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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Singing Stick

    by Phyllis Cole-Dai
    As a nor’easter bears down on her Massachusetts town, Fiona Richter places a frantic 911 call. Simon, her eighty-year-old husband who suffers from dementia, has gone missing. His clarinet too . . . So begins The Singing Stick, the spellbinding story of a son, his long-dead mother, and the music that anchors them both in times of great unmooring. Follow Simon out the door into a swirl of secrets that have shaped his life. Let music open a mysterious portal between past and present, memory a... more
  • The Pink Crayon

    by Radhika Nair
    On a sun-kissed day, Mimi ventures into her backyard with her coloring page and a bundle of colorful crayons. But wait! Curious visitors eye her vibrant tools. As Mimi navigates through colorful choices, can she balance her creativity and make new friends, especially when it comes to her favorite crayon?
  • Janie Ligon's Revenge

    by Danny Levin
    It's 1995. The internet is about to transform society. Janie Ligon, Levi Strauss’s newly appointed General Manager for the United Kingdom, hopes the same for her career. However, barely six months later her life is thrown into disarray when her perfect husband of 24 years seeks a divorce. Janie refuses to become the punch line in the cliched story of a middle-aged man leaving his marriage for a trophy wife. When she cannot convince him to stay, she decides to exact the revenge she believes is ri... more
  • The Council of Wise Women

    by Izzy Abrahmson

    On the edge of the Black Forest in a small village...

    Rachel Cohen is brilliant and wise. Her twin brother, Yakov? Not so much.

    When the Cohen family begins to crack –and their village teeters on the brink – it is up to Rachel and the secretive Council of Wise Women to step in. How much meddling is too much?

    THE COUNCIL OF WISE WOMEN is a spellbinding multigenerational story of family and friends, of love, loss, independence, reconciliation, and... more

  • A Coat of Many Colors: Putting Jewish Characters on Stage

    by Roy Schreiber
    A Coat of Many Colors is an anthology of five plays I have written that feature Jewish characters. While Shylock is fictional, all the others are based on real people. They include a wide range of people from a Hollywood script writer who helped Jewish writers and actors persecuted by the Nazi immigrate to the U.S., to Harry Houdini, to the last queen of Tahiti. Taken as a group these characters demonstrate that their is no such thing as a Jewish stereotype.
  • Sita and the Prince of Tigers

    by Winona Howe
    When Sita first meets the Prince of Tigers, she embarks on a path that will lead to a life filled with deep love and even deeper tragedy. She must learn to navigate different worlds--worlds that contain quite different requirements and expectations. She also learns danger, happiness, and sorrow can be found anywhere, and that they will impinge on the freedom she sought when she began her journey .
  • Road to Eden

    by Tim Twombly
    Mild mannered Dewey “Doc” Ruggles needs to step it up. He and his wife Margaret Ann aren’t just drifting apart; they’re being pried apart by her Life Coach, a scurrilous, self-serving, arrogant blowhard. A real sleaze. Overwhelmed and exhausted, Doc looks to the stars for answers. To his surprise a young nun appears. She tells him that if he wants his wife to fall back in love with him they’ll need to journey to the New Eden. Doc knows his wife won’t come along willingly, but she’ll come char... more

    by Pen name: R.J. Eastwood
    With a twist of fate and a bit of kismet, nineteen-year-old Addison Stone stumbles upon solace when he discovers his extraordinary singing voice that brings him unexpected international fame and fortune that he is ill-prepared for. As he climbs the ladder to musical acclaim, his heart remains tethered to a past he can never escape having been raised by a mentally unstable mother that left him emotionally scarred. From mother to son, the legacy of Addison’s turbulent childhood persists. But ami... more

    by Alice McVeigh
    Ever wondered what really made Wickham elope with Lydia Bennet? Or what the Longbourn servants thought about Bingley's disappearance after the Netherfield ball? Ever imagined a glimpse into Lady Catherine de Bourgh's diary? - or mused about how the Eltons’ courtship transpired in Bath? Currently a finalist in Chanticleer’s International Book Awards, McVeigh's celebrated Jane Austen series has a new launch - Pride and Perjury. Previously, novels in this series have been finalists in the UK S... more
  • Storyteller's Market

    by Om Soni
    Hari Dil was forced to flee his family mansion in Peshawar during the partition of India. He settled in Rampur and married Maya, with whom he had five daughters. When Hari's long-lost uncle Mehar suddenly reappears, he requests that Maya bear a son to continue their family line before passing away. Desperate for a son, Maya suffers from depression and loses interest in life after giving birth to Josh. As Josh grows up, he becomes haunted by the fear of death and visions of the god Yama. Hari ... more

    by Natasha Peterson
    Set in New Orleans, CAMELLIA SEASON is a laughter and tears, coming-of-age story about Cherie, who longs to escape the clutches of her crazy French mother. Cherie’s touchstone is her Wordless Diary, coded with illustrated numbers only she can understand. Beginning in 1965, we follow Cherie and her friends over five years, as they grow up amid the glorious magic and dangerous mayhem of the city's streets. Nourished by the dark gumbo of local culture, Cherie and her krewe both thrive and are crush... more
  • Adi's New Home

    by Saba Jamalian
    Adi the elephant loved playing the dice game Beat That! with grandpa. But when Adi moved far away, he missed his favorite game. Dad was too busy to play, Mom was too busy, his friend was too busy, and the ant was too small. Follow along on this rhyming journey to see what made Adi realize that loved ones may be far in distance but never in heart. Adi's New Home is a heartwarming and inspiring story about a baby elephant named Adi who immigrates to a new country with his family. The story teac... more
  • What was Beautiful and Good

    by Jill Blocker

    A novel about a young singer whose ‘joie de vivre‘ is disrupted by the outbreak of the First World War and whose fight for freedom inspired an international art movement.

  • American Lifeguard

    by American Lifeguard

    American Lifeguard and Safety Training™ with the lowest price guarantee. Individual and group training that can be completed anytime/anywhere to get certified right away with the support of employers and government agencies nationwide.

  • Till Marriage Do Us Part

    by Bianca Bowers
    In Australia, the lives of married couple Aden and Bronte are turned upside down when a financial audit forces their family-owned winery into foreclosure. Starting afresh in a seaside suburb, their marriage rapidly deteriorates as Aden mourns his dream life and Bronte seizes an opportunity to pursue the writing dream she buried when she became a winemaker’s wife. In America, Luther is an indie author who is unhappily married to his second wife. With his bohemian mother encouraging him from th... more
  • Herculena and the Purrfect Pet

    by Goddessy Dolls Books
    Herculena, the eight-year-old granddaughter of the legendary Greek hero Hercules, is destined to become a demigoddess, if she can complete her own set of twelve labors (or “feats”) before her ninth birthday. Excited to earn her own “goddessy” powers, she sets off on the first adventure—just like any great god or goddess, Herculena needs her own sacred pet! Which animal would be a good match for Herculena, and where will she find this special friend?