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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Little Mouse's Sweet Treat

    by Shana Askew Hollowell
    In this delightful children's picture book for babies and toddlers, Little Mouse goes on an adventure in search of something sweet. He meets lots of friends along the way that share their preferred treats with him, but none are quite right. He is disappointed until he arrives home and realizes his Mommy baked the sweetest treat just for him – cookies! Illustrations are hand-painted.
  • When the Squirrel Sings

    by Shana Askew Hollowell
    This enchanting children's picture book makes music come alive when a squirrel sings and a magical, backyard symphony begins. It teaches children the wonder and beauty of nature. Illustrations are hand-painted.
  • And The Darkness Fell

    by Pat McGrath

    Follow the last 3 years in the life of Hypatia of Alexandria - the last great pagan teacher who lived and died in a tie of great religious conflict. Daughter of Theon, the famous mathematician who also taught at the Museum at Alexandria, she was carefully raised, her schoolroom was crowded, her salon was famous in intellectual circles around the world. Her death by a mob of Christian monks, some say was at the instigation of the Archbishop, Cyril. Most of what is written about her seems dark ... more

  • Miranda and the Lost Shoe

    by Treena G. Wetsel

    Being helpful is hard work, especially for Miranda. Daddy\tneeds help finding his shoe and she is the first to volunteer. With the help of her friends, the imaginative detective goes on an adventurous the playground. Will they find the lost shoe? Come join Miranda on her search and find out for yourself.

    Recommended for children ages 6 - 10

  • "Do Bears Eat Pancakes?" Book

    by T. G. Wetsel

    Four-year-old Georgie has a question about whether or not bears really do eat pancakes.Dad's at work and Mom's to busy to answer. So, he goes to his friends house, who also doesn't have answers. But, his friend suggests that he go to the park where their are bears and that he asks one of them. Upon his arrival to the playground he asks his friends if they've seen any bears and they have! Georgie approaches Mr. Bear and asks him the question everyone now wants to know the answe... more

  • Girl at Dawn

    by JJ Chen Henderson
    Will her first love survive the fatal secret that her mother, who has lied about her true heritage and identity, may be entangled with him? It took more than 20 years for Dr. JJ Chen Henderson to write this remarkable novel about a young Chinese woman falling in love with an American who is shockingly entangled with her mother, meanwhile discovering her shocking identity and heritage. Set in the dawning era of China’s awakening to the outside world, the novel unveils a disturbing and forbidden ... more
  • Courageous Gilbert the Groundhog

    by Regina E. McCarthy
  • W-A-T-ER

    by Ronald Fontenot
    My book is a colorful children's picture book about the importance of drinking water. In my book a little boy learns the steps to getting a cold refreshing glass of water and enjoying it for health purposes.
  • The Stories of Cody Bill: The Year Is _ and the Grape Adventures of the Nilly 9

    by D.W. Udell
    With over 50 tales and images, The Stories of Cody Bill honors past days of cheerful young, incessant dumb, and adventurous fun. Through sports dynasties and disasters, colorful teachers, psycho sergeants, twisted twins, DJ's and OG's, paranoid pirates, a wild Booger, and mailbox murderers, mad writer D.W. Udell recounts and concocts the starry cast, a mean rainbow stewed crew.
  • Flea Flea Shamboure by Kathy Grentzenberg, Illustrated by Jeremy Wells ISBN 978-1-7333-220-0-3

    by Kathy Grentzenberg

    Flea Flea Shamboure is part of a world famous flea circus act. She wanted to leave the family business. Her parents aren't thrilled but she ventures out anyway. (As she says, "a flea's got to do what a flea's got to do!)  She travels to Europe pondering what she wants to do with her life.  Returning to the US she decides to start up a theater group. Her first production, My Fair Flea is a huge success. The book takes you through the adventure of picking th... more

  • The Sum of All Things

    by Nicole Brooks
    Homeless and addicted, Wren wants to be alone. But the women chattering in her head insist that she must fulfill her destiny. She knows the ghosts are crazy to think that one small person can finally give voice to women, inciting lasting change in the patriarchy. She would prefer to continue using drugs to silence the voices. But an unwanted pregnancy complicates her plans. Alex has sacrificed having children to forward her career, but as she approaches fifty, she begins to feel that her exi... more
  • Cake

    by Nicole Brooks
    Would you give to someone who desperately needed it, that which you could live without? Keely is the epitome of a self-made woman, her ability to make the right choices her superpower. She doesn’t believe in looking back and has the drive, ambition, and financial means to create the exact life she wants to live—regardless of what her kids and her husband, Andrew, want or need. Michelle lives in stark contrast to Keely’s life. She believes she was doomed from the start with a heartbreaking, po... more
  • Beato Goes To Brazil

    by Sucheta Rawal
    Beato is a curious cat that explores different countries around the world. On this trip, he sets out on an adventure to Brazil, where he plays different sports, dances at Carnival, and encounters wild animals in the Amazon rainforest.
  • Love & War

    by Ellen Thiede
    Coming of age in 1930's Germany, Edmund Wolff is brought up to believe in his own greatness and that of his country. As the world edges closer to total war, he finds himself embroiled in the brutal conflict. Devastated by the horror of war and the behavior of his comrades, Edmund questions his deepest convictions. What is truth? Surrounded by an enemy she despises, Felicity Delvux takes on work as a housekeeper for a distant and bitter German officer. Thrown together in this strange way, Felic... more
  • Holiday Terror

    by Janelle Gresham


    Travelling alone was once safe, following the terrorist attacks and increase in drug trafficking, that changed FOREVER!

    My holiday of a lifetime became Holiday Terror!

    Was I too trustworthy?  Was I naive?  Was I selfish? Probably all of the above however I was not prepared to cancel my holiday due of the negativity of others and their wish to attempt to destroy our free lifestyle!

    My large family were afraid! Was I going to ... more

  • Banging the Monkey

    by Tod A.
    Writer Mark O'Kane is in a downward spiral. His last novel tanked. His wife left him. And his drinking is out of control. So when a chance meeting with enigmatic businessman Frank Fochs leads to a cushy job on the tropical island of Madu, it sounds like Mark's salvation: he can finally write his comeback novel and set his life on a brighter path. But when Frank disappears, Mark is left holding the bag for his boss's shady business dealings. And after a corpse washes up in the local lagoon, Mark... more