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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Fish Called Andromeda

    by Cynthia C. Huijgens
    A Fish Called Andromeda celebrates the power of intergenerational friendships to encourage children to learn about the world beyond their immediate family. Central to the story is the enduring magic and allure of the night sky. Fully illustrated, 32 pages, for children ages 4-108. Themes: fostering childhood imagination and creativity, patience, and feelings of security and independence.
  • Chloe Afloat: Being the Adventures of Calico Clo, Buccanette of the Coast

    by Geraldine Burrows
    After surviving two retro-crazy summers out West, Manhattan teen Chloe Crandall wants to spend her seventeenth summer being Normal…until her sometime crush, Shane, recruits her for a lucrative but really abnormal summer job with his father’s private security firm. She goes undercover in a college drama troupe that sails a tall ship along the New England coast, performing pirate-themed shows. Her mission: keep lead player Madison Dandridge away from drugs and a stalker ex-boyfriend. At sea, Chl... more
  • A Kind of Hush

    by JoDee Neathery
    A Kind of Hush explores whether there is a gray area between right and wrong. The Mackie family of four is finally recovering from the tragic loss of their young son and enjoying a June outing at a nearby park close to their Buffalo, New York home when they plunge off a shale cliff. One parent survives along with their teenage daughter and seven-year-old son found hiding in the woods. Was this a horrendous accident or something more heinous, and if so whodunnit and whydunit? The heart of the nov... more
  • Macaroni and Cheese, Hot Dogs and Peas

    by Christine Hickson

    "When I eat dinner, my mom and dad say, 'Let's thank the Lord for our food today.' And I would...but what I want to know, please, is what does God have to do with my macaroni and cheese?"  This book gives a thoughtful answer in an engaging rhyme that encourages thankfulness, not only to God, but to everyone who helps bring food to our tables.


  • Laker's World, A Bigfoot Story

    by T.B. Hickson

    Laker, a young Bigfoot, loves to play. But who can he play with? He explores the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches in his forest world as he searches for and finds friends. He is surprised when the answer to a mystery gives him one more friend. This chapter book entertains with a touch of humor as it reinforces science concepts usually taught in third and fourth grades.


  • Silver Bottle

    by Joan Spilman
    As marginalized cultures step to the fore, one such group remains shadowed: West Virginia's many-faceted sub- culture of small mountain towns and of the women who live in them. Silver Bottle explores four generations of West Virginia women who "speak their piece," their separate stories bound together by a curious family heirloom, a silver bottle. Lorraine: a woman abandoned by her mother. Carmen: the mother who, after many years, re-establishes contact and tries to explain. Jenna: Lor... more
  • Holy Parrot

    by Angel A

    The compelling mystery of phenomenal paranormal events occurring in the Caribbean fishing village of Buritaca.

    Buritaca, Colombia: Mary, sixteen, insisted the parrot, known as Gabriel, told her she would be the mother of the new Christ. She said she was a virgin. Pablo, suspected as being the child's father, mysteriously disappeared. Leo Lumière, a student from Australia, was torn between exposing a crime and protecting Maria from harm. Was Maria lying to hide a despicab... more

  • Blazes & Brimstone

    by Linda Gruenberg
    Lyle and his siblings are living on the cusp of the future in the New World. Their step-mom is American and their dad is Dutch, like almost everyone else in the city of Holland where the Dutch immigrants have settled. Now, in the fall of 1871, smoke has been blowing through the town for days. Contained forest fires are not so much contained anymore. Worst of all, their step-mom, Winny, is about to have a baby, their horses are separated because the filly is being weaned, and the hell-and-brimsto... more
  • Squeeze Plays

    by Jeffrey Marshall
    A contemporary tale about money and power and its corrupting influences. Set principally in New York and London, it finds a bank chief executive and a tabloid publisher at odds over a loan the bank has given the publisher. Enter a cunning Russian oligarch eager to expand his influence in New York; he makes the publisher an offer he can't refuse. An investigative reporter, acting on a tip, then probes this financing and delivers a front-page expose that puts the main characters in a negative ligh... more
  • The Fearless Moral Inventory of Elsie Finch

    by Laura Bartnick
    THE FEARLESS MORAL INVENTORY OF ELSIE FINCH – recreates a three-generational narrative of a peculiar American family blending intimacy and loyalty with the revelation that a parent who, failing in marital intimacy, lives vicariously through a favored child. What Elsie covets is the truth. Her courage unfolds the secrets of a lifetime enraging and sending Elsie reeling, but will she forgive unconditionally, or will someone pay? With oppositional perspectives, mother and daughter seek to re... more
  • Sexy Lemons (and Other Snacks)

    by Nabeel Mohan
    Enjoy this saucy (and thoroughly intellectual) journey through the world of food poetry complete with colour illustrations - you'll never look at a tomato in the same way again. Get it for your mum ... or not.
  • Addicted to Stupidity: a flavor of consciousness

    by Voltwain Collective
    To All Those Between the Rich on the Left and the Rich on the Right You are Invited To Level the World Welcome to Philosophy Farm and Truth Nursery. Come on in and think awhile with the Fini's and their many friends, neighbors, farm patrons, and, yes, even enemies. The Finis are a three generation Vermont farming family whose daily habits are to laugh, think, farm, and work for the creation of the Common Good for the Good of All. Gramspa and Nina, political refugees of the Spanish Civil W... more
  • Bluebirds and Nighthawks

    by Liam Murphy
    This book concerns the lives of an American family caught up in trying to live their lives amid so many crises. These crises are many, both internal and external.
  • Diya dances the Dandiya

    by Pria Dee
    Diya Dances the Dandiya is a 950-word picture book features themes of Indian heritage, cultural welcoming, and high-spirited childhood. It also introduces Indian dance to a broader audience, particularly the sprightly dandiya, which includes the use of dancing sticks and noise-making anklets. This book is intended for young readers. Diya Dances the Dandiya follows little Diya as she searches the dance hall for her anklets—an important component of her dance costume. As she searches, she runs ... more
  • Lovers' Secrets and Revenge

    by Elizabeth Upton
    How much does family matter? And what if there are unknown details about them? John Callahan visits his beloved grandmother, Annabelle, at her 500-acre estate in Ireland. The peaceful countryside is beautiful, with lush hills that overlook the coastline, so different from Callahan’s home in New York City. After Annabelle dies, Callahan discovers that she’s left everything to him. However, there are some challenges with the staff, where secrets abound, including murder and heightened securi... more
  • Slovakland

    by Helena Kanderka
    When it comes to the epic history of Central Europe, the Slovaks were involved in it all, yet little is known of their story. Even Slovak immigrants never talked about the "old country". The captivating history of a Slovak family is finally told here. It begins with a cunning jewel heist and escape from the Hunnic Avars in 791. The characters then survive through the centuries as they become part of Great Moravia, Magyar-controlled Hungary, and finally the mighty Austro-Hungarian... more