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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Parents Are Weird

    by Charles Montgomery
    Sometimes parents' actions (and reactions) are unexpected. This hilarious book details, through a child's eyes, some of the "crazy" responses her parents have to her antics. This relatable caricature of a child's innocence and the patience it sometimes demands will be familiar to all parents and caretakers.
  • Grandpa's Horse and Other Tales

    by Ed Lehner
    Grandpa’s Horse and Other Tales is an eclectic collection of short stories that combine humor, nostalgia, and profound philosophical thought in one volume that’s a memoir of sorts that could very well be snippets from the author’s life growing up in Iowa. From ‘Grandpa’s Horse,’ a short-short story about the author’s grandfather and a new horse that needed to be taught who was boss, to ‘Dana’s Story,’ about a woman coming to terms with her life. Each story could stand alone but the collective... more
  • Enfant Terrible: Headliner

    by Gwydhar Gebien
    Damen Warner, the washed-up frontman for the metalcore band OBNXS, is determined to do whatever it takes to wrench his career out of obscurity. All he has to do is come up with mind-blowing, boner-inducing, panty-dropping original material. No pressure. In an effort to claw his way back to stardom, he teams up with a well-connected but underhanded investor to produce a new album, and his life quickly spirals into a widening gyre of depravity and mayhem. But when he is unexpectedly cast in ... more
  • Run!

    by Giovonni Gifft
    RUN! is a book about a young boy named Bradley who is curious about the importance of running as an exercise. His father and a few characters along the way help him understand the critical components of running and its benefits.
  • This is Our Ocean - The Dream of Clean Seas

    by Tracy Sabin
    When a gust of wind jolts a plastic cup out of your hand, where does it go? This book follows the journey of one such cup as it sails through the air, lands in a stream, spills into a river and floats far out to sea. There it becomes part of a giant pile of trash that threatens the well being of the creatures that live there. The book concludes with a guide to simple ways we can change our habits to create cleaner oceans.
  • The Land of the Strays

    by Summer Nilsson

    There is no guarantee that live will be better on the other side. Even still, we all face moments that force us to choose whether to stay where we are or take a massive leap of faith. These moments move quickly yet feel eternal, and they forever change the course of our lives. Just ask Grey the Kitten.

    Grey didn't know when she leapt through the gate to leave Black Mountain Farm that she'd bee a Labrador who could hear the inner thoughts of other animals. Grey had no idea that s... more

  • A Very Fine House

    by Rose Molina
    When Letty Marquez discovers an elegant-but-decrepit Victorian mansion not far from school, she and her friends decide to keep it a secret and make it their own. As the Vietnam war escalates, and the nation reels from protests, riots, and a drug epidemic, Letty and her friends pit themselves against forces that want the land beneath the house. At the same time, boys, friends, and permissive American culture clash constantly with Letty’s Mexican upbringing and her Catholic religion. By the time t... more
  • Prophet$ of Deception

    by Richard I Levine
    This novel marks the 4th installment of the Dr. Ray Silver Adventure series that began with Indie Reader Discovery Award Finalist: Eye of the Redeemer in 2012, and followed by Reader's Favorite 5-star reviewed: Beyond Redemption in 2013, and 5-Star reviewed The Last Angel in Hell in 2014. In the timeline of Ray's life it's been three years since he last tempted fate--or as his wife, Leigh Anne puts it: "Your need to run off to save the world because of an insatiable desire to risk life and limb.... more
  • The Last Angel In Hell

    by Richard I Levine
    THE LAST ANGEL IN HELL is the third book in the Dr. Ray Silver action adventure saga. THE LAST ANGEL IN HELL finds Ray physically and emotionally spent as he tries to recover from two back-to-back life threatening adventures he never imagined could ever happen to someone like him. His progress is slow but steady and as he tries to finally enjoy the warmth of the white sands of Lanikai and a laid-back family life with his beautiful young wife, Leigh Anne, and their twin baby girls, he continue... more
  • Beyond Redemption

    by Richard I Levine
    Where Levine's first book, Eye of the Redeemer, leaves off, Beyond Redemption continues. Ray's search for his brother Frank continues, even as his new wife encourages him to surrender to the simplicity of their Hawaiian family life. But his innocent search proves deadly and he's not the only one interested in the outcome—especially when he enlists the help of a young investigative reporter. The more they dig, the more red flags arise—at the CIA, NSA, and with powerful San Francisco Congresswoma... more
  • Eye of the Redeemer

    by Richard I Levine
    Newly divorced and with two grown kids off to pursue their Naval careers, all Dr. Raymond Silver wanted to do was move on with his life as peacefully as he could. But unanswered questions, guilt, and an unfulfilled desire to carry on a family tradition to serve his country gnaw away at him. When he sets out on a personal quest to atone for his past and validate his existence, he never imagined that he would be the catalyst for three others longing to do the same. As his life becomes intertwin... more
  • Supermen

    by Ken Kuhlken
    Otis Otterbach, born the day the atom bomb destroys Hiroshima, is mentored by his grandma, a poet and painter who teaches him to believe in the implausible, and his father who coaches him in baseball so well, he becomes a big-league pitching prospect. But wicked conflicts visit in the person of Cynthia Jones, mother of Casey, Otis’s best friend and catcher.
  • An Awfully big Adventure

    by George R Mitchell

    A year has passed in Neverland….

    Initially triumphant after Hook’s ‘death’ at the hands of that crocodile, the spark has gone out of Peter Pan. Now totally disillusioned and after spending much time in London with Wendy, Pan concedes, it may be time for him to finally grow up…

    Meanwhile, rumours circulate round Neverland…

    Since no remains were ever found, could Hook still be alive?

    It’s a tho... more

  • Dusty's Big Oops!

    When an anxious dog attends Pet Day at school, what could possibly go wrong? A social-emotional learning story about learning from mistakes. It’s Pet Day at Danny’s school and his dog, Dusty, is very nervous! He’s never been to school before and has a case of what Danny’s mom calls the “what-ifs”: What if they don’t like me? What if I make a mistake? Danny says to take deep breaths and think positively, but Dusty’s belly still flips with anxiety. When Danny gives his pet presentation in f... more
  • Alpacas Don't Get Angry!

    This whimsical alpaca book is a great anger management tool for kids. Apollo the alpaca has a story to tell about something that made him feel very angry. When he tried to express himself, nobody believed him, so he got more and more upset… …until his farmer friend stepped in and taught him how to deal with feelings in a safe, and easy way. Find out how Apollo learns to express his tough emotions appropriately, communicate effectively, and rebuild friendships. A great story about anger man... more
  • Did You Say Pasghetti? Dusty and Danny Tackle Dyslexia

    Danny is having some trouble in school, and his best friend Dusty wants to help. The only thing is, Dusty is a dog, and he's not the quickest learner either. Join Dusty and Danny on a humorous adventure as they learn to train their brains, understand dyslexia, and tackle their learning challenges. This book for kids on dyslexia and learning differently will help ALL children develop a positive mindset towards learning and kindness towards others. The story, which is told by Danny's best... more