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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Brilliant Bob is Brave

    by Kenneth T Jolivet

    Bob used to be afraid, but now he wants to learn to fight the fears that are holding him back. Bob vows to be brave. Join Brilliant Bob as he learns to master his fear of the dark, the dentist, certain foods, and other kids so that he can live a full and happy life.

    The Brilliant Bob series contains seven beautifully written and illustrated children’s books that were created specifically to support and encourage young boys. These fun books use the adventures of Brilliant Bob and h... more

  • How to Sit Quietly: Stories

    by Alissa DeLaFuente

    Current flap copy draft (unpublished manuscript):

    Gritty, dark, and strange, How To Sit Quietly are tales of becoming. Meet Lola and Juan, two souls seeking love after great loss and isolation. Meet Fig and Drew, both in the midst of separate ruptures in their own stories.

    In this linked collection, mothers and fathers realize they do not know their children. Children in the blush of adolescence encounter the hurt of the world. Each must find their own ways and means to mend soul ... more

  • Reach for the Stars

    by Michael Albanese
    “How do we reach our dreams when they seem so far away?” “You reach your dreams by reaching for the stars. Every day, trust God, work hard and be patient.” Inspired by a real-life bedtime routine between a father and his daughters, this sincere tale chronicles a man and his family as they grow together through the generations. With vivid pictures and a heartfelt story, "Reach for the Stars" is sure to capture the attention and hearts of young and old alike. Meet Edward and his daughter Eliza... more
  • Guardian of the Groceries

    by Michael Albanese

    "It's okay to be bored sometimes. That's the perfect time to use your imagination." - Henry's Mom"

    Henry gets bored sometimes. I mean, we all do. One day, when his mother takes him to the grocery store (the most boring place on earth!), Henry decides to use his imagination. And what happens next is the most incredible adventure he's ever been on! Join Henry on this unexpected journey and you, too, might just be surprised by what you find! 

  • The Tormenting Beauty of Empathy

    Hana, a young Guatemalan woman who fell mute from a childhood tragedy, flees the brutal Civil War ravaging her country in search of a better life in the United States. Soon after arriving, she discovers she's pregnant, and is banished from her new home and sent to live in a Mayan community in Indiantown, Florida. There, she settles into a peaceful life of embroidery and raising her child, a daughter who turns out to be... different... and special—the kind of special that soon draws worldwide ... more
  • Tristan

    by Beau Chapman
    Young college student experiences emotional abandoned from father. He represents a wonderful son and person, and increasingly becomes more deeply depressed, bordering on hopelessness. He asks a friend to write music for what appear to be lyrics, but turn out not. The boy dies from a broken heart. His friend at the funeral service plays his guitar to the "lyrics." They are the words of a child within the mother's womb that suddenly learned it was to be aborted. That scene was never expected and h... more
  • The Bodies That Move

    by Bunye Ngene
    The Bodies That Move tells the story of a man who embarks on a journey in search of greener pastures. Abandoned by his father as a child, Nosa is forced to bear the responsibility of caring for his mother and siblings. Seeing no future in Nigeria, he is persuaded by an old schoolmate to migrate to Europe. In order to achieve this, he employs the services of smugglers. His journey takes him through many transit cities, safe houses and detention camps in Nigeria, Niger and war-torn Libya, and se... more
  • The Lodger, That Summer

    by Levi Huxton

    It’s a hot summer Down Under and everyone’s got sex on the mind.

    Eighteen year-old James has had a tough year. Having lost his mom to cancer and fought through grief to finish high school, he’s now got secret desires to contend with. 

    It’s Christmas in Sydney, and he’s ready to cast his worries aside for the summer holidays, a time of poolside parties, bush walks and ocean swims. But who is the seductive young man who’s mov... more

  • The Authors of This Dream

    by Books Forward
    Brandon Chane's life is spinning out of control. After an altercation outside a performance venue nearly proves fatal, he's feeling at the mercy of dark forces threatening to tear his life apart. Even as a gifted poet and musician, his efforts to channel pain, frustration, and thwarted love into his music may not be enough to save him. Then he meets Saul Mason, a crisis counselor with the soul of a medicine man, who insists that Brandon's life and destiny are of his own making. With Saul's w... more
  • Hunny Finds a Family

    by J.E. Michel
    “Hunny Finds a Family” is an endearing little story, told through the eyes of Hunny, the Golden Retriever. This book (the first in a series), with its colorful, cheerful illustrations tells the story of how Hunny lives in a shelter and has always longed for a forever family. Finally, one day her wish comes true and she gets adopted.
  • Glimpse of A Mango

    by Dr. K. L. Register
  • The Woman in the Sun Hat

    by Daniel Damiano
    Peggy Bubone is the envy of the Cold River, Long Island social scene: wife to a respected dermatologist, mother to two handsome children, and newly hired Literature teacher at a prestigious local high school,...before a knock on her classroom door turns her world upside down with the shocking news of her husband's arrest. With her and her children soon ostracized and homeless, she embarks on a humorous yet harrowing journey, which ultimately leads her back to her undesirable roots and, eventuall... more
  • Museum Exhibit

    by Tom Brown
    This is a book of poems about love and life for mature adults. Written in various forms such as rondeau, senryu, pantoum, ode, cinquain, sonnets and other forms.
  • No One Gets Out Alive

    by Harry Tinders

    I mean, come on. Do you really think that advanced civilisations have nothing better to do than sort out the sorry mess humans have gotten themselves into? Like, enlightened civilisations, with advanced technologies, able to cross interstellar space and - what? They are going to come to earth to give us some friendly advice on where we are going wrong?

    Get real.

    Weirdly enough, that’s exactly what happened. It was quite a big project and took a lot of planning and what was r... more

  • Catwalk

    by Nicole Gabor

    Catwalk - A Novel

    Eighteen-year-old shy, suburban aspiring model Catherine Watson longed for adventure, for a life less…ordinary and moves away to pursue her modeling dream in New York City. When she is “discovered” by the hottest fashion designer in the pages of Vogue magazine, “Cat” thinks she has it all as the New York fashion world’s new “It” girl.

    Her life is thrust into an alternate universe, where star-studde... more

  • FTTH | fiber To The Home | Unisol

    by Ananthasasikala P

    Fiber optic home network is also known as Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH). Fiber optic home network the delivery of a communications signal over optical fiber from the operator’s switching equipment all the way to a home or business, thereby replacing existing copper infrastructure such as telephone wires and coaxial cable.

    Unisol Fiber optic home network is the idea of bringing high-speed networking, digital television, and telephone service to re... more