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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Bull & Bear Learn Piggy Banks' Golden Rule

    by Craig A. Robinson
    Get ready to read about our two favorite characters, Bull & Bear from "Bull & Bear Race at the Big Board"; listen, learn, and follow the wise Piggy Banks, who teaches them the Golden Rule of making a dollar, breaking a dollar into saving, investing and giving to charity too. Read along with your little one, and learn financial responsibility in a fun way through Bull & Bear's adventure of learning and implementing Piggy Banks' Golden Rule.
  • Feral Maril & Her Little Brother Carol

    by Leslie Tall Manning
    Bright but unassuming Marilyn Jones has some grown-up decisions to make, especially after Mama goes to prison for drugs and larceny. With no one to take care of them, Marilyn and her younger, mentally-challenged brother, Carol, get tossed into the foster care system. While shuffling from one home to another, Marilyn makes it her mission to find the Tan Man, a mysterious man from her babyhood she believes holds the key to her family’s happiness. But Marilyn’s quest is halted when her daddy, a... more
  • A Rock n Roll New Year’s Eve 2024 Ode to Joy: A Satire

    by Michael Boyajian


  • Feathers Of Friendship

    by Denise A. Johnson
    Follow the adventures of a little boy named Emerson as he learns about the different birds that visit his backyard. The red Northern Cardinal, the Mockingbird, and the Robin are some of the many birds that Emerson spots and learns about. With engaging storytelling and delightful illustrations, this book is an ideal way to introduce kids to the joys of bird spotting.
  • Daughter of Promise

    by Jeanne Blasberg
    Days after graduating from college, Betsabé Ruiz begins her first job on Wall Street, where she plans to save enough money to eventually pursue her dreams of becoming a theatre actress. What she didn’t anticipate was that this job would allow her barely enough free time to sleep or hang out with friends, let alone take acting classes. She didn’t apprehend the magnitude of the wealth that would be swirling about her, either, or how the long hours and close quarters would infuse her professional r... more
  • The Flabbergast Farm Fights Back

    by E. J. Daubert
    The Flabbergast Farm – home to the most successful Animal Talent Agency in the whole world – is full of talking animals. But Molly and her grandma know they must keep the animals safe by keeping that a secret – who knows what would happen to them if the rest of the world found out? When the local Government Inspector arrives to inspect their farm, he gives them the worst news possible. The nasty next-door neighbors want the farm gone by the end of the week and the Inspector is there to make t... more
  • Johnny Was His Name The Boy Who Grew Up To Become John H. Johnson

    by Johnson Museum, Angela F. Courtney
    Johnny Was His Name shares the story of a nine-year-old Johnny Johnson, as he lived with his mother and Arkansas City residents, on top of the Arkansas City Levee for six weeks during the 1927 Flood. Johnny Was His Name is an encouraging story of hope and perseverance in uncertain times. The story shares how people, who may have stark differences, united for a common goal. It gives a glimpse into an observant young Johnny Johnson, seeing people set aside their disagreements to support each ot... more
  • Klara's Truth

    by Susan Weissbach Friedman
    It is May 2014, and Dr. Klara Lieberman—forty-nine, single, professor of archaeology at a small liberal arts college in Maine, a contained person living a contained life—has just received a letter from her estranged mother, Bessie, that will dramatically change her life. Her father, she learns—the man who has been absent from her life for the last forty-three years, and about whom she has long been desperate for information—is dead. Has been for many years, in fact, which Bessie clearly knew. Bu... more
  • The Malachi Covenant

    by Dee Kelly Jr.
    A holy relic. An Ancient Biblical prophecy. A chance to heal the Catholic Church—or drive it apart forever. When the Vatican announces that Pope Peter will present a holy relic, a rib bone of Saint Nicholas, to the Russian people on Christmas Eve, the world is paying attention. St. Nicholas is revered by the Russian people, and the Vatican hopes that the Pope’s historic visit to Moscow will not only ease political tensions with Russia, but help heal the thousand-year schism between the Eas... more
  • Lincoln's Angel: the Rebecca Pomroy Story

