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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Return of the Shadows Book Two

    by Donald Marino
    Alastrine and the chosen ones have all set off toward the temple. They need to get there and use the gems and crystal to restore the balance. The dwarf chosen have a troll sent by the Goddess Atla to aid them. The humans have a wood fairy named Felix to help them. The hawk chosen have Rex with them, and the elves have several elf soldiers at their side. They all run into hurdles that the Goddess Hel is sending their way as she uses her troll army, run by the shadows, to stop them and to destroy ... more
  • Incident at the Historical Museum

    by Lawrence Deiman
    This is a story about two friends, Jason and Trevor, who met in college. They became friends and, very quickly, best friends. After college, Jason starts working in security, and thanks to a boss that totally destroys him at his job, decides to go out on his own so that can't happen again, a decision that almost gets himself killed. Trevor decrypts encoded messages from foreign powers for the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies. After realizing his potential, he lands his dream job and prepa... more
  • Wild Ride at the Dude Ranch

    by Sherry Walraven
    A group of merrymaking cousins travel to Texas to spend their annual vacation at the Dude Ranch for a week of trail rides, BBQs, barn dances, roping, and other fun activities. They enjoyed meeting new people, and they were not disappointed at the colorful characters they met while on this vacation. They became friends with the Dude brothers, a pregnant lady, and an extra tall ball-bat-toting woman named Tinker Bell. Last year's vacation to Missouri had more adventure than they ever could have im... more
  • NINJANS 4 Operation Tomahawk

    by Dave Kwan

    Tommy completes Martial Arts training with his Grandfather, Carl Long Grass, and becomes a Ninjan Master. Since graduating from High School, Tommy has worked at the Auto Shop, while dating his girlfriend Sarah, who he met at Gold Eagle Martial Arts. Now, as a 21 year old, Tommy looks to the future and considers his options. He can stay at the Garage as an Auto Mechanic, apply to College for Construction Technology, or join the Military. After careful delibera... more


    by R. Sebastian Bennett
    SUMMARY: It is 1989, the height of Japanese economic power, and a young American businessman in Tokyo is facing a prison sentence for a crime he did not commit. His “friends” lie about the incident, and the American Embassy won’t help him. Under surveillance, in the midst of an investigation, he must flee from Japan... // UPCOMING: Milford House Press - Imprint of Sunbury Press
  • BlackWash: The Untold Stories of Reverse Racism

    by Rodney Cloud Hill
    It is a psychological norm for individuals to not empathize with issues that do not affect them. History is often written by those who win in battle or conquer the minds of a population. America and much of this world have had a one-sided telling of history that is perpetuated into society. The victims of this perspective have been the descendants of Africa and other indigenous people around the world. We do not know how the Continent would have been if not interfered with. However, what if a ne... more
  • The Set Up

    by Marcus Payne
  • The Ashes 2021/22: Australia vs. England Fixtures Dates in Australia

    by iSports 247
    The Ashes 2021-22 series will be hosted by Australia from 22nd November 2021 until 14th January 2022. Usually, the mentioned Australian series starts with the first Test in Brisbane, before moving to Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, in the given order. Australia presently holds a slim 33-32 lead in the all-time Ashes series played.
  • The Hangry Little Monster

    by Andrea Witt
    A cranky, but harmless monster gets off the bus every day ready to cause emotional turmoil for its mom. The mom uses her quick-thinking skills and a lot of love to conjure up a snack to cure her hangry little monster. As her monster eats this magical snack, each bite transforms the little monster back into its original form--a beautiful little girl.
  • Slimed!

    by Andrea Witt
    Slime is fun to play with-until your mom rakes your head! Grace loves slime and plays with it often--until one day when it gets out of hand. Does she clean up before her mom gets home? Join Grace on her slime adventure!
  • The Woes of a Ginger Named Red--Book 3: New Home Holidays

    by Andrea Witt
    Ginger has a seizure before Halloween. When she is invited to join a friend to go trick or treating, Ginger's mom worries she isn't ready. Will she go trick or treating? This will be the first holiday season Ginger and her family spend in their new home. Will it be a disaster or a start of fabulous memories? Join Ginger as she celebrates her first set of holidays in her new home.
  • Hostile Saint (Steel Stallions MC Novel, 1)

    by India R. Adams
    There is one word; evermore It is why I fight so hard to find her It is why I will do whatever it takes It is why I will kill anyone who tries to stop me Evermore... Yes, that is what she is to me Left for dead, Tate is given little choice as whether or not he should trust the strangers that roll into his life on motorcycles that sound like dragons. Will they help him? Or bring more harm to the one he loves most. Hostile Saint is an MC novel about a young man’s journey to sur... more
  • The Coconut Crab

    by Peter W. Fong
    The Coconut Crab is set in a chain of tropical islands and charts the intertwining friendships of a crab, a goat, a bird, and a gecko. Sort of a cross between Charlotte's Web and Finding Nemo, but with less focus on death or sharks.
  • Charlie the City Chicken Learns to Dance

    by Helen McKeon
    Charlie the chicken lives in a big city full of music. But Charlie the chicken can't dance! Spend a fun day with Charlie as he travels across the city and meets up with all his animal friends. They'll each try to teach Charlie their best moves, but will this City Chicken ever learn to dance?
  • Oric and the Lockton Castle Mystery

    by Lesley Wilson
    Synopsis Fourteenth century Yorkshire provides a wild and windswept backdrop for the second adventure in the Oric Trilogy. Many places depicted in the book exist to this day, though in a rather more ruinous state than their heyday. All names have been changed for the sake of poetic licence. Hilarity, heartbreak, skulduggery, romance, and battles for supremacy are encapsulated in the story as sixteen-year-old orphan boy, Oric, seeks to unravel the mystery locked away by an inherited key... more
  • Swimming Pool Fun

    by Rhonda LeBlanc
    Mimi and her dog Milo are looking forward to a day of swimming pool fun. But the pool is crowded with five of her friends, some in the middle and some on the ends. How will Mimi make room for herself and Milo? And what happens when her plan works? Written in rhyme, Swimming Pool Fun is a story about friendship and sharing. Kids will also be introduced to basic subtraction without even realizing they’re learning.