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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Gold Snow

    by Tinale Bradley
    A young clever Alaskan lad, Jupiter has a brilliant idea. But his twin sister, Venus schemes to give him a run for his money. The ambitious twins compete with each other until they realize they’re a dynamic force United. Jupiter and Venus are motivated to form a family-owned business as they learn valuable lessons together. “I can’t wait to see the look on Jupiter’s face,’ Venus said.”
  • Ko-Foe

    by Lande Yoosuf
    Kofo is a Nigerian-American bride-to-be from Brooklyn who straddles between making decisions to appease her parents’ vision of success, and secretly finding her true identity outside of their world views. Maintaining this balance was manageable until she meets the male version of herself—a British-Nigerian named Tunde. Ko-Foe is the story about a family that builds its identity on a false foundation in Western society in pursuit of assimilation. Kofo’s impending marriage forces the entire fa... more
  • Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze

    by Sheryl Bass
    When a young dragon accidentally burns down a village with a fiery sneeze, the townspeople are angry. The dragon fears for his life—until a brave little girl enters his cave and learns that the poor dragon is sick. With brilliant, eye-catching illustrations, Baby Dragon’s Big Sneeze teaches children aged 3-7 pro-social values such as sharing, compassion and helping those in need.
  • Running from the Dreamland

    by Tulasi Acharya
    Deepak comes to America immediately mesmerized by the immensity of its abundance. After leaving Nepal to earn a graduate degree in the U.S., his plan is to make his fortune in the land of opportunity. He quickly learns America is more than he bargained for, especially his newfound “friends.” He questions whether he can even survive, much less succeed, in this new country. The challenge seems even more insurmountable when he settles into his new residence and job, where situations occur that test... more
  • Squid Season

    by Maithy Vu
    An enchanting tale of grief, friendship, and the beauty of transitions Four troubled twentysomethings board a ship in search of a mysterious squid only to discover their captain has gone missing. As they take turns steering the vessel, these newfound companions begin to reveal their natures and unearth the events that have inextricably bound them together. Featuring narration in prose and dialogue in rhyming verse, Squid Season dares to defy genres—reflecting the dualities of early adultho... more
  • Lily and The Golden Frog

    by Alma Michelson
    Lily and the Golden Frog is a delightful tale of one young girl who wishes to see the world. Armed with her shiny pink purse, Lily sets out on the adventure of her life. She meets several interesting characters and discovers the importance of giving back thanks to the strange power of her shiny pink purse. Beautifully illustrated and filled with essential morals every child should learn at a young age, Lily and the Golden Frog is a unique book that teaches children it's never too early to think ... more
  • Not Your Average Slice of Pizza

    by Michelle Harvey

    Based on the true story of the 13-year-old co-author and illustrator, Mason Harvey. Reggie is your average slice of pizza who loves his life; it is predictable and happy. Until one day when he suddenly falls ill, and his everyday life is anything but normal. Reggie faces his fears, learns what it means to be brave, embraces his new journey, and finds ways to heal through helping other who are sick. He realizes that normal is constantly changing and nobody is perfect. Life is what you mak... more

  • Sailboat of Words: Poems about love and sense of life

    by Ekaterina Yakovina
    Poems about love and sense of life.
  • Where David Threw Stones: A Haunting WW2 Tale of Courage, Love, and Redemption

    by Elyse Hoffman

    West Germany, 1968 When ten-year-old David Saidel's parents are murdered, he is sent to live with his grandfather in the anti-Semitic village of Brennenbach. Miserable and lonely, David finds solace in his kindly Grandpa Ernst, who has one strict rule: never go out after midnight. When David breaks curfew to search for his missing dog, he discovers why Ernst is so serious about his curfew: Brennenbach is cursed. When midnight strikes, the town is thrown back to 1943, the height of Hitler&... more

  • Come To Tower

    by Ayse Balkos
    Poetry Book and From the same book now published a poetry audio book with acoustic guitar played by Ash Gray.
  • Mechanics! The Musical

    by Keegan Brown

    In Mechanics! The Musical, Tony, Joey, and Louie work hard fixing cars in their old and dusty shop each day, but they also dream big! In a town resistant to change, three mechanics use their talent, courage, and grit to help them earn a standing ovation, fulfilling their dream of starring in a musical!

  • The First Bear

    by Tatu
    This is a children's book, a bedtime story book. It contains three stories set in the fictional past to explain how and why bears started to sleep through winter, why bumble bees are fat and where polar bears came from. It is also a book that teaches to dream big and believe in yourself.
  • Christlike or Christless: For Christians Only

    by Sylvia Bruce
    In Christlike or Christless, Sylvia Bruce shares her personal journey of faith and discusses ways Christians can "do and think like Christ." Bruce shares insights into the ways readers can walk a closer path to Jesus and make better choices to offer God honor, glory, and praise. Christlike or Christless asks us to consider our habits and really ask whether we act for God or for ourselves.
  • WAR Baby: A Ruach Elohim Parable

    by Dr. Georgette V. Prime-Godwin
    When you lose everything that's important to you; when seemingly hell is all around you. how do you reconcile with God? This action-filled and thought-provoking modern-day parable will have you captivated from the start and when you think you have it all figured out, the plot changes yet again. An excellent read!
  • In Turn

    by H.G. Royster
    Lentil begins her Australian hospital internship with the socially elite intern, Isaac. She suffers from imposter syndrome and is shocked by how different being a doctor is from her original idealised perception. After Isaac faces institutional bullying, Lentil fails to notice his mental decline before his death by suicide. Her faith in the system is lost by the lack of impact suicide appears to have. Lentil faces her own experience of sexism and diminishment. She notices herself become desensit... more
  • The Girls in Cabin Number Three

    by Bublish, Inc.

    In book two of the Guest Book Trilogy, eighty-one-year-old Annie Parker recounts taking on, against the wishes of her new love Noah, an out-of-town design project that leads her down a path that is more than she bargained for.

    Back in Lake Arrowhead, California, a long-awaited mystery is buried in Cabin Number Three. Annie meets Carrie Davis who wants to update her childhood home on the lake and feels a tie to Annie’s cabins.

    Apparently, Carrie’s parents stayed here du... more