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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Into the Maelstrom

    by Douglas Cornell
    1922 - OKLAHOMA: Oil-rich Osage Indians are being murdered one by one. It's up to a veteran US Marshal and a young FBI agent to catch the killer and solve one of the most chilling conspiracies in American history.
  • Mama's Secret Strength

    by Vanessa lim
    "Mama has a secret superpower. Not many people know about it, but I know about it. And now I'm going to tell you about it too." Vanessa Lim's debut children's book on themes of diversity, inclusion, and the powerful love of a mother. Brought to life by the gorgeous illustrations of Josephine Satyakrama.
  • A Very Smelfy Christmas

    by Edward Hargreaves
    Here is a heartwarming Christmas tale, a story yet untold, of a kind little elf and her reindeer friend Bob who find themselves in a truly peculiar and challenging snowy situation. You and your children alike will be taken along with our two characters on their journey to find something unexpected and even transformational. The story brings to light the importance of inner peace and harmony, forgiveness, and that it is never too late for personal growth and also just having fun! Smelfy in her un... more
  • Strange Child

    by G. J. Daily
    Marvin Johnson was an influential author before his daughter was murdered nearly three decades ago, and now with the death of his wife, he is contemplating suicide. Until Samantha Wilkins, a homeless 16-year-old, invades Murphy's sheltered existence in an impoverished neighborhood in Boston and forces him to face parts of his past he would rather forget. Known as the neighborhood recluse, Marvin is a man whose mystery and eccentricity border on the mythical, especially when he begins talki... more
  • Oversight

    by Dennis Batchelder
    A young adult tale of friendship, betrayal, and destiny, Oversight depicts one girl's journey to observe her past lives-and how they will shape her future. Zelly is a seventeen-year-old computer geek growing up in present-day Seattle. She's also one of the last three reincarnated leaders of Soul Identity, an ancient organization that promises to pass people's fortunes and memories to their future selves. Along with her two closest friends, she'll ascend to power when she turns nineteen...if s... more
  • Fish Patty

    by Cindi Handley Goodeaux
    Eight-year-old Patty is a friendly kid who dreams of becoming a marine biologist, has survived her parents' divorce, and a big move to a small town. She needs a friend and finds one in an unexpected place. When the new friend suddenly disappears, Patty learns lessons of friendship, love, and letting go.
  • The Courtesan's Daughter

    by Susanne Dunlap
    What happens when a daughter's dream and a mother's sordid past collide? New York, 1910. Seventeen-year-old Sylvie and her French-immigrant mother Justine eke out a living doing piecework in a tenement on the Lower East Side, while Sylvie attends school so that she can escape their life of poverty by becoming a teacher. At least, that's what her mother believes should happen. Sylvie, though, has a different dream. She wants to be a star in the new moving pictures, just like the beautiful V... more

    by Amy Hartman
  • HA! (Humanity's Absurdities)

    by Remo Perini
    From the mind of a retired harpsichord psychologist, HA! (Humanity's Absurdities) touches upon the meaning of life in much the same way that a misplaced moist towelette does not. HA! is a sardonic parody, rife with irony, satire, and lampoons of every-day drivel-laden gibberish. Complete with a glossary of insightful and meaningless original vernacular, this volume will exercise your mind and keep you laughing, grinning, or smirkingly amused as you try to discern fiction from fabrication or mere... more
  • Phoenix Revived

    by Judy McCluney
    When teens Sami and Robby become friends in eleventh grade they discover problems in each of their families that could destroy their future goals. Sami’s mother criticizes her college plans, and Robby’s father excessively restricts him from practicing guitar and performing as a singer-songwriter. They’re also threatened by a bigoted, clever bully in their school, health problems from air pollution in their South Phoenix community, and their own uncertainties about themselves. This is the stor... more
  • Baby Worries

    by Frances Mackay
    Baby meets his extended family for the first time and starts to worry what he might look like when he grows up! Will he inherit the huge bushy eyebrows of Uncle Max or the wild hair of Cousin Fern? The ending is an unexpected surprise.
  • Alphacharacters

    by Cheryl Carter
    Early stage fun with Alphacharacters
  • Alphacharacters

    by Cheryl Carter

    Fun learning for children of all ages

  • Pulling Together

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Grandma knits Lila a poncho. This poncho has not one, but three, head holes in it! Lila is sure Grandma made a mistake. Grandma sends her out to play, saying, “We all pull together!” Lila thinks that makes no sense. She encounters three kids who need her help, including the neighborhood bully. Who will she help? And what does the poncho have to do with it? and make the world a better place?
  • Emma and the E Club

    by Suzanne Schlosberg with Steve Hodges M.D.
    Emma and the E Club is the world’s first, only, and funniest middle-grade novel for kids who struggle with enuresis (bedwetting or daytime pee accidents) or encopresis (poop accidents). Tackling a challenging topic with compassion, humor, and medical accuracy, authors Suzanne Schlosberg and Steve Hodges, M.D., provide comfort and hope for kids dealing with conditions that are 1.) misunderstood, 2.) never a child’s fault and 3.) entirely treatable. As one 9-year-old reader put it, “The book made ... more
  • The Judges

    by Eric J. Matluck
    "You can't win unless you're judged." So somebody tells Mary Sorabi, and Mary is no stranger to being judged. She's a young woman, half-Indian, half-Chinese, who's a classical pianist, and plays the kind of music, music from the twentieth century, that most people hate. But that's her passion. When she wins a prestigious competition, her life changes, but rather than fill her with a sense of pride and accomplishment, it fills her with feelings of fear and claustrophobia because, suddenly... more