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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Journey ( No Matter How Far You Run, Your Demons Always Follow)

    by Mark T. Rasmussen
    “The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu Raiden, an emotionally troubled 40-something guy at a major turning point, undertakes an epic road trip adventure across North America, all with the aim of escaping the single most transformative event of his life – imminent fatherhood. While he does his best to find himself, the impactful events he experiences along the way will reveal more about Raiden and his nature than the strange assortment of characters he meets on h... more
  • The Pink Ghost

    by Isla Wynter
    Ella is the smallest and youngest of all ghosts. When she tries to prove that she’s all grown up, something goes terribly wrong! Suddenly, she’s a pink ghost surrounded by only white ghosts. When they laugh at her for being different, Ella needs to come up with a plan. Can she regain her confidence and find a way for everyone to be different? An adorable picture book about fitting in, standing up to bullies and finding your own way. A great bedtime story not just for Halloween, from the au... more
  • A Camp Without FIre

    by Ignacio Ramirez Bautista
    A Camp Without Fire Young Adult’s Perspective of Life during the Great Recession in California Marlene and Derek barely talked in high school. But now, seven years after graduating, they come into contact again thanks to the internet. He is an architecture student. She is stuck behind a desk. Both recently have broken up with their own first love and are desperate for meaning and perspective in life as they battle through their first challenges in adulthood. With the Great Recession... more
  • Suffer!: A Hollywood Novel

    by A.C. Sloan
    Theodosia and her bestie Sam are former high school outcasts who find escapism in a popular TV show called Suffer about a victims' rights advocate named Marcia Suffer. When the TV network that owns Suffer announces a contest - the chance to meet the show's star, actress Roxy DeVine — Theo and Sam pull out all the stops to win. These days, Theo needs a win — any win — because lately life has been dealing her nothing but suffering. After all, the girl's got a lot on her plate: attending coll... more
  • Calvary: The Judas Triangle

    by James Boudon
    Lightning Lord: A mysterious thief appears at a museum robbery garbed like a medieval druid. This “monk” exhibits a Zeus-like ability to summon thunderbolts from the heavens. Shortly thereafter, a beautiful woman approaches Calvary. This alluring stranger says that she’s traveled back in time to aid in capturing the “lightning burglar.” Julia Percy and her team are soon caught up in a web of betrayal and deceit, where nothing is as it seems, and few people are who they claim to be. Lifestone:... more
  • Covenant Spring

    by Christopher Watson

    Danny Ivy is a New Jersey car salesman, a suburban kid raised by an alcoholic mother and a loving but meek father, bullied and beaten until numb to surface pain. But a deeper ache grows, a despairing search for a reason to endure a world that seems arbitrary and cruel. Danny feels himself pushed nearer the breaking point, and dreads what crossing that line may cost.

    Enter Mordecai Bass, an itinerant salesman wreathed in mystery thick as his Southern drawl. He’s spent years running... more

  • Impossible To Be Human

    by Robert Kalich
    Facing the idiosyncrasies of his life and character, David Lazar mercilessly analyses his success. Can we accept irreconcilable contradictions? Can people change? And what does it mean to be human? Peeling layers of conventions and domestication, Lazar is gradually facing the man he once was, his past emotionless and cold existence. He cannot help but wonder: is he still that man or has the love of his wife redeemed him? Can a driven sports handicapper who climbed 'Mt. Gamble' to become the mos... more
  • Bluebird At My Window

    by Hal Noah
    When faced with trauma, how would you react? Would you survive, succumb, or lose yourself to your own meaning of justice? Ann was only seventeen when she died. She tried to be a dutiful daughter, to pray, to repent. But it wasn’t enough. Her mother, Diane, didn’t mean to kill her but when she found Ann consorting with devils, she had no choice. She believed the angels—that in the end, the water would save them both. But every choice holds weight. One death, and Arthur is thrown back ... more
  • The White Witch's Daughter

    by J.C. Wade
    --England 1296-- Losing her mother to the witch’s noose -and her father to those who placed her there- Lady Edyth DeVries flees for her life into the wilds of Scotland. With all her hopes pinned upon reuniting with the only family left to her, Edyth is tormented as a keeper of a dangerous secret -one that she is only just beginning to unravel. As King Edward I of England dismantles loyalties and spills innocent blood, Edyth traverses the deadly landscape with little hope of success. On all si... more
  • You Belong Now

    by Ed. D'Agostino
    TODD, a minister who suffers from epilepsy, is being discriminated against by the denomination he serves. But even though he is clearly filled with questions about accepting others, Todd would rather turn a blind eye towards the injustice he is experiencing and continue to live in denial of that truth. One evening Todd’s wife ANN cuts herself and Todd must take her to the emergency room for stitches and Todd’s life is about to change. On their way to the hospital they spot a youth... more
  • Samantha's Secret Hiding Place

    by Sheila V Holder
    Samantha's Hiding Place is a thrilling adventure for children between the ages of four to eight. The story captures the hearts of children who love to have fun and enjoy spending family time together. It engages the imagination and natural curiosity of youngsters. The main character, Samantha, exhibits initiative, originality and cleverness. The book features positive family dynamics. It is a delightful mystery that appeals to a child's creative spirit.
  • Ascendancy

    by Patrick Earl Dwyer
    An American heritage story, the Saga of the Magoffin and O'Dwyers and the diaspora from Ireland circa 1800 to America, Australia, Jamaica, and Mexico is chronicled in ASCENDANCY. It is a story of Triumph over Tragedy and of two families that cross paths in Ireland at a very turbulent time and again in America, eventually to intermarry. A Saga filled with action and romance, the story is one of History and Fiction Genre in which fiction and non-fiction is woven connecting many historical people ... more
  • Peter Olaf

    by Richard Grabmeier
    America is a land of promise, filled with adventure and overflowing with riches, thought young Peter Olaf. So in 1895, at the age of seventeen, he left his family and girlfriend to board a ship for the new world. In the next ten years Peter mutated from a naive, young, Swedish immigrant, swinging an axe in a logging camp, to a man of wealth and prestige. Along the way he encountered and overcame fearsome challenges and tragedies and the deepest personal losses and betrayals. But he also built wo... more
  • Earthshine

    by Janis Ayers
    Earthshine takes up the story from the previous book starting with the travels of Strafae's young brother Jake. Although Strafae reconnects with Jake, it is Chala who saves Jake's life from an untimely death.
  • A Marble Story

    by Liz Batton
    This is the story of how a lonely person found joy in his daily walks. Finding new marbles every day showed him the hidden joy all around us.
  • Easter: McEaster Valley

    by Walter Hoge

    "Dreams and aspirations in our lives are often the catalysts that lead to great accomplishments that benefit the world in which we live." -Walter R. Hoge, DVM, and author of McEaster Valley.

    This unique and earthy tale is reminiscent to William P. Young's The Shack, in that it was written to the authors' children and that it serves as a parable that there is more to life than glitter and gold and that sometimes, the places where we get lost are exactly where we need to... more