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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • God's Best When Things are Worst

    by Davin Bradley
    God's Best When Things are Worst is a book about seeing God's purpose even during a Christian's darkest day. Seven chapters counsel the believer through biblical insight to experience God's kindness through life's trials, tragedies, and challenges. Author and Bible teacher Davin Bradley directs the brokenhearted to seek God's will, no matter the cost, and to rise above the sufferings of this world by clinging desperately to what eternity holds for the faithful. God is not missing from the equat... more
  • Bitter With The Sweet (by debra phillips)

    by Debra Phillips

    Chaos breaks out between three once-close sisters when their ailing mother summons them to a mandatory family meeting to ask them to do the unthinkable

  • Zackery Grim Investigates: The Peculiar World of Billy Peanut

    by CD Field
    Zak and his young cousin Amelie are enjoying a holiday in the mysterious, seaside town of Whitby, high on the windswept cliffs of North Yorkshire, England. A town famous for ghosts and legends. Amelie meets the strange old man, Billy Peanut. Who is he and who are the weird twins, Pearl and Boyd? Do they even exist? Zak is forced to use his magical powers when Amelie suddenly disappears while out riding on the windswept moors. Zak faces the anger of the ocean's terrifying Selkie and must ride ... more
  • My Aunt Zoe

    by peter ross
    A young boy is studying the life cycles of different animals in school. When he encounters the 'anteater' he believes his Aunt Zoe who he has never met before is an 'aunteater" like in his textbook. In the story he mentions various facts about anteaters. When he meets his aunt they do things together and fall asleep together. The boy realizes he is also special even if not in a textbook.
  • Northern Lights

    by Michael Chatlien
    Stranded in the Canadian Rockies, political opposites Greg and Sarah forge a bond that deepens into love as they face dangers on the trek back to safety. But can their relationship survive the harsh divisiveness of the civilized world?
  • The Wake

    by NP Cunniffe
    Oxford student Michael has been summoned to the will reading of his old music teacher, Miss Callahan, in the remote West of Ireland. But not everyone is pleased to see him return. As mourners gather around the deceased, secrets Michael thought were long buried are unearthed, and with them a past he realises he can never escape... Quietly compelling and deeply chilling, The Wake is a haunting story about the inescapable power the dead continue to wield over the living.
  • A Man of Honor, or Horatio's Confessions

    by J. A. Nelson
    A Man of Honor tells the fictional tale of how one man's oath gave birth to the legend of Hamlet. How far would you go to keep a deathbed promise? Surrounded by the bodies of slain monarchs, a dying prince extracts a promise from his friend, Horatio: “Tell my story.” Rival kings of warring nations strive to lay claim to the throne, now vacant, but what will happen to the people who live there, at Helsingør’s Krogen Castle? How will Horatio preserve his honor and the prince’s legacy while surv... more
  • Girl Tracy

    by Nerissa Martin

    Tracy June Leonard needs money now.

    She's sending out applications and doing what she's supposed to, but her résumé is full of lies that she can't keep straight.

    And it's hard to concentrate at the interviews with Gemini in her head, a loud and brutally honest alter-ego that won't shut up.

    It's been years since Toronto legalized sex work. After the last disastrous job interview, Tracy takes weeks to prepare to become a c... more

  • If You Can Get It

    by Brendan Hodge
    Jen Nilsson has an MBA, a nice condo, and a fast-track job at a tech start-up in Silicon Valley. If her big product launch goes well next month, she may finally land the marketing director job she's been gunning for. But then her younger sister, Katie, just out of college and estranged from their newly devout parents, blows through the front door, dumping cardboard boxes and a lifetime of personal drama onto Jen's just-swept floor. Family is family, and Jen lets her sister, the embodiment o... more
  • Outdoor wood patio furniture

    by tuffhut tuffhut
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  • 9798668297610

    by Neil Nitin
    This children's picture book is an introduction to the game of cricket using beginner level vocabulary and often hilarious illustrations. The book provides an introduction to reading with super short phrases and sentences suited for the rookie readers as well as children who prefer less wordy books. The book features full-page, vivid illustrations that involve young children playing the game of cricket.
  • Romeo & Juliet: That's A Rap: Shakespeare

    by Mockster Zeus

    If Shakespeare is not clear have no fear

    Who could take this old text and make it new?

    Mockster Zeus - that boy can put words to use

    Mapped in rap he'll navigate it all in a snap

    So tap your feet, pick up the beat, and get ready to meet

    Two teens who are about to steal scenes and join dreams

    For Romeo and Juliet must dodge destiny's net

    Which tries to kill what they feel when love gets real

  • Macbeth: That's a Rap: Shakespeare

    by Mockster Zeus

    Reading the words of the Bard can be hard

    He used verse which sounds like a curse

    But Mockster Zeus has cast a different spell

    And rave reviews show he’s done it well

    So tap your feet to the beat and get ready to meet

    A wordplay that’s delicious

    And a rhyme scheme that’s vicious

    In this game of gambles lives are turned to shambles

    For the story of Macbeth shows kings and underlings

    Acting out ends that don’t always ... more

  • A Vast, Untethered Ocean

    by RD Pires
    Ollie died five years ago, but his lingering ghost makes moving on difficult.   Haunted by his late husband’s spirit, Brooklyn has become increasingly disturbed and teeters on the brink of suicide. But as a last attempt at revitalization, he decides to drive their beloved Ford Ranger to the place where they met, hoping that retracing their life together will somehow free him from Ollie’s ghost.   Along the road, Brooklyn meets the free-spirited Zinnia, feisty Dahlia, and a dreamer named ... more
  • On the Verge

    by Zane Martin
    On The Verge is a single-panel comic book with an anthropomorphic view of the world. Satirical first and foremost, it exposes the irrational and absurdity of human nature when it gets out of hand or goes too far.
  • Reigny days

    by Brittany Baker
    What happens when your mind becomes your worst enemy? Convinced that she will live her best life in college, Reign decides to pack up and leave her small Michigan town for Illinois. Upon freshman year, Reign quickly learns that not everything that glitters is gold. The fight of her life begins now. About the series: The topic of mental health is often taboo in the black community. Often harboring distrust in the medical community, African Americans are less likely to seek help for mental ... more