    by DL Fowler

    A novel of triumph over tragedy. Experience the true story of a woman who defied all odds and changed the course of history. Despite enduring thirty years of debilitating grief, Rebecca finds the strength to become an army nurse during the Civil War, bringing hope and healing to countless soldiers. But when she encounters the weight of anguish borne by President and Mrs. Lincoln, Rebecca's true calling is revealed. She must rescue them from despair and self-doubt or risk the Union’s... more

  • Harold Heard Butt Cake

    by B. Z. Humdrum
    Harold hardly hears. But what he MISHEARS is hilarious. In this Early Reader, we follow a day with Harold's mishearing ears, where "I think you misheard," becomes "I think you're Ms. Hurd!" At the center of it all is the mysterious BUTT cake — or, rather, "Bundt" cake. Harold has no idea why mom would even make that! When, at last, Harold is able to hear properly again, will he even want to? “Eggs use me!” I might be giving away the ending.
  • Chakraland's Secrets: Inner Peace: A Tale of Mindful Living | Self-Help with Chakras, Mindfulness, and Affirmations

    by Mile Miteva Pedraza
    Dive into the enchanting world of 'Chakraland's Secrets: Inner Peace,' a captivating tale that transcends the ordinary and transports you to the mystical realm of Weeklandium. In this extraordinary land, the days of the week are more than just a passing of time; they are sentient beings with distinct personalities. Following a disagreement with her family, Monday, a day with a unique essence, embarks on an unexpected journey of self-discovery and internal growth. In her quest, she ... more
  • Everyone's Included at the Animal Party: The Little Girl Learns About Patience & Imagination

    by Dr. Catie "Aunt Kiki" Greene
    A little girl is so excited for a long awaited day at the beach with her parents that her body just can't wait! Her dads help to teach her skills to manage big feelings of excitement and impatience such as slowing down to create a schedule and working together to complete the family's tasks. However, when faced with unexpected changes to the schedule, innovative coping skills are needed. With the help of her family, the little girl is able to tap into her imagination to cope with feelings of imp... more
  • Everyone's Included at the Animal Party: The Little Boy Learns About Feelings, Inclusion, & Coping

    by Dr. Catie "Aunt Kiki" Greene

    Everyone is Included at the Animal Party are stories created for little ones to learn socioemotional skills while expanding their big imaginations. In The Little Boy Learns about Feelings, Inclusion, & Coping, a little boy gets some help from a magical frog to face typical playground challenges such as using our words, identifying emotions, using empathy and coping skills, practicing inclusion, and celebrating diversity and authenticity. Each page has recommended reflective questions to engag... more

  • Whispers in a Phone Booth: A Depression-Era Tale of Danger and Deception

    by J. Daniel Reed
    Whispers in a Phone Booth: A Depression-Era Tale of Danger and Deception, a stirring new novel from the author of The First Wolf Pack: A Dog’s Fable As World War I ravages Europe, two beautiful and courageous teenage sisters make a miraculous escape to America from their bitter lives in Poland, thanks to their selfless mother. They settle with their aunt in an immigrant enclave on the north side of Chicago. It’s the same neighborhood where two gifted young men, a steelworker and a pharm... more
  • Coffee, Sweet Tea or Lemonade & Me?

    by Bobbie Hazelton
    Romance & Family: A Southern Love Story Author’s fondness of Louisiana becomes the background of this beautiful story of love and fighting for love Loves that are worth fighting for. That’s what true love and family means to the people of the South. In this absorbing novel by author Bobbie Hazelton, readers will follow the romance and the brewing trouble of these lovers in Coffee, Sweet Tea or Lemonade & Me. Readers will meet three cousins who go to New Orleans to fill a New Year’s resolution, ... more