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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Incident at Aviano

    by Kip Cassino
    It’s November 1965. A young pilot has foolishly done what he was warned not to do, and activated the nuclear weapon hanging below his alert jet. His plane sits just off the tarmac on the Aviano Air Base, Italy flight line. The next 24 hours pit Lieutenant Colonel Dan Cassino and his team of specialists against a powerful, implacable adversary: a bomb that can kill and injure thousands, devastate the northern Italian countryside around them, and possibly destroy the NATO alliance. Based on true e... more
  • Beyond Products: Mastering Customer Success through Innovative Product Management

    by Sangeetha Govindarajan
    Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of customer success and innovative product management with "Beyond Products," a groundbreaking collaboration by Sangeetha Govindarajan and Harish Sridharan. In this meticulously crafted guide, you'll unravel the intricate dynamics between product management and customer success, unlocking the keys to elevating your organization's impact in the digital age. Gone are the days of viewing products in isolation; "Beyond Products" illuminates a path... more
  • Rawny

    by Dr Anna Sloman-Gower
    Joy is born into an era of post war uncertainty, one of the first babies delivered by the newly created NHS. A house move aged ten is unsettling and she struggles to make sense of the world and establish her identity. The novel charts Joy’s path through the trauma of the 11 plus and separation from her friends nd culture. She experiences bullying and alienation at her new school and is helped by close friends, a supportive family and most importantly the local gypsies who live on the wasteland ... more
  • Downriver

    by Jennifer M. Lane
    A sulfur sky poisoned her family and her heart. Now revenge tastes sweeter than justice. It’s 1900. In a Pennsylvania coal town tainted by corruption and pollution, Charlotte's world collapses when her parents meet a tragic end. Sent to a foster family in a Maryland fishing village, she’s fueled by grief and embarks on a relentless quest for justice against the ruthless coal boss, Nels Pritchard. But Charlotte is no ordinary girl. She shares the fiery spirit of her father, whose powerful s... more
  • The Means of Keeping

    by Rich Marcello

    "The Means of Keeping" is set in a near-future America and follows lifelong friends Tereza Allard and David Luca, who are devastated by a climate crisis-induced tragedy that claims the lives of their families. As they navigate their profound loss, the story poignantly captures the intersections of love, renewal, environmental activism, and the quest for meaning in a world teetering on the brink of irreversible damage.

    The narrative style weaves the introspective depth reminisc... more

  • Land of the Blind

    by Andy Owen
    Land of the Blind is the fictionalised memoir that tells the untold story behind the scenes of the intelligence war in Afghanistan. It follows the operational tour of a military intelligence officer working in a small team of soldiers attached to the Afghan National Security Directive, whilst navigating the orders of their overly-ambitious commanding officer and the coalition's increasingly confused mission in the sixth 'decisive year' since the invasion. The close-knit team includes an e... more
  • Strange Tales and Shadowy Beings from Beyond the Bible - Vol. 2

    by Edward N Brown
    A Collection of Short Stories about the Later Life of Saint Peter For the best in “outside-the-box” mystical adventure and intrigue with a Christian bent: An easy-to-read book of 9 unusual short stories involving heroes and villains from the Bible and beyond !
  • Lucy's Lane

    by Laura Milligan
    Ten-year-old Lucy Beacher grapples with anxiety and the challenges of a new town, compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. As schools shut down, Lucy discovers an unexpected silver lining - friendship blossoming right in her neighborhood. Meet Cece, a wise widow with a passion for nature; Jade, a spunky Chinese-American girl; and Bea, an eleven-year-old living with her Granny. Despite these newfound connections, trouble brews in the neighborhood when a formidable bully named Alex becomes fast friend... more
  • Hattie's World

    by Thomas Bauer
    In a family saga that spans the Twentieth Century, Owen Winthrop ruthlessly controls a small California fishing village. When his daughter Hattie is born, he dotes on her until as a young woman she becomes involved in a torrid affair that ends in a grisly murder. His love turns to hate, he locks her away for the decades left in his life. When she emerges, she begins a journey that leads her from pariah to sainthood as she attempts to atone for her father's sins.
  • The Letter

    by Howard Reiss
    Phineas and Bruce, both 75, have been neighbors in Florida for ten years. Phineas never married and Bruce is a widower. They are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but still enjoy sharing drinks and watching the sunset most nights, which they call their sunset cocktail hour. Phineas is very conservative with some rather unusual political ideas. He likes to write letters to the editor which rarely get published. When one of them does get published, it goes viral and radically change... more
  • Different Shades of Blue

    by RG Schnaible
    In a tale of unexpected friendship and bittersweet goodbyes, "Different Shades of Blue" weaves a touching story that resonates with both young hearts and those who have journeyed through life's ups and downs. When the Old Man meets a lonely, rumpled bird on the beach, he sees beyond her outward appearance to the beauty within. As their bond grows, the Old Man becomes a source of shelter and warmth for the bird, offering her comfort in life's storms. But as the bird's wings grow strong, she l... more
  • Somewhere East of Me

    by Sean Vincent O'Keefe
    Denver writer Jake Dustin is untethered from indolence when his estranged sister announces South Carolina is exhuming their mother. With no choice but to go, Jake embarks on a cross-country odyssey of uproarious absurdity and self-exploration during the strange days of September 2021. Jake feeds the internet’s insatiable lust for content as the miles rumble by while pondering where he lost his inner child and why he lives in his ex-wife’s basement. Along the way, a rousing cast of characters lik... more
  • Saving Washington City

    by John Randall Aikman
    It is the eve of the Civil War. Newspaperman John Gage travels to Charleston, South Carolina, where the first battle will soon occur at Fort Sumter. Sent there as a spy, Gage also seeks answers to more personal concerns: an unexplained love lost five years earlier and the sudden ties of his family’s company to the Confederacy. In Charleston, Gage: •\tmakes an enemy out of Ransom Pierce, a dangerous secessionist, with each man holding a deadly secret about the other; •\twitnesses the travesties... more
  • The Gilded Cage of Woman

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    The Intimate Memoir of Margaret Bryan (1757–1836) Even the most privileged woman’s glass ceiling in Georgian England was limited to a wealthy, titled husband and, if all things went well, perpetual pregnancy—boys first, please. But despite the pressures on her to marry, headstrong Margaret Bryan, always more drawn to numbers and stars than needles and threads, determines early in her life to courageously chart her own path to a world-class scientific education and an occupation of her own cho... more
  • The Triumph of Elly Robin

    by PD Quaver
    The shrapnel that wounded 18-year-old piano prodigy Elly Robin and killed Edwin Friend, in their ill-fated attempt to escape from Germany in a stolen Fokker biplane, also mutilated her beloved doll, tied to the rigging as a mascot. But a scrap of material from Mr. Hoppy's torn chest provides the clue that launches Elly on a quest to finally solve the mysteries that have haunted her life--even as she discovers she now bears Edwin's child… Uniting multiple characters from the entire series, the f... more
  • Victoria Saves the Day: a Book-Reading Girl Outsmarts a Witch

    by Fei Zheng-Ward
    Dive into the adventurous world of Victoria Saves the Day, a heartwarming tale where brains beat brawn, and a love for reading turns into the greatest weapon against cunning. In a cozy, modern home, three siblings live a life filled with the usual ups and downs, glued to their screens, until one day, their mother has had enough. Kicked out to enjoy the sunshine, they find themselves in an unexpected adventure that tests their wits and bravery. Victoria, with her head always in a book, might seem... more