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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Supermen

    by Ken Kuhlken
    Otis Otterbach, born the day the atom bomb destroys Hiroshima, is mentored by his grandma, a poet and painter who teaches him to believe in the implausible, and his father who coaches him in baseball so well, he becomes a big-league pitching prospect. But wicked conflicts visit in the person of Cynthia Jones, mother of Casey, Otis’s best friend and catcher.
  • An Awfully big Adventure

    by George R Mitchell

    A year has passed in Neverland….

    Initially triumphant after Hook’s ‘death’ at the hands of that crocodile, the spark has gone out of Peter Pan. Now totally disillusioned and after spending much time in London with Wendy, Pan concedes, it may be time for him to finally grow up…

    Meanwhile, rumours circulate round Neverland…

    Since no remains were ever found, could Hook still be alive?

    It’s a tho... more

  • Dusty's Big Oops!

    When an anxious dog attends Pet Day at school, what could possibly go wrong? A social-emotional learning story about learning from mistakes. It’s Pet Day at Danny’s school and his dog, Dusty, is very nervous! He’s never been to school before and has a case of what Danny’s mom calls the “what-ifs”: What if they don’t like me? What if I make a mistake? Danny says to take deep breaths and think positively, but Dusty’s belly still flips with anxiety. When Danny gives his pet presentation in f... more
  • Alpacas Don't Get Angry!

    This whimsical alpaca book is a great anger management tool for kids. Apollo the alpaca has a story to tell about something that made him feel very angry. When he tried to express himself, nobody believed him, so he got more and more upset… …until his farmer friend stepped in and taught him how to deal with feelings in a safe, and easy way. Find out how Apollo learns to express his tough emotions appropriately, communicate effectively, and rebuild friendships. A great story about anger man... more
  • Did You Say Pasghetti? Dusty and Danny Tackle Dyslexia

    Danny is having some trouble in school, and his best friend Dusty wants to help. The only thing is, Dusty is a dog, and he's not the quickest learner either. Join Dusty and Danny on a humorous adventure as they learn to train their brains, understand dyslexia, and tackle their learning challenges. This book for kids on dyslexia and learning differently will help ALL children develop a positive mindset towards learning and kindness towards others. The story, which is told by Danny's best... more
  • Sparrows

    by Rose Betit

    Get ready for all the feels!

    Sparrows takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotion, immersing you in the semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story of young Isabelle.

    How will she navigate suffering through constant abject poverty, experiencing monumental loss, and being a witness to violence and racial injustice? How will she make sense of a world that doesn't seem to have a lot of sense?

    Hard hitting and raw, y... more

  • Lipstick Covered Magnet

    by Amber Herbert
  • Eli's Redemption

    by Paul Attaway
    Five years ago, Eli Atkins, betrayed and abandoned, fled Charleston to avoid the death penalty for a crime he did not commit. Landing in the Bahamas, he sought refuge in a new identity. But angry, lonely, and adrift, he remained aloof, never allowing anyone close enough to hurt him. When fate introduces Eli to ageing Scottish golf pro, Lach McGregor, he finds reason to hope. Lach too is burdened by an incalculable loss, and together, teacher and student, they are each a lifeline for the other... more
  • Along Came Oliver

    by Kelle Lima
    First Lilly was sad for Oliver, the new kid at school. But then, jealousy grew inside of her like a balloon being filled up with air. And, as if it couldn’t get any worse, her cat goes missing! Did she just lose her best friend and her pet at the same time? Don't forget to check out Along Came Oliver's activity book that will teach multiple approaches to handle jealousy or any of the other languages!
  • Still Black

    by Tammy Ferebee

    Skin color is not race.

    Seventeen-year-old Malachi takes nothing for granted. Although his albinism makes him stand out in any crowd, he lives a blessed life with loving, supportive parents and an accepting peer group. Life is grand and he’s thankful for it all—until Bennett Dickson moves into his neighborhood.

    Bennett Dickson, a blatant racist, robs the idyllic community of its warmth. His constant provoking sets the neighborhood on edge, but his hateful taun... more

  • The Crooked Little Pieces: Volume 1

    by Sophia Lambton

    Lost are the creatures destined never to be understood.

    1926. Professor Josef van der Holt obtains a post at an all women’s college overseas. Stuffy London suddenly becomes the site for the unseemly exploits of his half-Dutch and half-German daughters Anneliese and Isabel. When tragedy carves out a hollow in their lives, a severed soul sends the sororal twins along a jagged path: while Isabel takes flight in sensual hedonism Anneliese skirts danger in her role as sleuth. Elusive a... more

  • Moss

    by Joe Pace
    Isaiah Moss was one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. His illegitimate son Oscar Kendall wasn't. Living in Isaiah's inescapable shadow, Oscar has become an inveterate quitter who hides his own literary work from the world rather than suffer the pain of failure or rejection. When Isaiah suddenly dies, Oscar inherits the old man's lakefront writing cabin in New Hampshire. There he finds his father's typewriter, a full liquor cabinet, and an unpublished manuscript of such gen... more
  • David God's Chosen Crucible

    by Joseph Ganci
    David is every man’s man, an outlaw prophet, a man of war, and a man of God. He is a ruthless warrior, an ardent lover, skilled musician, and poet-philosopher. God sees in him the heart of a lion, the tenacity of a bear, and an ever-faithful man of action. God calls an unlikely and lowly shepherd boy to become the king of the Jews and fighting prince of Israel. David overcomes all odds in escaping every snare, evading every trap, and learns from every encounter, growing in understanding a... more
  • The Silent Are Rising

    by Jordan Noeding
    A daughter is brought into this world by the hands of a power not seen in the empire in over two hundred years. A girl with white irises, flickering with flashes of grey and power over the Dead creatures from the land of Mortuusva. With terrifying potential, she is raised within the Empire’s elite military organization, the hundrazon, as no more than a weapon. Twenty-five years later, the girl has grown into a woman of legend. Her past horrors used to make her obey the man who is her head hun... more
  • Marigold

    by Will Clarke
    Marigold is a down-on-her-luck massage therapist and former inmate who is determined to “vision board” her way to a better life. She talks to angels and has read The Elements of Abundance over thirty-five times. That is until one day when Krish McKinley, CEO of yoga wear giant Wolf&Bees,® steps into her massage chair and offers to change her life.
  • Adelyn's Adventure on the Beach

    by Charles Bruckerhoff
    In the third book of Adelyn's Adventures, a little girl travels in the summer with her grandparents to the Atlantic seacoast. They stay at a cottage in a secluded cove, with the sand and surf a short distance from their front porch. The little girl meets a host of marine creatures, some very small, some very large. She also meets birds and other land animals that live by the seacoast. She discovers the vastness of the oceans surrounding the earth's surface and the astonishing diversity of plant... more