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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Pictures of You

    by Jane Anthony
    He’s a guy obsessed with death. She’s a girl who can’t escape it. Still fraught with guilt over the suicide of her boyfriend, Ryan, Charlotte Hargrove spends her days obsessing over the unanswered questions left behind. But when a strange man dressed in black crosses her path, she wonders if a break from her pain may be just what she needs. Khyle Hammond is awkward, shy, and odd – everything Ryan wasn’t – yet Charlotte finds herself drawn to his sad eyes and innocent gaze. A friendship fo... more
  • Tattered Coat

    by Mike H. Mizrahi
    “I didn’t ask to see it in the first place. None of my business. But the gunshot drew me back to her camp, and that’s when everything changed. After all, witnessing a murder changes a kid, right?” Young Hickory must make an impossible choice. Tell what he saw and face the wrath of his abusive, alcoholic father. Or let an innocent man be tried and probably hanged for a crime he didn’t commit. Anna, an Atlanta socialite whose marriage is in tatters, is an old friend of the accused man’s fami... more
  • Manifest Destiny

    by Jaiden Baynes
    A glorious future awaits the unholy alliance between Norne the Machiavellian ice witch and Chaos the demon-spawned wild man. First, Tartarus. Next, the Universe.
  • Didn't Meet Any Geezers

    by Ruth Hersh Perry
    SYNOPSIS DIDN’T MEET A SINGLE GEEZER Fourteen year old Promila lives on a farm with her quirky grandmother who wrestles chickens and fixes her own tractor. No matter how many chickens she chases down or how many eggs she collects, Promila just can’t live up to her Grama’s spunk. Anyway, everyone in school calls her just, well, Vanilla. Now to make up for it, her one non-vanilla April Fool’s prank intended to prove them all wrong goes way south, earning her 120 community-service hours that now... more
  • Karinderya Love Songs

    by John Pucay
    Set in the 2020s in Metro Manila and Baguio City, Philippines, the unnamed narrator copes with his heartbreak by sleeping with women in long-term relationships. He meets a rich girl, a college freshman who's haunted by her abortion. And he reconnects with an old, trail running friend who recently broke up her engagement. Together, the three cope with their personal issues and the challenges of modern dating by hopping through bars and running up and down mountains.

    by Jeri S. Moore & Lori A. Wylie
    Little Baps is a spunky young boy at a stage in life where he learns best from his own mistakes and his own experiences. He is on a journey through a series of short stories to help parents assist their children in learning life's lessons.
  • The Wicking of the Broken Heart

    by Robin Eichele
    Selected Poems by Robin Eichele
  • Dark Secrets, A Legacy of Memories from 1939 Sweden

    by Sher Davidson
    Dark Secrets is about inter-generational trauma and WWII events. It is set in three different locations: A Scandinavian immigrant community of Astoria, Oregon, Paris, France and southern Sweden. The protagonist, Lena, is the granddaughter of a Swedish immigrant whose nights are often interrupted with screams. She longs to uncover her grandmother's secrets: what mysterious events occurred during her grandmother’s return visit to Sweden on the brink of Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939? Lena is... more
  • Fearless/ISBN-13:979-8986226514/ASIN: B09ZCJLKCS

    by Kristin F. Johnson
    Set in St. Peter, Minnesota in 2010, Jessie Nelson misses her soldier mom who's fighting in Afghanistan. When the letters from Mom stop coming, Jessie fears the worst. So, as a distraction, Dad moves them to Grandpa’s for the summer in a small tornado-torn town. Jessie quickly makes two new friends, steals a dog, and keeps it secret from Dad. How long will she be able to hide a dog with PTSD? What happens when another storm strikes? And will Mom come home, or will Jessie's worst fears from come ... more
  • ART

    by Marin Darmonkow
    Art is autistic and artistic. Art has just one friend - his teddy bear. Art does not speak but he loves to make art. Art that dismisses gravity. The publication crowns the artist and turns royalty into a mere audience. The sophisticated illustrations - the last one in particular - inspire readers to express their emotions, verbalize their feelings and create their own story.
  • Stolen Diary

    by Kathryn Lane
    Stolen Diary explores the challenges a gifted child must face growing up in Mexico with a disengaged mother who cannot relate to her enormously talented daughter, and a doting grandfather who recognizes and encourages his granddaughter’s genius. Unable to deal with her mother’s rejection, Jasmin escapes into a world of her own becoming totally absorbed in music and science. When the ever-present threat of kidnappings becomes a reality, the family upheaval brings momentous changes that alter ... more
  • Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions

    by Anthony J. Rapino & Anthony D. Grate
    Sometimes our greatest moments of enlightenment come from our worst mistakes. When life supplies eleven-year-old Tommy Grant with some unfavorable circumstances intruding on his otherwise tranquil life in 1980's Ohio, he retreats into the spell-binding Order of Cosmic Champions. When he discovers that the largely successful animated program and toy line is holding a nationwide "Create-A-Character" contest where applicants submit their action figure designs, Tommy knows he has to enter as sure... more
  • Introducing Sai the Peacock: The Unique Beak

    by Estani Frizzell
    Sai is a kind young peacock who lives with his royal family. He has brilliant blue tail feathers that any regal peacock would be proud of—and Sai LOVES to sing! But his family laughs at that idea, AND at him! They say his beak is too big while making fun of his singing voice. Saddened by their ridicule, Sai finally vows never to sing in front of anyone again! He hides himself away and doubts his dreams. Will he take their criticism to heart? Will he give up? Estani Frizzell’s spirited a... more
  • The Face of God

    by Brian Ray Brewer

    Winner of the 2023 Next Generation Indie Award for General Fiction:

    The Face of God is the story of a commercially successful but dissipated pop artist who rediscovers himself and his art through a contract to sculpt the face of God. This story of redemption winds through the New York art scene and high society, through the poor, mean streets of Salvador, Bahia and through the muddied waters of the Rio Xingu in the lower Amazon.

  • The Crazy Old Maid

    by Colleen McCarthy-Evans
    From the first page in the story: "In the little town of Singletary, everyone agrees about one thing: No house needs more than ONE of ANYTHING in it. With one lamp, families huddle around a good book at night. With one book, neighbors share. With one cooking pot, meals are simple! With one ball, everyone is included in the game." Get to know the colorful characters, beautifully illustrated, in this quirky make-believe village, and see how while they get a lot of things right, they still ha... more
  • You Go To My Head

    by Rick Sanford
    ‘You Go To My Head’ is a new collection of short stories. It includes ‘The Sudden Flight Of Mr. Banks’, ‘La Dolce Vita’ and ‘A Night At The Opera’. Also included are ‘Jack Be Nimble’, ‘Straight, No Chaser’ and ‘How Greene Was My Valerie’. The six stories vary in length from flash fiction to novelette. These six stories are based on and closely follow the plots laid out in six song lyrics written between 1980 and 2001. In each story, the characters, their activities and the situations they fin... more