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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Little Polyglot Adventures (Vol. 1) - Dylan's Birthday Present

    by Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos
    Dylan is an American boy like many others. One thing makes him special, though: his parents come from other countries and speak to him in different languages. It's his birthday today and he receives a very unusual present, only to lose it shortly after. Together with his best friend Emma, a sweet bilingual girl born to South African parents, Dylan sets out to find his lost birthday present. During their search, the two multilingual and multicultural friends learn about the value of friendshi... more
  • The Education of Delhomme: Chopin, Sand & La France

    by Nancy Burkhalter
    Hungry for money, Beaulieu Delhomme, the piano tuner for exalted pianist Frédéric Chopin, is lured into a royal spy ring and later condemned for treason by Napoleon III during the 1848 Paris Uprising. His one-time competition for Chopin’s affections, George Sand, might be his only hope.
  • No Danger

    by Filipe Carmo
    This story is set in a bohemian dance club where Peace Police, a music loving and peace devoted young man, meets Firecracker, a young woman he has seen before in hallucinogenic dreams of impossible nostalgia. They both feel instantaneously attached to one another and decide to pursue an intimate relationship, even though a mysterious humanoid crow dressed in a sharp black suit warns Peace Police not to, for his own good.
  • Beloved Woman: A Historical Novel

    by Sheri Peppers
    Beloved Woman is the epic journey of a privileged young Englishwoman who accompanies her merchant father to the new world. Thrust into the primal brutal world of the American Indian, Bryanna is transformed into a warrior amid the clashing cultures of the Cherokee, Creek, and Iroquois in the year 1705. Bryanna and her father arrived in North Carolina from London to trade for furs with the Cherokee Indians in the Allegheny Mountains. A campsite attack changes her world. Her only reason for l... more
  • Between These Walls

    by Michael Newman
    A novel of historical fiction that turns on two key events: the discovery of a beautiful blonde woman’s body in the back seat of a burnt out SS staff car during the last days of World War II, by US Army Medical Corps Colonel Samuel Singer, and the unsealing more than four decades later of a security-taped package from Germany, bearing a secret that changes the life of New York art curator Daniel Singer, the adopted son of Colonel Singer. As Daniel learns more about the package’s contents, he unl... more
  • Lucky's Adventure in the Great Outdoors

    by Elizabeth Macy
    A city dog and a city cat set out on a camping trip in the Adirondack Mountains! Will they make new friends with the forest animals? Will they learn to work as a team? Join Lucky the rescue dog and her pals on their 3rd adventure as they take an action-packed canoe ride that leads to some rather unlucky situations. Although they are all different, Lucky, Hershey and the forest animals realize that with a little kindness, gratitude and cooperation they can build new friendships and ha... more
  • Springtime in Lawrence Park

    by Arnold Logan
    Marie Barnacle should have had the perfect life. Born into wealth and prestige, she grew up in posh Lawrence Park, with its winding roads, stone mansions, and old money. But Marie’s charmed life is haunted by a dark family secret. The youngest child of Raul and Tabitha Barnacle, Marie Dorée is burdened by her parents’ attempts to burnish the faded glory of their dynasty. This dark satire follows Marie through her troubled childhood, rebellious adolescence, and her efforts to establish a life bey... more
  • A Cord of Three Strands

    by Christy Distler
    Born to a French trader and a Lenape woman. Reared by Quakers. As the French & Indian War rages, Isaac Lukens strives for peace—between Pennsylvania and its Indian tribes, and between his own heart and mind.
  • Toy Soldiers Don't Grow On Trees...Or In Gardens

    by josh eidlitz
    Follow along with Ryan as he tells his fun story, and see what lessons he learns along the way! You will laugh in delight with your child as this cute and hilarious story unfolds. This story conveys an important lesson in love and the relationship between child and parent. Boys and girls alike will enjoy this book with it's easy to read story line and illustrations.
  • A Grand Exposition

    by Kim Idynne
    Paris, 1889. On the brink of economic recession and another civil war, France has managed to create stability by hosting the Exposition Universelle: a showcase of industrialized countries and their colonial possessions. After a successful opening, Paris begins to thrive—but the newfound prosperity is threatened by the arrival of an English woman with a mysterious illness. When the woman vanishes without a trace from her hotel room, and the hotel’s manager and doctor deny her very existence, her ... more
  • Searching for Gurney

    by Jack Estes
    Searching for Gurney is the brutal and riveting journey of three young marines and an enemy NVA soldier who fight in the cauldron of Vietnam.
  • Though We Have No Merits

    by Dick Carmel
    During the 1980s, the federal government experimented with criminal rehabilitation by incarcerating men and women together in park-like settings that mirrored life on the Street. When Zolly Berns, the middle-aged owner of a Chicago bar, refuses to give false evidence, the feds exert pressure by sending him to one of those prisons – the Federal Correctional Institution, Lexington, Kentucky. Zolly readily makes friends and handles the sexual encounters. But he also confronts challenges like those ... more
  • A Coward's Guide to Oil Painting - the Novel

    by MM Kent

    On a dark night in Texas, Mariah has an improbable intimate encounter with Cliff. Suddenly, the cops come and they  have to separate before she finds out who he is. Cliff gets in trouble over the incident, flies to Mexico with his older brother, and takes the alias CJ MacRae.

    When his brother’s plane crashes, CJ and Mariah embark on separate quests to find out what happened, all the while yearning to be together. But, as they get closer to each other and to the truth about hi... more

  • Southern Gothic

    by D. Krauss
    Against his better judgment, Art Deats leaves his safe and predictable New Jersey life to help his brother restore their childhood home in Alabama. While he struggles to make the house livable again, Art’s long suppressed memories are triggered and he uncovers terrible secrets about his family. And that something more than ghosts haunts the place.
  • Stockboy Nation

    by Thomas Duffy
    Phillip Doherty is at a crossroads in his life. He has moved from New York to California. He is engaged to be married to his long-time girlfriend, Melissa, his career is going nowhere and his latest novel has flopped beyond a reasonable doubt. Phillip thinks his only way out of money troubles is to go back to retail by working for Milton's World of Fun which was the company where he worked when readers first met him in the original book, Stockboy (2013). Life doesn't work out easily for Phillip... more
  • The Jittery Jostled Journey of Morley the Mouse

    by Lyndsay Stonecreek
    A heartwarming tale of a little mouse named Morley and his parents, who are chosen by God to be saved from the worldwide flood. But first, they must embark on a dangerous journey across unknown territories and overcome many obstacles. Along the way, Morley learns some important lessons about himself, his family and most of all about the way that God takes care of him.