gallipoli campaign arrives after the great war to Palestine during the British Mandate at the early 20th century, and the sniper, an Israeli soldier in his first combat mission in 2002. Each one of the characters believe he knows its purpose and... more

  • Finger Paintin’

    by Terry Jackson
    A board book for preschoolers learning colors and items associated with colors.
  • King Froderick at War: Tales of Basschundia, Volume II

    by Brian Paul Cross

    In this second installment of Tales of Basschundia, King Froderick confronts a dire threat to the crown. A "pony" invader sits upon the Cushy Throne. The royal chalice has been violated. The invader's drool is everywhere. Shall ten centuries of glorious Basschundian rule end here?

  • King Froderick of Basschundia: Tales of Basschundia, Vol. I

    by Brian Paul Cross

    Meet King Froderick, son Roderick, son of Oderick, son of Derick, son of Erick, son of Rick, reigning monarch of Basschundia. Froderick and his royal retainers--court jester Huxley, personal steward Luna, and executioner Tiny Kitten--are waiting to receive you. But mind your manners. Froderick is a stickler for proper court etiquette. You may now approach and kiss the paw.

  • Songs by Honeybird

    by Peter McDade
    Atlanta couple Ben and Nina plan to move in together, but their relationship unravels when Ben dismisses Nina’s surprising claim that her dog can talk. Songs by Honeybird follows the pair as they move on without each other. Doctoral candidate Ben dives into research on the tragic story of Honeybird, the South’s first integrated rock band, while spiritual savant Nina searches for the elusive truth about her father’s death.
  • Catching the Wind

    by Steve Physioc
    A captivating tale of duty, honor, love — and baseball Sam Cloud-Carson knows great loss. He lost his family and then his freedom when he was blackmailed into working as a tracker for a private military company in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan. Conniving CEO Drake Dixon didn't make it easy, but Sam finally has a fresh start in Nicaragua, where his journey is just beginning. Sam’s natural talent and innate kindness bring attention from scouts — and from a troubled woman who faces ... more
  • Afterword

    by Jeremy Bibaud

    Twelve of the weirdest and wildest jobs you never knew existed.

    Take a journey through time in this genre-bending story collection and witness the lives of twelve fictional characters working some of history’s strangest professions that no longer exist.

    Heppiri Otoko, a man born with the embarrassing ability to manipulate the sounds of his bodily gas into music, answers the call to help one of history’s greatest composers find his love of music when he... more

  • Take Me With You

    by Linda Duddridge

    When awkward musical theater nerd, Sam, meets Rose at a party, he’s convinced they belong together. She’s perfect in every way, but he’s constantly worried he’ll lose her. He tries to be a good boyfriend, but he’s always getting things wrong. He could blame his abusive dad or even his best friend for sabotaging his relationship, but deep down he knows the truth: he’s not worthy. After all, he drove his mom away when he was ten.

    Alcohol helps Sam cope.... more

  • Dear Inmate

    by Lisa Boyle
    Massachusetts, 1854. The anti-foreigner American Party, better known as the “Know-Nothings,” take power throughout the state. The city of Lowell elects Leonard Ward, a member of the party, as its mayor. Suddenly the “Know-Nothings” are everywhere. And they’re going after the Irish. Rosaleen is ready to fight back. Emboldened by strange conspiracies about the Catholic Church, violent mobs and corrupt government officials are making life nearly unbearable for her people. Lowell’s newly formed... more
  • The Adventures of Peyton and Myown

    by Alicia Greene
    The imagination of a child is endless. Go with Peyton as she explores the world through her imagination with her stuffed lamb Myown. Peyton discovers animals, colors, shapes, letters and more. Keep reading to find out where Peyton will take you next!
  • Ruby Ring

    by Gera Jones
    Ruby Ring (Book 3) Trading her simple homeless life—where no one knew she existed—for a normal life, Ruby discovers her identity as a central figure in Gunpowder, Kentucky and in its future. Key to continuing the bloodline and name of the founding ancestors, Ruby immerses herself in her new life with husband, Derek, and baby boy, Claudius. She comes to realize she leads the rising generation charged with continuing the heritage and unique nature of the Kentucky town. With a world pandemic desce... more
  • Dashboard Lights

    by Gera Jones
    Dashboard Lights (Book 2) Having recently left her homeless, nomadic life behind, Ruby adjusts to her new life as a “real” person in the unique town of Gunpowder, Kentucky. Although she now has a legal identity, the mystery of who she really is remains. Who is her mother? Who are her biological people? As Ruby continues to seek answers, happily awaiting her marriage to her beloved Derek, a dark secret from her past threatens to upend her new life and the future she is working so fervently to b... more
  • Painted Windows

    by Gera Jones
    Painted Windows (Book 1) is a charming story about a teenage girl, Ruby, who is trapped in a homeless, nomadic life. The first novel in a series of three in The Gunpowder Series, Painted Windows lands Ruby in yet another random town—Gunpowder, Kentucky. To the real world, Ruby does not exist. Undocumented, no last name, and recording her approximate age with slash marks on her forearm, Ruby survives only with what fits in her trusty backpack. She shelters in abandoned dwellings and outbuilding... more
  • The Bitch of Buchenwald: Her Tainted Legacy

    by Wendie Pecharsky and Jill Merzon
    Spanning six decades, this tense and riveting fact-based Jewish historical novel transports readers from the gates of Buchenwald to the streets of modern-day London, where the son of Ilse Koch, the notorious Bitch of Buchenwald, is planning an anti-government coup. But first, he must secure his sisters’ diaries, which hold the key to Ilse’s legacy: a fortune in looted Nazi gold.
  • Farida

    by Amal Ibrahim

    Kidnapping,murder,slavery and forced marriage. This heart-wrenching story will take you through a mosaic of middle eastern traditions and customs. Three generations of women will captivate with the intricacies of their lives in a small Lebanese village. This is the story of sisters Farida, who by circumstance is forced to marry a stranger to save herself and Aujene, who is forced to marry a man she despises. Their mother Tala, who roams the streets in search of her sanity and bears the b... more

  • Black Ink

    by Jabari Khalfani
    Black Ink is a poetry book that encapsulates the experience of the poet, a black man, from adolescents to manhood. It gives insight into the heartache of mistakes and loss of a young man trying to find his way in a world that rejects him. It shares the wisdom of a father to his children, as well as celebrates the beauty of women and black love all while understanding his value in a world that tries to tell him he has none. It is truly one of a kind.