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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Mangelscarre

    by Haji Outlaw
    A retired gunslinger in the old West must kill his vaunted nemesis long thought to have been dead, at the behest of a woman the likes of which the living world has never laid eyes upon.
  • Christmas in two words -- Not this year: Oops that's three

    by Betty-Maxine
    A CHRISTMAS NOVELLA TO GET YOU INTO THE SEASON’S FEELINGS I was hoping to work through this year’s holiday, but it seemed like the prayers of my family were stronger than my wishes. . . Chidera Brown had a good excuse each year her parents called, asking if she was coming home for Christmas. For the past five years, she had been relying on her job and it got her out of the two weeks of constant meddling in her life. However, when she had her end of year meeting with her boss and recei... more
  • Forever and Ever

    by Payal Sinha
    The book is about a mother's constant love for her child even after her death. Rupali lost her parent at an early age but, her mother Lakshmi continues to be at her side all through the different phases of her life sometimes looking angry, sometimes looking happy, and sometimes as a guardian angel who protects her and her family. The book is filled with flavous of India and you could find elements of humor, romance, family bonding, and the supernatural.
  • Princess Sheba and The color Purple

    by Thakore CoCo ONeal
  • Never Turn the Page Too Soon (Shelf Life Book 1)

    by Leslie R. Henderson
    Abandoned on the donation cart in a bookstore by his author, self-published Little Book is thrust into a strange new world; a world where all the inhabitants come to life at the close of business each day, where danger lurks in every aisle, and unwanted books get fed to the LYONS—an industrial-sized paper shredder. Now, without a shelf space to call his own, and with the Space-Arrangers—the space-keepers of the bookstore—growing increasingly suspicious of him, the new kid on the block, Little... more
  • Fire Reality Yet Not Reality

    by Anthony Young
    Embark on a journey of four thrill-seeking guys who meet one winter night. The adventurous guys become friends. The exhibitionists form a pack to go on the rides of their lives. They go on night adventures to live out their wildest dreams. They pursue and try to steal a precious jade before it's auctioned at a museum, as their ultimate prize. While the guys are being exhilarated, the streets of Miami heat up. Will they continue to have their fun and get away with the law or be suppressed? In the... more
  • Lilac Blue

    by Christine Doran
    Sometimes you want to solve the world's really big problems. Other times it's hard enough to solve the problems you caused when you were trying to solve those first ones. Eleven-year-old Lilac is reading her granny's diary hoping for comfort and guidance, but what she finds there raises as more questions than it answers. Was Granny really a spy? Who was the man the the fascinating eyebrows? And what's the story with all the pineapples? Book three of a trilogy for readers aged 9-12, availab... more
  • Lilac in Scarlet

    by Christine Doran
    Sometimes ten-year-old Lilac feels as if she spends her life going from one mortifying event to the next, with barely a pause between. But there's a mystery to solve and a burglar to catch, not to mention her teacher's wedding to plan. Can Lilac and her friends (and ever-faithful Guzzler the dog) save the day? Or will Lilac be scarlet once again? Book two of three, for readers aged 9-12. Available as an e-book or in print.
  • Lilac in Black and White

    by Christine Doran

    Ten-year-old Lilac lives by the sea in Ireland with her big, bounding puppy, Guzzler. Her best friend has moved to Canada, the new girl is afraid of dogs, and her teacher is a nun with eyebrows like caterpillars. When her class takes a trip to the local aquarium Lilac comes up with a mission, and while her town rallies to raise money for the building, she and her friends embark on a crusade to rescue the penguins.

    Book one of three. For confident readers aged 9-12. Available a... more

  • The Incidental Investigator

    by Stephanie Kreml
  • Sadie: A Fairy's Tale

    by Carla Williams
    Sadie is an adventurous eight-year-old who spends the summers with her grandparents. But when her adventurous nature leads her into the realm of fairies and magic, she finds herself running for her life from the dark king himself. Daghan, the fairy queen’s mightiest warrior, has been assigned the task of getting Sadie and her grandmother back to the human world safely. With the dark king hot on their trail, Daghan finds himself needing help from three surprising allies: elves. Join the troop as ... more
  • American Banjo

    by Eric Randolph Rasmussen
    An heirloom Federal-style clock is passed down through eight generations of a secretive family of ultra-high-net-worth Americans. Built shortly after the American Revolution, it has come to mean something different to all its holders. To Sandra Eccles, one of the family’s daughters, the clock may prove the guilt or innocence of not only a few founding fathers, but also her storied grandfather, who made munitions in World War II.
  • Zip Monkey

    by Eric Randolph Rasmussen
    Angel Bimini is a former pornographic actress who has reinvented herself as a private detective. She's hired by a buffoonish client who insists he's being stalked by a girlfriend. It so happens, this Ralph works at the local medical research university. Not only has the university attracted unwanted attention for its animal testing ... but it has a serious cash flow problem. Angel hopes this job will be an easy $1,000. The next thing she knows, somebody is shooting up her office. Even stranger i... more
  • Living by Ear: A Contemporary Mom's Endeavor to Balance Family, Art, and Love

    by Mary Rowen
    Singer-songwriter Christine Daley hit the streets of Boston and became a minor celebrity—with a local radio hit—in the 90s, but a "brief" career break to marry and start a family changed all that. Now, sixteen years later, she's a frustrated suburban housewife, struggling to reestablish her sense of identity. After filing for divorce, forty-six-year-old Chris quickly learns that the challenges she faces are even greater than anticipated. Her two teenage children suddenly seem to need their mo... more
  • Nikolai Delov

    by James Dante
    Nikolai Delov is a businessman who found wealth in post-communist Russia. Unfortunately, all other aspects of his life are in ruins. He is at odds with his son, Valentin, and his brother, Anatoly. One day he becomes romantically involved with Inessa Zorina, a woman who runs a rehab house for sex trafficking victims. His business nemesis, Vladimir Konstantinov, is also interested in Inessa and sets out to destroy Nikolai's life. Vladimir has Nikolai's son arrested on false allegations and then ge... more
  • F...G...C...(Familiar, Greedy, Crooks).

    by Ab Mbiaasu
    At Illusion College, it is survival of the crookedest. Until a student learns the tricks of “bargaining power” from the witty and astute Maliq, his days on illusory grounds might become a nightmare— especially in the unforgiving hands of Senior Ralph. Udu, a young teacher at a study college reflects on his boyhood days as a student at Illusion College. He remembers his old school as a lobbyist playground instead of a learning center. For him, teaching is not a calling but a covert purpose—to loo... more