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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • An Empty House by the River

    by Robert Hays
    Life has been good in the old Prather house on the bluff overlooking Singleton’s Branch. Then the second “once in a hundred years” flood in a decade brings changes that will affect the Prather family for years to come. Lacy, who sees beauty wherever she looks and expects others to be as good as she is, can no longer count on her big brother to protect her from an abusive husband, and the family learns a hard truth: No one is immune to the quirks of fate, be they blessings or tragedies, and the r... more
  • The Lollipop Lickin' Lizards

    by Carey Wilson
    These lizards are just plain ornery! Join us for a trio of lollipop-lickin’ lizard brothers causing mischief and mayhem throughout their day. Hold on, here we go!
  • Cinders (Good Tales For Bad Dreams Book 1)

    by V.M. Sawh
    As a slave in the bawdy Black House, Rella longs to escape the whips and chains of her existence. She is chosen for a dangerous mission and offered a chance at freedom. There is only one condition: first she must assassinate the Prince.
  • Hontas (Good Tales For Bad Dreams Book 2)

    by V.M. Sawh
    In this rip-roaring Wild West adventure, intrepid bounty hunters Pocahontas and John embark on a dangerous mission to stop a train run by a sadistic, slave-driving madman.
  • Setsuko & the Seven Samurai

    by V.M. Sawh
    Jealous of Setsuko's beauty, the wicked geisha Izanami orchestrates the murder of her father, the daimyo of a mountaintop castle. After an assassination attempt leads to a coup, Setsuko suffers a catastrophic injury and is forced to flee the only place she's ever called home and take refuge in the woods with a group of exiled samurai. Orphaned, abandoned, and disabled, Setsuko must learn the truth of what it means to be a samurai, if she ever hopes to reclaim her family's honour and take her rev... more
  • FEAR OF THE GUN: A tale set in the New Mexico and Arizona Territories 1849 - 1884

    by John Gerts
    FEAR OF THE GUN: In February 1849, Lorenzo, a Mexican-American war veteran, walks west from Albuquerque toward the Alta California gold fields. Lost in the Ponderosa Pines of the San Francisco Peaks mountain range, Lorenzo is saved from hypothermia and Cholera by Hanna, a Jewish sheep rancher living alone. Hanna and Lorenzo build a supply station for the surveyors and crews of the Beale Wagon Road, while Hanna schools their three children, Jeremiah, Zachary, and Sarah. Tragedy prompts Lor... more
  • Marrying Myself

    by Christine Melanie Benson
    Julia Jones is about to marry her uber-wonderful, uber-wealthy soulmate, ditch her dead-end nonprofit job, and finally focus on her stalled art. But when the wedding doesn't go quite according to plan, Julia's real-life fairy tale is suddenly out the window - leaving her happy ending up to her, and her alone. Looking for a fun, often funny read with substance and a jolt of self-love? Pick up Marrying Myself and fall in love with Julia, with Boston - and, most of all, with yourself.
  • Two Buck Hope (The Hope Series)

    by Tami Morning
    Harvey Aguilar owns two pairs of pants and lives in the shabbiest apartment complex in the school district, but he keeps quiet about his family’s tightrope walk with homelessness. When his classmates come to believe he lost a lottery ticket worth millions, people start paying more attention, and the careful illusions Harvey created at school crumble. With more scrutiny on his lifestyle comes more shame. As Harvey wrestles with feelings of inadequacy, he must chart a path to find his own worth... more
  • The Chapel Ghost A Collection of Short Stories

    by Kate Becker
    Six stories blend the lines of ethereal and earthly. Surreal things happen when someone believes what they see and allows the experience to merge into their daily life. From a small ghost whose mystery needs solving to a life that leaps from haute couture magazine pages to become an everyday woman's reality, the stories make one wonder what they may have missed along the way.
  • Where the Butterflies Sleep

    by Steve Carey-Walton
    Marigold’s husband is dead. She wears black and tries to cry. But he was old, like she is, and sick, so what does she really have to mourn? That is until she learns that he cut her out of his will, bequeathing his sizeable estate to the first child to be born from the vials of semen he left behind. With her sister Eliza, Marigold devises a scheme to get rid of the samples and win back the inheritance. For the plan to succeed, Marigold sheds her passivity and acts like her sister. She lies, steal... more
  • Pericles and Aspasia

    by Yvonne Korshak

           Two lovers crest the wave of the golden age of Athens: Pericles, statesman, general, and great visionary of democracy, and Aspasia, his courtesan, a philosopher’s daughter and an brilliant woman in her own right. In a world of hierarchies, he is at the top when she arrives as little more than flotsam cast up on Athenian shores. Their story brings to life the arts, archaeology and history of a brilliant classical world.

         The novel ... more

  • Through Both Eyes: Second Edition

    by Robert Henry Benson
    You may think that identical means “identical” when it comes to identical twins, but that’s not true. One of five monozygotic twin pairs do not share the same handedness, their fingerprints are never the same, and their personalities can be remarkably different. This story is about identical twin boys, Austin and Bryan Gustafson, who came of age in hot, dry South Texas during the 1950s and 1960s. The lives of these increasingly competitive brothers deteriorate and fragment when a strikingly-b... more
  • The Impossible Childhood of My Desires

    by RICK R. REED
    Carl Young’s biggest secret: he’s always felt like Cara Young. Through the years, he acknowledged his authentic female self in ways he kept hidden in the shadows. The makeup, the dresses, the shoes -- all of them represented his most longed-for desires and his deepest shame. When Carl’s husband Roberto comes home early from work to discover Cara in her wig, makeup, dress, and high heels, he’s shocked. Who is this person he married decades ago? He flees, leaving their home in Chicago for the o... more
  • The Robbers' Hill Chambal

    by Ravi Ranjan Goswami
    This is a story about survival and love in one of the most dreaded terrains of India along the river Chambal. "It was the first day of December 1982 in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. The harsh winter was sweeping over north India. My close friend Rajesh and I were heading towards the Elite cinema hall around 2:30 p.m. I was sitting on the rear carrier of his bicycle. Rajesh was pedaling hard to reach there in time for the matinee show. We were teenagers then. The weather was cold, but we were sweating... more
  • A Time For Lies

    by Cy Stein

    “Fascinating…unexpected twists and turns with insights into Cohn and McCarthy that will keep readers engaged to the last page. Five stars.” -Andrew J. Heller, Gray Tide in the East: An Alternate History of the First World War

    Working with Roy Cohn will bring him untold success. It’ll only cost him his conscience.

    Benny Peskin is a bright young lawyer drawn into the orbit of Roy Cohn, the most shockingly sensational lawyer in New Y... more

  • Xylene X Band

    by Charles Harvey
    It’s 1985. Joe Ecks is a rock star guitarist for X Band. He’s a bad rock star, though, despite the fact that he is a musical genius. In an emotional moment, he has a seizure, and his personality changes drastically. The new personality calls itself Mike Smith and is shown to be the direct opposite of Joe’s old personality. For example, the Mike Smith personality loves Joe’s life (including Joe’s wife Angie), and he wants to live it forever. But there’s a hitch: the new personality can’t play gu... more