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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Birds Dislike This and Dislike That

    by Brandie Grasso
    Our feathered friends up in the sky see everything from their bird's eye. From climate change to deadly litter. This all effects the flying critter. Polluted waters and toxic waste, plastic seas and forests erased. Shrinking wildlands and habitat, that's why Birds Dislike This and Dislike That!
  • The Ones We become

    by Nadine Macaluso

    1924, GENOA, ITALY: Emiliano Fournier has nothing to lose—his life has been determined for him since the day of his birth. When he grows older, he will run his family's bakery till he hands it down to his children. He has always known this. But when his life begins to turn in a different direction, everything begins to change—for the better, or perhaps, for the worst.

    1940, PARIS, FRANCE: Years Later, Aurelie Fournier is living in Paris with her father and br... more

  • Tricky

    by Ron Dakron
    A certain, um, body part runs away from his owner. Wearing a hot-dog toy disguise, he clashes with warrior pigeons, suicidal hummingbirds, and griping squirrels. He is soon imprisoned in Male Re-education Kamp, wars with cynical plums, woos amorous cardiac valves, livers, and cupcakes, joins forces with hyper-testosterone Komodo Dragons, and is shanghaied by a femme pirate crew to help harpoon Mobo, the 90-foot moray eel who is the font of worldwide testosterone. Tricky is a savagely-funny trip ... more
  • I'll Be Seeing You

    by Joanne Kukanza Easley

    A saga spanning five decades, I’ll Be Seeing You, explores one woman’s life, with and without alcohol to numb the pain.

    Young Lauren knows she doesn’t want to be a ranch wife in Palo Pinto County, Texas. After she’s discovered by a modeling scout at the 1940 Fort Worth Stock Show Parade, she moves to Manhattan to begin her glamourous career. A setback ends her dream, and she drifts into alcohol dependence and promiscuity. By twenty-four, she’s been... more

  • Cyber Larceny (Global Cyber Heist)

    by Akintunde M Lawal
    James Robert Nushi, a sleuth at United Kingdom firm, CyberKonsult travels on a one-week visit in the wake of amassive cyber heist on UK internet networks that almost crippled the financial system two months ago. He meets with Debola Wright, the Public Relations Officer, of a Lagos based cybersecurity firm. Wright buys a fake luxury Smartphone at the Lagos Computer village. But the seller said he had bought the counterfeited item from an online platform.This led Wright and Nushi into a startling... more
  • A Place of Refuge

    by Linda Cardillo
    She only remembers dying. In 1971, a near-fatal automobile accident throws Izzy Monroe’s life into upheaval after she survives with a traumatic brain injury that leaves her with no short-term memory. Adrift and despairing, Izzy is confronted by her best friend and persuaded to find the courage to redefine herself. She leaves the safe but smothering confines of home and ventures to Italy to work on a farm. As she begins to take tentative steps in a new direction, she encounters Daniel R... more
  • CLEARWATER, the movie

    by Dale O. Cloninger
    A script adaptation of my novel, The Ninth Passage. Inspired by a series of actual events, CLEARWATER is the story of how a man whose energy, ingenuity, and dedication to self determined goals lead to unprecedented successes in his adopted community. Ironically, the qualities that led many to consider him a musical genius sowed the seeds of his demise. Colorful adaption of the novel, The Ninth Passage.
  • The Blade of Safavid

    by Kent Merrell
    On September 7, 1695, an armada of five pirate ships attacked the Great Mughal Emperor’s treasure fleet returning from a pilgrimage to Mecca. The treasure seized was the greatest in recorded history. The attack launched a worldwide manhunt lasting over five decades, and a treasure hunt that continues to this day. The Blade of Safavid and its rightful heir, the granddaughter of both a Mughal Emperor and a Safavid Shah are the prize of not just worldly wealth but the rights to two of the world’... more
  • Out Stealing Water

    by Roxanne Doty
    Set in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area in the summer of 2010 Out Stealing Water tells the story of an extended family's struggle to hold on to their property in the face of eviction notices by the state who rejects their century-old claim to ownership.
  • Super Enemies

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Mira and Carl are enemies. They are also sister and brother. They never want to do the same thing. Except, they both want to sit behind Daddy when they ride in the car. One day, Dad takes them to the beach. Carl is going to be the super hero and build a castle. Mira will be the super villain and destroy it. So, Carl builds better and stronger castles. And Mira comes up with more ingenious ways to destroy them. Can being enemies be so much fun that it bonds them together?
  • Bitter Thaw

    by Jessica McCann

    Winner - Shelf Unbound 2023 Best Indie Book

    Minnesota, 1956

    Unknown human remains are discovered deep within the mosaic of rugged forests and interconnected waterways once home to the native Ojibwe people.

    More than 30 years later, fresh news of the cold case reopens old wounds for an Arizona family, from a time when gender stereotypes, racial bigotry, and small-town gossip led to tragedy. Now, three generatio... more

  • My Girly Unicorn

    by J. Pedicini
    In a magical world, far away in the clouds, where the air is sweetened by cotton candy, sugar cubes, and gum drops, unicorns frolic inside a rainbow. One unicorn with a purple horn and a big, rainbow-colored mane is different from the others. Her fellow unicorns tease her, calling her THAT GIRLY UNICORN and won’t let her play their games. She dances alone in the sunlight, practicing her dance steps over and over. One day, the unicorns slide down the rainbow to explore the outside world. THAT... more
  • Lazarus in St. Petersburg

    by Wayne Goodman
    The narrator can read the short-term futures of others. He arrived in St. Petersburg around 1880 and became healer to many of the city's most important and influential people. His charmed life gets upended with the introduction of a boy from Siberia who wants to be his apprentice.
  • Dilly Duck Plays All Day

    by Holly DiBella-McCarthy
    On the bank of a great big lake in a park called Wonder Wake, Dilly Duck sits all alone, so sad and bored on her own. There is just one thing to do. Find her friends, her flock, her crew! Dilly Duck Plays All Day is a rhyming picture book written to expand pre-reading skills, math skills, and emotional vocabulary for children ages 2-6. Parents and teachers can use this book as a school readiness tool as well as an anchor for extension activities. A captivating read from author Holly DiBella-McC... more
  • Lenny

    by William Lynn Smith
    The lead character is an African American who served in the Army Air Force during WWII. His life is framed by the highs of being needed as a fighter pilot to the lows of coming home to an America reeling from a glut of returning GIs with not enough jobs to go around. However, he made his home life a success by marrying his sweetheart and starting an aero business again where he was needed. Tragedy struck with the loss of his business partner, his wife, and finally his business. He left it a... more