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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Our Daughters, Yàzhōu nǚ'ér – The Asian Daughter

    by lori ann mathews
    Jesse Roberts, straddles not only two worlds but four. She’s the dutiful, loving daughter to her adopted parents; a loyal sister to Loren who’s different from her; a best friend to her friends of Asian descent and a competent woman to the world-at-large when she literally falls, is on the ground being attached and is rescued by Abrams Harrington whom she falls, instantly, irrevocably in love - wild love. Abrams is everything Jesse could want, yet he’s mysteriously much more. Abrams’s involved wi... more
  • Vignettes from the Landed Gentry - Outlandish Tales from the Trailer Park

    by Rondi Springer
    Enjoy outlandish tales from the trailer park, brought to you in part by Covid-19 and people's growing sense of utter entitlement. We all know the world has changed. Behavior considered by polite society simply unacceptable a few years ago has now become the norm. As a woman running a trailer park during the Pandemic, lessons learned include how certain men absolutely loathe a woman in a position of power (you're not the boss of me), that no one understands the word "no" (why not?) and that peop... more
  • The Light Among Us

    by Jill George with John Dirring
    Elizabeth Carne is torn apart by the conflicts of the English class system; local poverty; her love of Henry, a man from '"the lower order;' and her role as an heiress. As a woman without a college education, she struggles to gain credibility in her father's banks as she tries to maintain her family's long legacy of wealth and philanthropy. Amid lies, murder, smuggling, famine, and restrictive social norms, Elizabeth fights for her love of Henry, the local miners, and fishermen. Meanwhile, th... more
  • Life of Cyn

    by Caitlin Avery

    Some say life begins at forty. Cyn Mckinley hopes so since her former life is over. Home foreclosure, a cross-country move, and hidden drinking problem pretty much killed it. Being crushed by crippling anxiety doesn’t help.   When she discovers that her husband's new boss is the monster who raped her in high school, she spirals further down. Struggling to process this revelation, she conceals it from her husband because they need his job. Instead, she numbs her pain with t... more

  • They Will Ask: A Story About Embracing Our Differences

    by Lexa Duno-Andreu
    Written by a mother to her daughter, They Will Ask is a powerful and vibrant story about taking pride in our culture, language, origins, and all that makes us unique. The story's vivid illustrations will captivate young readers, while its message will remain with children and their parents, teachers, and caregivers for a lifetime. A perfect gift, bedtime story, or classroom read aloud for children between the ages of 3-7 years old, the lyrical tale pays homage to the beauty in diversity and m... more
  • The Nobodies

    by Alanna Schubach
    Jess and Nina, Nina and Jess … to everyone else they’re typical best friends, sharing closeness and confidences in their own little world. But Nina and Jess have a secret. Simply by touching their foreheads together, they can swap bodies. In Jess’s assertive persona, self-conscious Nina turns bolder, free to say what she’s frightened to voice on her own. Inhabiting Nina, Jess becomes part of the loving, stable family she craves. Now, in crisis after her father’s death, Jess has reentered N... more
  • Burning The Witches: (Introducing the Underworld Series)

    by Penn Fawn

    Burning The Witches is the prelude to the Underworld series of books, a spin off from author Penn Fawn's Necropolis dark fantasy novels.

    It is a semi-biographical account of the witch Hespatia and her peers in a world of enduring apprehension and terror for those who dared to try practicing their pagan faith.

    Witches, wizards, wicca, nature worshipers and paganists of all kinds are invited to read about its protagonist and central figures whose interest lay in exploring subjec... more

  • Incident 395

    by John Riha
    The Devil is loose in southern Oregon. A monster wildfire explodes and begins to devour everything in its path. Miles from any roads, a father and his blind 11-year-old daughter are trapped while backpacking in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. Smoke, flames, and tornadic winds thwart efforts to save them. The only way into the violent firestorm may be a dangerous, off-the-books rescue attempt proposed by a pair of rappelling firefighters. But there’s no way out.
  • Pigsquealia And The Biggest Cabbage

    by Elisa Fleener
    Pigsquealia lives on Fine Friendly Farm in Palmer, Alaska, where the sun shines almost 24 hours a day and vegetables grow to enormous proportions! Pigsquealia was born with only a squeal and not an oink. He is proud of his squeal until he shares it with the other farm animals, and they bully him away. Ashamed Pigsquealia hides in the cabbage patch and promises himself to never squeal again. But thieves show up that night to steal the biggest cabbage (that Farmer Fine was planning to enter into t... more
  • Simon's Rocket to the Moon

    by Stephen G. Bowling

    The solar system is full of mystery. Can one curious feathered friend build a way to explore space?

    Simon loves gazing up at the night sky. As he stares at the brightly shining moon, the little bird wonders what kind of friends he might make up there… and if they have ice cream. So he comes up with the brilliant idea to construct a mighty homemade spaceship and blast off into the atmosphere.

    Sharing his grand plan with his barnyard buddies, Simon is thrille... more

  • Fantah

    by Hadiza Bagudu

    "Fantah is a simple Bororo girl from a small nomadic village in West Africa. All she ever wanted was to meet the man of her dreams, fall in love, and live happily ever after. But what she got was a blue blood with an incredible ambition and an ironclad will. He took her on a roller-coaster ride of romance, action, danger, and adventure beyond her imagination.

    This story takes you on a journey from the open grasslands of Fombina Empire through the Trans-Saharan trading routes o... more

  • Finding Chaz

    by Anisa Ashabi

    “If my life were a TV show, Chaz Humbert would be the bad guy.”

    Roxie Nazari’s had it. She’s been subjected to Chaz Humbert’s creepy come-ons and inappropriate antics for three years—and she’s not his only victim. With teachers, guidance counselors, and school administration unwilling to end the harassment, Roxie exacts revenge on an anger-fueled impulse. What she doesn’t realize is how her actions will completely change her life--and her ... more

  • Sister Liberty

    by Gregory Hill
    Their American Dream was simply to survive. It wasn’t simple. Set in 1885, and spanning from France to Indiana, Sister Liberty’s wry absurdism centers on Annie, Euphémie, & young Auguste, three French nationals drawn across the Atlantic by a combination of murderous circumstances and a chance encounter with a group of beneficent religious cultists. Things go about as well as one would expect. With its cast of obedient romantics, mystical nutbags, and adorable cynics, Sister Liberty... more
  • The Anstruther Lass

    by Vivien Carmichael
    A historical romance set in the Dundee Jute Mills in 1865. Lana, a young widow from Anstruther, works at a mill and falls in love with a Dutch sailor Stefan, the son of a rich jute trader and shipping magnate. But then, a love triangle arises that pursued wrongdoings just to acquire Lana’s love. Will Stefan be alive and safe? What happens to Lana later on? Will a pregnant Lana survive in the uncertainties of the world? Follow through the answers to these questions in “The Anstruther Lass” by... more
  • Princess Maybe and Huggybear

    by Christopher Dubs
    Princess Maybe and her best friend Huggybear live in the magical kingdom of Mandap. Huggy loves the Princess very much, but is sometimes a naughty little bear, and get his friend into trouble. Like suggesting the play Hide and Seek in places they're not supposed to go!
  • Life's Rollercoaster

    Daunted by a web of dark secrets, Michael Johnson Jr. is faced with numerous obstacles that may cost him his life. Raised in the rural streets of the Chi, where dreams become nightmares has pushed him into a life of uncertainty. As a college basketball star, he is forced to choose between his love for the court and his love for the streets.