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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Postscript

    by Barbara Avon
    In the Fall of 1985, Jameson Brooks spends his days working for Frank's Moving. At night, he attempts to fill the void of an empty heart with one-night stands, fueled by alcoholic binges. Lina is a dancer, and a lonely spirit. She isn't interested in the advances of the handsome, yet rough rogue that lives above her. Her demons still follow her. Her abusive husband's ghost lingers, along with that of a very shady newspaper editor. When Lina disappears, love fuels James's drive to discover the tr... more
  • A Well-Respected Man

    by David W. Berner
    Chicago Professor Martin Gregory is the author of a critically acclaimed novel of love and longing, a cult favorite among women. The book brings him unexpected status and prestige, but also unwelcome fame. A love affair with one of his students derails his career and breaks his heart. Coming to terms with a life knocked off balance, Martin retreats to a quiet English village, only to be confronted at his flat by a mystery woman with an unexpected message and an implausible request, one that c... more
  • Goodnight Firehouse

    by Jennifer Drez
    As the sun sets on a neighborhood firehouse at the end of the day, author Jennifer Drez guides young readers through the comforting bedtime routine of saying “goodnight” to the essential machines and equipment fire crews use to do their job – from bunker gear and ladder trucks to airtankers and even “the firedog with her wagging tail and spots.” Illustrator Kyle Clay, a real-life firefighter, brings to life all of the lights, sounds, and activities with vibrant art. Back matter features fire pre... more
  • Gnarlys of the North Woods

    by Mary Cuffe Perez
    Gnarlys of the North Woods takes readers young and old deep within the Gnarlys' world, from their "gruf" inside the hollow of Sweet Fat Mama, along their network of tunnels and runs, across Alder Creek and into the Way-Way Yonda. The Gnarlys’ archenemies, the Gnomes, are old and wise but Gnarlys have Juju, a genius for imitating any song, call or sound in the forest. It’s a talent that leads them into the biggest trouble of all – for Gnarlys, Gnomes and the forest they love.
  • Fall Out: Courage Always Stands its Ground (Gray Girl Book 4)

    by Susan I. Spieth

    She wears a saber, a red sash and the infamous "crass mass of brass and glass," the United States Military Academy ring. The Army/Navy Game, the 100th Night celebrations, spring leave, and the highest of all cadet days, graduation, await Jan Wishart's final year at West Point. It should be the best one in her notable cadet experience. But graduation and commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army may never happen for Jan. Instead, she might be sent to the Consolidated ... more

  • The Devil's Fortune

    by Amy Schisler
    As a child, all Courtney ever wanted was to own Riverview Terrace. As an adult, that was the farthest thing from her mind. Following a near-fatal accident and court-approved windfall, Courtney gains the funds to buy her ancestors' colonial-era house, complete with rotting beams and a collapsing roof. The legends of pirate treasure, hidden passageways, and long-concealed family secrets intrigue Courtney, but when a vandal thwarts all progress, the house is suddenly much more than she believes she... more
  • Piper the Pilot

    by Kathleen Foley
    Come fly along with Piper the Pilot and Charlie the bird on a fun airplane adventure! A story about finding courage and gaining confidence. Join Piper the Pilot as she guides her friend Charlie Blue on a scenic flight to a lighthouse. This story introduces early readers to facing new challenges, pattern recognition, exploring new places, and friendship.
  • Don't Call Me Lefty

    by Kris Condi
    Gracie Carter never thought twice about the hand she colored with until classmate and nemesis Scott Collins nicknamed her Lefty. Soon, other students in Gracie's class called her Lefty. The more Gracie tried to fit into a right-handed world, the more botched her coloring became. When their teacher gives the class an assignment the students learn a valuable lesson of acceptance and being yourself.
  • Terms of Vegery

    by Gary Allen
    There are many collective nouns for animals, called "terms of venery" but, until now, very few for plants. This book is an entirely tongue-in-cheek attempt to remedy that situation. Illustrated with well-over 200 photos (it's best viewed on readers that can display color), each one bearing a "term of vegery" that is often a snarky (and generally awful) pun, and -- whenever possible -- the exact botanical name of the pictured plant. While these scientific names are as accurate as we could ... more
  • Night Radio

    by David W. Berner
    From the award-winning author of A well-Respected Man, Accidental Lessons, and Any Road Will Take You There comes a truly American story of unwavering heart and soul. Jake Mulholland dreams of becoming the next great rock 'n' roll radio personality. But like his father, his appetite for love conflicts with his thirst for success, leading to an unforgivable mistake. Jake finds fame but also the excess of celebrity, and just as he begins to rediscover his authentic self, he's shaken by the news of... more
  • Prophecy and Redemption; A Soldier's Story

    by Mark Mills
    The search for the keys to Heaven inadvertently births a program that predicts the future. Computer geek Mark Jacobs gets ahold of a copy and suddenly finds himself the target of governments and terrorists worldwide. As Jacobs avoids capture, Lt. Chuck Lansing battles his own personal demons and doubts about the Iraq War. When the two come together, the fate of the world could rest in their hands. Jacobs uses the strange software to search the world’s holy books, unlocking ancient secrets that... more
  • Resurrecting Rain

    by Patricia Averbach
    Deena's house is being auctioned off at sheriff's sale and her marriage is falling apart. As her carefully constructed life unravels her thoughts return to the New Moon Commune where she was born and to Rain, the lesbian mother she abandoned at fourteen. No one, not even her husband and children, know about New Moon or that she sat Shiva for Rain in exchange for her grandmother's conventional house in the suburbs. A continuing cascade of disasters eventually leaves this middle age... more
  • A Bolt From The Blue

    by Robert James Bridge
    A Bolt From The Blue The Halifax Explosion 1917 On a cold unassuming day in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, the day was soon to become a red letter day as the snowbound scenery became blood begrimed and the death toll mounted with each passing hour. December 6th 9am 1917 was to change the lives of the folks in Halifax when two ammunition ships collided in the harbor between Halifax and Dartmouth leaving almost 2,000 dead and thousands blinded by flying glass as they ... more
  • POP!

    by Faye Alison Gilbert
    When Ethan K. chews gum, he blows big bubbles. When he blows big bubbles, the bubbles pop. When the bubbles pop, they bang and blast. When they bang and blast, the neighbors jump. No one but Ethan K. is having any fun! If only there was a way to stop him from popping. . .
  • Prophecy and Providence; Avenging the Innocent

    by Mark Mills
    In this first installment of the Prophecy Series, fiction and truth work together to tell the tragic story of child sex abuse. After the rape and murder of his son, Dan Forester wages a one-man war on child molesters. While researching the foul world of child sex abuse, he discovers that pedophilia has become America's dirty little secret. No one wants to talk about it, no one wants to think about it, and not much gets done about it. Using real-life facts and figures, he hunts down the pedop... more
  • Bride Tree

    by JP Robinson
    Enter a world of color—a world in which spies, romance and faith collide with materialism and greed. The year is 1789. France is reeling under the impact of a civil war between its social classes. When a secret agent from Rome joins forces with a vindictive politician bent on revenge, the stage is set for an explosive outcome that will shake the country to its core. Meanwhile, Queen Marie-Antoinette engages the help of her lady-in-waiting, Viviane de Lussan, in a desperate battle to keep h... more