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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Those Left Behind

    by Melina Druga
    Change isn’t always for the best. Just ask the Stewards. 1914. The Steward family is eagerly preparing for the event that will forever bind them to the Bartlettes: the wedding of Hettie and Geoffrey. Little do the families know that the winds of war brewing in Europe soon will rip them apart. Hettie and her brother, Freddie, join the Canadian Army Medical Corps. This decision is met with resistance and disapproval, causing a rift in the siblings’ relationship with their parents. Mea... more
  • The Morning Star - A Novel

    by Gita V. Reddy
    The Morning Star is a story of love and sacrifice and the unseen hand of destiny. A desperate woman calls a neighbor before dying in childbirth. Is it a coincidence that she chooses someone who will give her all to save the baby from its unscrupulous father? When Sudha answers a telephone call in the middle of the night, she cannot know how it will change her life. From the first, she feels a strong connection with the motherless baby. She brings her home and names her after the Arundhati ... more
  • A Rainbow Like You

    by Andréa Fehsenfeld

    * Silver Fiction Award - Independent Publishers Awards

    * Shortlisted for fiction grand prize - Whistler Independent Book Awards

    * Named a 'Best BC Book of 2020'

    A rock star. A runaway. The most unexpected journey.

    Adrian ‘Jazzer’ Johnson’s gilded rock and roll career is the stuff of legend. From out of the dive bars of Long Beach, this high school dropout rocketed his band to the pinnacle of success. But after a whirlwind d... more

  • Brayden the Brave

    by Michelle Bradshaw
    It is a dark and spooky night and Brayden and Chloe are not ready to go to sleep, so they decide to tell ghost stories. “Time for bed,” announces Brayden’s Mom causing them to both jump and scream. After Brayden’s Mom turns off the light and closes the door a loud sound is heard from across the house. Brayden and Chloe decide to investigate. Go on this spooky adventure with Brayden and Chloe as Chloe helps Brayden learn that he is Brayden the brave and he is braver than he thinks he is.
  • Josie and the Scary Snapper

    by Elisa Downing
    When the sun goes down, Josie stays awake because she sees monsters in the dark. She sees big monsters and little monsters, fuzzy monsters and scaly monsters. There's even a purple monster with big horns and long claws hiding in the kitchen! That one is the scariest thing in her house by far. One evening, Josie’s dad gives her a magic flashlight, her very own Scary Snapper, that will turn any monster into something less scary. When she wakes up in the middle of the night and starts to feel scar... more
  • Snatch 2&20

    by Luke E. Fellows

    Snatch 2&20 is a satirical memoir parodying the author’s past life as a hedge fund manager. It should not only be of interest to the fans of the hit TV shows Billions and Silicon Valley, and books like The Wolf of Wall Street and Liar’s Poker, but to anyone who wants an insider’s take on the rotten core of our delusional plutocracy in this second Gilded Age.

    If you just say no to innuendo, then please enter with caution (as the strumpet said to the stiff). But ju... more

  • The Calm I Seek

    by Christina Lourens
    After the violent death of her husband, Rebecca Holmes is content leading a quiet life spending time with her sisters and niece. When her younger sister Hannah asks her to plan her wedding, Rebecca discovers her friends and family all think her life is empty. Determined to prove them wrong, Rebecca takes up salsa lessons where she meets the charismatic salsa teacher, Gabriel Rodriguez. Falling in love is the last thing Rebecca wanted to do, but she is inexplicably drawn to Gabriel. Opening he... more
  • Family matters law group

    by richard cornforth
    Civil legal aid providers, and related organizations, information sources and press clips from this geographical area. If you see something in your area that you think we should consider editing or adding, please contact us
  • GOLD! An Australian Novel

    by Thomas Greenbank

    Malcolm Kincaid is a self-made man. He is also a ruthless businessman and opportunist. He knows what it takes to build and maintain a business empire, but how far will he be prepared to go to achieve his goals — and what will he sacrifice along the way?

    Rachel, Malcolm's one-time fiancé; his business partner, and the mother of his child, finds herself forced to work with the man she has grown to despise.

    Unaware of his true parentage, their son, Lachlan—afte... more

  • The Girl with the Silver Star

    by Rachel Zolotov

    For the readers of The Nightingale and Lilac Girls, inspired by the true story of the author’s great-grandmother’s journey during World War II, The Girl with the Silver Star is the extraordinary story of a mother’s love and will to survive during one of history’s darkest time periods.

    As a hailstorm of bombs begins to shatter the city of Minsk in Belarus, Raisa and her family run through the darkness of night to ta... more

  • Mr. Inker Goes to School

    by Christina Francine
    Rafiq misses his friends from Pakistan and a boy at school makes fun of his name. It is not easy being an immigrant in America. Rafiq knows he’s safer in “the land of the free,” yet he is homesick. When he receives a fancy pen for his birthday, he discovers his new best friend, a talking pen. Sometimes Mr. Inker is too proud and his jokes corny. He can be a real stinker, but he helps Rafiq with English words, makes him laugh, and finds a way to connect Rafiq with his old friends through traditio... more
  • Mr. Inker Finds a Home

    by Christina Francine
    A unique idea - a talking pen. In an age where cell phones seem most kids’ friends, the author resuscitates the original means of communication: the pen! A talking writing utensil becomes an immigrant boy’s best friend. Immigrant children will like reading a book about themselves combined with a little fun and magic. Not only will they learn to read, but have fun at the same time. Mr. Inker will bring smiles to immigrant and American children alike. The story may even cause a chuckle or two. Te... more
  • Milo and His Rubbish Roar

    by David E. Miles
    Milo is a cute and friendly monster, desperate to win the Annual Monster Roar Contest. The only problem is that his roar isn’t very good, some might say it’s rubbish! Anyway, how can you win a contest that you haven’t even entered? Well, with the help of a sleeping dog, a spiky rail, a wasp’s nest and a rusty nail, anything is possible!
  • Santa Abella and Other Stories

    by Ken Wetherington
    The collection is diverse. The stories tend to be introspective. Some have traditional endings, while others end with possibility rather than closure. A few highlights: a man searches for meaning in a remote Latin American village, a young girl spends a weekend with her movie start idol, college friends in 1970 agonize over the approaching military draft, two pals seek an unusual adventure in Las Vegas, a young couple’s household is upset by the unexpected appearance of an old college friend, a ... more
  • A Lion in the Grass

    by Mark Zvonkovic
    Set over the course of six decades, A Lion in the Grass documents the despair and hope of a spy who suffers the murder of friends and enjoys the success of mentoring protégés. The story is told through alternative viewpoints of Raymond, his protégés, and the French villain. The novel digs deeply into questions of love, self-doubt and hatred, all foisted upon Raymond during a career from which, he discovers, it is impossible to retire. An octogenarian at the end, Raymond learns that the Frenchman... more
  • Switches and Peeps: Man's Best Friends

    by Sarah Giles

    Spin-off series from the bestselling book "Fitting Out: The Friendship Experiment". In this series opener, Max's robot and pet cat take center stage. For readers ages 6-8.

    Peeps the cat likes having the house and the family all to herself. When a shiny new houseguest arrives, Peeps is determined to prove that SHE is the best pet, not the new robot, Switches.

    And after he accidentally smashes her precious cat fort, Peeps decides that this robot has got to go!

    He... more