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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • 978-1732571914

    by Vince Guerra
    The Golden Hour: The hour immediately following traumatic injury in which medical treatment to prevent irreversible internal damage and optimize the chance of survival is most effective. SEAL team Polaris is on a reconnaissance mission high in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan when they’re led into an ambush. The A-10 fighter providing close-air support is shot down and Air Force pararescue jumpers, dispatched to extract the downed pilot, also suffer heavy fire. As the clock ticks ... more
  • The Turn: a bond that shaped history

    by DL Fowler

    William Henry Johnson was never Lincoln’s shadow. He was Lincoln's mirror.

    A novel based on true events.

    As Lincoln’s personal barber and valet, William Johnson did not influence the President by whispering into his ear, he was the living embodiment of the price paid trying to keep the Union together, a daily reminder that half measures were an insult to humanity. Because calculating the cost of peace is impossible, ... more

  • One Boy's War

    by Nancy McDonald
    England, Summer 1940. Following a brush with death on the Irish Sea, ten-year-old Käfer Avigdor unexpectedly finds himself back in London. There, he stumbles upon a sinister Nazi plot which targets hundreds of people in Britain -- including the most powerful man in the country. The one person who might be ale to defeat Adolf Hitler. With the Germans threatening to invade England at any moment, Käfer musters all his courage and ingenuity in a valiant effort to thwart the Nazis. But will he succee... more
  • Boston: My Blissful Winter

    by Alain Briottet
    A young, French banker experiencing Boston for the first time as an intern during the 1980s. He visits the city’s concerts halls, jazz clubs, businesses, museums, cafes, theaters, antique shops, fine restaurants and local diners. These 12 stories bring the unique character of the city to life and offer a glimpse into the heart and soul of the thoughtful narrator.
  • The Pirate Princess

    by Alva Sachs
    Madison and her friends Jonah, Sofia, Jackson, and Hannah were going to play outside, but it was raining. Somehow, this rainy day turned into an exciting adventure! Joins us, matey, for an amazing journey on the high seas. Land Ho! Become a part of the pirate crew and follow the map in search of the buried treasure!
  • Dreamy Antarctica

    by Maya Sara Karthik
    Written in rhyme, this story is about a girl's dream about a vacation to Antarctica. It will take the reader on a wildly imaginative trip to Antarctica. Page after page, the book also provides many interesting factoids that will help the reader learn about Antarctica as well.
  • Getting By

    by Jaire Sims
    Carver Goodman is a 17-year-old African American student who aspires to become a photographer. As if balancing school, homework, extracurricular activities, and the ACT wasn’t enough, Carver is frequently targeted by violent bullies and is struggling to understand his sexuality while he develops his first romantic relationship. When his spot as one of the top students in school is jeopardized under the strain of the increasing challenges in his life, Carver knows something has to change. But wha... more
  • 978-0-578-64422-6

    by Meryl Natchez
    Catwalk is a book of poetry that one reviewer said consists of "Outstanding poetic musings that strike at the very core of human connections and contradictions." These poems are moving, funny, erotic, exotic.
  • Humans In-Training

    by Brooke Van Sickle
    Kobe thought he'd be living in the lap of luxury when he first moved in. There was everything a dog could need: Fenced in yard.  Food dish insight. And PLENTY of space to spread out. But it didn't take him long to realize his humans were clueless! If Kobe was going to live the dog's life of his dreams, he needed to train his humans. If your child's been asking for a puppy this summer, bring them home a children's dog book instead! Kobe makes the perfect children's pet book. 😉
  • Pirates Stuck at C: An Alphabet Adventure

    by Brooke Van Sickle
    Captain Scallywag has sailed his ship onto the shore of what he believes will be the perfect place for a treasure hunt. Except his crew isn’t having much luck - Daryll is caught in deep waters, Killian is tangled in kelp, and Ollie has an octopus on his head. Captain Scallywag is going to need your help if he’s ever going to find his treasure. Pirates Stuck at ‘C’ by Brooke Van Sickle and Gabriela Dieppa is a picture book that helps kids learn their alphabet and if they don’t, then we’ll make... more
  • Diary of Farty Philip

    by Kiri Birch
    Philip Kingsley could be any other ordinary nine year old boy. He’s just moved to a new town, is starting at a new school and he knows nobody, but his Mum. He’s friendless, aimless and clueless about what life has in store for him. Things are looking grim. However, Philip is not destined for the ordinary life. He has a superpower and he is prepared to use it for the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Follow Philip as he documents his experiences of life going from ordinary boy to a superpower... more
  • The Amazing World of STEM

    by Nathaniel Turner

    Stuart Tyson Elmo Morgan, or STEM as his friends and family affectionately call him, loves his community, friends, and learning almost as much as he loves his family. So, when STEM’s dad suffers an injury during the family game of soccer, STEM sets out to ensure his dad doesn’t lose his mail carrier job. What STEM comes up with to help his dad continue working amazes.

    In the end, the bourgeoning engineer not only makes his parents proud, but he reminds us all about the power... more

  • A Pontiac in the Woods

    by Fred Misurella
    When her adoptive parents die suddenly, Jamie Sasso finds herself alone, with no family or home. Cast adrift by a distant cousin in another state, she finds she cannot tolerate her county's foster care program and searches for her own place. But where can she live, how can she feed herself, and in what way can she plan her future? Will she even have a future? With the help of a social worker, Mr. Santa, Misha, a young man she meets at a dance, and her school's track coach, she begins to find her... more
  • Charles's Bridge

    by Sandra Novacek
    It’s 1938, and soldiers with weapons have arrived in Charles’s hometown in Czechoslovakia. When his family decides to flee, Charles begins packing his things. But his parents say there’s no room for his beloved art supplies; they will have to stay behind. In his new home, Charles feels homesick, especially when children at school laugh at his odd accent. Luckily, he finds a place to escape — a fragrant forest near a magical stone bridge. Charles longs to paint the bridge, but with war looming, t... more
  • Rain Shelters and Ghost Gods

    by Jan Walker
    Is it possible for a dead man’s spirit to slip into another’s body to shepherd his daughter through a difficult emotional journey? \tWhen sorrows pile up on Eve Sorenson, she packs away her Pacific Northwest life and moves to Hawai`i to care for her aunt – her beloved dad’s sister. On the first day of her stay, she hears her dad’s voice telling her to go to Lyon Arboretum. “Go now,” he says. She leaves her early morning beach run on Windward O`ahu to obey his bidding. She’s sorting thoughts in ... more
  • Donna di Sciacca: A Sicilian Love Story... Bound by Brooklyn Rules

    by Janet Sierzant
    Donna of Sciacca by Janet Sierzant is a compelling story about an Italian woman whose story begins in Brooklyn. Her mother was born in America, and her father emigrated from Sicily. Sometimes the two cultures clashed. When Jeanette falls in love with her cousin, the family makes sure they are separated. On the rebound, she marries someone else, but the relationship is doomed from the start. Jeanette returns to Brooklyn to fulfill her father’s desire to reconnect with his family back in Sciacca. ... more