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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Adolf the Enigma

    by Charles.G. Fournel

    Has the end of World War two been a lie? Did Adolf Hitler really die in his bunker in 1945 or did he in fact escape to South America? With the help of declassified files, eye witness accounts and Nuremberg trial records, we follow the führer through the eyes of his most trusted body guard, all the way from the füher-bunker in Berlin to the Jungles of South America and how Hitler intended to once again engulf the world in war and construct the fourth Reich.

  • La Chimère of Prague

    by Rick Pryll
    Joseph is haunted. How his mermaid bi-sexual ex drowned is murky. Naked Pete may have answers, if he’d pick up his phone. Joseph won’t pay for sex; the price is more than he bargained for. Waitress-turned-model Karina stays over, and the next day runs off to Italy with her English tutor. Joseph obsesses for 9 months. She’s back. Is it too late?
  • Whale of Wonder

    by Marie-Paule Mahoney
  • My Big Curly Fro

    by Alyssa Mcclelland
    A little girl has a number of big questions about fitting in at school. She loves going to school and meeting her friends but isn't a very big fan of her hair which is so different from the others. How does she get to fit in with her friends who do not have her kind of hair, and why is hers not as lovely as her friend's? Then one day she meets a new classmate who has all the answers to her questions.
  • Earth to Larry

    by sandra lee caouette
    My inspiration for writing this book is when my Dad passed away. He and my Mom taught me that love, humor, kindness, and perseverance will prevail if I just believed. And so, I did. We will all face many challenges in life, it is how we react that will shape our future. Lobsters were once everywhere UNTIL someone decided that they were delicious. Up until then they were considered low class and used for cat food. INSULTING! In this series, Larry loses his Dad to a trap. He remembers all that ... more
  • Mental Streams: Poems of the Heart and Soul

    by Henry Thomas
    This collection of poetry and flash fiction stories hits hard at emotions which are ever present in the human psyche. These emotions dictate how we navigate through life. The pieces also force us to rethink the narrative relating to many current issues we are facing today as well as to challenge us to address our subconscious and unconscious thoughts which drive our conscious thoughts and physical actions. Key topics include love, loss, family, race, nature and other interactions we have ... more
  • Don't Stop Yourself From Being You

    by Arrabella Gochuico
    Arrabella Gochuico is a 7-year old author and illustrator. Originally from the Philippines, she and her family migrated to the US when she was 10 months old. Dancing is always her favorite pastime. Every summer, she goes to dance and ballet classes. She loves to perform and wishes to be part of the performing arts someday.
  • No Peace In La Paz

    by T.L. Ashton

    "The Maya know the danger where the jaguar is afraid to go!"

    The woman he loved stripped Paul Brice of everything he had. Now he’s in Mexico to get his revenge. Can Gloria Gutierrez, a Latino expert on the Maya teach him a lesson about love and self-worth? Their mutual struggle to survive the maze of modern Mexican politics leads them to remote Chiapas, where they are pursued by Zapatistas, Mexican Federales, Narco cartels, Cuban Intelligence, and the CIA. Armed only wit... more

  • The Harlem Story

    by Danny Holst
    The Harlem Story, originally written as an integrated, R&B and Hip Hop musical screenplay, follows the journey of gifted singers raised in the church, aspiring to sing professionally. The novel incorporates ideas and song lyrics from the script. In 1963, James Harris and Diane Smith, at age six, witness the murder of the their parents by the Klan outside their Southern church. Aunt Millie, at age 52, James' mother's religious aunt, flees with the children back into the chapel. The House of ... more
  • Palimpsests of Dream: Dweller between the waters

    by Anna Drago Jones

    The Palimpsests of Dream is a mosaic story made up of eleven short stories, each describing one dream, and a lost book of poetry (Dweller Between the Waters). Eleven dreams, written in different sections of space and time, intertwine to tell us the legend of a lost manuscript that holds the ancient secret of creation. She, that does not exist, carried the world of words through a dream. She stored her poems somewhere in the desert. The only signposts to the book that represents the begin... more

  • Falling Stars Over Belgrade

    by Jeffrey Kwitny
    In a splintering Yugoslavia in 1989, an American film director working on a low-budget Italian/Serbian co-production pursues a last-ditch attempt to stave off financial and marital collapse, and find redemption by finally doing something great. In Falling Stars Over Belgrade, historical events and persons are interwoven with invention. Set in a country on the verge of collapse with the rise of Slobodan Milošević and the fall of the Communist Party, the story traces the rise and fall of Step... more
  • Canaan Land

    by Richard Rossi
    "Canaan Land" is a love story between Brother Billy Gantry, a charismatic con man, phone psychic, and preacher, who falls for Sister Sara Sunday, a sincere Christian and beautiful evangelist. She seeks to redeem "Brother Billy," who manipulates the flock with fake miracles, including a stunt with gold glitter and feathers he claims are from angels. He turns her small online ministry into a growing Tinseltown racket involving celebrity converts and sermons at the Hollywood Bowl. Can Billy quit th... more
  • The Seagull

    by Anton Chekhov, Anton Korenev

    What can we learn about life and love from one of the greatest plays of all time, written by one of the greatest writers of all time, who also happened to define modern theater as we know it?

    “Many conversations about literature, little action, five poods of love.” That is how Anton Chekhov described his comedy, in which Medvedenko loves Masha, Masha loves Treplev, Treplev loves Nina, and Nina loves Trigorin, all while Shamrayev loves Polina Andreyevna, Poli... more

  • GROW: How We Get Food from Our Garden

    by Karl Beckstrand
    (Gardening) A black child and grandfather till, plant, water, and harvest produce in a colorful picture book garden. Includes online tips for starting your own garden. Tongue twister for ages 4 – 7; 325 dyslexic-friendly words; 28 pages (hard/soft/ebook)
  • The Kingdom of Socks

    by Karlo Repar
    Little John is trying to solve the mystery of his lost socks. Day by day, the number of socks decreased rapidly. Was it his old grandma's fault, loud wash machine or something above that, that takes place in his wardrobe ? Relationship of life and common sense suddenly became brittle in his head while marching through the time. Only what remained in his warm heart were the unchangeable moral values, eternal love for his siblings and the mysterious stories.
  • Three Angry Women And A Baby

    by Kerrie Noor

    Shell-shocked from a night of everlasting labour, Sheryl cannot muster a “coo” let alone feel anything. Will she find her maternal mojo again?

    Sheryl and Steven have always longed for a baby. But nine months of yoga doesn’t guarantee a smooth birth, and Sheryl returns home with the maternal feelings of a clay brick.

    Steven tries to reassure her, but living next door to a mother as critical as a gymnastics judge has squashed Sheryl's ... more